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Nikki Reed's Cardigan of Many Colors

Nikki Reed's Cardigan of Many Colors

Twilight star Nikki Reed shows off her cardigan of many colors as she shops her heart out in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 7).

The 20-year-old actress hung out with Michael Angarano and went shopping at Slow and Urban Outfitters. The pair enjoyed some Japanese food, heading to I Love Sushi later in the day.

Michael, 21, is currently dating Kristen Stewart, another Twilight co-star. K-Stew and Michael both were in the 2004 film, Speak.

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  • anthony

    I don’t really get her appeal honestly..Not only is she just not attractive or a great actress imo, she doesn’t fit the role of Rosalie in Twilight at all. And it’s almost starting to seem as though she wants to be Kristen Stewart sometimes.. Seems strange.

  • Nativenyker

    Its a young womans world! God bless.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • kitt

    She’s beautiful but physically wrong for the role of Rosalie.

  • me me me

    she’s too dark to play that role in twilight. it just looks ridiculous, her with the contacts, burnt hair and tons of white powder foundation. makes her look 30… couldn’t they have found a natural blonde or sth?

  • Jane

    i thought rosalie was supposed to be drop dead gorgeous



  • MrBarnes

    she’s ugly ,Ashlee Green is gorgeous

  • arantxa

    Stop saying things about her : s
    i know that Rosalie needs to be like the pretties thing ever
    but its impossible to find someone for that
    & yes , its kind of weird that they didnt found a natural blod & more pale person

    But she is kind of a good actress & sometimes she tries to be like Kirsten , but they are BFFs 8-)

  • Celia


  • sabina

    Ummm # 1 what are you talking about? she looks great in anything and is a good actress. also i think she makes the perfect rosalie and i really can’t picture any one else in her place. And how is she wanting to be like kristen stewart i mean i don’t see it??? idk maybe it’s just me.

  • sabina

    okay wait……. i just got what you mean about her playing rosalie but still………… she beat out probably thousands of ppl for that role so she has to be at least the best fit out of all who auditioned for rosalie. plus did you hear the girl who plays niomi on 90210 was suppose to play rosalie? that would of been so bad and nikki reed is like 10 times prietter than her. also that guy she is with in the picture looks a lot like kristen stewarts boyfriend. im just saying.

  • gabby

    im sorry, but she is UGLY!!!!! She is far from a perfect Rosalie. Rosalie, if you’ve read the books, is gorgeous. Besides she looks OLD.

  • jessica

    Don’t listen to the haterssss. Nikki’s hot! She’s also a sweetheart. Love her! <3

  • jughed

    she looks good to me; i like her style :)

  • jessica

    gabby i’d LOVE to see your version of hot and pretty if you think Nikki is unattractive. Nikki is GORGEOUS! You must be blind as a bat. Oh, and Nikki’s a fantastic actress!!

  • pup

    Agree; Like her nose is jacked up or somethin’. And what is she doing hanging with Stewarts guy? o.O

  • jess

    #1′s correct – Nikki Reed is totally miscast as Rosalie. Nikkie doesn’t fit the description of Rosalie in the book. The only reason she’s in the movie is because of Hardwicke. And another thing …. she is trying hard to copy Kristin’s look!!! It’s obvious!!!!!

  • mina

    *sigh* it’s too late to do anything about it. we are stuck w/ this “Rosalie.” disappointing really. oh, well maybe she’ll look better in new moon?

  • Vanessa

    heyy shes not uglyy lols !
    i think i twould be unfair to
    say shes uglyy ! i saww somee
    piccs of he ron googlee she is
    actuallyy quitee pretty !

  • joss

    she looks like lindsay lohan…except with more weight (in a healthy way)
    but i agree, i don’t think she fits the description of rosalie, she’s pretty, still i think they could have found someone better to play rosalie

  • pame

    i love nikki

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    They are awesome

  • dee

    I love her!!!! and Mike Angarano is lookin fiiioooonneeee.. dayum!

    Im almost a lil jealous of kristen for getting to hit that!

  • Jen

    well it’s too late to change her, I dont doubt that she is nice but she was totally miscast for Rosalie… Rosalie was supposed to be drop dead Gorgeous, natural blonde and tall, and shes far from that.. what get’s me is how couldnt they find a tall natural blonde actress in hollywood?there is sooo many of them… it’s ridiculous!!!! and whoever argues differently is just being naive about it all!

  • ness17

    i agree, rosalie was meant to be GORGEOUS.
    i still think Evan Rachel Wood should have played Rosalie. She would have been perfect for the role coz she’s naturally pale, blonde, tall and stunning.

  • Deena

    No N.R. is not Beautiful, she’s just o.k. and the reason she played Rosalee is because C.H. is her stepmother and they did “thirteen” the movie together……..that’s it.

  • anon

    Yes, Nikki was cast because Catherine Hardwicke was directing. She got a freebie !! I like ness17′s idea – Evan R Wood would’ve been great as Rosalie!

  • Ches

    She’s NOT beautiful. period. honestly, people, stop defending her.

    Rosalie was supposed to be the most beautiful girl in the world. Nikki Reed is not beautiful.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    who? huh? the person in the photos above is not cute, gorgeous, sexy or beautiful. i don’t even know why she’s on this site, hell.. i really fcuking don’t know why i even bothered to comment. i have no idea why dude is so focused on z-listers.

  • brianna

    nikki reed isn’t ‘stealing stewart’s guy’

    she and michael angarano starred in lords of dogtown together, probably before nikki and kristen ever met. I’d be willing to be that all you ladies out there have male friends and vice versa, would you like it if every second you were accused of sleeping with them? lay off.

  • jojo30

    sabina @ 04/08/2009 at 7:58 pm

    okay wait……. i just got what you mean about her playing rosalie but still………… she beat out probably thousands of ppl for that role so she has to be at least the best fit out of all who auditioned for rosalie. plus did you hear the girl who plays niomi on 90210 was suppose to play rosalie? that would of been so bad and nikki reed is like 10 times prietter than her. also that guy she is with in the picture looks a lot like kristen stewarts boyfriend. im just saying.

    ooopss sorry to break to you she did not beat out anyone. the director of twilight dated her father in the past, and has made a habit of putting untalented Nikki in her movies…..

  • gerard Vandenberg

    BUT SP*ERM IS JUST “WHITE”, folks!!
    (ask kim kardashian about the taste)

  • diva

    u kno whats funny before she became bff with kristin she had great style now look at her coping kristin and failing bad i dont care if ppl call me a hater she is wrong for rosalie on so many levels and would never fir the bill for me. have u seen the girl who is playing emily in New Moon now she is gorgeous! it’s such a shame when all the other women in the cast look better than “Rosalie” yeh im pissed

  • Destined

    I agree Diva 100%. And have you seen Christian? She is the girl who play Angela, she is so pretty. They really play down her looks in Twilight and I can see why, she would have def stolen the spotlight from Kristen. But yeah Tinsel who is playing Emily is beautiful.

  • LALA

    ew she has an a$$ chin
    she is pretty but Rosalie is supposed to be so beautiful

  • Sweetness

    Why is she hanging out with Kristen’s boyfriend?
    Why is she with Kristen’s boyfriend?

    To get more publicity buzz circulating around her. This is like her riding on the coat tails of her “best friend” Kristen who is definitely getting attention as the star of Nikki is smart enough always to be seen with Rob..who is Hollywood’s lastest box office heartthrob..Really if she were not buddying up next to Kristen and Robert and a few weeks ago she was seen with buddying up with Taylor Lautner ..this is her seizing the opportunity to be under as much spotlight and attention as all three stars of New Moon…No one would think of her if she were standing next to Kristen, Rob and Taylor…so if she can’t be near Kristen she’ll settle for Kristen’s boyfriend.

  • http://hay Livya

    for me, out of set she is a preatty girl, but is so strange…and i think she’s not the real good Rosalie…not beautiful and not perfect like the book..;-))))

  • brenda

    I LOVE HER!!


  • brenda


    She’s also a sweetheart. Love her!

  • kel

    She was completely wrong for Rosalie but I guess that doesn’t matter when you’re friends with the director.

    And what is up with her copying Kristen Stewart’s style? Get your own look, Nikki! She looks like a Kristen clone, but not in a good way :(

  • noelle

    i am so jealous of kstew. she is dating michael who looks super hawt in this picture and then she gets to kiss rpatz in the movies. some girls have all the luck.

  • Mrsmikenewton

  • http://--- tugba

    she looks so beautiful… i love her style

  • http://--- tugba

    she looks veryy good and i love her style!!

  • Eileen

    Wow. i honestly think Nikki is gorgeous. she seems like an amazing individual and a smart one at that. Shes just a great person.

  • Amanda

    I think that Nikki is beautiful and I can’t picture anyone else playing Rosalie. She had to have got picked for some reason. Plus, Michael probably wanted some help picking out Kristen’s b-day gift.

  • Deena

    all these people who say she is a great person, how the hell you know that, what Great has she done, feed the poor? tour Africa, just say you like her but don’t merit what you don’t know, and she is not beautiful and she is using all the Stars in twilight to make a name, she is a User!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! including M.A. poor guy his done!

  • j

    are you people listening to yourselves she is copying kristens style, wtf, she looks to me like she has her own style, and if they do look similar havent you ever swapped clothes with good friends, get a grip,

  • f

    are you all jealous because she is sleeping with your fantasy boyfriend

  • j

    she is far prettier than ashley imo