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Victoria Beckham is Tie-Dye Terrific

Victoria Beckham is Tie-Dye Terrific

A solo Victoria Beckham shops around in Milan, Italy on Tuesday (April 7). Check out the shape of the Balmain jacket’s shoulders!

The 34-year-old Posh wore a fun pair of Balmain tie-dye jeans, Christian Louboutin heels and a Hermes Birkin bag.

When asked by Time if she designs for a particular body type in mind, Victoria said, “Everything that I design I would wear myself. I get a lot of inspiration from the ’40s and ’50s, so corsetry plays a huge role in the collection. It can help give an illusion of shape by using a bigger shoulder pad, and having a corset gives the illusion of having a tiny waist. But there are dresses that will cater to a lot of different shapes and sizes.”

10+ pictures inside of tie-dye crazy Victoria Beckham

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victoria beckham tie dye 01
victoria beckham tie dye 02
victoria beckham tie dye 03
victoria beckham tie dye 04
victoria beckham tie dye 05
victoria beckham tie dye 06
victoria beckham tie dye 07
victoria beckham tie dye 08
victoria beckham tie dye 09
victoria beckham tie dye 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • james

    she reminds me of a character from a tim burton movie, or a modern day cruela deville.

  • marmalade

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz what a clown.

  • milly

    in the 3rd pic it looks like she has a weird hunchback.

  • james

    p.s. jared i hate it when you have those stupid adverts next to the scroll. im always accidently pressing on the ad while trying to scroll donw or up!! it makes visiting yer site drunk a real pain in the ass!! i dont watch mindless reality t.v. P U!! :P

  • Jamie

    Woah, LOVE this whole look, love it!!

  • milly

    who would want to wear that???
    not only does it look funny but also uncomfortable

  • that’s hideous

    the shoes are hot
    the jeans are NOT

  • robina

    LOVES it!!!

  • shay shmay

    She’s soooo overexposed. Yesterday’s news.

  • Jamie

    Oh and her jeans are BLAMAIN honey, 2K is the price, they are not the brand you named, and certainly nothing like the ones Holmes wore!

  • Jamie

    shay shmay

    Overexposed? Darling you clearly dont know what you are tallking about, its been a while since we got real candids of her, try two weeks.So um yeah nowhere near being overexposed, get over it, and all the haters aswell, thanks JJ for all of VB posts, she is my girl and i love her.

  • COCO

    BAG …. AND SO ON

  • LolaSvelt

    They’re actually Balmain jeans, as is the blazer.

  • Regina

    Jared, are you implying that Victoria is stealing Katie’s style? LMAO. Not only are those jeans completely different, they’re not even from the same designer. Victoria is wearing BALMAIN jeans, not that they are any good.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m hoping america says in time: BYE, BYE, SO LONG & ADIOS, vicky!!

  • zip

    she is way overexposed!!!!
    and she is useless .
    Just copies other peoples designs and calls herself a designer.

  • Moved in together

    She’s a stick. I can’t believe how emaciated she looks like she’s dying of starvation in very very expensive clothes.

  • my take…

    So fitting to have Miranda Kerr’s post above Vicki B’s- it’s almost too comical, really- a true shock to the system.
    One a true, classic beauty, the other a scary-emaciated-et-looking mess! LOL, truly funny!


    only VB could pull off those jeans and look HAWT!!

  • P.S.

    p.s.: I don’t care how expensive her clothes are- she’s NOT fashionable- she’s an over-glorified housewife-wannabee designer with NO descerninable talent to her name… if she was trying to “design” under Victoria Adams instead of Victoria Beckham- who would even give her a passing glance… NO ONE, that’s who- she rides on Beckhams’ coat-tails. Without him and his NAME- she’s NOBODY…

  • Swishy

    blah blah blah VB plays dressup every day. Without the expensive clothes jewellry make up she can’t even be called a pretty face

    Yep i agree a stick with phoney concrete ti.ts. Somebody give her a sandwich!

  • *

    katie holmes role model and fashion guru.

  • natasha

    she looks hot
    i love her

  • kit

    Love the outfit…………HATE the shoulder pads though …….too robotic

  • Shisha

    I love how she is true to herself and loves fashion but hmm don’t really like this. The tye died jean belong to the past for me. The jacket is cool but the shoulder thing eww. Nic e shoes tho

  • Shisha

    I love how she is true to herself and loves fashion but hmm don’t really like this. The tye died jean belong to the past for me. The jacket is cool but the shoulder thing eww. Nic e shoes tho

  • ashlie

    Uhh…#17, are you and I the only two people that don’t notice any fashion here, and only notice how dreadfully skinny sick she looks. Every time I see a picture of her, once a week or so, she looks thinner than the last time.

  • Damien

    major fierceness

  • Lorna

    Yeah her jeans and her jacket are by Balmain :)

  • slambang

    Good Lord, she gets more and more ridiculous every day.

  • Ingrid

    Jared, wtf? Those BALMAIN jeans are nothing like Katie Holmes’ jeans. Is this just a way to bring Katie Holmes in a topic because you haven’t made a post about her in the last few days.

  • me

    hahaha Both the jacket and the jeans are BALMAIN!!! Way more $$ than CEs!!

  • venezia

    Elegant as always. So many jealous haters hanging out on these sites just to criticize everyone else who has money, fame, loving families and good looks (and not fat and sloppy like most of the others!)

  • jen

    I love katie holmes so why would they put her with posh and not show her wearing the same or similar pants to actually show you them. Posh is so skinny now it’s scary. I love katie holmes they shouldn’t compair the two even though they are a listers together and friends. katie holmes looks nothing like posh what so ever katie’s very chic and classic and posh is well posh.

    team katie.

    at least show the pictures of katie

  • xxx

    holmes can’t pull that look. she will nothing be but victoria beckham’s follower.

  • LuckyL

    Dramatic shoulders are in. Love the jeans on her.

  • mina

    horrid jeans. they remind me of mold shapes. cool jacket. for the price we pay for Louboutin surly they can make them so the red soles don’t come off.

  • Hair!

    Balmain jeans!! Gimme a break.. Buy some freaking LEVI’S!!
    Rich Bitch!

  • Tui

    I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She doesn’t seem to have many chums, except for Katie.

    I’d love to know what David thinks about her style, she’s always so gaunt, and miserable looking, and her outfits seem designed to play that up.

    She looks a little more alien every time I see her.


  • zip

    elegant????ewwww no
    she is not good looking.
    The girl in the previous post,(victoria’s secret) is good looks not this skeleton.

  • mai

    both her leather jacket and her jeans are from balmain not the names you got listed.
    plus victoria beckham was not wearing the same brand as that ugly katie holmes.

  • cute

    cute girl but she looks terrible.

  • Killroy

    No! No! a thousand times NO!


    AGREE, ” SWISHY ” AND ” ZIP “….. She looks ridiculous and terminatorish, and clownish, and cruella devilla-ish…and stupid!!!!!…
    I have NEVER seen WHAT everyone see’s in her and her silly husband, who makes an enormous amount of money for nothing. It’s not like he is the ONLY guy out on the field who can kick around a little ball, and grunt…..Plus they don’t win half the time, and he is always injured. Must be nice to be paid, while sitting on your butt in designer clothes, riding in a limo, traveling around the country, and swimming in your mcMansion sized pool next to your McMansioned sized-up mansion, while looking at your short-ribbed wifey.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s really starting 2 lose it imo
    im not liking her at all now
    that outfit looks so stupid, her fucking shoulders r disgusting, ughh they look like all bone, like if its sharp and shit
    all i can say is nice louboutins, those shits r sexy but not u
    and im really starting 2 believe all those rumors on how she’s keeping an eye on her husband…

  • Fernanda Prevedello

    This look is for few… I don’t know what to say, but the pair of pants are MAJOR!

  • nuclear vagina

    Ew. If she helps bring shoulder pads back, I’m never forgiving her.

    She looks awful lately, anyway.

  • ab

    lookin good’ as always! love her <3

  • fan

    LOL at VICTORIA #44. You really obsessed with Victoria don’t you? You are in EVERY single post of her on JJ. And of course, you criticised her everytime. But the fact that you spend your time on her for EVERY and EACH post shows that you are crazy about her actually.
    Same goes to the poster nicked “She/He-who-shall-not-be-named”. The poster follows Vicky B not only JJ, but other sites too such as X17 Online. How pathetic you all are actually. Well..perhaps you’re ashame to admit that you’re crazy about her after spending your time bragging how she’s not your type at all.
    I’ll admit it for you..VB is fierce and lovely and it’s hard to ignore her. And this look suits her very much. MAJOR!

  • nuclear vagina

    I’ve just realized she said “I get a lot of inspiration from the ’40s and ’50s, so corsetry plays a huge role in the collection.”

    If I remember correctly, corsets went out of fashion in, like, the 20s.