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Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is My Dream Angel

Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is My Dream Angel

Orlando Bloom keeps his arm around and hold hands with his leading lady, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, in New York City on Thursday afternoon (April 9).

Orly, 32, was seen hailing a taxi and opening the door for Miranda, 25. What a gentleman!

Ms. Kerr has been in town promoting the new Victoria’s Secret “Dream Angels” push-up bra. Check out her new VS ad campaign for the bra below!

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and his dream angel Miranda Kerr

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139 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is My Dream Angel”

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  1. 101
    michelle Says:

    his girlfriend is not pretty …i think she looks like a troll…but orlando bloom..omg he is sooo hot damn … i want to kiss him 24 hours a day….i mean look at him..ok on this pics he doesnt look soooo good but hes really really sweet…i love him ♥♥♥♥

  2. 102
    @101 Says:

    YOU are definitely 12. Maybe 13.

  3. 103
    Mowanda corr Says:

    Anyone remember when Orlando used to be hot ? Meeeeemorieeeeees….

    Someone please tell him he’s got a dollop of dog sh*t on the top of his head.

  4. 104
    Mowanda corr Says:

    I forgot to mention that he’s not wearing a scarf, but a hand towel.

  5. 105


  6. 106
    LMFAO Says:

    If there’s something great about this site is that to the regulars Orlando morphs from hot as hell to old, fat and ugly and viceversa in a matter of days

  7. 107
    piperwest Says:

    You people who keep stating that he was in a car full of woman, as proof that he is cheating on her are STUPID!!! Get your facts straight one of those woman he is supposed to have cheated with, is his sister!!!

  8. 108
    LOL! Says:

    It’s the same with Miranda. One day she is “too fat to be a model”, the next, she is “anorexic and a thereby a bad example for young girls”.
    As it’s been said before. The haters have no imagination, so they just have to keep rotating their insults.

  9. 109
    ... Says:

    Why is everyone still trying to stir something with the people you think are haters. I mean to go onto JJ and start some kind of fight with people? OK, I can see you guys dont like how far fetch people think about OB and MK. I can see why you think the conspiracies are ridiculous because to me they are too.
    I mean if this is how they think even if to me it doesn’t make sense than that’s them, I cant change their minds, as they have already made up their own choice on what to believe. Sometimes it feels like some people make up the weirdest excuse to make it sound like MK and OB were never together or say that a sighting of them being together isnt true.
    I can aso see that some people that like Miranda dont like it when people call her mean names or say things like one days she looks fat and the other day she looks anorexic. I dont like her, but I know that the things people say about them do get off track after awhile. But its their own opinions so I cant do much to change it.

  10. 110
    @109 Says:

    You’re right, it’s their opinion and they aren’t likely to change it. But why should they be allowed to post whatever they want without an answer? You could ask THEM why they post such awful, ridiculous claims when they aren’t likely to change the opinions of her supporters?
    If ANYONE is trying to stir things up, it is the “haters”. If they don’t like her, why not just stay away? Wouldn’t that be a simple solution to their problems? But no, they insist on coming on Miranda/Orlando threads, just to throw out insults. They complain about the amoumt of threads that she gets on JJ, but then continue to add to her hits, ensuring that she will get even more threads! Does that make any sense?

  11. 111
    ... Says:

    I think going on to JJ just to say random things like how ugly he is and how ugly or dumb people say she is pointless really. But this is JJ I guess not only MK and OB get picked on by the posters but also other celebs do too. Most gossip blogs are like this and since this is a anon board people probably think they can get away from certain things to say to other people without them getting in to much trouble.
    It would be easy for some people to just leave JJ and not post here about them, but some do from what it looks of things. I dont want to make fun of other posters here or other forums, because its the same thing over and over and it wont help or change anythings.

    I dont understand why people think this is fake and no matter what Miranda and OB do is all fake. Or say that she is making him do all of this with her, he is the one showing up with her. No one is making anyone do anything and I dont think she has anything against him. And about the pictures above on this thread, I mean do they really look angry at each other? Do they look annoyed at on another? To me they dont look to bothered with each other or the paps. They looks fine with it.

    Idk, I guess everyone has their own views on this and that is all. I think the relationship is real but that means I dont have to love it or even like it. Because really I dont.

  12. 112
    @111....... Says:

    Miranda Kerr has the whole package, she is stunningly beautiful, angelic looking and very sexy all at the same time, she has the “it” factor that appeals to both men and women, that’s why VS loves her.

    She also has her own fans who admire the fact she is a girl from a small country town who has worked hard and become very successful in her own right, doesn”t take herself too seriously and has a fun engaging personality.

    The people who post nasty comments about her over and over again are mostly those over the top obsessed Orlando fans who are going to hate any woman he is with, but even more so with Miranda because he said she holds his heart in her hands, this made them even more jealous if that was possible.

    The sane Orlando fans like her because she makes him happy, has her own successful career and comes across as a down to earth sweet person and they simply don’t believe any of the made up stories of the more delusional and paranoid Orlando fans.

  13. 113
    famewhores.on.parade Says:

    look at the famewhores! magically caught 3 times in one day! is that a new record for pap set ups? funny that a-list actors and models don’t get caught nearly as much as whorley and the ho.

  14. 114
    ... Says:

    Not all of his fans like her, some are “neutral” and don’t really seem to care about her and only want to watch his movies. Some are called “haters” that dont like her or what he is doing with her and the others are “shipper” that just praises Miranda and OB in whatever they do.

    I have my opinions out about them already. I dont think that people that dont like Miranda are all haters, I dont like her but I dont go into the thought of them being a fake couple and weird stories. If you think she has the “whole package” well that’s you and not everyone who doesn’t agree is delusional and is a hater.

  15. 115
    @113 Says:

    Oh, I see a delphidiot has come back. Did you get bored over on your site because it is so dead? Trying to stir things up again here to fill your lonely hours?
    Poor thing. And you couldn’t even think of anything new to say.
    What a shame.

  16. 116
    ella Says:

    I’m so sick of girls like her just dating guys to get famous, its so tacky!

  17. 117
    @114....... Says:

    Of course you don’t have to like her and still be a fan of his, everyone has their own opinion on who they like and don’t like.

    I like her because she doesn’t take herself too seriously, seems to have a good sense of humour and according to those who have worked with her has a down to earth and sweet personality

    I admire the fact she has worked hard, is very professional about her job and has achieved huge success yet is still appears to be the same country girl at heart.

    I’m sure she has faults like everybody, but the nasty vile comments directed at her are so over the top and not from people who know her or have anything to do with her, but from very jealous Orlando fans who have spun all these weird theories based on innuendo and gossip on the internet, all from people who have never even met her!

  18. 118
    @114... Says:

    So there! Well said.

    I agree with ya.

  19. 119
    ? Says:

    On the May 2009 US Vogue issue, some highfashion models and their boyfriends are featured on an editorial. Why were orlando and miranda not included? I’m sure they’re more high profile than those couples.

    On the list are Doutzen Kroes, Julia Stegner, Caroline Trentini, Sesillee Lopez and Chanel Imam, really unknowns. Guess Vogue doesn’t don’t know who are the real models instead they always feature the unknowns especially Doutzen… hate that girl

  20. 120
    @119 Says:

    Oh, but haven’t you been reading this thread??
    Doutzen NEVER publicizes her relationships!!! She cares about her boyfriend, and NEVER parades him in front of the press. She values their relationship, and would NEVER use it for publicity!!!
    Well, except to get her picture in Vogue when she was not included in the cover shots with all of the truly high fashion models, even though she is the bestest, most perfectest model to ever be born….. *gags*
    If she is so private, why did she pose with her boyfriend?
    If she is sooooo much more important than Miranda, why didn’t Vogue include her on their cover?
    I guess she isn’t as fan-tabulous as the Miranda haters would have you believe, hmmm?
    Oh, and since Orlando would have been the most famous of the boyfriends, thereby raising their average, I’m sure that they were asked. But maybe they aren’t the famewhores that Doutzen and her boyfriend are.
    Doutzen probably would have done anything to get in Vogue one last time before she gets too big to fit on one page.
    Private my a$$.

  21. 121
    @120 Says:


    Sorry miranda won’t be halfway of the success those supermodels have, or maybe even Doutzen’s…

    Post whatever you like to make miranda better or the best probably, but the fashion industry knows who are the real models. Sorry also that Vogue US embraces Doutzen’s toned body, afterall she wouldn’t be featured on their main website doing some exercise.

  22. 122
    @121 Says:

    But you see, That’s just it. NONE of Miranda’s fans have ever touted her as being some fabulous Supermodel. We have merely stated that she is a successful model. She is an Angel. That equals success. If you claim otherwise, you are just being ridiculous. Will she ever be truly a “Supermodel”? I don’t think so, but I don’t think that Doutzen ever will be, either.
    Doutzen is gorgeous, but notice that she was NOT on the cover, or in Vogue’s list of top, high fashion models. If that is YOUR criteria for success, then Doutzen falls short as well.
    This ‘battle’ comes from Miranda detractors who keep bringing up other models to compare with Miranda, when nothing that they say matters. Sure, there are models more successful and more well known than Miranda. But there are also models more well known and successful than Doutzen.

  23. 123
    what are you saying? Says:

    are you saying that the only reason Orlando likes her so much is because of how successful she is.

    if not then STFU about it!

    who cares if she or anyone else is successful or not?

    if that’s the only way you consider someone acceptable in this world, no wonder why the world is in the state that it is.

  24. 124
    @122 Says:

    Your post makes absolute sense and that’s why all the Orlando/Miranda detractors will do their best (or worst) to insult your obvious intelligence by attacking your perfectly well-reasoned and logical response. But then again these fools aren’t known to hold views that are either reasonable or logical.

  25. 125
    @123 Says:

    Who said that was the reason that he was with her? He has plenty of success on his own, he doesn’t need to rely on anyone else’s fame.
    And the only reason people are talking about success, is that the “haters” continually try to convince everyone that Miranda isn’t a successful model, when in FACT, she is quite successful. If they stopped that line of attack, no one would bring it up again.
    And maybe the “world is in the state that it is”, is partly because people go on the attack over comments without actually reading them, then tell people to “STFU” if they don’t agree. Listen, and try to understand before you go on the offensive. Or become offensive.

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