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Sienna Miller's Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Sienna Miller's Mysteries of Pittsburgh

Costars Sienna Miller (in Marios Schwab) and Peter Sarsgaard rub shoulders at a screening of their new flick, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Tuesday (April 7) in New York City.

Love the detailing of Sienna‘s dress!

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh stars Jon Foster as “Art”, Sarsgaard as “Cleveland”, Sienna as “Jane”, Nick Nolte as “Joe” and Mena Suvari as “Phlox”. For more info, visit

25+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller‘s Mysteries of Pittsburgh

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sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 01
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 02
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 03
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 04
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 05
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 06
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 07
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 08
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 09
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 10
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 11
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 12
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 13
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 14
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 15
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 16
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 17
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 18
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 19
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 20
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 21
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 22
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 23
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 24
sienna miller mysteries of pittsburgh 25

Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • nuclear vagina

    Be careful, Maggie Gyllenhaal…

  • jughed

    mmm, sienna miller looks like trouble…

    …the trouble i’d like to get into. :)

  • boo

    She looks pretty.

  • iluvsiennamiller

    She’s just beautiful, isn’t she?

    “nuclear vagina” is one jealous, ugly tramp! LOL

  • so?

    Another post? Yep, pretty sure the blogs are getting cha ching for all the Sienna coverage.

  • Peach

    Soooo tired of this Skankarella every day in this site. I wonder how much she is paying to have all this attention

  • Shisha

    Horrible make up. Blondes shouldn’t be allowed to wear red lipstick. Ha. She’s such a ho. Why so many threads about this bitch?

  • sunseeker

    looks like normal like she has just got out of bed, always so untidy she reminds me of a 15 year old not a 27 year old woman. But then Getty likes kids.

  • meh

    don’t like her, but she looks alright here, better than usual. like her hair

  • LolaSvelt

    Great outfit.

  • zoey

    is she still dating that billionaire married man?

  • Ingrid

    Say what you want about her people, but the joke’s on you. You know nothing about this woman and at least she is famous for something. You’re all probably fans of Lauren Conrad. She is also a great actress, try renting one of her films sometime.

  • blah!

    Nice dress but she looks wrecked. She has definitely looked better. Her face looks HARD in close up. I wonder whose shoes she is wearing? They are at least two sizes too big for her!

    #11 – yes she is still seeing him but she is keeping it quiet. Amazing how she can avoid the paps when she wants to, isn’t it?!!
    #12 – yes, she is famous – for homewrecking and promoting drug use!
    #4 – get a grip! Nuclear has a valid point, after all!

  • Tori

    Enough of this trash already!!! Gah!!

  • Dulcie

    Why is this woman on JJ day after day after day? She’s not doing anything interesting except boing a married man while his wife an four kids look on. I am tired of her! Getting on a plane getting off of a plane, wearing a scarf, buying a bottle of liquor. She’s a trampy looking no talent actress wanna be who gave up every chance of a career when Jude Law dumped her ass. Let her go to the home for retired famewhores with Octomom and Laren Hill!

  • Dulcie

    red dress and black nylons honestly who dresses this bimbo at night.

  • sue

    Scarlet red, sorta fits. Still with BG, their PR reps think we are all stupid. Their careers are dunzo. Let them go live in her little cottage and smoke, drink and do the drugs they love.

  • Cate

    Can’t believe she’s 27. even Naomi Watts looks younger than her.

  • jazz

    Yah. I laughed when she ssaid that she was too young to play Maid Marian in Robinhood.

    She looks close to 35 or over in these pics. What a joke! Cate Blanchett who are years older than her looks younger than her and has an amazing complexion. Compare her age and having 3 kids besides to this ho! What a difference.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    sienna miller: THE ONE & ONLY LICKING-MYSTERY, folks!!

  • Nativenyker

    There are no mysteries in Pittsburgh.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Zoe

    Watch out Maggie! If you’re not with Peter at these events she will tell everyone that you’ve broken up and go after your man. Kids or no kids!!! Or better yet, with kids is better. More PR for her camp.

  • Kendra

    I can’t stand this ho. She’s soooo sleezy.

    Jared why do you even post pictures of her? Come on man, you bring down your whole website.

    #22 I agree – Totally

  • Spareus!

    I am beginning to wonder if JJ is on Sienna’s payroll! What is with all the coverage of this awful woman?

  • rabt

    The skank’s on the prowl. Watch out Maggie!

  • Tom

    How many times do I have to flush before she goes away!

  • tabbycat

    Does anyone else think she looks like she has a big red clown mouth?

  • A

    JJ, you forgot to add your usual “The 27-year-old British actress”
    and now her PR is gonna have to cut your paycheck.
    is she going to Bed, Bath&Beyond in Hoboken next, to promote her “movie” there?

  • london

    wow im surprised that c hasnt posted here yet. come and say the same things over and over and over c. Show me one more time how dull you can be

  • A
    the last year has been really harsh to her ’27′ yo face.

  • skaur


  • Tabu


    Sienna must be so proud of her intelligent, articulate fans. Are there any capable of forming cognizant thoughts that don’t sound like the rantings of a serial killer?

  • Victoria

    The Village Voice today gave this movie a horrible review – singling out Sienna as especially bad:

    Quote: “Miller is so void of presence that one can forget she’s in the movie from scene to scene.”

  • A

    but they put her huge face in the center of the movie poster, so smart
    it’s always someone else to blame, her PR, movie producers, directors, film critics, tabloids, interviewers, fellow actors, past and present bfs with their wives and gfs, parents and half-parents, and of course, the public.
    poor SM, life is so unfair for your choice of life.

  • Spareus!

    #33 – I can believe it. I cannot believe anyone rates this woman as an actress. They may as well cast a log to play her role from film to film. The log would have more presence.

  • lakers fan in boston

    the lipstick doesnt make her face looks pretty, in face worse than usual…
    cute outfit tho, love the dress =]
    ive liked her better in the last few posts, not 2 impressed here

  • karma

    My god, she’s trying so hard to BE SOMEBODY! Too hard. She looks stupid. Who dresses this hobo?
    @26, please keep trying. She has to go away some day. But if not, it’s always fun to point and laugh.

  • c

    Once again thanks for proving that SM and her fans are her own worst enemies and that your obsession with me is based on your BRUISED EGO. If I’m so dull, then why do you keep wasting all of your time and energy posting about me and worrying about when I post? You really should THINK before you post because it will save you the trouble of trying save face.

    You claim to be an adult, and yet this is the THIRD post where you demonstrate that you are at the cognitive/developmental level of a child. What makes your posts even more of a joke is the fact that you think that you are witty/clever or “sticking it to me” because you make insults and name calling against those posters. You’re an ADULT and yet you still can’t form a logical argument in support of SM?

    Seriously, you have no right to complain about anyone posting on a message board when you are here doing the exact same time.
    Splitting is a common trait seen in people with borderderline personality disorder. Using your THIRD personal attack as an example, anyone who speaks “positive” of SM is good, while anyone who won’t condone SM behavior are evil (ie-dull). By your very own logic, that means you are dull.

    You are not SM “knight in shining armor”. If she doesn’t have enough common sense to LAY LOW and stop tipping off the paps, then it’s her own fault.

  • c

    SM’s PR over the last 6-7 days reads like a TOP TEN list . According to SM and her PR, people should see TMOP because she:

    10) IS ON BROADWAY (and that can only mean one thing, SM is DEEP).
    The flaw in this logic: Playing a variation of herself doesn’t make her deep, it makes her TYPECAST. Sex, drugs, partying, that’s not a stretch for her since she was so gracious to share this information with the public during her very public affair with a married man.

    9) GETS A BUM RAP (people just don’t understand her because she is a free spirit).
    The flaw in this logic: We have heard every excuse as to why SM is never ever responsible for what happens to her, when is she going to be an adult and own up to HER misdeeds?

    The flaw in this logic: She proved otherwise when she immediately popped up in LA following BG’s public outings with his wife and kids, was spotted in a BLACK SUV (LN) after BG was spotted in a BLACK SUV (CE) with his kids , and used JH as a cover for her affair (despite the fact that she pulled this same stunt last year).

    7) CARES ABOUT HER PEERS (as evidenced by the fact that she dropped everything to make her her ailing friend (JH) her top priority.) The flaw in this logic: Other celebs cared about JH too, so much so, that they didn’t use his illness as an opportunity to get their names and faces in the headlines.

  • c

    SM’s PR over the last 6-7 days reads like a TOP TEN list . According to SM and her PR, people should see TMOP because she:

    The flaw in this logic:An award doesn’t make one immune to the consequences of one’s actions and nor does it make one a superstar overnight.

    The flaw in this logic: Where was her sisterhood during those “embarassing” photo-ops or as she stood outside of an aiport or bar engaging in PDA with the married man? Where was her sisterhood for JL nanny after publicly threatening her, she plays the other woman?

    2) IS POPULAR AND LOVED BY THE PUBLIC(as evidenced by the hordes of paps and adoring fans that ‘wait’ for her at aiports).
    The flaw in this logic: Considering that she has gone from LA to NY (or NY to UK, LA to UK,etc..) several times without being detected by the paps who are ALWAYS “stalking” her; there’s only one conclusion, either SM has mastered the science of teleportation or she tips off the paps. Since she was “spotted” at an airport 5 days in a row, when even well known celebs, the other Showest honorees, or the other celebs who starred in TMOP weren’t “spotted” at an airport 5 TIMES IN A ROW, the conclusion is that she tips off the paps.

    The flaw in this logic: SM condemned HW for giving young girls/women grief over their looks, and strangely enough, she has been completely silent when these media blogs speak of her beauty as a diversion from her unsisterly acts. The message this sends to teens is that as long as they are “pretty” and wear “pretty clothes”, they can have whomever and do whatever they want without any regard for those that get hurt in the process.

  • sue

    The Scarlet S has been making alot of comments about her being so nervous regarding Broadway play, if tickets don’t sell it will not open. New Yorkers it is now up to you to boycott this play. Regarding Balti, since this drama has been going on close to one year and NO DIVORCE or LEGAL papers filed, maybe they will never make it official. Wouldn’t that just burn Scarlet S….her investment will disappear. Maybe Balti is such a wuss that he can’t make the final break. It will be interesting to see if he spends Easter with his legal family, not Scarlet S.

  • eloisa

    Don’t you think that there is a campaign to clean her name and to be able to launch the movies without bad publicity? It’s too much!

  • A
    “Normally the idea of Sienna Miller nude would make my panties wet, but after seeing her scratching her ass and vagina numerous time methinks Sienna might have a yeast infection and so I canâ��t really say I was turned on. Alright, maybe just a little bit.”

  • Donna

    I am so bored with this scuzzy woman

  • Sarah

    @A (28)
    I am from UK what is Bed bath and beyond?Is it a shop in US??

  • london

    c you are a joke

  • london= dick

    you are the Sienna fan youre the joke, dick.

  • zach quinto’s wife

    guys, stfu! she is a gorgeous woman. stop bickering at her.
    god – it’s her life.

  • Nr

    She looks like Snoopy the dog but evil and malevolent and is always interfering in other peoples lives and walking over them..

  • natalie smith

    … she is spoiled and supeficial…a magalomaniac an dI quote from the evening standard…her statement while shooting the film in Pittsburgh! HERE IS IS:

    …” Sienna replaced the “P” in Pittsburgh with an “Sh”, telling a magazine: “Can you believe this is my life? Will you pity me when you’re back in your funky New York apartment and I’m still in Pittsburgh? I need to get more glamorous films.”…”’

    she is pityfull!!