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Christian Bale is Jogging Black

Christian Bale is Jogging Black

Christian Bale jogs through his neighborhood in all black in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 9).

The 35-year-old actor will appear in the much anticipated Terminator Salvation arriving in theaters May 21.

Speaking about Christian, Batman costar Michael Caine was “stunned” by the Terminator actor’s on-set tirade saying it was out of character for him. Yet, Michael Caine, who plays Batman’s faithful butler, claims he’s no different.

“I’m more like that than he is,” talking about Bale. “You’re liable to get a volley off of me if you walk around during my takes.”

As for the next villain for the next Batman, Caine reveals that it “would probably be The Riddler.”

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Credit: Andy Johnstone; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Chili Pepper

    Typical damage control and not unexpected. They have a future movie to sell, after all.

  • Laura

    I wish I had someone to go running with – I wonder if Christian would like some company?!

  • cutie

    He looks great! :-)

  • Nativenyker

    Even out on the hunt for endorphines he is belligerant.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • meh

    Yummy yum yum yum

  • LolaSvelt

    I’ve never found him attractive, except for possibly American Psycho. Good actor, nothing groundbreaking.

  • Emily

    He’s a freakin’ hottie. That’s all I got to say.

  • Yes!


  • gerard Vandenberg

    he isn’t planning to “SWEATH”.
    for americans this is “NOT DONE”, folks!!

  • slambang

    “I’ll ***ing kick your ****ing @ss!” LOL

  • plum

    i could be able to do jogging if he’s my partner! LOL

  • jenn

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see Terminator Salvation!!!

  • Layne

    The man’s looking better all the time!

  • Fabia


  • karma

    Nothing hot about a man that can’t keep his cool. Douche.

  • Emily

    #15- Thanks for your insight on the matter. I’m sure you’ve never screwed up. How does it feel to be a perfect person? Do tell us.

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    I admire this guys routine. He seems to be good at both weight loss and putting on the pounds accordingly to each role. He’s probably training for the new Batman. Good luck to him. Like this site for featuring him sometimes but we need MORE!

  • Naima

    Yummy, he’s brilliant and hot !!

  • twitter

    does he shave his legs??

  • richard

    Yes, a new batman installment confirmed by Caine!!! I also can’t wait for the new Terminator, its going to rock your socks off.

  • Jules


  • toni

    I am so excited for Public Enemies and Terminator. I love that he seems so committed to his family and to his work. The “rant” was so long ago who cares? Just shows that he has a lot of passion.

  • caine

    #22, you’re just brilliant, you know? Screaming obscenities for 4 minutes is okay because he has passion? Guess what, abusers of all kinds have passion. It’s not exactly in his favor.

  • Media Matrix Madness

    Bale looks like my ex except for being a brunette. There’s added satisfaction when I see his movies.

    I don’t blame him for being upset with distraction. If you’re a professional you care about the art.

    When write and am really into it, I ignore what anyone says to me. I normally seek isolation to avoid noise.

    My ex used to beg me to stop writing to watch movies with him. He’d be calling from the next room and I’d hear this plaintive, “Come on. You can do that later.” After he’d been asking me for awhile, I’d feel guilty and stop.

    Real artists get a bit possessed by their work.

  • kip

    loser and those that admire him are losers too

  • yuck

    What an a-hole and he deserved the humbling
    down by the press and people hating him.

  • ILM

    Christian – respect others as you like to be treated with respect too.

  • caine

    “Real artists get a bit possessed by their work.”

    Oh big deal. He’s a one-note actor who wets his pants and cries for his diaper to be changed. Fine. I’m not so impressed. He can behave like an asshole if he wants, but I can likewise call him an asshole, “real artist” or not. I don’t worship at the feet of “real artists” or excuse their bad behavior like a wide-eyed idiot.

  • nora

    Christ, are people still upset over his leaked rant? You people are ten times more pathetic than Bale will ever be. Christian Bale and the rest of the thinking world do not give two flying fracks. Anyway, can’t wait for Terminator and Public Enemies!

  • Tanya

    Damn, why can’t he be like Matthew McConnaghey (sp?) and run around L.A. shirtless?! Mr. Bale, you have disappointed me. Next time, lose the shirt. By the way, I LOVED his rant! He needs to do another one.

  • lena

    People with decency and integrity cares about this rant.
    The world needs more good people than damaged souls
    like Bale.

  • !!!

    Bale needs to get his anger in check before someone gets hurt!

  • Tanya

    Give me a freaking break, lena. People with decency don’t judge other people based on a 3 minute leaked tape. Get the hell over yourself.

  • gloryland

    Tanya, well said. Some of these “decent people” are really self-righteous hypocrites. Not all of them, but many.

  • jasmine


  • Chany

    Love Mr Bale!

    Is that an erect nipple I can see?

    Damn, he’s hot, Christian, you can rant at me any day of the week.

  • clyde

    Mother ****** asshole, stupid ******* idiot ****** loser. And runs like a girl.

  • me me me

    Tanya #30 LOL, you’re my hero :P

    bale’s a good actor and he’s usually in very good movies. it doesn’t matter what kind of person he is. besides, his wife and kid seem happy enough, i guess that counts for something. i feel sorry for his haters. a sad, self-righteous bunch.

  • Emily


    Could NOT agree more!

  • Sophie

    Ew, he’s so red and pale. I guess that Cali sun doesn’t soak into him. I live about 8 miles from Santa Monica and am (naturally) olive skinned. I used to like him alot, but now not so much.

  • twilight

    pity his fans esp me me me not caring what kind of person he is. So if Bale is an abuser,killer and Al-Queda its ok because what kind of person that he is is not important

    my goodness how scary and so very sad

  • thia

    who has not had a tirade at some point in their lives? I had one at work when I was extremely frustrated (and going through a divorce). My boss and coworkers forgave me. Why shouldn’t he be forgiven, and why shouldn’t the worker apologize as well for disrupting the shoot?

  • tricia

    Christian will never live down his rant just as Russell Crowe will never live down his phone throwing.

  • MMA

    He always looks all scary and jacked up.

  • Blueyes

    OK 1st off Holly Shit! Some of you people just blow me away with the out right hatred you can show to someone you’ve never met and have no actual idea what really happened on set or in his hotel room in London. 2nd here’s something that might help you to see there’s always more to a story then just the one sided BS we’ve been fed. This was taken directly from

    But now, it has been revealed by on set sources that the original target of the tirade, Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut, was widely despised by the crew – and that Bale was championed for his aggressive verbal assault.

    Talking to RadarOnline, the unidentified source came forth with the truth about the DP:

    “Hurlbut was a condescending (bleep) to everyone,” the source said.

    “His favorite line was why don’t you go stab yourself in the head, you idiot.”

    Another source, who had worked with Hurlbut previously, had similar things to say about the 45-year-old.

    “I was on the crew of another film Shane was recently DP on and he was despised. Crew hated him – actors had a hard time,” the source told Defamer.

    “He would tell his crew, if he was displeased with them, to ‘Stab themselves in the heart and die’ or ‘Blow yourself up’. On this film he would constantly re-light when actors got to set and tweak during takes – it was bad.”

    Maybe now you’ll stop throwing stones and do just a little more digging before you jump on the hate wagon. All this self righteous holly than thou crap makes me sick.