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Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is My Dream Angel

Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is My Dream Angel

Orlando Bloom keeps his arm around and hold hands with his leading lady, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, in New York City on Thursday afternoon (April 9).

Orly, 32, was seen hailing a taxi and opening the door for Miranda, 25. What a gentleman!

Ms. Kerr has been in town promoting the new Victoria’s Secret “Dream Angels” push-up bra. Check out her new VS ad campaign for the bra below!

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and his dream angel Miranda Kerr

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139 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is My Dream Angel”

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  1. 76
    so sweet... Says:

    Orlando looks like he has bed hair, but I guess that’s understandable as he hasn’t seen Miranda for a while and probably wouldn’t let her out of bed…..lucky girl…

  2. 77
    Q Says:

    And make you the star… and still i can’t see no stars shining… girl i’m giving you everything all the fame i can bring… take it to the chorus

  3. 78
    liz k Says:

    I really like Miranda. She looks unique, sexy and sweet. Orlando seems too old for her, and, honestly, he looks like an *sshole, especially in that top shot. She needs to be out there having fun with a young, vibrant guy!

  4. 79
    ????????????? Says:

    Does any one know what will happen with New York I love you ?
    I keep hearing different think and can’t figure out what is true I would love to see that movie it looked great in the trailer I saw .

  5. 80
    benjw13 Says:

    Can anyone tell me what make shoes orlando has on? Thanks!

  6. 81
    sigh Says:

    “if he didn’t go to the hotel to have fun with the girls, then why didn’t he just go back to his apartment in London instead of back to a hotel?”

    For the same reason that he took Miranda and friends to a hotel in LA the day of his birthday.
    The real question is why would he exhibit his flings in front of the paps?

    “there are still other males who are interested in me and use the friend line just to get their foot in the door after I tell them I’m married.”

    But it wasn’t Orlando the one who said those girls were friends, that was the paps’ impression. And if the paps had had the chance to say that the girls looked more like groupies willing to anything than like friends, trust me, they would’ve said so. Besides they would’ve taken pics of such a juicy situation, instead they said they were friends and didn’t take pics.

    “didn’t Miranda say that OB used that line on her when she was with Jay?”
    Yes but she also said that first he was interested in another kind of relationship and when told that she was seeing someone else, he said that they could be friends. He never hid his main intention, he just said that if it couldn’t be something more, then they could be friends not the other way round.

  7. 82
    ... Says:

    I think they are a real couple. I mean why else would he be in NY for in the first place, after seeing his other pics of him the other day it was obvious that he was going to so up with her there. There isn’t any silly conspiracies theories. I dont think the blonde sightings was true because I guess it turns out she was a crew worker on the film he was on.

    I dont get it whats up with the war on Doutzen. She is just another model. She has nothing to do with both MK and OB and what they are doing together. You guys can argue all day about it but it is really pointless. I mean im not fond of Miranda but I do think they are dating.

  8. 83
    @82 Says:

    “I dont get it whats up with the war on Doutzen. She is just another model. She has nothing to do with both MK and OB and what they are doing together.”

    Because some orlando fans like doutzen to be the model gf of orlando instead of miranda. They think that doutzen is the perfect match for orlando cause most of them say that doutzen is a really nice girl and will not use orlando to further her career cause she’s already done very well for herself.

    I have nothing against doutzen cause imo she’s really a humble person and there are comments from other models saying that also. But we have to get real, orlando is the one who chooses who he wants to be with. It is indeed pointless to compare miranda and doutzen because they are both pretty and successful in their own rights.

  9. 84
    @83 Says:

    If Orlando was dating Doutzen she would be bashed just like Miranda is and how Kate Bosworth was when she was with him that is just how some of his “fans” are .

  10. 85
    @82....... Says:

    The ONLY people who think Orlando and Miranda are not dating but having a “showmance” are about 10 women on the Delphi forum, known as “loonies”….

    They’re extremely obsessed with Orlando to the point they can’t handle him having a relationship with any woman, let alone someone as beautiful and stunning as Miranda………

    so what they do is make up elaborate conspiracy theories to deny the relationship is real, then post on JJ and other sites over and over again saying nasty things about OB and MK………..

    it’s very sad and twisted to be so delusional and jealous of people they have never met, you have to feel a bit sorry for the poor loonies.

  11. 86
    shaking my head Says:


    “But it wasn’t Orlando the one who said those girls were friends, that was the paps’ impression. “

    Yep, and some of these naive shippers keep repeating that same line like a bunch of deranged mocking birds. So, if they were not his friends and not groupies, then who were they and why were they all headed to his hotel at 3:30 am, hmmm? At least on his birthday, he was with his gf and friends, but you just said that these girls were not his friends. See how you just backed yourself into a corner trying to be so technical?

    “The real question is why would he exhibit his flings in front of the paps?”

    The same reasons why people like Mel Gibson, Balthazar Getty, and several other rich and famous flaunted their affairs in the press: they know their significant others will not leave them because the money and the prestige of being associated with a celeb is too good. Orlando knows all he had to do was throw her a bone by posing in some pics with her and she’d be happy again. Worked like a charm.

  12. 87
    @86 Says:

    It’s getting nowhere and it’s pointless to argue.

    Hollywood doesn’t really care much about them as a couple except for fans or some pips in OZ. But if they’re happy and really love each other, good for them.

  13. 88
    ... Says:

    @85 Yeah I don’t like the crazy far fetch theories either. I think it has nothing to do with not wanting Orlando to be with any women at all. They don’t like Miranda obviously, but I don’t like the fact that everything he does with Miranda is some kind of weird conspiracy. I think he has to like to be with her if he is still hanging around her after this time of being together. Im not going to lie here Im not a fan of hers and dont really like her, but I don’t want to be in denial and say its not real.

  14. 89
    @86 Says:

    OK, we get it.
    You are a bitter person and think that every man is a piece of garbage.
    Fine, move along.
    PS: Please work on your reading comprehension. No where did #81 say that they weren’t his friends. They were confirming that EVEN THE PAPS said that they were just his friends. That is proof enough in itself for any rational person. But I guess that excludes you, doesn’t it?
    And in those situations that you mentioned (Mel Gibson, etc.) they weren’t “parading” for the paps. They were CAUGHT by the paps in what they thought were private moments. They didn’t walk out of a nightclub in front of photographers together. If you can’t .or won’t see the difference between those situations, then you are blind and hopeless. Not to mention bitter and pathetic.

  15. 90
    @86 Says:

    “you just said that these girls were not his friends”

    No I didn’t. I said that they were friends. If they weren’t the media would’ve already started talking about his dirty affairs, or would’ve taken pics of him caught in the act. There is no way I’ll believe they caught him doing something like cheating and still managed to remain silent about it, they work for the world of gossip FFS. I did say, however, that Orlando didn’t comment about what kind of relationship he had with them so your point that he was fooling them into his bed saying ‘let’s be friends’ doesn’t hold water.

    “The same reasons why people like Mel Gibson, Balthazar Getty, and several other rich and famous flaunted their affairs in the press”

    I don’t know about Mel Gibson but comparing Balthazar Getty’s situation with Orlando’s, are you insulting our intelligence?! Getty was papped grabbing Sienna Miller’s breasts with both his hands at some beach and his wife did kick his **** off her house as far as I know. Comparing that to what your overproductive minds have infered from the fact that he shared a cab with some humans of the opposite sex is preposterous. LOL

  16. 91
    1234 Says:

    This looks like a set-up. Somehow you can tell that they are posing for the camera. I sure miss Orlando from the old days, those Lord of the Rings years. That’s when he was memorable. I wish he could have stayed the same from back then, but oh well I can’t change his life story. I hope he picks out a role that’s just as memorable as Legolas, that would be so cool!

  17. 92
    anonymous Says:

    I used to really like miranda but not anymore…

    As for her relationship with bloom, it’s silly to say that it’s fake and just a showmance otherwise they won’t be still together.

  18. 93
    @91 Says:

    Sure, they called the paps so they could see how they run away from them in the first taxi they could find *rollseyes*

  19. 94
    ... Says:


    Exactly, if he didn’t like her he wouldn’t be with her. I mean really he is a grown man not a little boy being pushed into anything he doesn’t want to do. There is no contract, people said the same thing about Kate when he was dating her that they had some contract.

    If he wanted to leave the relationship he would have done it a long time ago. To me they are real, how could it be fake anyways. Some of the things people say are to far fetch even for me to believe and I don’t like her but I have to accept the logic in this and the reality even if I don’t like it.

  20. 95
    @91 Says:

    So now walking down the street and jumping in a taxi is “posing”?

  21. 96
    @95....... Says:

    Just ignore the Delphi loonies they’re becoming more and more delusional……..

    the poor things are spending their time making up an elaborate theory all about Orlando and Miranda walking down the street, hailing a cab and going out to dinner which is just very normal behaviour to most SANE people but according to the loonies it’s a big “set up”……lol…..

    they have lost the plot completely and crossed the line into being paranoid!!!

  22. 97
    bigballs Says:

    hahahahaha she was sleeping with her ex boyfriend last week Jay Lyon these two have the worst relationship ever… I also hear that orlando has Herpes…. GROSSSSSS!!!!!!

  23. 98
    @97 Says:

    and just one more example of the brilliance and maturity of the idiot haters
    what are you, 12?

  24. 99
    Bad hair day Says:

    Orlando’s ‘hairdo’ here is awful. He looked so cute just a few weeks ago when he first had it cut. He’s got that ‘unruly’ kind of hair that needs to be well-groomed to look good. ‘Naturally-curly’ hair like his looks messy really easily. And he doesn’t pay much attention to it I’m afraid.

  25. 100
    @99....... Says:

    Orlando has “bedhead” hair from being in bed all day with Miranda…

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