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Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon Double Date

Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon Double Date

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal leave Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi after double dating on Tuesday Night (April 7) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Jake, 28, and Reese, 33, were dining with Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay singer Chris Martin. The two couples also hung out at Robert Downey Jr‘s 44th birthday bash on Saturday.

Earlier on Tuesday, Jake was spotted shopping at his local Whole Foods market as he tried to dodge the camera by hiding behind another woman.

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Credit: Rachpoot; Photos: INFdaily, Flynetonline
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71 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon Double Date”

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  1. 26
    phonies Says:

    “Maybe they are looking pissed because they have cameras being shoved in their faces.”
    Reese and Jake are publicity hos using paparazzi to market their fauxmance.

  2. 27
    Tina Says:

    So Reese must be giving them tips on how to pretend to be a couple, stage photo ops and split bricks in half with her chin. Jakey, Jakey when will you come to your senses and end the showmance.

  3. 28
    lori Says:

    a moron like … Leonardo di Caprio maybe? How long has he been faking it?

  4. 29
    ajna Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio has worked long and hard in this business for his status as an A-List actor. Nothing you say on here or anywhere else can take that away from him.

  5. 30
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    nice legs and dress
    but horrible horrible face, that chin of hers is just beyond anything
    i forget that those 2 r together

  6. 31
    Chinormica Says:

    It’s not a chin, it’s a third elbow.

  7. 32
    jaredshame Says:

    Why jared do you say angelina is brad,s wife when they are not married but don’t call chris martin husband or gwyneth paltrow wife when they are actually married ? Just because they don’t walk read carpets and avoid the paps does not mean they are not husband and wife.

  8. 33
    Gabi Says:

    Reese is a great actress, she won an oscar and was till recently the best paied woman in Hollywood. And she kept being nice and low key. Of course she doesn’t need to pay or have sex with important people to have attention and good roles!!

    Hellooo she is not Paris Hilton who needs to sleep with several important people to get some attention and fake bfs. She is an oscar winner. I can’t stand why you guys are treating her like that!…!

  9. 34
    sick of reese Says:

    How is she “low” key? I see five sets of pictures of her a month every month except when she has a movie out and then there are 100 sets of pictures. She is EVERYWHERE.

  10. 35
    wHortensia Says:

    Don’t be silly, he wasn’t “hiding.” The woman simply happened to be in front of him. I don’t think these two are headed for marriage, however. I suspect they will simply live together the way his sister lives with the guy she is “engaged” to. Getting married in Hollyweird creates too many problems, as Witherspoon found out.

  11. 36
    wHortensia Says:

    If it were all “fake” they would not need to do so much of it. In fact they obviously enjoy being together and work at it. Nothing fake here you silly silly fools.

  12. 37
    wHortensia Says:

    The only thing missing is Atticus. There are THREE people in this “Marriage”: Reese, Jake, and the DOG.

  13. 38
    wHortensia Says:

    They are in a Mercedes and a card in the front window says “Mercedes”. Is this for parking or valet or what? Odd.

  14. 39
    x Says:

    unhappy Reese need make up to go a public. I don´t like her dress.
    Jake as always is handsome.

  15. 40
    Jess Says:

    Reese’s outfit is ugly, just like her. And I wish she would shut her big fat ugly mouth with all of those teeth. She is very unattractive. And yes, I agree that she is everywhere and is a big PR *****. We see way too much of her. Doesn’t she get it, that noone cares about her????

  16. 41
    wHortensia Says:

    So Jess you rush here to look at her because “we see way too much of her.”???!!! You don’t seem to see how illogical you are. Silly stupid boy. If you see “too much of her” then don’t come to blog sites where there are pictures of her. Or is that too complex for you to understand? LOL

  17. 42
    wHortensia Says:

    Oh yes X Reese gets 14-15 million dollars to make a movie. I bet that makes her very very “unhappy.” Silly you.

  18. 43
    wHortensia Says:

    The reviews of the restaurant they went to are awful. Sounds like one of the worst restaurants in LA. Jake and Reese must be buddies of the owner or something.

  19. 44
    Gabi Says:

    We don’t see Reese often in this website. The celebs we see pretty much every day are: Sienna Miller, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Megan Fox, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Aniston. These are the most overrated celebs!

  20. 45
    Onya bike Says:

    She’s dressed like a two-bit hooker getting in a punter’s car and he looks full of the type of misery inherent in acting a part in your “real” life as well as on stage/screen.

    Do yourself a favour Jakey-boy, end this “fauxmance” crap, I hate to see you demean yourself like this all for the sake of cheap,dishonest publicity!

  21. 46
    Looking for Work Says:

    Hey Hortensia, how much is Reeke PR paying you per post?

  22. 47
    se Says:


    Hollywood haven’t good actress more. Reese Witherspoon is a atress for bad tast of americans!
    Americans whose the families come from Europe would be deportated because they were prostitutes and robbers in Europe. Americans like every kind of sheap prostitutes because seems like their mothers at home!
    Reese Witherspoon won the Oscar with lot of prostitution attivities in Hollywood studious.
    Nowadays nobody go to the cinema to watch any kind of actor or actress….
    Oscar isn’t a prise with prestige more and everybody knows that this prise would be win with lot of politics and prostitution…
    Paris Hilton is another american prostitute but she never need money because she was rich and her family was rich…Her mother didn’t give her any kind of education….
    Reese Witherspoon wasn’t rich. She became rich with prostiuttion in studios.
    She walk in film prise parties with dress of another women like Kirsten Dunst besides her “honer man” to provoke another man whose she offer her dirty sex!

    Jake gyllenhaal is one of lot of son of director and actresses or actors ….Nepothism is another plague in Hollywood !

    All these son and daughter of prostitutes of Hollywood are stupidy or mental retarded…They can’t nothing in life only sexual relations and show their “%A$$& face in camera.
    It is because Hollywood became these nest of rats with bad character and mediocre people!

  23. 48
    se Says:

    Reese Witherspoon has the same bad taste of prostitutes to wear her chothers too!
    Mini dress with big shoes would be uniform of prostitutes worldwide for long time.
    Every sheap trotoir has sheap prostitutes send their dirty sex.
    Jake Gyllenhaal is like every promiscous man. Dhe is a pork with lot of sexual illness!

  24. 49
    se Says:

    It is because the som and daughter of actors and actresses of Hoillywood haven’t any chance to belong to human race only the mokeys!
    They are mental retarded because they are victim of syphilis and another sexual illness that their mother become through prostitution.
    At home the dauther and son of actresses and actors of Hollywood haven’t any chance of education or principle or moral.
    They have only chance to be primitive animals!

  25. 50
    The Warden Says:

    se, time to take your meds.

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