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Kim Kardashian Wants A Bite Of Twilight

Kim Kardashian Wants A Bite Of Twilight

A solo Kim Kardashian hops into her waiting car and heads to a few business meetings in New York City on Thursday (April 9).

The 28-year-old reality TV star recently shared her blood-sucking dreams with PopEater.

“I want to be a vampire,” she said. “I would be one that was probably nice – no, I kind of want to be evil. I don’t know what I’d want to be – just a vampire. I would die to be in Twilight, being around all those hot guys.”

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Credit: Brian Prahl; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • chels

    HAHA kim as a vampire? tooo sexy

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Haha suuuure

  • Celia

    She will probably end up being in the next movie…the Twilight movies seem to care more about looks than actual TALENT anyways…but then again, so do the books…they’re Horrible in my opinion.

  • lily

    Every Body Wants a Peace Of Twilight Now =P
    I Dont See Kim As A Vampire Some How :S
    Still Cant Wait For NewMoon x

  • Faith

    i dont think she can act the part at all.

    but she’d fit in the look department…maybe as one of the volturi – or at the end of breaking dawn when everyone gets together for the most stupid ending ever… sorry but it is.

  • LolaSvelt

    God, this girls climbs on to every fad. I’m sure if Twilight wasn’t popular, she wouldn’t be saying this at all. Loser.

  • lys

    i totally agree LolaSvelt. But then again so do a majority of the talentless people in hollywood.

  • Mrsmikenewton

  • sah

    girl its not that warm in new york today!

  • Shannon

    HA RIGHT. she probably only picked it up to be more popular. which she kinda needs, cuz I’ve never heard of her. Also, AS IF! you have to be cool and pretty to be a vampire :P

  • JJ


  • itwasntme

    I liked the stile ! /

  • dontcare..

    LOL! God, what a joke! It would be one thing if she could act, you know like Dakota Fanning can act has actual talent, then that would make up for her “overly sexed-up” looks but she doesn’t. If they cast her just goes to show how they worked more on the sexual side than talent.

  • ohno

    Um…..yeah….sure, She can be in the movie, But I don’t think it calls for a non-speaking armenian stripper.
    Perhaps she can just go see the movie instead…..

  • Charley Kane

    “I would die to be in Twilight”

    Yeah well, to be a vampire you’d have to, duh.

  • LOL


  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    this chick’s a joke – and everyones laughing.

  • ladybug

    wow… wake up america. she is a wh0re/p0rn tramp. this culture needs better idols.

  • Shisha

    I TOTALLY agree with #3, Celia I love you! XD She’s beautiful but has no damn talent. Remind me again what she’s known for??? hmm yeah, a certain X-rated video with Ray J. I love the outfit but then again, I want to see people deserving their fame please…

  • Shisha

    LMAO @ #16, good joke!


    She’s just attention seeking, I get the feeling she has never even read the books/ seen he film.


    She’s just attention seeking, I get the feeling she has never even read the books/ seen the film.

  • Amy Grindhouse

    Oops, meant to write my name properly :P

  • lakers fan in boston

    cute outfit but i dont really like her thighs
    i mean that is the conscience for having that enormous ass
    she does have a pretty face tho =]
    she sounds so stupid when she talks btw

  • ok

    Maybe she can star in a vampire p0rn0, that suits her better

  • Danniel

    she’s gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    #25, you are so right! LOL!!!

  • mju8

    she is such an airhead

  • Sia

    I love and adore TWilight and I’m happy her sisters love them but Kim I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S FOR YOU DARLING !

  • Jules

    OMG she wants to be in the movie to be around “hot guys”??
    how old is this woman? shesh! she is sooo dumb.

  • g

    she wants a bite out of everyone
    even the underage jonas brother..

  • jughed

    I don’t see Kim making a Splash in Twilight, but I wouldn’t mind a bite of her booty, yum! :)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    She really can’t help that HO*RNY look, folks.

  • Bruna

    hahaha I just know she is kidding! cause if she get a role you know a part I will seriously grab a dvd twilight and smash it in the ground
    If the movie sucked already…..why would they want to make it even more worse? Oh and whats next Kim and Rob x-rated video XD

  • blah

    She is so irratating. When will she learn she is not an actress, singer, dancer, etc. She just a media loving whore that craves the spot light. She should stick to what she does best, sucking dick and pinching off rich black men’s money.

  • Farie Rose

    She’s wasting her time wanting to be in Twilight. She can’t act to save her life, thanks. And she only wants to be in it for the hot guys, not because she’s actually into the books. So she can go beg for some other book-movie production to hire her sorry ass.

  • lark

    hahahahahahha!!! i know this is coming… god, she’s so sefl-centered.. yeah she could be Leah’s mom. i believe vanessa is eyeing Leah’s role, they are perfect as mother and daugther, they have one thing in common, they can strip like a flash! lol

  • mina

    oh dear lord, NO!

  • http://none Kattastrophe

    Eww you damn skank. Your only fame is a crappy reality show that no one watched. The attention you get is unjustified and YOU CAN’T ACT.

    Besides that.. you are too old to be in Twilight ya freakin no talent loser.

  • http://none Kattastrophe

    S K A N K

  • Bunny

    cute outfit, too bad she has no talent

  • yuck

    i love jacob black!

  • richard

    Is she still dating reggie in the bush! He’s a pretty cool dude but a draft bust since they will select another running back because he sucks.

  • fj

    she look horrible in these photos.

  • MMA

    What high hopes she has..wanting to be in Twilight hahahaha.

  • LaVerite

    Hahahahaha!…Dream on, Kim. Just because you plugged the idea, doesn’t mean someone will make it happen – the world knows you can’t act, dance or sing! You’re on the D-list, honey, and that’s where you’ll always be!

  • LaVerite

    LMAO! There’s a big difference between sucking D!ck on film and sucking blood! Stick to what you think you know, you’re not even good at that!

  • LaVerite

    Contact Vivid Entertainment, honey, you know, the company that released your home made sex tape?!!! I’m sure they’d be more than happy to create a vampire porn script just for you to star in! LOL!

  • bbydoll805

    vampires are lame n so is TWILIGHT! :p