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Lindsay Lohan Has A Soothing Sister

Lindsay Lohan Has A Soothing Sister

Lindsay Lohan hangs out with her sister Ali Lohan as they both go to the Byron and Tracy salon on Wednesday (April 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“It’s absolute hell,” the 22-year-old actress told Us Weekly on Monday. Lohan said she’s “so alone” without Ronson. “Everyone’s turned on me,” says the actress. She tells the magazine that the night of the Chateau showdown, Nicole Richie walked by her and said “Uck,” and Drea De Matteo said, “Come at me, b—h.”

Samantha did tell E! cameras that she is not seeking a restraining order against her ex, saying there is, “No truth to that.”

“I’m just really hurt!” Lindsay said. “The whole situation is sick.”

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  • victoria

    lindsay used to be good actress….i feel sorry for her…

  • savannah

    @ Victoria: What do you mean used to be? You don’t just lose your talent. She’s just wasting it. She has oppurtunites that not a lot of people have. She’s so stupid. But clearly she has her problems, I hope she gets it together soon.

  • mju8

    while im certainly no lindsay fan, i must say for someone who’s about to be a mother of 2, nicole ritchie sure acts immature. ‘uck’? who says that seriously

  • gerard Vandenberg

    anyway: THE LO*SER TAKES IT ALL, folks.
    (….and I’m loving it)

  • UCK!!

    #1 she never had talent in the first place!! People thought she did because she was a child actor. Hell she wasn’t even cute as a child, she was ugly then and ugly now…
    Although the tabloid treatment of her is kinda disgusting though, I still hate her though, nothing will change that.
    She blames all her problems on other people instead accepting responsibility. You see stores about her becoming bankrupt and that shit but it’s all her own fault, she doesn’t have to waste her money on designer and luxury goods. She’s dug herself a big whole for someone who’s only 22.
    She keeps going the way she’s going the hole will be too deep to climb back up from.

  • jj


  • UCK!!

    woops i meant to say *stories

  • Shisha

    Ha, I totally agree with you #3, what future mother of two says “uck” (and besides, she’s been really down low aswell). LOL @ Savannah, you’re so right. She has opportunities, she has money, fame, and I’m sure the talented and great actress she was then is still here but she doesn’t let her come out. I really feel sorry for her too. She could be at the top but she prefers to screw up her talent. Pfft. Get your life back on track Lindsay.

  • mileys#1fan,,

    im nt even a fan but nicole richie saying uck wata b TH

    ali look so like lindsay

  • Shisha

    #5 she did have talent. And she was a cute redhead.

  • m.t

    i feel sooo sorry for lindsay…..
    but sam was not good for her she is bitch and she use her sooo
    and lindsay back toooo red wooooooooooooooooow wooooooooow
    i love it she loook sooo hot and she will come back and she have a talent gooo lindsay we love the new LOOK we will just wait u to COME BACK love u soooo much

  • Abby

    First – I don’t believe Nicole would even give her the time of day

    Second – if Lindsay is “so broke” what is she doing at one of the finest salons in Beverly Hills?

    Third – why does Ali look so old????????

  • UCK!!

    #12 No i meant that if she was broke, then it would be all her fault. But like always she’ll blame everyone else.

  • sandy

    This woman has too much time on her hands with nothing to do but shop and party.

  • Anna

    Wow, Lindsay is so gorgeous as a redhead. So cool.
    Ans Ali looks like she’s in her 30s, ewww

  • m.t

    Nicole richie is a bitch why she do this too lindsay OMG that sooo bitchy

  • m.t

    Drea Who?????

  • Abby

    #13 – I totally agree

  • cc

    Did Lindsay say that Nicole Ritchie said “UCK” and Drea said “Come at me bitch” or were there eye witnesses OTHER than Lindsay who said that? Because if Lindsay said it but no one saw it go down, could just be her way of gaining sympathy when it didn’t really happen.

    Once again, another druggie trying to manipulate people’s sympathy.

    It’s getting tiresome, really.

  • ahu

    her sister looks older :O

  • deco

    Would it really hurt Linsay to remain single for a couple of months? I think that it would do her good. She’ll find out who really likes her, and who doesn’t.

  • cj

    Few comments about this post:
    1) Lindsay, you need to stfu and stop talking to the press.
    2) Ali looks like she’s 30. She needs help too.
    3) IF, and if Nicole really did say “uck” to her then someone needs to slap this former heroin addict.
    4) IF, and if Drea did say what she supposedly said then she should stfu too because she’s too damn old to try to get involved in this teen drama.
    And let me throw in that Lindsay’s grandma should stfu too cause I heard she’s flapping her gums about the breakup too. The Lohans should just take a nice long vacation and stay away from tabloid mags.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    DI*LDO’s DO NOT FIRE, folks!!

  • retrobanana

    i really hate to say this but: she looks hottttt in these pics. and that is probably the first time i have said it in like 3 years. thank god her hair is red and it doesnt look dingy and disgusting. she looked like she took a bath too.

    maybe splitting with ronson was a good thing.

    still think shes a train wreck though.

  • m

    I really doupt that Nicole Richie said that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It´s only Lindsay who claim that…that´s typical addict-behaviour!

    Lindsay makes up stuff about people in order to make herself look better, like “the little, innocent, poor victim” !!!!

    But she is def not innocent and not a victim…she is an adult and should act like that!

    She should start to take responsibility for HER actions, HER behaviour and HER faults!!!!!!!!!

  • chels

    i dont think nicole said her “uck”.. she’s so cool now

    and yes ali looks so old and like a wannabe her sister.. btw i like her red hair=)

  • itwasntme

    She’s so lovely!
    (heart) Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindsay <3

  • Carrie

    Unfortunately, a terribly sick young woman who needs to leave Hollywood for a year and get the authentic psychotherapy and addiction counseling that went by the wayside when she hooked-up with SR and decided she was a lesbian (guess she must be, eh?).

  • LuckyL

    She’s look fantastic, but Dina should have taken her away from this bs like Demi took her kids.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, and sorry, love Nicole, but that totally sounds like her

  • pink roses

    #3..Lindsay, is a known liar. Nicole and Drea probably did not say those things.

  • Complaint_depot

    Okay i just lost respect for Nicole
    N needs to get off of that immature chair

  • a realist

    Nicole didn’t say that. Nicole couldn’t care less about Lindsay.

    Drea did not say that either.

    This girl Lindsay is a loser, and always lies and does not take responsibility for her own faults.

  • jane

    You guys must know that Lindsay lies to get sympathy. Her whole family is trash. They never take responsibility for anything.

  • jen

    Sam’s family did a good thing, getting rid of Lindsay, Lindsay is bad news.

  • lalalove

    @ 12 Who the hell is Nicole Richy anyway!!!!? Give us a break!
    Why is she relevant? What has she done? At least I can visit Blockbuster and find a couple of movies that Lindsay has been in.
    Who the f*ck is she? Fighting to be relevant with a washed-up clothing line. She’s famous for ABSOLUTELY nothing. I don’t even know why Lindsay would even mention that. Why is Lindsay giving her the time of day is the question you should be asking yourself? Nicole is a nobody fighting to be somebody! So give Lindsay a break, she clearly needs help.

  • denise

    What trash the Lohans are. RUN SAM RUN!

  • ddjjj333

    I think now is the time that Lindsay should go back to school…. she can’t shop and party anymore, she’s obviously not going to get anymore work because NOBODY takes her seriously, but if she went back to school (maybe NYU like the Olsen’s did?) and cleaned up her act, she could come back so much better.

    GO BACK TO SCHOOL LINDZ! Do something MEANINGFUL with your life, stop wasting it!!!

  • twpumpkin

    I wish people would leave this kid alone. Samantha was a loser! Lindsey needs to get some help and stay away from these kind of people. Move on girl. Get back to working on your career.

  • twpumpkin

    Nicole Ritchie is a big loser! She was such a bitch on that stupid show with Paris. She should shut her fat mouth. She has acted alot worse then Lindsey ever did. Nicole has never done anything but try to be famous.

  • me me me

    old hohan is getting even more boring. notice how she always mentiones celebrities in her interviews just to get media attention. i bet none of those people spoke to her. she’s just trying to use their name and fame. pathetic and sickening.

  • m.t

    nicole said that cuz ahe is bitch and i think you all should leave lindsay alone i love u soooo much and i hope she will be OK and sam is a loser bitch

  • lys

    yuck. her sister looks nasty. orange with the white WHITE teeth. yikes. what an icky family. if i was nicole i would’ve said the same thing.

  • lakers fan in boston

    hate the hair extensions
    this bitch needs 2 go crazy, all these posts r starting to lose their feel
    her sister looks like she’s in her late 20s or something
    cant believe that bitch is ONLY A YEAR YOUNGER THAN ME!
    altho she is kinda cute =]

  • m.t

    ali look cute evan lindsay look hot

  • Faith

    she is very pretty, but needs to eat!

    and she shouldnt talk to the camera. i cant stand nicole ritchie or any of those hollywood bimbos either, but lindsay def needs to get her act together, stop talking to paparrazi, quit drugs and drinking, get a life without samantha ronson in it, and start focusing more on her career.
    She should try to get out of hollywood for awhile and go to a nice quiet place to center herself.

  • anonymoose

    Isn’t Ali just 15???? like Dakota Fanning.
    LOL if you look at recent pictures of dakota with her little sister Dakota looks like she’s turning 11 too. No bashing. I love dakota :)
    Ali, however , looks like she’s 30

  • blove

    “I’m just really hurt!” Lindsay said. “The whole situation is sick.”

    yea sick like your legs in those leggings, eat something girl, tomorrow is a new day and who the fuck cares what other people are saying

  • What??

    People who believe that this actually went down, are people who believe everything they are told. C’mon people, get real. Why would lindsay be talking to the press about her break-up, when clearly US Magazine makes up all this bull to earn mo’ money from gullible people like yourselves (all who believe this story to be true and treat it as if it is true. )

  • Ransom

    Totally agree with you # 14 sandy !