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Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is My Dream Angel

Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is My Dream Angel

Orlando Bloom keeps his arm around and hold hands with his leading lady, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, in New York City on Thursday afternoon (April 9).

Orly, 32, was seen hailing a taxi and opening the door for Miranda, 25. What a gentleman!

Ms. Kerr has been in town promoting the new Victoria’s Secret “Dream Angels” push-up bra. Check out her new VS ad campaign for the bra below!

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and his dream angel Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 05
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 06
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 10
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 11
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 12
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 13
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 14
miranda kerr orlando bloom dream angel 15

Credit: Thornton/Donnelly; Photos: INFdaily, ENF/Fame Pictures
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  • helen

    hot assss hellllllllllllll

  • RealityCheck

    She might be a dream angel but he looks like a klutz. Not only that, I haven’t seen even one memorable performance of his. If anyone can explain why he is a star, I will be much obliged. For someone who caused the Trojan War, his Paris in 2004′s “Troy” was totally unremarkable.

  • DreamA

    In the ad photos Miranda looks like a white Aishwarya Rai ha. Is she completely white? Or does she have other nationalities? She’s pretty anyway. Even though I think Adrianna Lima is hotter, Miranda is so cute. Nice bod. She’s lucky to be with Orlando =)

  • danny

    unsexy couple

  • Mia

    She looks much better in her underwear than dressed…her legs on the second photo are way too skinny…

  • @@@@@@

    Did she get fired from DJ, why is she not in OZ for the biggest event of for them. I guess she is not needed or important enough to be there.

  • RealityCheck

    No, it’s Orlando who is lucky to be with a girl like her. Seriously: He is not really attractive, he is not really talented, he is not really easy to remember unless you see his name on celebrity blogs. I just wonder why he receives roles and I have no idea why his walks across any place are turned into news. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot – according to Jared’s understanding, “things are happening around him right now” – things, maybe; no talent at all. He has a beautiful girlfriend, though – now, that’s news.

  • Gunnedah Hobag ♥

    Kan u pheel the luv toonite?

    Eye kan. :)

  • Gunnedah Hobag ♥

    1 moar thing:

    loork! Ime wairing the phlannel tarp eye war too Teddeez winn eye did the lapdarnce phor meye deerly beluvid boyphrind..

    Eye m sew hottttttt.

  • disappointed

    I’m really disappointed in you girl. Really thought you were better than this. I’m sorry girl but I can’t endorse or follow someone who allows herself to be a door mat. I hope you wake up soon. Good luck.

  • too funny

    There are sightings and pictures of him partying and hooking up with women in London, LA, and North Carolina and now we get pics of the happy couple. Damage control much?

  • twitter

    “If you get lost between the moon and New York City…the best that you can do…is fall in love.”

    They are a great lookin’ couple! So nice to see they can meet up before he starts filming – it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from NC to NYC. They’ll probably do the same when he’s filming in AUS in July. Easy to see one of the reasons he took the movies he’s taken.

    I’m so jealous (and I’m not the only one) – lol – Good for them!

  • Helena

    Miranda is DEFINITELY my girl crush. She’s absolultely gorgeous and her body is just SICK. I could just look at her forever.

    She’s going to be huge, like Gisele and Adriana.

    And they make a cute couple :)

  • lol!!

    So predictable.
    The haters come on to say that a guy going to see his girl, after being seen with FRIENDS is “damage control”.
    Soooo pathetic.
    They look great together.
    Even with Orlando’s dorky hair.

  • @6

    VS took precedence.
    She couldn’t be in Aus. and NY at the same time.

  • shaking my head

    Nothing says your relationship is on the rocks like getting papped after your man gets photographed with a car full of women. If she knew for sure nothing happened , then she wouldn’t have ran her mouth to the Aussie tabs! What a dummy!


    Don’t insult Aishwarya Rai with stupid comments like that. She is light years ahead of Miranda in beauty! Seriously.

  • @15

    plenty of time to do both since they don’t occur at the same time. VS was tues, DJs not until saturday. 3 days is plenty of time to fly to Sydney if she was wanted or invited. Guess she wasn’t.

  • anthony

    She always looks great..But his hair..Well not his best look

  • @16

    I love you guys.
    Now you are claiming that SHE made up those ridiculous stories!
    You guys are a laugh a minute.
    A guy goes to see his girlfriend, and you just can’t help but make up stories!

  • gigi
  • gigi
  • vanessa

    I love this couple…!!! they look so perfect together.

  • ddd

    she’s so lovely~~~

  • @17

    OK, lets see…
    Saturday in OZ, is basically Friday in NY. It takes a MINIMUM of 22 hours to get from NY to Sydney. So even if she had left the first thing Wednesday morning, she would not have arrived in OZ until Thursday(Friday night in OZ). So combine jet lag, and a strenuous trip…no, she could not have attended both events. With any sanity, anyway.

  • Whoa!

    This is hilarious. In December a local journalist from Colorado who writes exclusively about events in Colorado reported a sighting of them in Aspen renting a house, days after they were seen buying snowboarding equipment, and da haterz said it was fake despite all logic.
    Now da haterz twist the version of the paps who said he left the London club with friends and bring up sightings reported by “someone” on Twitter and we must believe that he’s cheating without a shadow of a doubt. And the best part is that not only us, but also Miranda is expected to believe like gospel anything written by anons on the Internet.

  • Wow

    What happened to Orlando? Remember when he used to be hot, and relevant. He’s gone downhill FAST!

  • @24

    you mean like every actor and model who flies first class so they can rest then shows up the next day for a photoshoot or premier and also does press, then hops on a plane to do the same thing the next day at the next location? Happens all the time, it’s part of the job. Or it is when you’re actually wanted and invited to attend.

  • Katie

    She’s so gorgeous!



  • yun

    I love her! she’s so so so pretty girl ~

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    I love him but his hair cut is horrible but I still find him hot and I hope Miranda puts some weight she looks skinny love what she is wearing though .Love this couple they look cute and it seems normal to me a man going to spend the holidays with his girlfriend the haters need a life but I love their pain right now because they are nasty people .

  • @orlando fan

    Last time I check Orlando was buddist and they do not celebrate easter or catholic holidays. He needed to see his girlfriend after six weeks apart, can’t you see the love.

  • shaking my head

    @ whoa!

    Just so you know, the word friend is just another nice word for fcuk buddy, okay? I figured I’d school you, so next time a guy says he wants to be your “friend”, it will be easier for you to read between the lines, instead of assuming he wants to take you home to braid your hair and bake S’mores.

  • what?

    how can you know that they were six weeks apart from each other? Because there have been no pics? Do you really think that these two see each other only when you see some pics of them together? This is one of the most hilarious thing I read here! LOL

  • http://justjared love them

    I am really happy to see pictures of my favorite celebrity couple they look cute .I love Orlando he is hot and I am in love with Miranda’s hair she looks great her outfit is lovely .Didn’t know it was still that cold in New York

  • flower

    His scarf looks ridiculous.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks really pretty, i cant say i like the outfit that much but she still looks good
    love the vs pictures, she looks so cute =]
    i love her legs they r sexy! =D

  • milly

    I don’t understand why people said him partying with women. Can’t he has got female friends? Do you have female or male friends? My husband and I have many female / male friends, and we like go to party. Do you believe that rubbish magazines and media pictures? Are you stupid?
    He looks great., but his girlfriend looks skinny.

  • @33

    You never leave your house, do you.
    Bet you have a lot of cats, too.

  • @29

    She is 5’9″
    Orlando is just shy of 5’11″

  • brent

    Is she really a bigtime model or is she really one of those who got famous because of who she’s with? Haven’t seen any vogue covers, ad campaigns or commercials for famous designers of hers. Bigtime models have that right?

  • @27

    I see your point there…

    I’m a big fan of adriana and doutzen so i kinda follow all of their latest gigs. I remember doutzen last march 14 when she was in LA for a commercial shoot and on the 16th i was surprised to see her in MLFF in OZ. Two days after, she was spotted again in Russia for the 09 Volvo Fashion Week.

  • sahar

    WTF is up with his hair??

    She is gorgeous, as usual!

  • http://aol spitfire815

    I cannot believe u people, what’s the big deal with him & her?
    Orlando Bloom is still a hottie, whether u see it or not, he still has it!!!
    She is absolutely Gorgeous & they look cute together, why shouldn’t they be happy like some of us are..
    NOT feeling the love people, stop being hateful, jealous or whatever u are…..GET A LIFE!!!!!

  • DP

    OMG!!! Miranda has gotten way too skinny! Is she anorexic? Look at her body in the second pic. She doesn’t look healthy.

  • @41

    She was famous before they met. But her career has been helped by her relationship with Orlando. Just as Bar’s has been helped by Leo.
    She’s not a “supermodel”. But she is certainly successful.
    And just a note to you haters out there. Every time you bring up Doutzen (since that’s your newest ploy) you are giving a hit to Miranda.
    I’m sure that JJ appreciates it.
    Just so you know. LA is about eight hours closer to Oz than NY. That would only be about a 16 hour trip. But to then fly to Russia that soon is not good for you. Your health is worth more than a paycheck.
    No, she isn’t anorexic. Just tall and thin. She looked just fine in at the press session at the VS store, and in interviews done that day. Black pants just make everyone’s legs look thinner. Plus the commercial for the bra was shot just a short while ago, and she looks very fit and healthy in that ad. She’s a model. Models are thin….usually.

  • hrhkat

    scaves are pretenious and affected looking…

  • @47

    and warm….

  • @41

    no, she’s not a big time model, she does some catalog work but no big designers, no big magazines, no big photographers. the only reason anyone knows who she is is because of her boyfriend, she’ll be unknown again when he stops being seen with her.

  • phem

    Isn’t miranda the face of DJ and what exactly is Megan Gale’s role to DJ? Megan’s pictures are all over DJ stores and their website.