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Jennifer Aniston Bundles Up

Jennifer Aniston Bundles Up

Jennifer Aniston bundles up as she leaves her hotel on Tuesday (April 7) in New York City.

This past weekend at David Lynch Foundation’s Paul McCartney concert, the 40-year-old actress was said to have had a fantastic time. “She looked really happy,” said one witness. “There was a definite glow to her. She couldn’t stop smiling.”

Jen checked out a cute guy walking in. She looked him up and down … twice!” a Daily News source said. “She flashed him a beaming smile but got pulled back into a conversation with her girlfriends.”

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  • Jude

    I love you, Jen!

  • !!!

    She always looks as cute as hell

  • bintk
  • ~jane21~

    She looks gorgeous in the picture on the left! Would love her hair/body/face…. LOVE YOU JEN!

  • hizzo

    Looking gorgeous as always! Glad to hear she is happy! x x x

  • Jerry

    Don’t know how she has such bad luck with men she is so hot! She still only looks about 21! John Mayer is such a douche!

  • xxx

    gotta cover those killer chin as usual.

  • fug


  • ***1988

    She looks cute as always. Don’t know why people are always hating on her she always seems so sweet… if you don’t like her don’t read her posts.
    Glad she is happy she deserves it!

  • lol

    checking out some guy,twice? eew. and the guy didn’t even bother to check her out. lol.

  • bopp

    What I’ve always liked about Jen is that she has consistently always come off as such a nice natured person!
    Has she dyed her hair darker or is it wet in some of these pics? She is so beautiful wish she wouldn’t hide her face from the paps!

  • reality

    It’s good that she cover’s up her face because without her hair weave and makeup the girl looks like a hot mess. See vacation pics with Mayer and Aniston kissing. Is it any wonder Mayer dumped her again she looked like his mom with out her magician doing their magic on her face.

  • dotty

    It must suck to have nothing but only her dog in her life.

  • *

    she is is such a drama queen. can’t stand her!

  • teri

    Why does she always cover her chin with a blanket size scarf? I’m not sure which is worse her scarfs or that big kkk hoodie. She does have a gressy glow about her though, maybe to much botox. I’m surprised this woman still get’s movies.

  • ryan

    I knew the haters would start soon! Can’t enyone say anything more original than they don’t like her chin!
    Angelina has got a forehead so big she could sell it for advertising space. She is so skinny that all of her veins are poking out and she is starting to look like skeletor! And her eyes BULGE out of her head… bet when Brad thrust its like something out of Roger Rabbit!
    Give me Jen over that skinny wretch any day of the week!

  • teri

    It’s not Johns fault she’s such a negative person who made him miserable.

  • materialgirl

    ofcourse she won’t cover her hair, it’s $50,000 worth. she will flaunt it to everybody as possible.

  • teri

    oh ryan can’t you read? This isn’t a Jolie thread you dip it’s about Chinny aka Manny.

  • debra77

    OH BOY!!!!

    Another picture of Jennifer walking out of a building. It has been a slow news week.

  • reality

    Happy. They always plant stories of how “happy? Aniston is after she gets DUMPED. After VV dumped her, she was photographed leaving a concert and of course they released the same bs. The woman is a fraud. Everything about her is manufactured. From her pretend romances to the new face that she has to her being a kind person. Ask her mother.

  • sorrybutsheis


  • umm

    ryan @ 04/08/2009 at 7:48 am

    why do you have to bring jolie’s name here? i think it’s you who’s obsess with the so called triangle. give it up. it’s over.

  • escort

    So, she is on the hunt for another boytoy, huh? I wonder how much she’ll pay this time for the boy to stay with her?

  • rachElgrEEn


  • used to be a jen fan

    I used to be a jen fan, but after all the games she has played with fans such as bringing JM to the Oscars tellling everyone how in love they were and a few weeks or so later break up???? There’s something wrong with this woman. Just be honest and don’t play with fan’s minds.

    I also don’t like how she always brings up Brad’s name. I used to think that she’s a strong woman. Now I am thinking that she’s just a weak, manipulative person.

    Being weak and manipulative go together. A weak person would usually try to manipulate things to make herself appear and look strong.

    I am very disappointed with the games she plays. I don’t see how her present fans don’t see that. WHAT A PITTY.

  • Sonia g

    ryan @ 04/08/2009 at 7:48 am

    At least Ange has got confidence with herself. She doesn’t try to hide her forehead with a fringe. You don’t see Reese Witherspoon holding a scarf over her chin in every paparazzi shot even though her chin is pointy like Jen’s.

    Take Jen, pls do. Take her as far away as possible. Since no other man wants her.

  • poorthing

    once a loser, always a loser.

  • funny

    eri @ 04/08/2009 at 7:48 am

    It’s not Johns fault she’s such a negative person who made him miserable
    Negative, needy and self absorbed I think are the three things Mayer has said or sang about her.
    Oh it is funny that she was checking out some guy and he just ignored her. I wonder how many times she flipped her hair while trying to get the guys attention.

  • mimi

    The hag old bimbo is on the prawl for the next toy boy lover. Can’t be on her own for long — must have a man. Who will be the next boyfriend for rent. Her crazy fans said she enjoys being on her own, What a lie. Hahahahaha

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This because of her “BREATH”, folks.
    (she ate alot of garlic yesterday-night)

  • David


  • Louisa

    Does Jennifer like looking stupid or is she just desperate for attention anyway she can get it? First it was that gigantic hood and now she’s wearing a scarf that could easily wrap around 10 people.

  • Andrew

    “She looked really happy,” said one witness. “There was a definite glow to her. She couldn’t stop smiling.”
    Maybe she’s preggy!!!! Ooouch!!! Dont’ wanna touch a sore spot!!!
    Really JJ don’t yoou have anything better to post????

  • Prue Halliwell

    Louisa —- both???

  • n.o.l.a

    what a nicely planted story by Huvane. Jen’s happy; she was checking out this cute guy…blah..blah…blah

  • Maniston the rich loser

    Once a SLU*T.. will always be a slu*t .

  • Mel

    Good to see Jen healthy and happy while working rather than gaunt and fading away.

    Shame about the few bitter infantile posts here….but at least some of the Brangelinas are becoming self-aware and actually coming out and calling themselves losers….very refreshing and honest.

  • ellie’

    Jen its always nice to see you. Just love ya Jen.

    I just wanted to let Angie & Brad fans I’m well aware Angie pasted out on the set of Salt yesterday my prayers are with her & I truly hope shes fine…

  • bet

    lovely woman. love to see her just minding her businuss. the jeans is fit perfectly on her that body. That is the body of a healthy woman. eventhough this woman wear the same jeans everyday , all the hater and lovers come here to see her. love her or hate her she ha something that pull all this people to engage in biggest discusstion of nothing . like her waking on the street is something to talk about.

  • bet


    is that your brain teilling you ,that she asking attention, attention everybody i am wearing big scaf? . what a loser.

  • Maniston the rich loser

    She has turned in to such a TRA*MP.

  • dawne

    OMG, this is too hilarious. HW’s joke walking out of a building with her hair back. Now that’s the news, JJ!! B U T when the hair is back she has no curtains to hide her actual face shape and uninteresting features so she wraps a duvet cover over her entire upper body.

    NOW THAT AINT STYLE, JENHENS, THAT IS INSECURITY. Shiloh carries her silkie, this middle aged woman wraps herself in hers.

    And the obvious, yes n.o.l.a. you are bang on, Huvane spin attached to this sighting……….where are the sightings of the real stars??? Just this fame who*e one more, endless time. I swear the universe could implode in some form of armageddon and she’d still manage to walk down some papz street and there would be one living photog stumbling thru the rubble grabbing for his camera and she’d worry about how she was looking. She is the epitome of narcissism. Give her a mirror, a plastic surgeon, several trainers and a make-up and hair stylist and she’s good to go. Horrendous.

  • bet

    maniston is a rich loser

    so mind your businuss? that should’nt be your concern, since her being sult nothig has to do with your idols life.

  • bet


    jj site is not a place to look for news, it a site where you see celebrity piture, if you see all the celebtity picture all of them are walking nothing different. so if you do not like her you are not forced to look at her picture or read about her. Blame yourself for forcing yourself to be on her thread. ha ha ha

  • Roxanne

    Another Rachele Green movie, trying to get pregnant. My goodness can’t this woman make any other movies

  • bet


    even if her publicsit spread a rumer she is happy. why this news bother you? please why lunatic are very sad when you hear that jen is happy. That is the biggest puzzel that is not going to be solved about lunatics behavior.

  • bet


    are you fan of jen? otherwise why you bother what moive she is making? unless you are in love with her and want to see her moive.

  • anonymous

    How can a loser lose a loser? John and Jen are both losers. She crashed the Oscars to take away attention from the nominees and winners for her own shamless self promotion. Now she is back were she belongs. Alone. Pathetic old hag. Dumba$$ b!tch. You can not compete with Angelina so stop trying. Your are not pretty. You do not have a body of twenty year old. You are not talented. You are a wash up 40 year old bimbo who use to married to movie star BRAD PITT. Brad should have left you a long time ago. Ugly big chin big nose self absorbed bed hopping lying as tramp. Yes. I am venting my anger. Because she has blame Angelina far too long for all her troubles when she didn’t love her husband or want any of his children. This silly hoe knows Brad doesn’t not want her. So stop sending your messages through the media. “I will love Brad for the rest of my life”. Who the fcuk cares. Brad does not want you. He is embarressed for ever being with you. Your like a ball and chain he can’t escape. Angelina is brad “great love” and the mother of his children. Brad has been with Angelina for almost five years. Got her pregnant twice ( soon to be three times) and yet he has to deal with this crazy ex-wife. You are a ugly, talentless, shamless, manless, childless poor excuse of a woman. Will you now fade away like rest of the cast members from friends. See you in TV LAND.


  • Maniston the rich loser

    She is ” CONNING” her forever delusional fans in thinking she is this “HAPPY” American 40 years old “GIRL”… how pathetic ! LMAO