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Orlando Bloom: North Carolina, Here I Come!

Orlando Bloom: North Carolina, Here I Come!

A solo Orlando Bloom is seen out and about in New York City on Thursday afternoon (April 9). Not coincidentally, his girlfriend Miranda Kerr is in town promoting the new Victoria’s Secret push-up bra.

Orly, 32, should soon be heading down to Durham, North Carolina to film his new movie, Main Street. Jaunted has all the dates and locations of the filming. Happy stalking!

Other cast members in Main Street include Andrew McCarthy, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson and Colin Firth.

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Credit: Mejia/Asadorian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • dundies

    woah he looks like jhonny depp in the 2nd picture, and rupert friend in the first lol

  • Dave

    He’s already filming Main Street aint he? He’s been spotted there enough!

  • ummmmm

    uh-oh. Somebody found out about the canoodling with a curvy mystery blond at the Marriott hotel in NC and yanked on the leash. Orli really is in the dog house. woof.

  • dabu

    Whoa on that mustache. Makes Pitt’s look wonderful!

  • what

    What’s with the Bob’s Big Boy hairstyle?

  • nikki

    ewww i thought he used to be good loooking but noo, robert pattinson is hotter

  • @ ummmmm

    Then why isn’t she there with him? These photos were taken today, not the other day when she was doing her promoting?

    Also to Dave # 2 – He doesn’t start filming until Monday.

    He supposedly has been spotted there. I found it very strange that those pics of him posing with fans in North Carolina came out very close after those pics at Hugo’s in Los Angeles. With no airport pics in between.

  • @5

    He is playing a cop, so I guess a nerdy hairstyle and a pornstash are the requirements.
    Still looks hot, though.
    Rockin body!
    Give it up, will you? You can repeat a rumor all you want, but it doesn’t mean that anyone cares.
    Are you saying that he teleported to Durham?
    I would imagine that a plane was involved, whether there are photos or not.

  • Come on, Catch up

    Jared, you seriously need to check out Twitter more. Orlando has already been seen out and about in Durham with Colin Firth and Patricia Clarkson and at Whole Foods. He’s also been seen holding hands with a petite blonde on two separate occasions in the past two days.

  • anne

    What is up with that scarf? Is it a disrag? It’s ridiculously short.

  • Looks Like He Broke Free

    Check out the scarf around his neck.

    Looks like he broke free from the noose she had tried to tie around him.

    Thank Goodness!

  • ummmmm

    @8 oh honey, somebody cares about those sightings. very much. that’s why he’s in nyc.

  • Ha

    The petite blonde rumour is now more BS than ever.

  • dundies

    Are you saying that he teleported to Durham?
    I would imagine that a plane was involved, whether there are photos or not.


  • dundies

    What is up with that scarf? Is it a disrag? It’s ridiculously short.


    OMG im pissing myself laughing hahahaha a dishrag

  • dundies

    Check out the scarf around his neck.

    Looks like he broke free from the noose she had tried to tie around him.

    Thank Goodness!


    lol omg i love funny ppl

  • riri and cris

    Aha aha take 3 action…

    Funny that after all these relationship publicities and pda can’t help this model to get real fashion or cosmetic contracts or attract fans/customers to go to her store appearances like those top models.

    So much for being like the next gisele. So who will be the next gisele? aha aha

  • @17

    She is an Angel for VS. If you become an Angel, you don’t need any other contracts to be successful. And her store appearance was well attended. She didn’t need to be partnered up with Adriana to draw a crowd.
    The film is probably breaking over the Easter holiday. Why shouldn’t he spend that time with his girl? That is why he is in NY. It makes perfect sense to anyone with a working brain.

  • 18

    “Why shouldn’t he spend that time with his girl? That is why he is in NY.”

    I guess there really is a first time for everything. This must be one of those Infamous sightings of them being together without actually being seen together, yes?

  • 18

    The “first time” I’m referring to, is the fact that we actually know about this one, correct?

  • 18

    “The film is probably breaking over the Easter holiday.”


    It started filming this week. Orlando is not suppose to start filming until Monday.

  • palvasha


  • @21

    What does his shooting schedule have to do with the film breaking over Easter? He couldhave read throughs, costume fittings, rehearsals, etc. “Shooting schedule” doesn’t mean that he isn’t working.

  • @19

    Oh, I see. You are one of THOSE idiots….
    The Delphi rulz…
    * even if they are in the same city that doesn’t mean that they are ‘together’
    * if they aren’t photographed together, they aren’t ‘together’
    * if they ARE photographed together, that doesn’t mean that they are ‘together’
    * any photos of them together are a set-up because they aren’t ‘together’
    So predictable.
    So pathetic.

  • @ 24

    Defensive much?

    nope not delphi – Wrong Again!

    @ 23 – He probably already had his costume fitting and rehearsal etc…. News Flash …. His role is not that big ….. which is probably the way he likes it …. where he can still act without being distracted by the crazed fans ….. otherwise why is he up in New York instead of in Durham? …. concerning Easter Break….this is a “job” not school vacation…..the only way they are allowed to take a break is usually due to weather conditions if the shooting is outside, which for this first week it wasn’t, family emergency, or if the Producer says it’s okay…..they have been filming for almost a week already. The schedule has been posted all over the internet …. go check here for the latest updates….

  • Countess von zinzendorf

    He looks like he wrapped a wash rag around his neck.

  • twitter

    how do you get updates on Orlando at Twitter?

  • @25

    I love it when people disagree with a hater they are labeled “defensive”. As if you have to have a personal stake in something to have a differing opinion.
    That’s just a lame excuse for misdirection. You didn’t have an answer, so you came back with that comment. Which, just so happens, is also in the Delphi rule book.
    And businesses take holidays all the time. Are you old enough to have a job? If you are, then you would know that business take off on holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, etc. As a matter of fact, I’m off for a three day weekend because of Easter. We are closed for Good Friday. I imagine that producers would let people off for the holidays. Especially if their contract called for time and a half for holiday or over time work.
    And :
    “why is he up in New York instead of in Durham? ”
    Gee, I don’t know. I may be going out on a limb here, but maybe because his GIRLFRIEND is in NY, and not Durham.

  • Gunnedah Hobag ♥

    Yoo bettuh git back heer, Orelandoh.

    Or else ime gonna sic migh bruthah on yoo aginn.

  • @29

    Yeah, and his girlfriend is about to make him do another pap fest because of his PETITE BLOND in Durham. So I guess woman the from Durham who twittered about his side dish is a delphidiot too, huh?

  • @30….

    Where are the photos of the “petite blond”……..the celebrity websites discussing the mystery woman with Orlando…….the Aussie newspapers articles????……..NOTHING, because just like the “leaves hotel with groupies”… comes from an anonymous source on a blog or twitter….all BS…….just another desperate Delphi conspiracy theory…!!!

  • @31

    Speaking of Aussie newspapers articles…

    I guess the same insiders who came here to post about her sooper sekrit wedding plans are the same ones who ran their mouths to the tabs! Bwahahaha!

  • tilly

    What happened to Orlando? He used to be so hot.

  • @32

    Yeah, those tabs that got EVERY detail wrong! Yeah! Let’s believe them now that they are saying what we want them to say! YAY!! Then we can call them liars when they say things that we don’t want them to say! YAY! We can pick and choose because we are hypocrites! YAY!!

  • @31

    Gotta love the haters….
    When Orlando and Miranda are spotted ‘canoodling’ in a club or restaurant, they say “pics or it didn’t happen”. But if some anon posts that they saw him *gasp* holding hands with a woman (not Miranda) IT’S THE TRUTH!!! WE DON”T NEED PROOF!! WE DON”T NEED NO STEENKING PICTURES!!! WE BELIEVE BECAUSE WE WANT TO BELIEVE!!!!
    Then the same people see Orlando in NY, at the same time Miranda is in NY, but “that doesn’t prove that they are together”…”where are the pictures?”…”but if there are pictures it is a setup”…
    Nothing ever changes in the Bloom fandom.

  • Catching up…..

    Maybe he has gone to NY to quietly catch up with Sienna Miller again since she is there too.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There were never more SUICIDE-ATTEMPTS recorded until now, folks!!

  • @36

    Of course, he’s there to see Sienna Miller! Lack of pictures of him and Sienna together for the last four years and the word of a gossip tab is undeniable proof of their seekrit romance. Knowing for a fact that Orlando and Miranda have been dating for more than a year, admitted publicly by him is nothing in comparison to that.

    Won’t you make any effort to hide your agenda? Not even a little, tiny one?

  • @32….

    NW is the trashiest magazine in Australia even worse than Star magazine, they make up BS stories every week…….if there was even a hint of truth of Orlando cheating on Miranda, the Aussie newspapers would have been all over it…….instead nothing, try again……lol.

  • Catching up…..

    @38 “Won’t you make any effort to hide your agenda? Not even a little, tiny one?”

    I don’t have an agenda mate but your agenda would be?

    Why so serious? It’s only gossip.

  • norda

    Can someone post a video link of miranda’s recent VS store appearance in NY…

  • @41

    Are you referring to her morning appearance at VS store or when she signed autographs in the afternoon?

    It should be up by now cause usually videos of instore appearances are out on the actual day or a day after the said event. But if it still isn’t out after several days, chances are there won’t be any.

    So far for this year, the “what is sexy” and the “perfect one” generated the most press coverings and attendances.

  • Ok

    this is not a topic about Miranda, but here is the link of a video with Miranda that Celebrates Launch of the New Dream Angels Push Up Bra:

  • @42

    There is video from her appearance on a morning talk show on YouTube. Extra also had a bit of video from the press session. I have seen pics, but so far no video of the autograph signing.

  • 44 here

    Well, it WAS on youtube…
    the video is on this site, just scroll down.

  • ar-my-wa

    who cares about Orlando? where’s Colin Firth????

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Love him I am impressed with his ability to change looks according to each character he plays can’t wait to see him on the big screen again .

  • @46

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, but you may find Colin Firth on a Colin Firth thread. Maybe? I’m not too sure how these things work.

  • Lin

    Those shades are hideous. What happened to his career? It went down the toilet so fast!

  • fan

    Orlando is a famous hollywood actor and the public is interested to know the latest about his life. Don’t get me wrong, but why is hollywood not giving so much attention about his present love relationship? The major entertainment programs in hollywood don’t pay much attention to orlando and miranda as a couple.