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Octo-Mom: I Don't Want To Be Famous

Octo-Mom: I Don't Want To Be Famous

Nadya Suleman gave her first extensive print interview to Life & Style on April 4 at her home in La Habra, Calif. Here’s what Octo-mom had to say:

On George Clooney, whom she’s adored since his days on ER: “I actually used to want to become a doctor, and it was because of him. I’ve always thought he’s absolutely beautiful.”

On the rumors she’d star in pornography: “For $100 million I wouldn’t do it. It’s an insult to my values.”

On having plastic surgery: “[My lips are real.] I had a breast reduction, not an enlargement. I went from a D-cup down to a C before I ever had children.”

On being a stripper: “I’ve never worked as a stripper in my life. Absolutely not.”

On doing a reality TV show: “Absolutely not! I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.”

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  • jimmy

    who cares

  • sigh


  • emma

    wait one second “I don’t want to be famous”. Oh but i’ll just do an interview for life and style magazine with my 8 new babies on the front that i can not afford to take care off but thats all right because i have 6 other kids and the oldest is 7 heck i am even thinking of having more.

  • ann

    Fame whore who’s exploiting her children. And she’s obviously had a nose job (and lip injections). There’s nothing wrong with having plastic surgery or wanting to be famous, but why LIE about it??? That’s part of what makes this stupid welfare mom disgusting.

  • mickey

    She proclaims on the cover of a magazine. She doth protest too much.

  • HA!

    She should perhaps try to find and destroy all pictures of herself prior to her AJ ridiculously large lips phase then. The “pre” pictures are a dead giveaway that she’s a liar. That doesn’t happen naturally so someone who used to have a normal mouth. AJ is lucky hers happen to fit her face, they look ridic on Octomom.

  • Cheyenne

    She doesn’t want to be famous and yet she’s being interviewed for a magazine that tons of people are going to read?

  • denise

    #7 Look at childhood pics of Angie. You will see the same lips. Looks at Shiloh, she has the same lips, so does Angie’s and Brad twins.

    On the other hand look at Nadya prior pics of Nadya, her lips were thin. She is a liar. Her lips have been plumped.

    Also Nadya is lying about the stripping. She admitted in another interview that she started stripping when she was 18.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………….me either.
    but I must say: IT HELPS INDEED!!

  • LolaSvelt

    If she doesn’t want to be famous, why is she doing magazine deals?

  • umm

    she is such a fame wh0re!
    god bless those little babies!

  • lmao

    Cristaline the self proclaimed Aniston obsessed fan can’t stop talking about her true idol Jolie!

    go back to their threads and wine your sentiments there!

  • Jeff

    Oh please, her nose and lips had so much work done. There are pics online of how she looked when she was younger and it looks nothing like her. No one has natural lips and a nose like that.

  • sgsearyb ae

    I don’t believe that last statement for a second!

  • kim

    Having something injected in your lips is not surgery

  • Hmmm

    For someone not wanting in the public eye, sure is doing a good job!! Why the interview if she did not want in the public eye? I believe this is just the beginning of her (trying) to be famous, how else is she going to pay for those babies??? (taxpayers)??? unless she has $$$$ coming out her a$$$.

  • Cristaline

    I identify with Jen. I keep getting dumped. I obsess about my last love. I have a dog, he’s my best friend. I am really homely. I can’t get a date and do not have friends so I just sit on the computer all day because I can’t afford to go to Mexico and lay in the sun like Jen.

  • loren

    maybe she did this interview to seperate the reality from the rumors..! u should give her a chance
    she proclaimed that she doesn’t want to be famous.. maybe she means it and she really took the chAnce to tell the people to really stop makin her famous
    u should really try to see the other sdide of this story ,.. my first language is not English that’s why i couldn’t express my opinion sorry guys but i’m just sayin’

  • coco

    Let’s pretend one second she is telling the truth. So who paid for her breast reduction? How can someone on welfare pay for plastic surgery of even want to spend money on plastic surgery? And if she doesn’t want to be famous, why is she giving daily interviews on radar and why is she on the cover of magazines. She also said that she didn’t want the “free” nurses cause they weren’t really free, the public paid for them. So according to her, who pays for her welfare checks that she gladly accepts every month?

  • loren

    i mean if she disagreed on doing this interview u would start sayin “dam* her” ” who need her?” and when she does you say “why did she” I mean com’n give her a break



  • Tdani

    This woman is soooo full of it!

  • Tdani

    The interview is BIG like her head. She needs to have bangs.

  • Serena

    I don’t get why the media has to give her so much publicity, its not something to be proud of……….Well I guess thats the reason @_@!

  • notbusy

    These interviews are paying her bills. She has to make money in some way. As long as the money is going to help her support her family, I don’t see anything wrong. Jon and Kate have 8 kids and their tv show is paying they’re bills.

  • kathy

    yeah, right.

  • athena

    See what kind of society we’re becoming…the media feeds on things like this…Octomom, Pregnant Man…and it’s all a bit much. I hope she’ll be able to maintain a real normalicy and safety in her life and for the sake of her childrens’ healthy growth and development as well.

  • loren

    Only God knows what she really thinks.. but if u pay too much attention I’m sure she’ll take advantage of it,.. seriously who doesn’t want the lights to set on him?! just don’t pay attention and she’ll just disappear from our sights

  • Lauren

    If she wants to be out of the public eye as soon as she can, then why does she do all these interviews?

  • meine meinung

    I hope Angelina becomes the kids

  • HA!

    #9 re-read my post. Nowhere did I say that AJ’s lips weren’t real. Chill.

  • notbusy

    She does the interviews to make a living! Just like all other reality tv people. She has no other way to support all those kids. Would you turn down the money?

  • emma

    PALVASHA @ 04/09/2009 at 2:08 pm

    no she did not Jonah the 8th baby has a cleft lip and is still in the hospital.

  • emma

    notbusy @ 04/09/2009 at 2:56 pm

    no i would not turn the money down but i would not do an interview and then in the interview say i do not want to be famous. Would you say that?

  • bejeebus

    this bish is CRAZY…..i’d call her a liar but i think she actually believes all the contradictory things she’s saying at any particular moment. those poor poor children. what is this world coming to?

  • Jaye

    For someone who doesn’t want to be famous, she keeps yakking, yakking and yakking in interviews, on her blog, to ANYONE who will listen.

  • Carrie

    It’s not about selling her story but the lack of responsibility in having 14 fatherless children in the first place and the fact this narcissist has already established a pattern of spending monies to cover her own back rather than that of her children. Who’s really going to be raising these children until the age of 18 years? Unfortunately, unless legal action is taken, the taxpayers of California have and will continue to foot this pathetic woman’s bills on behalf of children who are overcrowding society. Nothing will be done about this woman until a massive number of Californians formally protest to the proper authorities…no more taxpayer funds! She’s a literate nut….

  • mary Scott

    her 15 minutes has been up ……


    #36 it was a joke duh

  • To Cristaline

    I love your posts! They are funny and make a lot of sense. I hope you stick around here and keep posting.

  • notbusy

    #37, she is embarrassed. She probably doesn’t want to do the interview, but she has to. Sounds to me like she wants to make as much money as she can and then go away as soon as she can. If the media left her alone, she would go away.

  • LuckyL

    Bit** doesn’t even look real


    Please make the scary lady go away!

  • cutie pie

    lip surgery , lip plumping what the hell ever.. this overweight broad has had something done to her lips! The only white woman i know who i think lips are real are Angelina, i saw her younger pictures and her kids have them, other than that those are black women lips and this woman is a liar! now you folks have your welfare queen, dont forget to mention her when you talk that smack about black people on welfare (like whites arent on it). freakin idiots!!!

  • Anita

    the LIPS are INJECTIONS of SOMETHING. Maybe her own fat but they are NOT her natural lips. There are photos of her from before she had them altered. She’s such a liar and the proof is in the old photos.

  • anonymous

    4 flat out lies about her “values”, plastic surgery, being a stripper, and doing a reality show. She has no values, she had multiple work done on her, she even admitted to being a stripper, and she rejected infant care because they wouldn’t do a reality show. Nadya is a pathological liar who can’t keep her stories straight. And it seems like she doesn’t care if they don’t.

  • lindsay


  • sushshaf

    since two contradictory stories came out from magazines owned by the same company i do not know what to think. either she is doing a reality show which is confirmed by aiw saying they would not allow her to do it with the babies. or she is not wanting to be famous (and hiring aiw). or perhaps firing aiw confirms she is doing the reality show. you can over analyse everything and i believe the media is guilty of this since she isn’t really giving too much away.
    i would certainly hate to be in her shoes. if she wasn’t disturbed prior to the birth, the harrassment and condemnation about everything she says and does would surely upset her. she would have to be extremely mentally strong to stand the barage of attacks from media and public.
    i say give her a break. maybe if some of you live locally you could consider doing a load of washing and folding for her( or if you are feeling really generous some ironing), take over a ready prepared meal for the family. she is a human being after all. those kids need to see normal behaviour to emulate it and not the behaviour of the media breaking down the garage door. maybe some of you have time to give one on one attention with the older kids with reading.
    i read one blog where someone commented she had man hands. sure enough the photo showed she does have large hands and then all of a sudden the acrylic nails made sense. she is sensitive to criticism. she knew she was going on national tv and that she would be judged and wanted to give a good impression, little realising she actually gave a bad impression.
    maybe she has had her lips plumped. so what. how much does that cost? she had some inheritance money that is hers to spend.
    she qualified for help with her kids since they have some disability. this is not means tested. one of the twins has slight speech delay. this is not uncommon with twins. my twin son is much slower at language than my twin daughter and they both started speaking 1 year later than their singleton sibling. good on nadya that she is on the job and aware of developmental problems with her kids. she is showing she is a capable mother already. her kids are not in trouble. there has been no criticism of the older kids by anyone.
    they are clean and well fed. their clothes are in good repair. i know that her parents are also involved with the kids welfare and would be part of the reason. since everyone is paying so much attention to everything then do you remember that both her parents said she was a good mother, even grandma angela who criticised her no end. that must count for something.
    i do not think it would benefit the kids to be taken away and put into foster homes. you know that nadya will never sign away rights for them to be adopted. the worst case scenario would be a fight by nadya to get her kids back and they would to and fro until they are 18. that would do them no good. grandpa would do everything in his power to keep his grandkids with him so it isn’t just nadya you are fighting. you do not know what resources he has to draw upon. this story is world news and since he is iraqi born and apparently ex iraqi military do you think that if people get insensed enough that it could create international problems. people around the world already do not like that america has a heavy handed attitude to a lot of things. taking someones kids away is the worst thing you could do to a family in a lot of cultures.

  • hate the HO

    Would this ho GO AWAY!!!!!!! She is scary looking, a freak!!!
    I f she has a reality show which I’m sure the ho does I hope everyone boycotts it, I will. She is a waste and needs to go away!!!!!!!!!

  • newport beach, 92660

    uuuh , this has nothing to do with octo – mom ( because honestly i don’t give a shitt whether she becomes famous or not )

    but uhhh : ROBERT PATTINSON and NIKKI REED ? !

    > since when were they together ? !

    audrey :| ♥