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Zac Efron: Funny or Die Pool Party!

Zac Efron: Funny or Die Pool Party!

Zac Efron‘s new comedy sketch for FunnyorDie has been released! The vid’s description reads: Zac‘s Uncle Hank and his girlfriend, Randi, crash Zac‘s pool party and they just can not be cool.

The sketch features his on-and-off-screen girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie (and longtime love Joel Madden), Lance Bass, Justin Long, Carmen Electra, Queen Latifah, Brittney Snow, Jessica Stroup, Brody Jenner, Jessica Rose (lonelygirl15), and Zac‘s 17 Again costars Thomas Lennon (Reno 911) and Nicole Sullivan (Rita Rocks).

Be sure to check out pics from the FoD brainstorming session and the actual taping of the sketch!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac’s pool party — FUNNY or DIE?

Zac Efron: Funny or Die Pool Party!
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  • chels

    Even though Efron was the star, he didn’t act like a big shot, adds Shankman. “[Zac] was blown away that we could put it together and he was really, deeply grateful. If you want to know what kind of people Zac and Vanessa [Hudgens] are … I turned around and Vanessa was taking out the garbage and Zac was doing the dishes. They have no entitlement issues, it’s all for one and one for all. Nothing is taken for granted.”

    i love zanessa comment of him… the video was coool and i love the last part of vanessa saying the poop and zac conntaining himself in laugh

  • lslsharon

    vanessa looked hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Susie

    This was lame…should of worked on the material instead of worrying about who was going to be in it.

  • Sophie

    tom and nicole were the only really good, though zac was quite funny…sorry fans, i like nessa too, but in this vid she was horrible!:/
    i luv the part ‘oh u smell like waffles’ lol!XD
    and ppl will say vanessa has lot of projects, sure, but in bandslam and also in sp she has a second role, not the min one…she’s beautiful, she has a great voice, she’s a lil self absorbed but still cute…but acting is not her thing…peace out…
    …oh i forgot…zac…*-* what a hottie!:)

  • wowowow

    or die!

  • Momma Liz

    OMG that is going to be the funniest video these two have ever been in together. I love these two to death,they’re like my own kids,I know them personally and they are the sweetest couple ever,and seeing Joel and Nicci in there is awesome. I can not wait to see it!!! Awesome job guys as always in everything you two do :o) I definitely want to see more movies with you two in it together,your chemistry is out of this world sweeties,as it was in HSM when your love first began. All of the cast did a really great job making this hilarious video. LMAO

    LONG LIVE ZANESSA!!! <3333

  • Carnet

    not that funny

  • Tom


    Was this supposed to be funny???

  • bohe_mia


  • bedi

    yeah, not that funny. i kinda hate that Zac’s name is attached to this. Fail.
    There were some funny parts, but overall, blah. Too many people, dumb jokes. Hope SNL is better.

  • zanessa4-life


    Is there anything else to say?
    I mean,well I expected it to be a little bit more funny but I dont think it’s worth called ‘die’ !
    I loved the video anyway :)
    Especially how Vanessa called Zac ‘babe’ at the end ♥

  • Foxy

    Even with a huge cast, nothing could save this stale attempt at humor.
    Too bad so many actors known for their comedic wit went to waste.

  • mhay

    I Love It Because of Zanessa!!!!

  • lai

    They are the Couple to Beat.
    Love Them More.

  • not funny

    Sorry, but the script was poor. I agree with #3. A bunch of “stars” wanting another 15 minutes of fame by jumping on the “funny or die” bandwagon. Tom and Nicole S. deserve better material – they were the only good ones in the video.

  • Shisha

    Err this wasn’t funny at all. I just liked how Nicole and Joel said the wedding thing lol. And how Vanessa looked at the uncle’s partner when she touched Zac’s But this was a big fat DIE

  • sammie

    was that supposed to be funny? i didn’t laugh once.

  • emma

    It was a disappointment i was expecting something much better. More comedic elements, better acting (Nicole and Joel got on my nerves) Vanessa Hudgens is not born to do comedy acting it just does not suit her. Vanessa is better at romantic roles and it will be interesting to see how she does in Sucker Punch because that is an action film. Zac was the highlight of this, there should have been more of him because in the little bits that he did do he acted great. I really feel that Zac Efron has great career in front of him. I like Vanessa but i think she has had her 5 minutes of fame even though i would love to see her have a great career.

  • http://justjared tanii

    haha, <3 Zanessa

  • http://justjared tanii

    haha, <3 Zanessa

  • georgi

    jaja no lo entendi mucho pero zac es mu¡y lindo!!! zanessa 4ever

  • http://justjared zanesssssssssssssa

    it was funny zac was smokin hotttttttttttt

  • Ida

    That wasn’t funny at all?

  • mac

    I love this video! Thomas and Nicole were hilarious!

  • cammie

    i wasted 4:55 of my life.. efron please give me back my time for watching your horrible video

  • Marie

    Not Funny at all.

  • No bias No bull

    Wow some of you children are ridiculously biased. Sorry to burst your Spongebob bubbles but Zac was NOT the highlight of this at all. If anything, Tom Lennon and Nicole Sullivan stole the show.

  • Paulita88

    It wasn’t really that funny. I probably cracked a few smiles, but nothing major.. I love Justin Long’s cameos though. High-larious.
    I love Zac and all, but he was sort of blah on this one. Vanessa, like usual, was even more blah-er. What is up with that girl’s whiny voice, really?
    Uncle Hank and his girlfriend wasn’t that funny either. They were kind of annoying in a non-humorous way. They were just …..? Yeah.
    I do love the ending though. I really like Zanessa. They make the cutest couple. But Vanessa needs to work on her annoyingness, specifically her voice. Friendly advice: Get a speech teacher to fix that whiny voice of yours.

  • mimi!!

    is funny.. :)
    Vanessa look so Hot..!

  • Angela

    i liked justin the best, but this was not funny at all.

  • Sara


  • awurbii


    Emma i get where you are coming from but i don’t think vanessa has had her 5 minutes of fame. She is famous. People usually underestimate the potential of others but i understand. I don’t hink that high school musical is it for her. If she plays her cards right she can have a great career.

    People have to realise that zac isn’t guaranteed either. You can be famous one day and the next day you’re not. its like that for every celebrity except for a select few. i think zac and vanessa both know that and are trying their best and are working hard.

    Vanessa has a movie coming out and two movies in the works. Hopefully they’ll do well but we never know. She might surprise us!!! :D

  • Mahsa


    Love Zac, Vanessa, Joel, Nicole and some others. But this wasn’t funny AT ALL.

  • Mo

    All the stars were great, only the store line sucked. That uncle and his girlfriend where not that Hilarius.

  • slambang

    He looks so much like Brent Corrigan, who I have a total crush on. LOL

  • Naomi

    I enjoyed it and found some scenes funny. I loved Van’s scenes especially the last one. I really cracked up then. I thought she delivered right on point.

    I loved Thomas Lennon, Nicole Sullivan and Justin Long’s scenes as well. They made the vid enjoyable for me. I also liked Queen Latifah’s one liner.

    I thought Zac was really given the opportunity to be funny here so he didn’t really do much for me.

    All in all, I thought they did okay with what they had to work with. At least they had a blast filming it.

    The great thing about videos like this is that we can all express our opinions and biases on blogs, in the end, the people that matter in hollywood will watch it and decide for themselves who displayed potential or not.

    I guess solid offers/roles actresses and actors get are the real indicators of how the industry views them not biased opinions on blogs which do not influence anything important.

  • awurbii

    oh yeah and by the way, not everybody is going to find this clip funny. we all have different tastes. so if someone finds it funny and you don’t it doesn’t mean their stupid, it just means they have different taste to you.

    A lot of people are watching this clip already experiencing hatred for zac efron and vanessa hudgens. if u don’t like them then don’t waste your time. problem solved.

    oh yeah and paulita88…

    whats she supposed to do, magically change the way she sounds!! she talks like that, get over it!! it annoys the heck out of me when ppl say that. gosh!! Her voice will mature eventually!!

  • Naomi

    I meant Zac *wasn’t given* in my above post.

    Just to add, I think the editing and scripting were more to blame. There was not much funny to work with.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    HALLELUJA, is zac he dying now, folks?
    (maybe america isn’t bankrupt any longer?)

  • :)

    omg so funny.
    love vannesa, zac and jessica :)

  • maeli

    love V in this video she was totally awsome sho do have a wonderfull career ahead of her ,funny funny funny

  • RockerChick08

    I loved it! I thought that it was very funny! I love how the people they used all got face time! I didn’t think it would happen because there were so many wonderful people in it but they did it! I thought that it was so funny and I love both Zac and Vanessa! I thought that they both did wonderful in this! “I’m so proud of you” – Vanessa to Lance. That was cute. And the uncle and girlfriend were too hilarious!! So funny! Britney Snow and Queen!! It was like a Hairspray reuinion with them and Zack! I loved it! Great job guys!!!

    Quote of the week: “I didn’t know they had golf courses in Mexico!!!!” – Becky Buckwild “I Love Money”

  • bonzo

    big fat stoooopid.

  • sjk

    Could you imagine having one of your embarrassing relatives showing up like that? Definitely made you feel just how uncomfortable you’d be! Zac was hilarious and V’s last line……….ahhhh……….so gross, so funny! And Justin ………sick, dude, sick! Yep, thot it was funny!

  • Lisa

    vanessa can’t really act…
    and this vid is not that funny
    love nicole and tom

  • Marine

    DIE, not fun at ALL, i didn’t laugh in any moment but Vanessa is sweet :)

  • Naomi

    And the obssession with Vanessa continues.

    If in doubt, blame Vanessa, even if you didn’t watch it, it’s safer to blame Vanessa.

    In a skit full of supposedly more talented people, everybody clicked play to focus on the ‘no talent’ and determine with two lines whether she can act or not.

    How painfully obvious the obssession.

    I guess in a way it’s a compliment, in the company of so many longer established celebrities, she stood out.

    People can barely remember the names of all the others but they noticed Vanessa, falling over themselves to type her name and think of what to append to it.

  • Malia

    I thought it was funny, but it was obviously the “Hank and Randi” show. Not the Zac Efron show.

    Neither Zac, Vanessa nor anyone else had that much to do.

    Maybe Tom Lennon wrote the script. :)

  • JOSE


  • tatum

    Was this sopost to be funny?

    I did not laugh at all. What a waste. Plus Vanessa PLEASE get some acting skills and fast.