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Vanessa Hudgens Has Court Complications

Vanessa Hudgens Has Court Complications

Vanessa Hudgens dons a pair of J Brand “912″ pencil leg jeans in dark vintage as she heads to an important legal meeting at a Los Angeles office building on Wednesday afternoon (April 8).

The 20-year-old HSM star kept texting on her phone (Zac?) and checking her messages as she held onto her JJ Winters Suede Zip bag.

V is dealing with a lawsuit where her former manager Johnny Vieira, is accusing her and her father of backing out of a deal made when she was a minor. The lawsuit is for $5 million.

Earlier this month, the judge threw out all but one of Vieira‘s claims, meaning he can only pursue the accusation of breach of settlement agreement if and when the case goes to trial next month.

More pictures after the jump of Vanessa Hudgens‘ court complications…

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  • jojo

    hey im first!!! vanessa u are very pretty i have to admit, and you have a GREAT sense of fashion, aghh but im jealous because u are zac’s gf
    :( sorry
    but youre beautiful=)

  • Amy

    Vanessa looks so beautiful! Lovin’ the Ray Bans! She always looks good, with a hot boyfriend to boot :P She’s so lucky!

  • rok

    I guess this would have to be one of the down falls to be being a famous person. Hang in there girl!

  • bald outing

    definitely a downfall of being famous, everyone looks at you and sees money signs.

  • julie

    Oh Vanessa you’re amazing, these are little problemas that everyone has. I really really love you.. You’re style is so amazing.
    You’re like my role model :D be strong girl!

  • louise

    shes annoying…the difference between her talent and zacs talent is astronomical. he is properly talented and she just works off her looks (i can admit shes gorgeous) won’t last for long though

  • jen

    aww.. she looks sooo sad :(( GO girl! gud luck !!!!!!!

    btw its soo sweet that your wearing the ring :))))
    i absolutely miss zanessa :(

  • Lauren

    why the hell did that Viera schmuck not deal with this lawsuit straight away like 4 or 5 years ago? Why bring it up now? Oh yeahhhh $$$$$! Hopefully this gets thrown out to.

  • Vanessa hudgens fan

    Johnny Vieira is a jackass.

  • emma

    i hope jhonny is reading this the loser.

  • Marie

    Vanessa will get thought this.

  • maeli

    stay strong baby v love you u lok gorgeous and vanessa is extremely talented she sings and dance great and is a good actress she will last just wait and see haters

  • Lisa

    well, she can always sell some pics and make more money

  • Marie

    Johnny Vieira you jackass.

  • annie

    So when ones goes to an important legal meeting.. one wears.. jeans???????

  • Melissa

    what did she do to be on trial????!?!?

  • ***

    we love u ness :D always with u

  • LuckyL

    Lame. The guy is obviously desperate

  • Laura

    Vanessa is always looking gorgeous and I bet it is either Zac or her parents that she keeps texting on her phone.

  • Malia

    That’s good that all the other things Vieira wanted were thrown out–except the contract dispute. Hope Vanessa’s new attorney is sharp enough to get this thrown out, too. After all, it’s something her previous incompetent lawyer failed to take care of. If he had filed the documents, there would be no case today.

  • suzy

    she looks gorgeous. i’m sure her case will go fine.

  • ashlee

    what does “an important legal meeting” mean? was this a meeting with her attorney?

  • gina

    5 million!! omg!

  • http://justjared alc

    be strong vanessa

  • adcgordon

    Hang in there V! Your fans are behind you 100%.

  • pita

    that guy is desperate of money .i love u vanessa your fans is
    always with you.

  • athena

    Wish the best of luck for a good outcome for both parties….Don’t know what transpired between these two, but who knows…she’s probably eating her words and now they’re coming back to haunt her.
    Maybe this person is just bitter and wants payback.

  • someone!

    Okay, like does she even have 5 milion?!. that would whipe away all her money because she doesnt do much movies! so that can be BAD!

  • someone!

    Okay, like does she even have 5 milion?!. that would whipe away all her money because she doesnt do much movies! so that can be BAD!!!!!!

  • someone!

    Does she even have 5MILION DOLLARS?…man, …she doesnt even do much movies …if she fails and has to pay 5 milions of dollar, she goin to get poor, ..AND TRAGGIC IS GOING TO HAPPEN~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ann

    miss regect from the garbage dump is having problems. If she didn’t try to cheat her agent she wouldn’t be in trouble.
    I hope he gets every penny that he is sueing her for

  • tiff

    um someone
    some of the cases were dismissed and the one that they are dealing with now does not include him getting a lot of money

  • gracemarie


    If the judge threw out all but one of Viera’s claims he’s not going to get anything even remotely near 5 million dollars especially since V was a minor when the contract was struck.

    But we can easily see by your post your hoping for the worst. Be careful the you reap what you sow.

  • lakers fan in boston

    cute outfit, love the tight jeans =]
    she looks unbelievably cute,she can do no wrong imo
    i hate zac sometimes =[

    gl with all ur legal issues vanessa, love u!


    all the bet of luck to Vanessa, i am sure good will be done…..god that guy is a flipping jerk i mean come on i am sure Vanessa was texting Zac for support and was probably wearing her ring as a good luck charm, again good luck Vanessa, Bless! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sara

    That man don’t deserve any money, I hope V win


    ^^^ yea he doesn’t xx

  • Lissy

    She is so cute. I love her style.

  • ak

    Her former agent may be money hungry, but a contract is a contract. If someone cheated you out of money that was agreed upon in a signed legal contract, then you would have the right to sue too. None of us know what was in the contract. Even if the contract was signed when she was a minor, her parents and/or lawyer would have had to be involved. It’s not as if she was some defenseless child signing the contract all on her own without adult supervision. A contract is binding no matter what age. If she broke her contract, then she should pay up.

  • lai

    we’ll be praying for you V.

  • jess!

    Vanessa looks so beautiful!

  • Vanessa Hudgens fan

    Vanessa will get though this. She Has Zac Efron to support her.

  • athena

    Hey # 28, 29, 30, I’m sure she gets residual checks and things from HSM franchise and she does Ecko Red and other things, so, she’s brings in the $$$…and she also has a 5 million dollar home more or less…and she’s decorating it…and she shops like a fiend…well, I think she has the money….

  • perry

    Hope she loses, she’s a talentless idiot. maybe she’ll have to sell her house and all of her designer handbags….poor girl.

  • athena

    #39…I agree with you, as it is a part of the law of contracts to honor what is written in the contract, it’s unfortunate, that this situation calls for being taken to court.

  • ciara

    Aw sweet little miss nobody and her goofy family don’t understand what the word contract means. Hope he gets every bit of money she owes him.

  • go sox

    #44….such class. NOT.

    Viera is a slime, preying on a young teen, and now that she’s making it, he’s ticked and wants a piece. Well, I hope the good judge will do the right thing, and throw him out on his butt. Stand your ground, Vanessa!! It’s gonna be ok!

  • ak

    #47 … He may be a slime. But a contract is a contract. How do you know that she didn’t cheat him out of money that is rightfully his under terms of the contract? You can’t just make assumptions that he’s the bad guy in this situation unless you’ve seen the contract yourself.

  • birdie

    Vanessa your fans our behind you a 100%. Hope everything works
    out for you.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This because she still has a LOSER as boyfriend, folks!!