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Jennifer Aniston is Jack Spade Special

Jennifer Aniston is Jack Spade Special

Jennifer Aniston leaves her Manhattan hotel in the middle of the evening with a Jack Spade bag on Wednesday (April 8) in New York City.

The 40-year-old actress has been working hard on The Baster which has been filming in New York City. Jennifer plays a woman who uses a turkey baster to become pregnant only to find 7 years later, she had used her best friend’s sperm.

Recently Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger told Us Weekly that she “wouldn’t match [Aniston] up with [anyone in] Hollywood. I would give her one of my clients who is a businessman on the Forbes list – one of the big people… Someone who’s high up on the food chain.”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston heading out for the evening…

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jennifer aniston spade 01
jennifer aniston spade 02
jennifer aniston spade 03
jennifer aniston spade 04
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jennifer aniston spade 06
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jennifer aniston spade 08
jennifer aniston spade 09
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Credit: Jdh/Beiny; Photos: WENN
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  • a

    first? much as i’m rooting for jen, this has got to be the grossest premise for a film i’ve ever heard of. i cannot imagine how they’ll make sticking a turkey baster you-know-anywhere cute in any way. poor jen gets a lot of harsh criticism, as all celebs, but she was sort of asking for it by taking on this role. as if she needed the money…

  • Júlia e lara


  • Júlia e lara

    You’re our life. we love youu so muuuch. more than everything! and we really need you here! haha.

  • K.G.

    and here comes the X, Maniston, Chinnifer, and fugly comments by the Brangelina media team squad.

  • a total fan

    “I would give her one of my clients who is a businessman on the Forbes list — one of the big people… Someone who’s high up on the food chain.”

    They are still trying to find her a man?

  • anonymous

    Ugly ass big chin bed hopping wish I had Brad Pitt bitch.

  • a total fan

    OOP’s thought “Patti Stanger ” was a friend. Nevermind.

  • K.G.

    And I disagree with Patti Stanger. I mean if this chick could once get Brad Pitt she could get anyone.

  • anonymous

    How can a loser lose a loser? John and Jen are both losers. She crashed the Oscars to take away attention from the nominees and winners for her own shamless self promotion. Now she is back were she belongs. Alone. Pathetic old hag. Dumba$$ b!tch. You can not compete with Angelina so stop trying. Your are not pretty. You do not have a body of twenty year old. You are not talented. You are a wash up 40 year old bimbo who use to married to movie star BRAD PITT. Brad should have left you a long time ago. Ugly big chin big nose self absorbed bed hopping lying as tramp. Yes. I am venting my anger. Because she has blame Angelina far too long for all her troubles when she didn’t love her husband or want any of his children. This silly hoe knows Brad doesn’t not want her. So stop sending your messages through the media. “I will love Brad for the rest of my life”. Who the fcuk cares. Brad does not want you. He is embarressed for ever being with you. Your like a ball and chain he can’t escape. Angelina is brad “great love” and the mother of his children. Brad has been with Angelina for almost five years. Got her pregnant twice ( soon to be three times) and yet he has to deal with this crazy ex-wife. You are a ugly, talentless, shamless, manless, childless poor excuse of a woman. Will you now fade away like rest of the cast members from friends. See you in TV LAND.


  • anonymous

    America has finally seen for themselves why Brad Pitt left this shallow airheaded bimbo who would do anything for fame. She came to the Oscars with that douchebag John Mayer to convince herself she was on the same level as Brangelina. Who actually believed John Mayer wanted a 40 year old tv hacktress? Jennifer should thank god everyday for the “bermuda triangle”. without it she would faded into TV LAND. Jennifer only claim to to fame is a hairdo and marriage to a moviestar. She will never ever be a movie star. How come everytime this tramp do a interview Brad always come up in the interview? Because that’s all she has. I can’t even remember who I dated 5 years ago. But this aging big chin wh@re act like she divorce Brad last week. I hate this ugly b!tch.

    Team Jolie-Pitt Forever!!!!

  • anonymous

    JA will win a Razzie before she ever get nominated for any major award. Please tell her it is time to get off the Jolie-Pitt train. JA only claim to fame is a marriage to Brad Pitt and a hairdo. She still can’t let either one of them go.

    Pathetic B!tch!!!

  • K.G.

    And yes Aniston is pathetic and I’m not nesscarily a fan, I only like Friends, but I don’t get the love for Brad Pitt on here. A very medicore actor who’s loved for his affairs with popular woman and looks(even though they’re fading) Tood bad Jennifer and Angelina get the hate while Brad can relax his ass.

  • K.G.

    okay Jared so my comment is awating moedration because wh ore while the Brangelina fans are making a 5 paragraph long rant on how they wish Aniston could die? BS

  • K.G.

    I mean awaiting moderation because I said wh ore.

  • anon

    Ugggh. She’s so 90′s. Enough of her already.

  • in case anyone wants to know

    The Baster is filming tonite in NYC.

    The Baster is filming on 53rd between 2nd and 3rd right now. Doubt you can get jen’s siggy as she usually runs right from her trailer to the set without speaking to fans. But if you are a fan you can try. Warning, She is not very friendly.

  • umm

    She looks like a dude. She needs to go away and try to get her life together. She keeps dating these guys that are not good for her. but hey…you get what you put out….Sorry guys for a sorry girl.

  • sl

    This girl looks like Jay leno with long hair.

  • oh no

    Go back to tv….your movies are the worst.
    If any of the movies did good it was because of the other A list actors in them. Silly Maniffer doesn’t know people don’t go to the movie to see her.

  • hello

    Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She needs a Greek man!

    #9 and others, so sick! What did SHE ever do to YOU? Morons. Do you have a big old poster of Mr and Mrs Smith above your bed? Hmm? Sounds it! Get a life, Jen isn’t in it, cannot believe the hate for a person u never met, haven’t a real clue about, and hate her because ange and brad (her husband mind u) got together! Go FIgure!
    She needs a Greek, either in food business as most are, or someone like John Stamos..and I bet, she’ll never look back, again. If only!
    Time to stop this sick hate, damn!

  • She needs a Greek man!

    #19, HA! is that why she had 2 recent Block busters? They both sure beat the pants off of angie’s boring movies! 2 big hits, what sick sick JP fans! I wonder what you JP fans would EVER do if GOD FORBID Brangelina broke up??? Can you imagine? You would all wear Black for years! and then, I wonder, still hate Jen’s guts?
    I’ve seen sick posters before, but this thread takes THE cake!

  • Júlia e lara

    Guys I’m not here to fight, but why you guys are talking theese thing about jenn?
    Sorry if a wrote somtheing wrong ;~

  • plez

    fug without makeup

  • Júlia e lara

    I tottaly agree with you #22

  • NOrman & dolly

    she always has the same fashion, same hair style, same stories .. in all her movies. this wh… is damn boring

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    The premise of this movie sounds terrible

  • muauaha

    what Brad Pitt stans and just jared don’t want you to see. The real brad Pitt. He’s not so good looking is he? mauhaha click on link before it gets deleted.

  • Ali

    This is a dreadful title for a movie, no matter how funny it turns out to be. So demeaning to her, as well. Why would she ever consent to this?

  • Android

    Too amazing.
    No jerk deserves her.

  • Jill

    K.G. @ 04/08/2009 at 9:23 pm
    And I disagree with Patti Stanger. I mean if this chick could once get Brad Pitt she could get anyone.

    Then how come every man she’s had since Brad has dumped her flat on her ass?

  • di

    but she likes LOSERS!

    turkey baster huh? wow what a movie…good job on taking this role jen…another flop.

  • joy

    If people can do that act, I don’t see why they can’t make a movie out of it. If done right, it could be hilarious. I’d go see it because I like all the actors/actresses attached, so far. I also think it would be a mistake to mark it off your list this early before you even see a trailer just because the words “turkey baster,” but maybe that’s me.

  • muauaha

    at least she doesn’t need eye surgery like brad did.
    PopBitch – Who’s the Daddy? Which Hollywood heart-throb with young kids spent most of January and February photographed only wearing sunglasses? The glasses are off and the eyelift is looking good.

  • Jasmine

    it’s actually the “anonymous” poster the worst one. he/she always copies and paste the same comments on the same thread. doesn’t come up with anything new, and. . . we don’t even read his/her comments.

  • zip

    why WAS AJ’s post posted again right next to JA’s post?
    did JJ want to make it easier for the lovers and haters of JA and AJ to go back and forth ,arguing with each other??
    god its so sad if u read some of the stuff that is said over and over and over and over again.
    Both actress and talented and beautiful in diffrent ways.
    And people should respect that .
    instead of writing mean stuff ,its so childish.
    i like them both.

  • Rose

    Great just what we need another bad Jennifer Aniston movie that will sit on the shelf for a couple of years before they find a weekend to release it. Unless it has a dog or someone more appealing to moviegoers (Jim Carey, Ben Stiller or anyone else in HJNTIY) she’s a flop and should really stick to TV.

  • shakira

    Jill @ 04/08/2009 at 9:59 pm K.G. @ 04/08/2009 at 9:23 pm
    And I disagree with Patti Stanger. I mean if this chick could once get Brad Pitt she could get anyone.

    Then how come every man she’s had since Brad has dumped her flat on her ass?
    Because they’re afraid she’ll dump them first, since she was the one who dumped Brad (SHE called him not the love of her life, SHE broke his heart everyday, then when he found Angelina, SHE filed for divorce)

  • Ella

    Why is this war going on?
    If Jen still wants to talk about Brad, she has all the right to do it for she was married to him and he’s part of her life, her past, whatever.
    I can’t compare Angelina to Jennifer because they’re two different people. Both are very beautiful in their own way (remember that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder), and they’re both talented and good at what they do. If they have 20 children or none, it’s not your business. It’s their decisions.
    So. . .
    People, please, stop the fight. It’s almost out of control and very absurd!

  • wait a minute to number 22

    To number 22.
    Are you not reading what was written. If many people went to see her movies it was for the other stars…I would see that movie for Drew Barrymore. That to me is one of the reasons to see the movie. Not for Jennifer.
    Secondly… or not Jennifers acting in those movies were not good enough to even be nominated for an oscar…maybe a razzie.

    Angelina was nominated for her skill and her craft in the art of acting. It is that that gets people the roles worthy of oscars. Jennifer is only good enough for rom-coms but they are still no where close to Drew Barrymore Rom-coms.

    Its ok if people like Jennifer. Follow her examples. Focus on something then regret it later and date bad boys so you can get dumped….that is the best example for women today….yeah right.

  • chin can’t act

    shakira @ 04/08/2009 at 10:13 pm

    LMAO. that’s what you wish it happened but in actual fact they all dumped this old ugly barren hag.

  • K.G.

    Even if her movies are just romcoms they all have been #1 at the BO. Please, Angelina does action movie after another and yet you all call her her versatile??? She may have been great in Girl, Intterupted but in Changeling you could see her ‘acting’ And Aniston’s the one who dumped Brad. She was the one who filed for divorce. She’s(Angie) a home wrecker and he’s a womanizer. As someone previously said, all you Brangelina fans can go kiss there Mr. and Mrs. Smith poster and hope for Mr.& Mrs. 2 so you all can see more pimped out pics of them.

  • UnFan

    God she is so awful – this film sounds like a disaster – what a D-lister.

  • UnFan

    God she is so awful – this film sounds like a disaster – what a D-lister.

  • K.G.

    And you all should see The Good Girl before you say Aniston can’t act at all.

  • J

    She’s working hard makin’ a movie in which she plays a character that uses a turkey baster to get pregnant? hmm… Ya! thats hard work…Good luck with that one Jen!

  • Euro-man

    Don’t tell me – she is going to use this film to promote getting in vitro fertilization?

    Isn’t this what she does? Using her personal life (and her mother’s and her ex-husband’s and her D-list boyfriends’) to promote her movies?

    So gross this gal.

  • louisa

    I know Jared is Team Aniston but 99% of these pictures look the same. It’s one thing to post new pictures when she looks different like wearing those super oversized hood and scarf but all of the pictures are of her leaving/arriving at her hotel wearing jeans, jacket, and sunglasses.

  • chin can’t act

    K.G. @ 04/08/2009 at 10:30 pm

    well, if chiniston is a box office draw i can’t wait until her movie Management goes up against Angels and Demons when they both come out on Many 15th. I am sure you devoted fans will be the 1st one to run to the theater to support her so she could beat tom hank at the BO. boy! I can’t wait when Management hit #1 at the BO….LMAO

  • andrea

    Even my parents love Jennifer Aniston and they don’t even like the internet or don’t use it, and they live outside the US.
    They like her because they have seen her in Friends and they always love it when her movies are on the cable program. They find her adorable.
    That’s what counts. Simple people, not biased, who just want to be entertained, like the most appealing. . . After all, these people are all entertainers.