Katie Holmes Hits Dance Stu- Stu- Studio

Katie Holmes Hits Dance Stu- Stu- Studio

A solo Katie Holmes keeps it simple in a gray sweatshirt as she hops out of her SUV and into a dance studio in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 7).

UK’s The Daily Express has been reporting that Tom Cruise plans to remake the 1969 western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Tom would play Sundance, originally played by Robert Redford and John Travolta would play Cassidy, made famous by Paul Newman.

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  • Susie

    Is she too weak or too entitled that she can’t carry her own tote? Her hair is greasy and there’s a spot on her shirt. Maybe she needs a full-time body woman ( correlates to Obama’s Reggie Love) to take care of all her needs. She doesn’t seem able to do so.

  • Shisha

    She let herself go. Look at her. What a mess. I liked the old Katie (prior Tom) better. Now she looks exhausted all the time, not taken care of. How sad. Suri is adorable though. But I don’t know….I don’t think her and Tom are this great of a couple.

  • danielle

    Brad Pitt would be a much better choice for redford tom cruse is wacked out nut job. The only reason katie is still with him is b/c he has brain washed her.

  • jane

    Is she pregnant ?
    She hides her belly, all the time

  • dani

    Posting all this bullsh*t from the trashy british tabloids takes away from your credibility, jared. it’s a shame cos i enjoy your site. you know damn well Tom isn’t not remaking that movie. And please show some respect for Travolta. his kid died a few months ago. i am very disappointed…

  • http://justjared.com nasty bimbo

    Jared, pretty please?? No More! Enough of this waste of space. Who cares about this non talent?

  • me

    I hope that is a joke about the Butch Cassidy remake, but sadly its probably not.

    Cruise and Travolta? I cant think of two worse picks!

  • jan

    She is soooo nasty looking. Does this fugly creature ever bathe? I can almost smell her. Ugh!

    You would think that she would just give the dancing lessons a break…everybody knows this weirdo has no talent except for golddigging.

  • Annie

    Looking like crap yet again….take a shower!

    And I really pray that tiny Tom ISN’T going to do a remake of a classic like Butch Cassidy. A tiny gay Scientologist playing Robert Redfords part?? Laughable…….

  • Sal

    She looks like a mental patient.

  • ck

    Sigh..this is how Katie used to look going to work out.
    Yes..and at one time she had breasts. It’s true.


  • mju8

    Is Tom serious about that remake? What kind of hallucinogen was he on when he came up with that brilliant idea?
    Firstly, the characters are supposed to be lovable bank robbers – Tom Cruise is neither lovable nor is he talented enough to convince anyone that he can play a Wild West bank robber

  • bintk

    I love her bags!


  • Jinx

    If I only had a brain…..

  • Karon

    A tiny gay guy as a wild west bank robber??? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

  • fug


  • g

    ohh well can she not carry her own bag???
    tom in the remake of the movie?????
    huh i wondered where he was these days

  • BITS

    It’s a shame that she can’t just get in a car and drive herself somewhere……She’s not famous, so it must be to keep her from talking about the inner working of the cult, the covering up of murders and Toms gay life.

  • http://www.vectormotors.com gerard Vandenberg

    Looking desperate happy thank to little tommy the “HE*LLRA*ISER, folks!!

  • victoria

    i never liked her. but before i used to think she is pretty and has nice smile.
    now i just feel sorry for her, i wish she came back to old her, when she used to smile all the time…

  • liv

    She looks like she came out of the shower, she looks great and all you poor unfortunates know it!

  • http://rantsthoughtsmerde.blogspot.com/ Nativenyker

    Awww. how sweet. Katie Kong is out to toe tap and twirl. I didn’t think she had artistry in her…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • rabt

    That asinine crazy midget better NOT be remaking the classic Butch and Sundance!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brenda

    I used to say that I would die for katie holmes body, but what a sin. She has lost her gorgeoous figure, she has no breast and that weird waist that all young girls are getting now a days. You know the waist I talking about, they have small tiny hips and their stomach protrudes like a small child from ethopia that is underfeed. I don’t know why the younger generation thinks that this is sexy looking. Anyway thats what poor katie reminds me of, maybe tommy boy wants her to look younger for him.

  • myma

    Looks like Katie can’t even be bothered combing her hair, showering or putting on clean clothes. That shows serious depression. She used to be so pretty but since she got got with Tom, she’s gone to hell. Such a shame.

  • skaur

    katie holmes until she gets a good part please dont put her on website !!talentless but pretty maybe bit harsh she is just cruiises wife CRUISE LOST IT WEN HE GAVE UP NICOLE!!!!

  • eliza

    Katie is pretty and talented, but so are thousands of other aspiring actresses in Hollywood. The only thing that distinguishes her from them is the fact that she’s married to Tom. Will she be able to set herself apart from the others through her talent and not her connections? Time will tell.

  • oh katie, you only look okay if you’re all dolled up. you’re probably aiming for all natural look but i’m sorry, you don’t have the pretty natural face to flaunt it so go cover it up.

  • s p


  • 911

    classy and lovely

  • :

    Natural beauty and a beauty inside. Thanks JJ except the trashy info from a trashy article

  • gabby

    The real America’s Sweetheart and so gracious. Lowlives can learn a lot from her. I enjoy the meltdown of desperate few sad idiots who can find nothing wrong about this lady and her family.

  • mona


  • 4life

    Adorable as usual

  • swing

    I know you wonna take up space JJ in your site but when I see posts from the UK daily Mail,US weekly,Globe,Life and Style,OK and many other garbage you just go low.

    Cant wait to see Katie’s new projects Broadway or onscreen.

    She is so pretty and I miss Suri and Tom.

  • cupcakes


  • xxx

    Digging the sunglasses and shoes. Katie looks fresh,all showered up and cute!

    Note to Jared: If you relay fake news where are the USC gala pics of Cruise,Spielberg and Lucas? or the L.A. Gala with all the studio bosses? where are the pics of Katie,Bella and Suri on the Museum?
    You dont give the same treatment to the Cruise family because you love Angelina and Brad Pitt.

  • shay shmay

    She’s a common actress, like the majority of actresses in Hollywood.

  • brad


  • ty

    wow such talent,beauty and grace

  • dianel

    God bless the Cruise family

  • tj

    Katie is such a waste of space. Really. But it’s funny that she really seems to think that she is relevant LOL Katie is worse then Aniston as the all time media-ho!!! If it wasn’t for her freakishly Tiny-Tom husband, Katie would be making tampon commercials.

  • lance

    I’m surprised Katie Holmley is carrying her own bag. Doesn’t she usually hire poor scientology goons for this exhausting endeavor. I mean she is “working queen” LOL Katie is such a douche.

  • marion

    Spare us all the “poor Katie is brainwashed” bit. This gal knows EXACTLY what she is doing and who she is doing. Katie is a money-hungry media wh*re and is laughing all the way to Tom’s 100 million dollar bank account. I’m puzzled to why she hasn’t drug poor Suri off to another media show at her local bakery.

  • canbey

    It’s interesting Katie drags herself out of her $40 mill BH house to attend “dance” classes, when it’s common knowledge she has a studio IN HER OWN HOME!!!!! And, the media is always there to greet her! HUM, I smell a connection between paps and Katie-drag. Someone is hi-maintenance and needs alot of attention!!!

  • Amanda

    Looks like Katie’s sci-tol friends are online posting their little
    non-brains out about how lovely and beautiful Katie is. HaHa!!
    They must be getting paid, because it’s transparent as SH_T!!!!!

  • charlee

    OMG!!!Tom remaking Butch Cassidy would be HORRIBLE!! Tom is neither rugged, handsome or MAN enough to pull off any of the rolls in that wonderful film.

  • sunn shine

    Here comes the “lovely” Katie for her daily dose of attention from her best friends the paps! Did I say lovely? My mistake, so NOT lovely.
    More like Homely, HAHAHA!!!!

  • jefferson

    I so agree with #12. Crazy Tiny-Tom is neither lovable nor talented enough to play the character. Tom is also not believable anymore. Every time you look at him, whether it be on film or in interviews, all you see STUPIDITY and an EGOMANIAC Crazy MIDGET.
    NOT A MAN AT ALL!!!!
    Also he is married to that tall gold-digger Katie. Talk about baggage.

  • clay baite

    I suppose Tom will cast Katie in the female lead role. This entire idea of remaking the film is tragic in the hands of the washed up Tomkat. What makes Tom think he can remake a classic and perfection?
    Oh I forgot, Tom thinks he is a God. So typically pathetic of him.