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Jennifer Aniston Shoots Numerous Night Scenes

Jennifer Aniston Shoots Numerous Night Scenes

Jennifer Aniston is on set with Jason Bateman filming night scenes for The Baster on Wednesday night (April 8) in New York City.

According to Australia’s WHO magazine which took a survey of its readers, Jennifer Aniston came in as the 5th most beautiful international female celebrity. Ahead of the 40-year-old actress were Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet, and Angelina Jolie, who topped the list at number one.

When WHO readers dissected favorite body parts, they decided Jennifer Aniston has the best hair while Angelina Jolie has the best eyes, lips, cheeks and breasts.

of Jennifer Aniston as the 5th most beautiful international female celebrity?

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston shooting numerous night scenes…

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jennifer aniston numerous night scenes 02
jennifer aniston numerous night scenes 03
jennifer aniston numerous night scenes 04
jennifer aniston numerous night scenes 05
jennifer aniston numerous night scenes 06
jennifer aniston numerous night scenes 07
jennifer aniston numerous night scenes 08
jennifer aniston numerous night scenes 09
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  • bet


    you still talking about 100 years ago split , while she has the new split. Can i say , you can not get over it. John and jen give you new spit to talk about . John and jen may be to they split to give you new thing to talk about and take out your mind from 100 years ago obessestion.

  • bet


    you still talking about 100 years ago split , while she has the new split. Can i say , you can not get over it. John and jen give you new spit to talk about . John and jen may be to they split to give you new thing to talk about and take out your mind from 100 years ago obessestion.

  • sonia

    Whatever happened to all those people screaming “karma karma” about Marley & Me kicking Ben Button’s azz in the first few weeks of movie release?

    lol..Ben Button is $100 mil ahead…no more excuses now since M&M is open in all countries now.

    Guess we know the extent of Jen’s “international appeal”…that’s why movie bigwigs like Clint Eastwood, Q. Tarantino work with Brad and Ange while Jen’s got to settle with semi-biographies on herself.

  • Maniston the rich loser

    Oh my dear Lord… when is this fake PATHETIC Ho going to give up from being a COPY CAT…. she is so obsessed with Angelina Jolie, this time she had to COPY CAT Angie “GREY FURR”.. what a STUPID BIT*CH !

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  • hate the HO

    ellie read post 132, is that you?

  • ellie’

    Jill @ 04/09/2009 at 9:25 pm ellie’ @ 04/09/2009 at 5:46 pm
    Whats the matter Jill you made me not like Angie anymore so you did this crap to me..

    You have got to be kidding. You’re proven over and over again that you’re a fraud and a liar. So don’t try to play dumbass with me. You posted that hateful comment on the J-P thread, of all places. We all saw it and we all called you on it. You never tried to deny it then so why are you bullshitting now?

    Once again and the last time. I would never speak filth like that about anyone’s children. I never posted a hateful comment & if you believe I did so did you on Jens site we were both being pitted against each other. Changing names Jill remember. I found this crap out from Voe another nasty one of your friends. I also always denied it.

    You and your fans did this you all love to argue fight nothing nice to say always nasty and miserable .It gives you a reason to be here with Jennfer. What the he ll is wrong with you.? You want Jen fans to fight with you all the time, actually its the other way around . You people used my name and I asked Jared to remove it. Jared would not allowed me to be on these sites if I said it.

    One more thing I also wouldn’t be happy if something happened to Angie like it ruined my day if she didn’t drop dead. as you accused me with that also. I think you think like that.. I’m fine with Angie now also.. You can’t even make me dislike her either. My break made me think a lot, i don’t have one cruel bone in my body.

    A few weeks ago I had to leave Jens sites. I actually was not a nice person. I never want to be or act like you, it made me sick.My break made me think a lot, i don’t have one cruel bone in my body. I’m a nice person and never want to be like you, but Jill my dear you can’t push my buttons anymore. Your game is done with me. Got it Jill..
    Hey Jill have a nice evening.. No more I’m done OK..

  • bet

    maniston rich

    how she copy, her? jen date singe man nothing attached to anything, but the other one date a man who is attached to someone. jen has blond hair, the other one black hair an on on on.

  • bet

    maniston rich

    how she copy, her? jen date singe man nothing attached to anything, but the other one date a man who is attached to someone. jen has blond hair, the other one black hair an on on on.

  • to elllie

    Ellie – why so sad and being a bit$ch to Jill.

    Is this behaviour of yours why your ex left you.

    Won’t be suprised….cause you sure exhibit some anti-man behaviour on this site

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    bet @ 04/09/2009 at 10:29 pm maniston rich

    how she copy, her? jen date singe man nothing attached to anything, but the other one date a man who is attached to someone. jen has blond hair, the other one black hair an on on on.
    Hey Bet my friend,
    How are you doing? I never understood the obsession with Jen. Do you? I guess people can hate that much with someone they don’t even know.
    Jen doesn’t copy anyone. I guess there happy she doesn’t have a baby or a man right now in her life. I think its just fine to be on your own , its a woman’s choice and it Jens choice, and that’s fine with me.
    She looks so pretty as usual in her pictures.

  • marmalade

    PAPARAZZO @ 04/09/2009 at 2:15 pm
    beautiful, dignified, classy, noble, talented, strong, independent, funny, spontaneous. . . That’s Jennifer Aniston for you guys.
    *waves back at Jen and keeps taking her picture*
    WOW! :lol: funniest post.. eVeeeeer :lol: ROTFLMAOOOOOOO
    thanks I needed that :smile:

  • ellie’

    to elllie @ 04/09/2009 at 10:41 pm Ellie – why so sad and being a bit$ch to Jill.

    Is this behaviour of yours why your ex left you.

    Won’t be suprised….cause you sure exhibit some anti-man behaviour on this site
    Actually you sound just like Jill . I’m not fighting with you either.
    If your talking about my 1st husband I left him 28 yrs ago . I know I’m not sad.and never was. I have never been happier, unlike you..
    I think I saw Brad on J.J. you all don’t seem to care about Brad do you?Just Angie, but mostly Jen. Have a nice night……..

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    ellie read post 132, is that you?
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  • muagagga

    yes, I’m back by popular request with the pix Brad his stans and Justjared don’t want you to see. Click on the link before it’s deleted.

    pix of the real brad pitt

    Look at the repsonse to Sharon’s brad is perfect post on page 4 . ROLLIN and ROLLLIN with laughter.

  • Martin

    That long chin is always their I would say she look OK but that chin is always sticking out. I believe John Mayer song is about her and that she is a negative person. I believe that’s why the tell all book leaked out to let her know that she and the so-call friend-who are really the pr team will not start leaking lies out about him like the did the first break up. She is still doing that to Brad. Brad needs to write a tell all book about Jen to shut her lying mouth up.

  • Gaby

    Ugly as always what is this big CHIN doing trying to wear a hood with fur, CHINJEN READ THIS YOU DON NOT LOOK LIKE ANGIE AND YOU WILL NEVER BE. Saw her in person very close unfriendly, rude
    gues she was having a bad attack of yeast infection she smelt like fishthis is true. shse hsas also a very big pores in he checks, and her hair looks oily, in person she is even more ugly than in pictures, she is skiny I gave her that but she is not definetly beautiful, charming or
    friendly, chin please get a big burka to cover your ugly big chin and ugly face. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ANGIE.

  • Andrew

    5th beautiful woman?
    Some people are blind and stupid. Being cute doesn’t mean beautiful for heavens sake. The aniston fans sit to vote all day. It’s stupid. She shouldn’t even be on the list.

  • Jen’s fan

    All you haters show nothing but envy to such a successful beautiful person, Jenny. Every negative comment I read in these posts have proven wrong. Jennifer is more popular, more liked than Angelina. Jenny is a great comedy actress and unlike Angelina who plays herself in just about every movie, Jennifer doesn’t need to play a maniac to be successful. So she plays herself you say? How about your beloved one, she even won an oscar playing the messed up person she really is. Great screams she’s got uh? I bet she screams at Brad that way every single day. No wonder he looks of so washed out.

  • passby

    To Aniston’s fans – Jen could never play any other roles except a comedy. Don’t kid yourself about her ability to act. The studios would NOT cast her in a drama, action, etc. because she could only do rom-com – that is folks. As she is getting older – the questions to ask is that how many of these silly rom-com can a person do? She would NEVER be nominated for a Oscar – please be realistic in life.

    I agree with Andrew, Jen is cute but could never be beautiful. Her face says it all – she is always hiding behind her hair. Her fans vote for her and that’s the ONLY reason why she is on the list.

  • asian girl

    she is fugly
    she is fake

  • phie

    i think number 5 is deserving. you know like all people have great days and blooming days and some days are not that well like bad hair days or something. but being on top 5 is good… I love Angelina Jolie never see her in bad days even if she’s in field doing her work or with the kids she’s always beautiful. specially when she’s with brad.. :)

  • Marieme

    Why am I not surprised she’s wearing super-tight (and tacky) pants? They always try to play up her body like this to detract from the face. And she just goes right along with it. The woman lives, and works, to serve only the ego.



  • BOB


  • JEN


  • COCO

    The ugly women become the most beautiful? It’s not acceptable!people are blind and idiot. to vote her the most beautiful women.

  • man


  • dEE

    Emma @ 04/09/2009 at 11:10 am Jen looks fantastic. She exudes happiness and contentment. Pitt and Jolie now look diseased and fake. Jennifer looks like the picture of health and good living.
    Well said. while i have never been able to understand the fuss over BP’s looks, he certainly looked a thousand times better when his affair began. And AJ – what the hell is the fuss over? she is too thin, and she just missed being harsh – if her forehead was any bigger, her nose any smaller, her lips any bigger – i mean, “bobblehead” is a perfect name.
    At any rate, JA has a successful career and appears to be doing what she wants and when she wants. love her or hate her, you have to respect her. all the power to her.

  • dEE

    to Manlesston – post #38.
    If you think that JA is less than AJ because of looks, you are really as shallow as your remarks suggest.

    Re JA should be used to losing to AJ by now, i have to assume that you are alluding to the triangle. JA did nothing wrong. And i think you will agree that the “story” that they waiting to act on their “feelings” until after the split is shady at the very best. So that “win” is nothing to be proud of.

    How come no one ever mentions the work that AJ has had? she for sure has had her nose done. have you taken a good look at her lately? she needs to eat and she needs to rest because she looks like crap. perhaps she should work less, like she told the world many times she would.

  • Le-ann

    She is pathetic. I believe John Mayer, she is a negative person. She must be so ugly inside that it spills to the out side.
    She must be so vindictive that’s it’s pathetic that’s why she can’t move on with her life…..An evil women indeed.

  • joker

    oh. no. number 5 most beautiful woman in hollywood
    what a joke…..

  • asian girl

    oh no number 5 most beautiful women in hollywood
    what a joke

  • dupe

    Funny how she now smiles and waves to the camera since the stories about her being ‘cold’ on set. She is so FAKE!

  • Dav

    I agree that she’s fake to.

  • Samantha

    Ellie1/Ellie/Ellie2/Bet calls everyone and anyone who posts to them “Jill”. She has an obsessive hate with Jill apparently, and sees “Jill” in everything. I’m sure she dreams of Jill at night time. Why she needs to attack Brad and Angelina I don’t know since they did nothing to her and have been classy all the way through unlike Jen – cry-on-cue-to-Vanity-Fair Jen who is the master of media manipulation.

  • rionemesis

    SO PRETTY! simply gorgeous, love her smile


    Brad has been in a committed relationship with Angelina for years. But that big chin, big nose, leatherface, ugly TV actress act like she was in a relationship with Brad and Angelina. That’s why she continues THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE SAGA. To keep herself relevant. This is not a threesome hoe. X please move on. Stop talking about a man that left you years ago. I can’t wait for that b!tch next promo stunt. I know that ancient marriage/divorce will be her bread and butter. Brad Jennifer was the biggest mistake of your life. Shamless ass b!tch with no tack.

  • Mrki

    What’s her problem this week? Nothing to say about Brad or that other dick. Eggs drying up, bad hair day, broke a nail. Left the iron on. Jesus this bird is so pointless.

  • anonymous

    Angelina Jolie was the first beautiful woman Brad has ever dated. How lucky can one man be. After dating nothing but ugly actresses, he finally got it right. Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Juliette Lewis are all ugly. Maybe the trolls would have been happy if Brad had found another ugly actress. So they could say Jennifer looked better. Instead of the most beautiful woman in the world. We all know JA can not compete with Angelina in looks or talent. Not even in the bedroom.

  • mj Roell

    a) Angelina best breasts? Where are they? Jennifer Aniston?? Leave the poor girl alone, you media-frenzy-freaks!! Believe it or not, the girl is HUMAN and deserves a little respect and PRIVACY! (And don’t feed me the party line on how “she’s a celebrity, so she has to put up with it.” She’s a working woman, we pay to see her do her job, and that’s ALL we’re entitled to!!

  • MMA

    Kate Winslet should have won!

  • Yan

    Jennifer is boring and begging for attention from her ex. Although the two woman are fighting for an asshole man, Brad, what is good about him? Dickhead with crap acting skills. Jennifer and Brad are more suitable for each other, since they are all stupid and they really desearve each other. AJ, dump the kids and Brad, find a better man !