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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums

Rachel Bilson and her fiance Hayden Christensen (both wearing rain boots) meet up with Hayden‘s mom at a parking lot in Uxbridge, Ontario on Thursday (April 9).

Rachel was seen giving Hayden‘s mom a few gifts including a fun pair of rain boots (Hayden helped his mom take off the price tag). Hayden‘s mom must have liked the boots — she gave Rachel a kiss on the cheek. Looks like her daughter-in-law’s a keeper!

Back in November, the couple was spotted checking in on the progress of the new farmhouse they are having built in Uxbridge.

15+ pictures inside of boot bums Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

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249 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums”

  1. 1
    rania Says:

    Love her

  2. 2
    Funkey Says:

    Please the only reason he smiles is mom is local and play it up girl for the press media as usual. Gee guess he knows what he got for his birthday she has the BAG right in his face..

  3. 3
    celebhores Says:

    will this ever stop?!

    geez! rb is the fakest phoney little girl. cant wait for the breakup, maybe then hc will get his career back on track!!

  4. 4
    Kar Says:


  5. 5
    celebhores Says:

    y r they doing this in a parking lot?

    how did the press know to be there?

  6. 6
    celebhores Says:

    bet the fam loves rb bringing her paps into their personal lives. we would never see pics of hc if it wernt for her

  7. 7
    iris Says:

    They look so cute

  8. 8
    celebhores Says:

    ur right he is smiling ….at his mom. he never looks at rb.

    y would he propose if he is that miserable with her? probably feels sorry for her.

  9. 9
    Frankie Says:

    Was she feeling a little jealous that another OC member has been getting more press than her this week.

  10. 10
    mika Says:

    Great couple :)

  11. 11
    peter Says:

    I love her

  12. 12
    celebhores Says:

    it looks like his mom bought him a sweater, they bought her boots.

    guess he isnt spending time with family for his bday? bet his friends wont get to see him either even though they used to go riding on his bday.
    why u ask? becuz rb is going to spend time with him, s though they dont spend every waking moment together already!

    this relationship is doomed, wait and see. it may take awhile but hc will get sick of her…..lets hope, he sees the light…soon!

  13. 13
    jane Says:

    So cute!

  14. 14
    kim Says:

    She looks so cute

  15. 15
    celebhores Says:

    cute like a 10 yr old

  16. 16
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    Well. So much again for pregnacy rumors and them getting hitched in the Bahamas! Tsk! Tsk! People. Of course Hayden and Rachel are no doubt together. Do I care? No! Hayden adores his mum and bought her some boot’s. Damn these people are alway’s shopping!

    Alie has lost a lot of weight! Hope all is okay with her. She looks fabulous though. :D Good for Alie!

  17. 17
    whizbang Says:

    For those always inquiring on their latest roundabouts/whereabouts?! Voila… BilPooo & Co. just so “timely” grant again her JJ patrons thru another set of paparazzi shots as there’s “nothing” much else to wrap about as usual these days isn’t it?!

  18. 18
    celebhores Says:

    seems lately jenn has been getting stories b4 any other source.
    like someone informs her…like a direct source.

  19. 19
    celebhores Says:

    typical sheltered little mommas boy (nothing wrong with it) but they are very naive and intrigued by those who are opposite such as rb.

    it will grow old. he will eventually want someone he can have intellectual convo with, someone who has hobbies other than shopping, someone who isnt afraid to get dirty, someone not so superficial and selfish.

  20. 20
    love them Says:

    I like these couple so much they look great together .

  21. 21
    crapshack Says:

    So the “disposables” are at it again for a much needed attention. It would be grand feast for all “activist/haters” once again!

  22. 22
    Rayna Says:

    They’re cute. But at the same time I think it’s it’s sad that there’s seemingly no privacy in this relationship. I know the paparazzi don’t hang out there like that. So, that’s awful.

  23. 23
    ribbit Says:

    what is up with all the haters? they seem to be having a good time and i seriously doubt that hayden would propose to rachel because he ‘felt sorry for her’. get a life.

  24. 24
    Carrie Says:

    Ugh…in a parking lot of all places to exchange gifts…can we get more getto? I see that Rachel’s mind must have been working overtime trying to see a perfect pap tipping opportunity. Rachel must have been missing seeing herself on this website.

  25. 25
    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] Says:

    what career?!

  26. 26
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    You never know when it’s going to snow, folks!!

  27. 27
    celebhores Says:

    sheltered guys like him feel obligated to commit to whoever they r with. if sienna didnt break it off, bet he would proposed to her.
    some guys, instead of walking away, will commit, they dont want to hurt someone. they tend to fall in love too easy to.

  28. 28
    mely Says:

    Cute candids

  29. 29
    what the hell! Says:

    @RAYNA-22-its called tipping the paps off and letting them know where you are. they have had over three weeks of nothing and now this. i mean no one has been seeking them out have they?.

  30. 30
    celebhores Says:

    lol, yeah. what career?

    rb took him away from racing, away from work, away from friends.

    what a keeper

  31. 31
    celebhores Says:

    what paps hang out in a parking lot in uxbridge?…exactly

  32. 32
    jaeger Says:

    Another slow news days again huh Jared?!
    You may as well be posting something about “Mark Hamill & Gabriel Carteris”: a has-been SW character & a washed up/never-been Beverly Hills 90210 supporting sidekick instead!

  33. 33
    Tara Says:

    Hey, I have those boots, lol. I understand getting photographed in LA, but Uxbridge?

  34. 34
    Weeeeeeee Says:

    boy she’s short~~~ she looks super tiny next to Hayden and his mom.

  35. 35
    Weeeeeeee Says:

    pretty convenient putting on boots in a parking lot instead of indoors and in private :)

  36. 36
    Justmyopinion Says:

    @#16 Gasolina
    Yes his mommy has lost so much, she is way too skinny for her age.
    She might b depressed because of what her husband did to 2.
    Hayden loves his mommy and he is always happy when she’saround.
    But the woman could be another female relative cos she looks damn thin to be hayden’s mother.

    Too sad that now he is dating RB, he won’t get any peace not even in uxbridge. RB is dangerous for his inner peace. He will be eaten by the famewhore.
    Now he won’t be considered as B list actor because of his connection with RB, cos she ‘s a joke.
    HC’s lack of confidence will make his pick up the d list actress aka RB cos she is available.
    Does his little sis advise him? They might b all blind in his family.

    Maybe they will break up and HC will find someone worthy who won’t sell their relationship to the paps. He deserves so much better like a self-made woman, not a heiress famous just because of grand-pa and Daddy.

    He is clever so how comes he ends with RB.
    I don’t say she is mean, but she is not clever. she is a dumb cutie. She is not even gorgeous.She is a just cutie among millions.

    Shame, we HC’ fans barely recognize him, he has changed for the worst. He is not true to himself and to his words.

    Wake up guy!U deserve much better.

  37. 37
    celebhores Says:

    i couldnt agree more JMO

  38. 38
    whizbang Says:

    @ #24 – Ugh…in a parking lot of all places to exchange gifts…can we get more getto?…

    What a “discerning” thought/s. Makes me no wonder actually when the seemingly mastermind of it all is not only visually/vertically challenged but obviously a mentally challenged as well.

  39. 39
    Ange Says:

    They look really happy

  40. 40
    katie Says:

    Love it!!!

  41. 41
    celebhores Says:

    Happy becuz his mom is there.

    look at old pics of just them, they dont smile nor look at each other. sometimes rb stares at him though

  42. 42
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#18 – celebhores
    I doubt Jen’s sources are official, she always had her way to get the latest pics. Probably JJ would have not even brought these if he wouldn’t have a slow time around the holidays?

    @#19 – celebhores
    “he will eventually want someone he can have intellectual convo with,”

    WHICH intellect on his side are you talking about? No offense, but when will you (and some others) finally understand that HC has to be just as dumb as his girlfriend/fiancé/whatever is in order to be with her? This boy has no intellect, that was just another side of his fake image. He’s completely naive, just look at his silly smile again in these latest pics.
    And what kind of people start to exchange presents/boots in all public on a street?! How weird is that? And then they are even photographed doing so! Gosh, he has fallen so low…

    @#29 – what the hell!
    I totally agree. This shouts out loud of being yet another tipped off “candid” situation, it’s crystal clear.

    Happy Easter holidays to everyone around here, and a “Thank you” to some people who mentioned me in a friendly way, those will know whom I mean. And VOR, I’m curious, when will you tell me? I just ask now, as it doesn’t seem as if your hero will be around for much longer, you know? ;-) (At least not with a real reason to have a thread about. And the sooner this farce ends, the better, IMO.)

  43. 43
    jane Says:

    Everyone here is so retarded! We were talking here about the lives of two people who never met personally, and they are laughing and happy in Canada! Why you say they are fake and losers? To insinuate that you hate them? This whole world already knows, is not necessary to repeat it everywhere! Not to mention that does not enter this site! :D

  44. 44
    Jamie Says:

    Dosent he look like Samantha Ronson there?lol

  45. 45
    Justmyopinion Says:

    Keep coming back girl whatever some others think. We all have the right to state our opinion. I do understand ur disppointment.
    HC had a lot of potential and he is now doing what Anna Kournikova has done with her career.
    Why dont u create another account on IMDB. U have the right to b there.

    Yeah u r right, his mommy is the only real woman in his life.
    RB is just convenient. She is there, available begging 4 attention. All she can do is to try to win HC’s family attention cos obviously HC is not deep in Love with her.
    I feel sad for her cos everyone deserves to be loved and respected. When a guy is really in love he want the world to know it or least he is affectionate with the loved one. HC doesnt give a s#it!

  46. 46
    blairite Says:

    It looks like that Hay-deign & Rash-chel now “shares” the same official photographers & paparazzi friends as their random pap shots just looks the same – “baloney”. Utterly doubtless as it is!

  47. 47
    Justmyopinion Says:

    It’s not about hate. Indeed how could we hate people we’ve never met/known personnally.
    We’re are just gossiping about actors that we do like or not. That’s all.
    It’ s sad to see that millions make u blind, and don’t make u talented either.

    If we comment here it’ s cos we like chatting with others even we disagree. Is that a crime girl?

  48. 48
    celebhores Says:

    i agree again JMO! =)

    I think since he met her, he has changed. a woman can hve a strong influence on a guy, especially one who is being pushy into starting a family. can u imagine the stress on him? but i think he feels he has an obligation to her. i have seen guys give in, despite not liking the girl.
    if ur raised on respect, and respect towards women, i can see it hard for him to break up, instead he sucks it up, deals with it. besides she gives him plenty of attention (personally i think too much attention).

    but he is choosing to be with her, i had more faith in him, but not anymore.
    if he values privacy, simple, humble life where his family can have peace, why the hell sttle for someone like her?

  49. 49
    ry Says:

    thanks jared. love her

  50. 50
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#36 – Justmyopinion
    I agree that I highly doubt that this is his mother. Looks far too young for Alie, the way she dresses and holds her body, and yes, too thin as well.
    I’m way over pitying HC for being with a famewh*re like RB – as it was his own decision and still is. He could change it every day, but has obviously no intention to do so. And I agree to the person who said he only is with co-stars. That’s more than obvious by now, and if it wasn’t RB it would be another dumb starlet for sure.

    Oh, and RB’s horrible taste in colors with sunglasses must have rubbed off on him, those white ones are just as ugly as the other colored pair he wore recently when he was seen with Tove (weren’t they red or something?). Horrible taste, in simply everybody and everything he chooses to be with/to wear/listen to/movies to star in/whatever.

    @#43 – jane
    You are here as well. No matter if you talk positive or negative, you are still sitting in the glass house with the rest of us, so please stop throwing stones. ;-)

  51. 51
    Justmyopinion Says:

    @celebho #48
    We should have maybe compassion 4 him. It might b so hard for him to get a pretty nice clever girl.
    Maybe they won’t last (cross my fingers). She ‘ll b back to Californication and he will stay in TO with a real girl out off the Hollywood comsuming limelights .

    Yes true he has the choice to pick up another one. But how could he others when she is constantly around.
    He needs to get out like normal people of his age and meet girls with their head on their shoulders.

    We should all pray for him…..otherwise he ll be lost 4ever with that girl

  52. 52
    Justmyopinion Says:

    @celebho #48
    We should have maybe compassion 4 him. It might b so hard for him to get a pretty nice clever girl.
    Maybe they won’t last (cross my fingers). She ‘ll b back to Californication and he will stay in TO with a real girl out off the Hollywood comsuming limelights .

    Yes true he has the choice to pick up another one. But how could he others when she is constantly around.
    He needs to get out like normal people of his age and meet girls with their head on their shoulders.

    We should all pray for him…..otherwise he ll be lost 4ever with that girl

  53. 53
    Justmyopinion Says:

    SORRY 4 double posting

  54. 54
    real observer Says:

    he will never dump her bc he is lonely and insecure, she complements him about his work and know how, not bc he is smart, but bc she is completely ignorant, he does not have to be smart with her or successful, no matter what he does, she is still beneath him, so it makes him feel safe, that is exactly what he wants

    the reason people are posting negative comments is bc here is a guy with great looks, money and potential and becomes a complete disappointment: he does not have a great love/woman in his life and ruined his work prospects, what a waste

  55. 55
    blairite Says:

    “Hopeless Springs Eternal” for Hay- deign as he is just too stupid, too lazy or maybe too rich to care about his nowhere –going career &/or his useless life. Oh well, he could always (co-) write a book and call it “Life Of A Has-Been: The Rise and Fall Of A Star That Never Was”.

  56. 56
    celebhores Says:

    thank u real observer! well put

  57. 57
    celebhores Says:

    thank u real observer! well put

  58. 58
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#45 – Justmyopinion
    Thanks for the kind words. I am not on IMDB anymore as I chose to leave there myself. Had some attacks for saying out loud my opinion about HC after I had “woken up” concerning him already a while ago (as the general opinion of most people about him still was far more positive than now) – and two opened threads about RB’s fashion theft on her board have been deleted within one hour (!), obviously she has much better lawyers than HC, as him you can accuse of being a drug abuser for many days until it finally gets deleted even when reported by other members.
    If I can’t speak the truth somewhere this is not the right place for me and I didn’t feel comfortable anymore, so I decided to leave.

    You seem to have a good heart as you pity everybody, even RB. Believe me, there is nothing to pity. This woman has had years of training how to manipulate people, especially men, she could train it with her (feeling guilty probably for leaving her mom) dad and her older brothers, and now she’s using it with perfection on an (easy) target like HC. What surprises me is that even Alie and siblings seem to fall for her – either they depend on his money or they don’t want to lose him. These are the only two reasons I can imagine that they stay friendly towards a RB.
    BTW, this pic where the woman is kissing her cheek… to me it looks as if RB pulls her head aside somehow – and her smiles are just as fake as usual.

    @#48 – celebhores
    You just seem to do your first few steps on the way of seeing the truth finally concerning this guy. I’ve been through this “experience” myself and wish you good luck. Losing your faith in him might feel bad at the moment, but it’s the right thing to do. I hope you will feel just as “disburdened” some day concerning this guy like I do. Believe me, it’s a very good feeling not to worry about somebody anymore who is so not worth it.

  59. 59
    real observer Says:

    even if by some magic change hc starts making good movies, he will still have this waste of a woman in his life instead of a great love

    Brad Pitt had Jennifer and than Angie, what does hc have, an idiot, hc’s reputation will never amount to anything after this mistake of marrying rb, he will always have a reputation of an insecure lonely guy who married the first costar who said yes. How come it does not bother him that he will not have a great woman by his side, he is only 27 and so insecure.

  60. 60
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#52 – Justmyopinion
    Just a thought: How could any couple who is even married and lives together separate then in your theory? (“Because she’s constantly around”) You seem to be very religious, at least you sound so, and I know, separations and divorces are a very bad thing but they still do happen. And in some cases it’s better, especially if a couple fights so hard that even the children are affected by it (talking in general, not in this case). Before even uglier things happen sometimes a separation is the only way, as sad as it is.
    Don’t fool yourself – HC could end it every minute – in case he wanted to. But as I said, he’d soon be with the next dumbie for sure.

    @#54 – real observer
    Good points!

  61. 61
    schullen Says:

    The cream-of-the-crop Robert Pattinson & the Twilight Cast are also in Canada so why dont Jared bring them up instead of this has-been & never-been who got nothing to promote but their just phony-freaks selves (sickly-puke)?!

  62. 62
    joyce Says:

    anyone know what brand those rainboots are?

  63. 63
    ddd Says:

    I loooooooooooove her~~

  64. 64
    real observer Says:

    bc we are all idiots who are posting all the time, but these 2 losers deserve all these negative posts, it is hard to pass

  65. 65
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#61 – schullen
    Very simple: Because RB is a personal darling of JJ, and he knows he creates lots of comments with these two, so this brings him money (or they even give him a paycheck, too = even more money).

  66. 66
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#64 – real observer
    ROFL ROFL ROFL :lol:

  67. 67
    chauncey Says:

    HE is a tormented soul while SHE has no soul. This is so NOT a good match, soulfully speaking LOL

  68. 68
    Brea Says:

    I don’t understand the negativity, as far as the name calling and stuff goes. Picking on her appearance, calling her ugly etc. But when people call her an attention ***** and call her out for CLEARLY tipping off the paparazzi… is that negative when it’s the truth? It’s way too obvious. Why is it mean and hateful when someone does it to Rachel Bilson who’s practically selling her relationship to the press? But people talk crap about famewhores everyday, she is not an exception. Someone named Hayden needs to put his foot down. Because when she’s not leaking stories to the press when she’s there, she’s having them papped. And that’s not being in love with someone. She’s in love with the attention. She can never sit still while she’s there, ever. There is always something that comes out, she never fails to prove me wrong on that. Should people call her bad names and things like that? No, that’s not necessary. But I say it’s a free for all when it comes to talking about her being an attention ***** because that’s what she is. And Hayden will never have any privacy if he doesn’t either kick her butt to the curb. Or put his foot down and be a man and tell her to knock it off. He’s like her puppet.

    @ smilehexe

    I agree her smiles are fake, they’re for the camera. This is so blindingly obvious it’s actually funny that people think that this could actually be random. but I have a question for you. If you don’t worry about HC anymore, why are you posting in this thread? I’m not trying to be snippy or nasty when I ask this. It’s an honest question.

  69. 69
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#67 – chauncey
    Therefore they both have no brains = PERFECT MATCH. :lol:

  70. 70
    alex Says:

    @haters…who gave you people the right to decide whom hayden should be with??..I beleive he is allowed to have a choice.
    Rachel is cute and they look lovely together. She might not be very talented or a great actress, this dosen’t mean she can’t have a handsome boyfriend. Plus she is a very beautiful girl.
    ..and celebwhore…jeez get a life!!!…You are on this thread as if you have made it a mission of your life to try and make people have bad opinion for bilson…its really pathetic.

  71. 71
    Anakin Says:

    #61 – Robert Pattinson was woefully miscast in Twilight especially with that frankenstein forehead of his, and people say HC is unkept, I read Rob stinks up the set!

  72. 72
    Funkey Says:

    Can someone VOTE these two off the island I think the tribe has spoken. Walk to the dock of loosers, and catch the boat of shame. they are a big joke.

    Love the GETTO remark and SOO true…seems mom is the only one now willing to press out with them it’s mom protecting son most mothers are that way with the youngest son. The mother lion camouflauging her cub from press ***** mongers pap attack. notice the other sibs don’t hang with them anymore. He looks like SAM of the Lohan famewhore group. WHITE GLASSES on a man is So homo sorry but, Not to many real men will wear White glasses. Same with the colon he was pushing the fruit bowl with a hint of what male ego in

    Not to many real people will try on clothing in a parking lot glad she didn’t get mom a pair of pants or sweater. I guess dumb dumb wanted her to try them on so she can return the bday gift if it didn’t fit. guessing that mom has a bday in April as well. See why HC has RB around so he doesn’t have to shop or pic out clothing let I want to be a desigher do it. who’s line failed badly anyway. Uxbridge is not some tourist place where you see all the celebs travel to go hell canada is not the biggest tourest place either most people want a vacation they go to Virgin Islands, France, Italy etc..Toronto is usally not the hot spot. So I vote for the pap tipping

  73. 73
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#68 – Brea
    Call it “entertainment” sometimes, or being bored… plus, the only celebrity I’m really informed about is HC after having been his fan for six (too) long years. I don’t want to talk about people or subjects I’m not well informed about. And I’ve been to DH.Net before, to IMDB, to another fan-board of his. There I’ve met some very nice people, in here as well (yes, I even like VOR, my favorite banter-partner LOL). If I leave here, I’m losing that people as well, and I don’t want to do that. And as I refuse to become a fan of this degree of anybody else ever again after this experience, I can’t just “change the board and start new”. Hope you get what I’m trying to explain. It’s hard to express feelings sometimes…

  74. 74
    jane Says:

    50- I’m not stop ;D

  75. 75
    what the hell! Says:

    @alex-70-. before rachel was he ever gossip talk like he is now? lets face it its hc keeping rb on here and thats the way she likes it. rachey will be hanging on in there now her career is going nowhere.

  76. 76
    Meg Says:

    Hunter boots…every single teenage girl here in Norway is wearing them..

  77. 77
    schullen Says:

    Well I do know you from here and just like the rest, I like you too for your dauntless comments. So just stick around. Anyhow, I fully know that (pap-tipping) as I was just implying / stating the obvious.

  78. 78
    Brea Says:

    @ smilehexe

    Got it.

  79. 79
    chauncey Says:

    @ Therefore they both have no brains = PERFECT MATCH
    AMEN to that!

    @So I vote for the pap tipping…
    Me too or two or three or four and/or so forth LOL

  80. 80
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#77 – schullen
    My “dauntless” comments? Wasn’t that the name of a ship in “POTC”, first part? WOW, I feel like a pirate now! (But I’m in a funny mood today anyway, I just enjoy having some days off work so much!) :-)

    To me your comment #61 didn’t sound like you didn’t get the obvious, don’t worry, it just sounded like a harsh complaint towards JJ, and that you are a supporter of Robert P. of course.

  81. 81
    chauncey Says:

    HC’s career is looks “struggling” (or maybe “over”) too. So he’s stickin it out like a leech with the homely airhead (but) w/ lots of media connections instead (and that’s all she had) – poor sap.

  82. 82
    chauncey Says:

    Oops just ignore the word IS from last comment.

  83. 83
    what the hell! Says:

    @chauncey- yes that is what i was going to say left it to late to change it.but what a shame and a waste on his part though sad to see.doing stuff like this.

  84. 84
    rachels fanblogg Says:

    so beautiful :)

  85. 85
    a fan Says:

    Rachel is cute and I love Hayden he is hot I love this couple they look good can’t wait for the wedding .

  86. 86
    Tiny Says:

    @ 85

    Of course you can’t, because she’ll probably have paparazzi there. So we’ll get to see it all. She’s like an addict. next thing you know his sister Hejsa is going to be papped. This woman just has no sense of privacy.

  87. 87
    lili Says:

    Rachel, I love you :)

  88. 88
    Christy Says:

    When did paparazzi start staking out Uxbridge?

  89. 89
    Justmyopinion Says:

    So is it Mommy christensen or his older Sister. I thbought she was average height. The woman on the pic is as tall as his younger sister.

    Do u seriously think that his older Sis want to get papped. I doubt that she wants to b in the limelight now. She has a normal life with a kid.
    If she does maybe she has caught RBs virus.

    The one who wants to be a model is his younger sis. She is tall but her face is way too average (I don’t say this in a mean way). Maybe she thinks that RB could b possibly a help 4 her someday?

  90. 90
    just visiting Says:

    i think that is his sister, not mother.

  91. 91
    katie Says:

    is his mother

  92. 92
    boyrock oboyma Says:

    Mr christensen,deserve what successes he has similar to hugh jackman.Hayden seems very average.I wish mr christensen the best.

  93. 93
    melissa Says:

    @Christy #89

    sightings of them

  94. 94
    Leah Says:

    That is his mom. Oh my goodness, she’s so thin! Why does Rachel keep having his family papped here? I’m starting to not like her for all this. Keep your photographers in LA, don’t bring them here. It’s like she’s trying to put an exclamation point on it. She just can’t ever stay out of the light. She’s either leaking something or getting photographed while she’s here. Is she protesting too much or what?

  95. 95
    Lauren Says:

    “think he feels he has an obligation to her. i have seen guys give in, despite not liking the girl.
    if ur raised on respect, and respect towards women, i can see it hard for him to break up, instead he sucks it up, deals with it. besides she gives him plenty of attention (personally i think too much attention).”

    I agree, he’s too nice to dump a woman for no good reason (maybe if she can’t be trusted on certain issues but even then it can be hard especially if you’re lonely) especially if he’s also too shy to pursue a woman who shakes him to his core, rocks his world – that kind of chemistry while exciting can be intimidating for both – hopefully he will find a nice way to bow out of dating her, if they are even dating, and move on because if he really is dating her and is as sad as he looks in pics then he would be doing Rachel a favor by moving on.

    He’s still young and some couples get engaged to fix a bad relationship, while other to it to marry and then they marry right away, so you never know, he may meet someone who rocks his world and smile more.

    If that is Rachel then I’m happy for him, he sure does not seem happy with her though.

    I don’t think one could give a sweetie like Hayden too much attention though! hehe! :)

  96. 96
    melissa Says:

    @Christy #88

    sightings of them

  97. 97
    Christy Says:

    @ 93

    In other words they were called.

  98. 98
    Lauren Says:

    Well, I don’t have a problem with them or their publicists calling the paps. I think that all celebrities do that, it’s part of an agents job isn’t it? What’s wrong with publicity?

    I thought actors needed it, so I just see it as part of their ‘job’ which does not always end when a film is wrapped.

    I think it’s neat to get photographed and it does not happen all that often. :)

  99. 99
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    A lot of you saying the smiles look so fake. I cannot agree with you people more! It looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell portrait! Fake and hamming it up once again for the paprazzi and the whole world to see. Rachel thrives on press attention and Hayden’s mom will go along with it b/c she loves her son and will do anything for him just like, Janice or Scary Carrie mom of RB will do anything for Rachy. I believe that is mom. The blonde hair and style. She alway’s wore a blonde bob style haircut. Yes. The stress like I say will make you lose weight instantly. To me Alie looks like she lost about 50 pounds. It can happen and it is probably from what has happened in her marriage.

    Yes. Next we will be seeing pictures of the sister’s. It may be more Kaylen. I agree #89. Kaylen’s face is more average. I don’t see the modeling thing working out for her and I don’t mean that as an insult. Hell. My face is just average looking too and I would not consider myself beautiful either in the face.

    Hey! I love Funky’s comment on the homo looking white sunglasses. Yes! Hayden trying to be the next Elton John? At least Elton John has singing talent and has made a good living for himself and did not settle for Media wh*ring but, worked his butt off! Sorry. The glasses do look”HOMO” sorry to say. Hayden’s and dum dum’s taste in clothes is silly looking at times. Both Hayden and Dum dum have horrible taste in what they like to wear with, the silly hat’s and sunglasses.

    @ Jane,
    Stick and stones will not break my bones child. People are going to have an opinion and Rachel keeps inviting the paparazzi out and obvious to a very small town in Uxbridge, Onterio. I think it is quite obvious Rachel is a media wh*re and I guess Hayden don’t mind. Well…If, Hayden could have had done better with films and could have had sucess and could or had the potiental to be the next Al Pacino, Nicolas Cage or even Seth Rogan who is very funny. If, he was doing well in the film industry he, defiantly would not be giving Rachel the time of day! There! That is my opinion and Rachel has caused people to talk about her b/c of all the media attention she has brought on herself. So people will talk Jane. You may love them and good for you but, not everyone is going to follow your Hayden loves Rachel bandwagon. Geez! :roll:

  100. 100
    Lena 2.0 Says:


    You know some people will say that you can’t tell that he’s sad or uninterested in pics. That you can’t tell anything from pics. I think they do it because it’s convenient. But it’s funny that the same people who say that, will turn around and say things that would indicate that they see something in pics. Are analyzing them and coming to a conclusion based on what they see. In which they would be contradicting themselves, making them full of it. Anyway, I agree with what you said. And what I said before wasn’t directed at you.

  101. 101
    just visiting Says:

    Eh…I look at it from a different point of view. I think that the actors/actresses who go on these CONSTANT publicity stunts do it only because they aren’t getting good roles and their career is going downhill. Therefore, they have to rely on paparazzi to keep their names in the news. An example of these certain celebrities would be those two above in the picture. ; )

  102. 102
    sam Says:

    They look great together

  103. 103
    just visiting Says:

    BTW, my post was in response to Lauren @ 98. : )

  104. 104
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    @ Lauren,
    WTF are you talking about. Go through the JJ archives and you will see how many times Rachel and Hayden have been papped and Rachel even more so. This is more then normal media papping. I think the two have got lazy and now rely on being talked about in gossip blogs then, getting movie work. Of course Rachel is not talented in acting at all. She has brought Hayden to her level. Sad waste of what used to be or had the potienal to be a very good actor!

  105. 105
    toni Says:

    My first thought when I saw these pictures was tacky. Who exchanges gifts in a parking lot? On the bright side at least everyone is smiling even if Rachel’s is fake.

  106. 106
    Tracey Says:

    @ 98

    Are you serious? You don’t use your relationship and your family for PR, unless your relationship is one that’s supposed to be played out it the press. Relationships are sacred, and I always thought Hayden was that type of guy. So unless this is a PR relationship, it’s really disgusting. Like someone said, when she’s not leaking something, she’s being papped when she’s there. If you’re so private, let things be that way, private. Stop playing out the entire relationship for PR purposes unless that’s what it’s for. This isn’t a “job” it’s supposed to be a relationship.

    @ Gasol

    Just because Hayden doesn’t seem to mind, doesn’t mean she should take advantage like that and that it’s right.

  107. 107
    Crystal Says:

    @ 101

    Agreed. I always find it funny when people think that there’s actually so much interest in these two, that the paparazzi will go all the way to a tiny town Canada to get a golden photo op such as this. And call it random, lol. Clearly the relationship is being used to keep one or both in the spotlight because neither is generating heat. That’s amore! LOL.

  108. 108
    ali Says:


    is not random, is JJared buy photos

  109. 109
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lol at jared on the keeper comment
    she looks so so cute!!cutest celebrity in my book
    outfit wasnt anything special but she still looks pretty
    love her red boots lol, makes her look extra cute
    love u rachel!!

  110. 110
    ali Says:

    lol at jared on the keeper comment
    she looks so so cute!!cutest celebrity in my book
    outfit wasnt anything special but she still looks pretty
    love her red boots lol, makes her look extra cute
    love u rachel!!
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  111. 111
    @100 Says:

    TOTALLY agree

  112. 112
    mell Says:


    Love Rachel Love Rachel Love Rachel Love Rachel love Rachel :)

  113. 113
    real observer Says:

    liar, liar, liar, liar

  114. 114
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    @ Tracy,
    Your right. I’m in now way defending Hayden anymore. Rachel is of course taking advantage of him now and now let’s get the rest of the family involved. Tsk. Tsk. If, Hayden want’s to be used Tracy then, that is up to him. Sorry to say. I feel you and know what your saying.

  115. 115
    royal Says:

    You don’t have to be a pap to take a picture of a celeb and sell it to a photo agency. And everyone has a camera with them these days, especially in a vacation community like Uxbridge.

  116. 116
    mell Says:


    Love Rachel Love Rachel Love Rachel Love Rachel :)

  117. 117
    LOL Says:


    It’s a pap. He’s the one always taking pictures of them when they’re there, Todd G. He took pics of them at the farm the last two or three times. So much for your “random person with a camera in a vacation community selling it to a photo agency” theory huh? Todd G works for Splash news. He takes pics of a lot of stars, you can look it up for yourself. He must have been on vacation and happened to have a camera with him, for the third time, lol.

  118. 118
    tiffani Says:

    # 115, I do believe that was a burn. And it’s funny as hell, lmao. Nice try with the excuse though. Vacationer in a vacation community just happening to catch that moment and selling it to a photo agency? Because everyone has camera nowadays? Gold! Maybe you should have checked who the pics were credited to before you said something.

  119. 119
    Angela Says:

    Esses atores vivem c apaixonando!! No Brasil, muitos estão casados até hj, e se conheceram nas gravações. Quem naum c apaixonaria por Hayden? Acho q o dois formam um belo casal! Acho Rachel uma graça.

  120. 120
    Tracey Says:


    Todd G is a paparazzo………

  121. 121
    sidony Says:

    @#105: My first thought when I saw these pictures was tacky. Who exchanges gifts in a parking lot?

    Sure its not the 1st time! The last one when Douchel leaked her “supposed” engagement to just some stranger/co-passenger at the airplane, which happens to have a hotline to Page 6. Sure thing too that anything & everything involving about Douchel would all be summed up as “tacky as hell”!

  122. 122
    monreal Says:

    And after all this time, they still looked like an “asexual” coup-let! Hurrahs for the BFF’s forever and ever amen LOL!

  123. 123
    voice of reason Says:

    Wow(mostly) 120 posts by the same people all over again, You could just save yourself some time and cut and paste your comments, the whole she is a fa***hore, she calls the Paps, she is dragging him down,I don’t like either of them, they are both stupid, Mum will protect son etc I’m sure those of you that type this stuff know who you are.

    What is really funny is that you waste your time doing it-but it is always a laugh when some come on here and type things about “knowing” what 2 people are really like, or what they should do in their lives or what one has done to the other etc I had no idea I was surrounded by expert relationship councillors.

    For those that doubt it-that is Mrs C(I think I may still be able to call her that) but to be fair even I had to look close, as Gasol mentioned she has lost some weight but the hair does sort of give it away.

    As for the Birthday presents just my thought but the brown jumper looks as if it was also bought for Hayden’s mum(Rachel is holding it up against her) and no way would it fit Hayden. I have no idea why they did the whole here are your prezzie thing in a carpark I could speculate and say they just bought them hence the tag still on the boots and the box is not wrapped, maybe the 3 of them had lunch together and they waited to give Alie the gifts afterwards-rather than expecting Alie to change shoes in a resturant/cafe but that’s just my thought.

    @smiliehex I think in one of your post here you used the ‘Hero” in a reply/comment to me please correct me if it was not you, Hayden has never nor ever will be my hero-just a guy I like watching and hoping that he will in the future be given a chance to prove what I believe he can do. As for your question I will let you know, and explain but I don’t feel the need right now, as I’m sure we still have a long way to go.

    Happy Easter to all-drive safe.

  124. 124
    atlqueen Says:

    Why do you guys buy into these two? They are clearly uffing with your heads? It’s so sad to see you guys do this to yourselves. It’s just crazy! But it’s funny cause JJ is laughing all the way to the bank. He may have bought these pics but he did it for a reason. You keep him paid! See, even JJ is selling his soul. Why not hate him?
    And I don’t see the use in either of them using a ‘relationship’ to get more roles. It doesn’t work at all. Just look at Lindsey Lohan. She’s not even considered an actress anymore. She’s just a famous person who doesn’t get paid for it. HC still does two movies a year as he’s always done since he started (please remember that) and RB is a beginner so I have nothing to say about her until I see more. Everyone knows that you don’t need real genuine talent to be in this biz. A cute face and memorizing & pronouncing words will do. Especially, if you like to do your own stunts like HC. Teeny boppers and movie watchers like me keep him alive. That’s all he needs to stay in the game. I think he’s one of those kind that doesn’t need an Emmy, Golden Globe Actor’s Guild MTV or any kind award to live like a lot of actors do. He’ll be fine if he doesn’t act anymore anyway it seems.
    Oh and I believe they spend so much time together because are best friends as well as lovers. In that case it’s actually sort of good that they can be together so much. You know because it’s important to be your spouse’s friend, too you know. You married people should already know that.
    Again I ask, why indirectly support someone you can’t stand? It’s just pointless.
    I’ve said ENTIRELY too much. Lol! I have to go watch repeats of House now. Bye everyone! *Blows a Kiss*

  125. 125
    celebhores Says:

    do u think hc knows she hires paps to take pics in his lilttle town of him and his family?

  126. 126
    G Says:

    @ 99, Gasol

    What happened in Hayden’s Mom(Allie’s) marriage? Don’t hear anything, here in America. Are he’s parents getting divorced? Affair?

  127. 127
    NY GAL Says:

    Finally a new pic of Hayden! Love his smile, he should do it more often! He looks kind of pale, though. More than usual. Celebhores, I was wondering about the same thing! I would think that Uxbridge would be off limits, especially the farm?

  128. 128
    voice of reason Says:

    @ 126 G best not to go there, as much as Gasol/Smiliehex and I love to banter with each other, we have all made a promise not to discuss your question on an open board. To imply and mention a sentence in passing that’s cool.(for instance I have said I think I can call her Mrs C still)

    If either of us was to reply in detail out in the open we would not have kept a promise it would be gloves off and the bullgate will open. I would like to believe that is one thing all 3 can agree with. If you really want to know ask someone in PM and keep it there.

  129. 129
    Smilehexe Says:

    Okay, I’m out again. Just set a long comment which is “awaiting moderation” – as seen too often before. Bye everyone.

  130. 130
    Nina Says:

    I dont care if she is calling the paps or not, i love seeing pics of Hayden. He looks very happy. And dont tell me make up stories like, look, he is not looking to her, they will break up soon, etc. just to ease your mind. They are getting old.

  131. 131
    Justmyopinion Says:

    @Smilehexe #129
    Hey smile, i am sorry to hear that. Maybe some who disagree with u did report you. It’s not fair.U have my email address, email me whenever u want and keep coming back here.

    I guess it’s better not to talk about Mrs C’ spersonal life. I hope I didnt break the rule.
    Did u report Smilehexe? If u did, It’s not cool. But I guess u haven’t.

  132. 132
    alex Says:

    Rachel is cute..
    Hayden loves her…the way he is looking at her while his mother is giving her a peck..he surely adores her.,and why not??..she is cute, pretty, looks sexy when required, and is a very warm person. She has a great sense of humor( saw that in her interviews esp. with raig Ferguson) she is not atypical of those like Paris, Lindsey, Kardashians etc etc…
    All of you who think know so well about what is going on in Hayden’s mind are simply wrong. I understand you hate her….okay she is not the best actress in Hollywood..I agree. But that does not mean u will call her names and disgrace her…she whom u dont know personally!!
    This is ridiculous and disgusting. How can you people have so much hate for an unknown person!!…THINK!!!..whats wrong with you guys..just give her a break….what she does whom she’s with..whether she is working or not…if she and Hayden are going to break-off or stay together..what has that got to do with you?????

    P.S…last night this topic was posted wayyyy below…and now again its on page one!!!!..

    Hey Jared,…I’m curious…Do you really get paid for the threads and comments???…If yes..then man you owe a LOT to Bilson…and yes..not forgetting Smilehexe, the”real” observer and celebhore…ahhh ain’t they the sweetnesss…

  133. 133
    alex Says:

    @atlqueen #124…. absolutely correct. Could not agree more. Its as simple as that. They love each other. May not be the top league actors but still earn more in a week than most of the “axis haters” will ever earn in a year.
    About tipping the paps,,, happens..every celebrity does that..offcourse paps do not have a CIA satellite that they always know where a celebrity is. But the get tipped by the agents and managers of these celebrities. This was agreed by Naomi Watts in an interview with Craig Kilborn. Even Megan Fox agrees that it was her manager who pinned the “next Angelina” story for her.

    So axis of evil….take a chill pill and relax. You commenting on and on on her or saying hateful stuff wont do you any good or do her any bad.
    So stop forcing your mind to come up with trying-hard-to-be-sarcastic-remarks on her and Hayden and get a life!!

  134. 134
    voice of reason Says:

    @131 JMO- the comment was not posted about Mrs C by Viper it was from G(@126) so I can only assume you stuffed up or to add interest both Viper and G are one in the same and you are playing backup, or maybe all 3.

    Smiliehex have no idea why the whole “awaiting moderation” thing happens to both you and Gasol. 18 months/1 year maybe I could understand Gasol to be honest did not think she could post a sentence without swearing, but there seemed to be no problem at JJ with it.
    I cannot for the life of me remember any swear word that you did smilie, and if you did I should have marked it down as a very rare experience.
    I also thought that at JJ there were no rules layed down, so maybe it’s a phrase that has been used or maybe they only allow X amount of posts in X amount of time. I have no idea what you typed your the only one who knows, funny though that you could still type afterwards-maybe contact JJ and ask why?

  135. 135
    Justmyopinion Says:

    #VOR #131
    I didn’t know that Gasol and Viper were the same person.I
    Actually I thought your other name is Viper . I thought that u did report Smilie cos u always fight here….but I see than u clever than that.

    I think we should only report people when they use really offensive words and not because we disagree with them. Smilie isn’t a rude person and u r not either.

    I just have screen name no other one here.

  136. 136
    stacy Says:

    Isn’t it funny that these two have 135 comments so far, like they’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Guys, I realize that it’s upsetting to some of you that they are together, but I think you spend way too much of your time worrying about it, you know? I love Hayden and all, but he (and his girlfriend) are really not THAT interesting.

  137. 137
    shaCHEER11 Says:

    come on, some of you guys are being kinda harsh. youre saying that she is holding him back from his “career”, well hes the one that has to find the work to put his career in motion. some are saying it wont last because she gets “around”, the only other person i know that she was in a relatioship with was adam brody and that last almost 4 years, so she can do the committment thing. even though i think she was way happier with adam and i liked him better, i think Hayden and Rachel can work if they try.

  138. 138
    celebhores Says:

    in regards to theses pics, i conclude:

    1. they were ordere by RB. what paps are randomly hanging around uxbridge?…a parking lot? looks staged, i mean who does gift exchange in a parking lot especially someone who is private?
    there r lots of hot celebs in toronto right now, why waste time on these two? Rb needs attention, she cant stay out of the spotlight too long.

    2. i find it disresectful and of bad taste for her to pull a stunt like this.bringing his family into this. i wonder if hc even knows. for all we know she told him she got the ring from fashionweek but insinuates to us its from hc. (i know its a long shot, but possible)

    3. we will see more by hc bday. she wil make sure pics r taken of them together.

    4. remember she wore a gold band not long ago, she saw she drummed up hype, so now flaunts a rock.

    5. hc is a moron

    6. is that hc mom? maybe. compare her ring to other pics. i know hejsa looks so much like her

    7. rb gets what she wants….this means she will do whatever it takes. even making good with the family.

    8. hc is opening a box with a sweater. meaning he wont see his mom or whoever on his bday. meaning he now dumps his family and friends(i bet he wont go riding like he used to) for this beotch.

    9. hc is a moron

    10. rb sinking to new low & bringing his quiet, private family into the limelight of gossip. if it wernt for rb, hc and his family would have peace. he must really be blind to put her b4 family

  139. 139
    monreal Says:

    Oooh… really… well… zzzzzz… ok times up… so next? What another hater? Jeeez still “cant” really beat them up so far & as usual here LOL

  140. 140
    cheap publicity hos Says:

    “what is up with all the haters?”
    You obviously think only your opinion is valid.
    Some people who aren’t stupid like you and don’t buy PR bulls*it.

  141. 141
    voice of reason Says:

    @135 JMO(I’m thinking not the real one-or maybe trying to hard to cover up from your silly mistake) I hope for you Gasol does not come in here and read your message I would start running if I was you.

    Or you could try to make things right by just saying sorry, admit you got caught out and take your “friends” someplace else, because you have just annoyed both sides. BTW “we” should report people who only use offensive words—who are we? cause it sure as heck ain’t me.

    Can’t wait to read the next 30 posts–till later all, I have a movie to watch.

  142. 142
    gay Says:

    I keep hearing that Hayden is gay and that girl is his beard.

  143. 143
    ha ha ha Says:

    @ 138 You must be a teenager to come up with reasons like this to rationalize why pictures are taken of these two, lol!

    They both disappeared after voting in early November, she reappeared for a week or so before Christmas, then disappeared again until Jan. 31st this year when she and Hayden were photographed in LA by her car. There was a picture of them in November in Canada on a lift watching some construction being built. That is alot longer than 3 weeks to be gone, this is not the first time she and Hayden have been gone, its about the 4th or 5th time.

    The fact that they are opening gifts in a parking lot is no one’s business but theirs as to why, and it is not so unusual, if you want to be sure the size is right, or you went out to eat and this is when you see the person. Why would they “stage” photos of mom with her backside bent over to put all over the internet? Thats why these pictures do look random to me, who would want to embaress their mom like that? Maybe they did call the paps, who cares? It was 4 years ago when Hayden “went riding” for his birthday, and you have no idea what he will do on his birthday! He is engaged now, I’m sure he would rather be with Rachel, it does not mean he can’t be with other family/friends as well, if he chooses to. And to think he doesn’t know what a diamond ring on Rachel’s left finger means is absolutely hilarious! They are engaged because he gave her the ring, they don’t have to confirm the obvious! He is not brain dead!

    You really ought to find something else to occupy your mind with, obsessing over these two like this is moronic! You won’t change anything by constantly posting nonsense about them, I hope you get over the fact they are together soon.

  144. 144
    voice of reason Says:

    Sorry just read Celebhores comments this should be fun I’m going to answer them point by point–yeah I am bored but this could be more fun than the movie on TV:
    1. Because RB did not call them or are you trying to tell me that paps could sell a carpark shot(all 8) for more money than other celebs in Toronto, although I think you stuffed up and should have said Vancover cause Twilight stuff is all over the place.

    2. You are right so much of a long shot–not even worth the comment to reply.

    3. I hope so more things for the haters to type about, thus more photo’s to look at, but if it does not happen I will remind you.

    4. RB also wore the gold band with Adam and if you followed the threads more close you would know that both sides have sort of agreed the ring is a mute point and something she just wears on both hands and ever since Hayden was asked about(and knew what they were talking about) she has not worn it since-guess Hayden put his foot down.

    5. I see lots of moron’s around here-you are heading into the top 5. Thankfully for you some idiots posted before you and took the lead.

    6. Yes for the last time it’s Mrs C, maybe you have never seen her picture quite that way-she has lost weight but the hair is a dead giveaway, when you go back and look at other shots.

    7. BF/GF always try to make good with family, especially if both know how important family are to each other maybe you are from a different planet?

    8. Go back check the photo’s HC opens a box with the boots in them/RB pulls out the sweater and places the sweater back in the blue bag.

    9. You already said that must be running out of things.

    10. HC’s family with exception of father(who is there sometimes but not normally photographed) have always attended events and had pictures taken, where have you been celebhore for the last 7 years-your point about RB invading privacy is very mute, although it was red carpet events the family does not seem to have a problem-why do you?

    Looking forward to reading your pathetic backlash

  145. 145
    kt Says:

    I think these photos are staged because they all look stupid trying on bad looking rain boots in a parking lot. I think Rachel and Hayden are making fun of the photographer who was following them around. All three of them look like idiots with their bad looking rain boots on in a parking lot.

  146. 146
    voice of reason Says:

    @143 Ha Ha Ha I actually was happy that I was sitting down when I read your post finally someone else other than the very few can post with logic-THANK YOU.

  147. 147
    some fans are morons Says:

    “voice of reason”,
    You are a moron, too stupid for Hollywood publicity games.

  148. 148
    ha ha ha Says:

    @ 146 Your welcome.

  149. 149
    voice of reason Says:

    @147 please if you are going to say something don’t hide behind a cover name makes you look both a moron and stupid.

  150. 150
    schullen Says:

    @#138 – they were ordere by RB. what paps are randomly hanging around uxbridge?…a parking lot? looks staged,..
    - More/Most likely. They’re probably missing (mis)acting infront on a real film shooting as they’re not getting any these days that’s why they’ve converted their pap opps into a stage play augmented w/ an addtl. support aka family member for some sort of realistic touch. Keep on trying so damn hard LOL

  151. 151
    voice of reason Says:

    It’s been fun but must leave for now–celeb the stage is yours get some “friends” to post like you normally do-I’ll see ya later, have fun but remember don’t make silly mistakes they come back at you.

  152. 152
    juniper Says:

    @136 – but he (and his girlfriend) are really not THAT interesting… Truly is that a (grating) tandem of “lamp post & a garbage can” would never ever find/see the light of day.

  153. 153
    whodie Says:

    So which is which?!
    That she’s too dwarfed for him or he’s too towering for her. Remind me of “Yoda & Jar Jar Binks”.
    Tsk… what a dreadful match-up and must rightfully belongs to another galaxy.

  154. 154
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:

    (The “Genuine” One)

    Just wondering for now, if Barkson would pull again this kind of PDA…
    And what would she use this time around, a “high chair or a step-up ladder”?! That show “America’s Funniest Home Videos” instantly came into my mind – lol!

  155. 155
    cLIARE Says:

    How come everyone is hating on Rachel Bilson? I don’t get it she seems like an adorable nice girl. It makes no sense where all this hating is coming from.
    Anyways they seem like a cute couple.

  156. 156
    melissa Says:


    the pic is soo cute

  157. 157
    David Says:

    Rachel was dressed like my sister when she stays home to do her household. Her mother looks like mine when she’s shopping at the supermarket. Hayden is lean and pale, maybe more than before, who knows, he’ll end up like me lol.

    VOR is right, Hayden is an ordinary boy with an ordinary gf and an ordinary family … His movies are void. That can’t explain why why he still has fans.

    They’re not married, she’s not pregnant, there’s nothing new. They came to buy boots for his mother (Alie, Ally, Allie?), probably because she’s at the farm with them and that hers were out of order. Exciting … Hayden smiles because his mother accepts the funny boots. Sensational! I never smiles to my mother…

    You’re surely right, they’re not going to break up soon, I don’t know any guy who wants to bother his mother with a ‘just one day’ girl.

    Nothing+crap = bored. See you on an interesting thread, Nina.

  158. 158
    Lola Says:

    “How come everyone is hating on Rachel Bilson?”
    Rachel is a cheap publicity ho.
    Hayden is gay, Hollywood expects him to have straight public image.

  159. 159
    me Says:

    That’s the girl can’t no job running behind him.She should keep self at home where belong.They are not engage or nothing else for that matter. Just using him.Hayden ought to make her stay home so he can get back to his work. Shhe can’t stoy him from doing what he want to do. Rachel is Stupid for thinking that he is going help her career. And jj you just as crazy as rachel for promoting her and other too.That is not rachel ‘s house and i will be glad when this relationship breaks up and i hope it be soon.You all ought to know that ‘re not engage or anything else. She still begging for amovie to be in. Why don’t you called it what it is.She is not moving to canada like she said.She dumb looking for a break in showbiz anyway she can.She will sleep with anybody to do.She already cheating with other guy. Why you make look good all the time.? She trouble like other girls too.Her being hayden is not going to make me like this site any better. Stop saying that’s her house when she don’t live in canada. Stop putting her on your site for people to see her make a total ass out herself.Cause that’s what’s he;’s doing and for thepublic. Need to find her job indstead running behind a man all the time.

  160. 160
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    Take a good look. I hate to bring up Natalie again. Believe me. I don’t wish Natalie for Hayden. She can do way better! :D

    @ Jane, Saying you HATE Natalie and think she is ugly. Geez! No wonder why you love RB so much! Rachel’s bad acting, horrible voice and average in looks tell’s me, you can accept her. Oh! It would drive you nut’s and you could not handle it if, Hayden was dating Natalie could you?

    Natalie has done a lot of charity work and not alway’s pictured in the gossip blog’s doing mindless shopping. She is actively involved with FINCA. Has her vegan shoe line and I wish I could afford a pair of her shoes to support her cause and all her proceed’s are donated to charity. Natalie may be seen out and about wearing no makeup but, heck! She looks a lot better then me and probably better then most of us posting here!

    Rachel’s Jergen’s natural glow skin promotion thing to support skin cancer is a total joke. It is a tanner that has accelerator’s in the cream, Accelerator’s is just as bad for one’s skin as the tanning bed’s. She is supporting skin cancer with this cream?! OMG! I would love to see this one explain how she is supporting skin cancer with sponsering a tanner cream with accelerator’s that are just as bad for one’s skin as the tanning bed’s? Rachel’s mind as equal to the 2 grader I, would love to see her try to explain herself. LOL!

    Oh! @ Vor. Funny you alway’s accuse me of being someone else or 2 people posting on the board when I happen to agree with what they say or find their comment funny. Gee….You like to think your so intelligent but, is that the best accusation your brillant so called mind can only come up with? Hard for you to believe a lot of people don’t care for your prom queen. Get over yourself. One can accuse you of being Jane then. After all…You hate Natalie Portman too right?

    Let’s see if I get moderated. Probably will too. :roll:

  161. 161
    melissa Says:

    That’s the girl can’t no job running behind him.She should keep self at home where belong.They are not engage or nothing else for that matter. Just using him.Hayden ought to make her stay home so he can get back to his work. Shhe can’t stoy him from doing what he want to do. Rachel is Stupid for thinking that he is going help her career. And jj you just as crazy as rachel for promoting her and other too.That is not rachel ’s house and i will be glad when this relationship breaks up and i hope it be soon.You all ought to know that ‘re not engage or anything else. She still begging for amovie to be in. Why don’t you called it what it is.She is not moving to canada like she said.She dumb looking for a break in showbiz anyway she can.She will sleep with anybody to do.She already cheating with other guy. Why you make look good all the time.? She trouble like other girls too.Her being hayden is not going to make me like this site any better. Stop saying that’s her house when she don’t live in canada. Stop putting her on your site for people to see her make a total ass out herself.Cause that’s what’s he;’s doing and for thepublic. Need to find her job indstead running behind a man all the time.

  162. 162
    TIFFANI Says:


    Natalie Portman can do way better with Sean Penn, HE’S MARRIED

  163. 163
    Lily Says:


    Ha Ha nice try, but the words NOT TRUE spelled in caps are also in the very next sentence. The story was fabricated by Star and even JJ knew it was a total HOAX.

  164. 164
    TIFFANI Says:


    Ha Ha Ha

  165. 165
    NY GAL Says:

    You people crack me up! Where in the world do you come up with all these scenarios? Celebhores, I love your imagination! I’m not being sarcastic. You’re so funny! Did you ever figure out if Hayden knows who is tipping the paps?

  166. 166
    H Says:

    BAHAHHAHA. You guys need lives if you’re “uncovering” this much about celebrities. Alright, you don’t like them now move on, negative merchants.

  167. 167
    antwacky Says:


    That not only LOL but more so like LMAO / ROFL!!!

  168. 168
    voice of reason Says:

    Gasol was not saying in my last post that was you with multiple names, someone else said they thought you and Viper were one in the same.

    As for Natalie she was caught going to the gym, walking around etc so she gets caught as well. Seeing as you are such a big Natalie fan you should know that her vegan shoe line was folded around 5/6 months ago with the original company and the shoes were not a great seller, probably to expensive. As I already told you I don’t dislike Natalie just normally don’t have anything to say about her. I’m glad you don’t want Hayden anywhere near her, Natalie seems to like guys that are a bit strange, but heck that’s her private life.

    As for your comment towards Jane–guess the same could be said for you, it does drive you nuts to think Rachel and Hayden are together that’s why you waste so much time talking about her. Do you spend the same amount of time on a Natalie board typing highly of her or do you spend all your time bagging someone you hate. Be honest Gasol it’s easy to check to see who you really are obsessed with.

  169. 169
    reedley Says:

    @156: the pic is soo cute
    Yeah right… what a cute “maniac/psycho looking kisser” she is!

    @158: Rachel is a cheap publicity ho.
    Its “fully noted & well documented”.

  170. 170
    voice of reason Says:

    @169 it’s “fully noted & well documented” by which publications?Can you provide a link that says she is a publicity ho. Or are you just saying that some people here keep typing things that way?

    Guess you must be real fond of Lohan/Syrus/Effron and all the other people that hit the gossip areas everyday and are talked about 24/7 not to mention share the story on open accounts for all to see and then complain/express that they are not taken seriously as an actor.

    Tell me do you go to their boards and call them the same? or do you just jump on the bandwagon here?

  171. 171
    voice of reason Says:

    Sorry typo meant to spell Cyrus.

  172. 172
    p Says:

    I still love Adam&Rachel more.

  173. 173
    ocsethummer Says:

  174. 174
    ocsethummer Says:

  175. 175
    Nina Says:

    Hi, preffered non fan. Until the thread comes where she becomes pregnant. That would be very interesting, maybe up to more than 500 post, LOL.

  176. 176
    Nina Says:

    I mean preferred.

  177. 177
    Jessica Says:


    Are they really exchanging gifts in the parking lot?!?! Oh, my God. Who with any good taste and decorum actually does that?! Even if you didn’t want to do that in a restaurant or cafe, you would arrange somewhere else other than a parking lot to give the person their gifts. It shows a lack of respect for the person receiving the gifts. It’s like ‘I can’t be bothered to work with you to arrange a time to give you your gifts when you’re more comfortable and can actually enjoy it.” I have only one thing to say to that: ‘Hey, Jeff! Got a new joke for you! You might be a redneck if… exchange gifts in a parking lot.’

    I agree with the people who say this was staged. The whole thing is too attention getting. Either it’s staged or they are total morons for doing something like that so publicly after having to know about the paps “following” them around doing nothing but everyday things. They would be more sensitive and on their guard. And, since it has happened up there before, they wouldn’t have let their guard down up there. There’s someone up there taking their pics practically every time they are there. They would KNOW that by now. So, they are either total idiots, tipping the paps or both. My money’s on they’re both. It does seem like a desperate (too desperate at that) attempt to drum up interest in a stone cold careers for both of them. They need to just finish it. Drive the final nail into the coffin, lower it into the ground and cover it with dirt.

  178. 178
    reedley Says:

    As I was stated before only a bunch of “Talentless HO’s would do that.
    Look back all their threads here… it all “fully noted & well documented”. LOL

  179. 179
    voice of reason Says:

    @177 Jessica you are trying so hard to fit in with the bandwagon, it’s a pity that you can’t except that perhaps a valid reason for exchanging gifts was practical to them. As for your “every time” guess 3/4 times in 2 years is what rednecks call everyday. But that would explain your comments I guess–you can’t think.

    @reedley as “noted and documented” by a bunch of people who spend way to much time here bagging someone they have never met, and just for the record some here shock, horror actually use multiple names, not to mention join the bandwagon and lie out of their teeth-nice company to keep. Congrats to you.

  180. 180
    Jessica Says:


    You’re hilarious! If you think that was an insult, wow, are you in sore need of a good one. And, have you evver heard of the phrase ‘broken record’ because you sound like one when someone doesn’t agree with YOUR point of view and then you call them an idiot. Hey pot, nice to meet you since this is a massive case of the pot calling the kettle black. Let just agree to disagree and leave it at that, shall we? LOL

  181. 181
    Jessica Says:

    Sorry. I meant “ever.” My typo.

  182. 182
    monreal Says:

    @ 173 & 174
    Poor you… as you ( or anyone from outdoors) would never ever
    witness those kind of OC (that looks) genuine & sweetest thang moments from these Jumper hermaphrodites unless everyone would want to cringe or puke LOL!

  183. 183
    voice of reason Says:

    @ Jessica you are one of many that makes me laugh “broken record” at around 160 something comments about Rachel does this, Rachel does that, Hayden must be stupid etc-I assume you can understand, ALL would fit your thought of broken records perfect.

    Bunch of people that throw rocks in a glass house and don’t like it much when someone actually stands up and throws it back and has a thought that goes against the bandwagon. Nah you don’t get to suggest we agree to disagree-it would take to much original thought on your part, and so far in your comments I can’t find one, just the same silly comments that most here post with blinkers on because they just can’t accept what is right in front of them. It’s been 2 years get over it Jessica HB/RB are together–go find some hot single guy you can gush over. Because you can’t possibly tell me you only found this board out of some obsession with PR and if by chance that is why you are here I really do feel sorry for you.

  184. 184
    reedley Says:

    Keep em coming … dont mind some computer-generated bulls/trolls around here, rag threads like these are infected by them every now & then. Just chillax &/or even cheers on your post.

  185. 185
    voice of reason Says:

    Reedley tsk tsk are you bad-mouthing the bandwagon which display the true idea of the word trolls? Or is that the smartest thing you can type- BTW how long have you been here cause the trolls have been doing this for 2 years, I assume that you do know the definition of the word Troll.

  186. 186
    s Says:

    If Rachel can move on from Adam to Hayden, why cant you?

  187. 187
    voice of reason Says:

    @186 not sure who that was aimed at but it would not be me I’m pro Hayden and whoever he chooses to be with. Seems to me the doubters are the ones that have a problem with Hayden and Rachel.

  188. 188
    s Says:

    @Voice of Reason
    Oh, that was for P or Adam and Rachel shippers.

  189. 189
    mary Says:

    no gifts, the boots and the box is not wrapped

  190. 190
    Isabella Says:

    Natalie Portman & Sean Penn! Yuck.
    Natalie and Sean are both *****, Sean Penn still married to Robin Wright

  191. 191
    Nina Says:

    Thanks for the info, well, let us just wait and see.

  192. 192
    Mary Says:

    The entire board are trolls. Both for and against this “couple.”

  193. 193
    Jessica Says:


    Apparently you didn’t get the point (which goes to show who truly is the silly and idiotic one) Considering that….I’m done with you. I’m not going to argue with a hypocrite and an idiotic one at that. It’s beneath me. Consider yourself dismissed and ignored.

  194. 194
    David Says:

    You’re welcome. Wait and see.

  195. 195
    Kim Says:

    Hayden looks happy and cute.

  196. 196
    David Says:

    I look sad and ugly. It’s an average.

  197. 197
    Gasol_fan16 Says:

    @ Isabella,
    Your the biggest imbecile on this board posting that rubbish on Natalie Portman. If, you actually took the time and bothered to read the whole thread on this. At the end of the thread JJ wrote,
    “NOT TRUE!” Natalie was with a fellow Harved pal Rashida Jones and Sean and Dustin Lance Black and two other pals happened to be at the hotel at the same time having dinner and Natalie just joined Sean Penn’s group! Before spreading rubbish learn how to read more carefully. Besides, I heard that Natalie Portman and mega hunk Ryan Gosling may be or have started dating. Ryan Gosling finally came to his senses and dumped that fugly prude Rachel McAdam’s. Anyway, Nice try Isabella or should I call you VOR? I know you hate Natalie so much.

    Whatever if it was gift’s excanged or not. It still looked totally staged for the paparazzi and Alie putting on her new rain boot’s on in the parking lot. I won’t be as nice about it as Jessica was. Now, Alie has resorted to go along with this media PR wh*ring cr*p too? Ridiculous. All three look like Redneck white trash! Yes. This was in my opinion was in bad taste.

    Vor, You make me laugh. You have been around a lot longer then 2 years trolling about. You hated Lola Skye and could not stand Sienna Miller and trashed them verbally. What are you now? Rachel’s hired PR? Come on? She can’t be paying you that much to make an **** out of yourself?!

    Funny artical David. Hayden and Rachel are so busy right now with many project’s ahead of them and too busy to get married right now. LOL! Hayden is doing what? VT went strait to DVD. NYILY has been held back twice for a release date. Dead Bone was changed to Taker’s and this movie sounds like it will go strait to DVD and Rachel is relying on media wh*ring and Hayden is following her lead. What the f*ck do I care if they together or not? I don’t give a rat’s ****. If, Hayden want’s to make a waste of his life with a media wh*ring d-lister wannabe actress. Then go for it buddy! LOL!

  198. 198
    David Says:

    LOL! I love your reply.
    Indeed, you’re surely right about everything. I always appreciate your insight.

    I copied this link to inform my friend Nina about what I’ve found. Maybe Hayden and Rachel are really busy doing something we don’t know: the finishing of their farm, her TV cooking show…

    I think they probably want to wait until autumn or spring for their wedding because they prefer these seasons.

  199. 199
    nope Says:

    I’m sure they will want a huge wedding so she can sell the photos to Parade or Page 6 or People magazine to underwrite the costs of the huge event. JJ will follow her around Hollywood when she goes back in a couple of weeks as she shops for her dress. We will have ENDLESS PICTURES OF HER SHOPPING and Hayden carrying the bags, because that is what he will do for the rest of his life. It will be the most garish and grossly overdone celebrity wedding of the 21st century, which will be a send off towards reality tv/cooking show they will do from their ‘farm’ (they grow MUD) to attempt to revive their completely DEAD CAREERS. These are two of the most talentless people in Hollywood who have nothing left but their private lives to exploit. She can’t act and he is a lump on camera.

    And when she gives birth to the inevitable puppies, Hayden will carry the diaper bag and be Mr. Rachel Bilson because he is now NOTHING, while she presses herself out with the kid. It would be sad if it weren’t so funny.

  200. 200
    real observer Says:


    i so agree with what you are saying, how sad that hc diminished himself to this, most likely natalie and sienna were not interested in him bc they knew that about him, he is obviously boring and stupid if he can spend 2 years with rb and be inseparable, HOW SAD

  201. 201
    let it go.... Says:

    I actually find it very freeing – like others have said, we have now gotten to see the TRUE hayden.

    I think the reason most were surprised that he’s with her is because he always gave off the image that he would love to end up with someone who was quite intellectual and a strong person in their own sense. Then he ends up with someone the total opposite of that – who shops all day and nothing else. Not exactly doing much for the Women’s Movement – I mean, she doesn’t even stand on her own as doing much. Everything she’s done seems to be gained through someone else getting her foot in the door.

    But please remember, theyr’e not the sh!t – it’s not like they’re the measure for what “great” people are. They’re not the best-looking people in the world – most of it is make-up and lighting.(& hype) And yes, while they can be considered good-looking by the media, you must remember that all people have different definitions of beauty. Plus it’s not like they’re the best actors in Holywood – they are actually 2 of the worst. Whether you say its due to lack of chances or elsewise, that is the way they are perceived in the industry at the moment.

    I guess what i’m saying is don’t hold EITHER them in such high regards – whichever you’re a fan of. Remember, theyr’e human too – it’s just that I see so much hate being spread on the boards, and I sense it may be due to feeling inferior in some way? I may be wrong. Nothing they do is in anyway better than any of us – we all have relationships, have “intimacy”, have problems…

    Just except what’s happening and let it go – there’s nothing that any of us can do about it.

    Your anger/annoyance about it will not be heard by either of them.

  202. 202
    shucks Says:

    I see Hayden is now just as into having his picture taken while shopping as his media-loving bff is. Tjhis is Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt 2.0 except that they have a little more sincerity and a lot more taste than these pathetic losers. What a disgusting sight, that all they can do now is get their pictures taken while shopping. Hayden once had pretentions to a career but that’s over now. She never did after the OC wrapped. She is exactly the character she played and that’s all she can do but high school is over now. She’s just another pushing-30 starlet who wanted more but can only look forward to pushing out the babies and getting her picture taken at the supermarket.

  203. 203
    Megan Says:

    celebhores..and all you other RB bashers need lives! First off, don’t put Brad/Jennifer and Angelina in the same catagory because Angie is a home wrecker! Every guy she’s been with was already with another woman! Do your research.. At least RB broke up with AB for quite awhile before she started going out with HC, she happens to be a very smart woman and very nice to talk to. Did it ever occur to you jealous insecure girls that HC is obviously in love with RB or he never would have proposed to her in the first place. They’re not 17 year old kids, they’re 27 and probably want to have a family in the near future, there’s nothing wrong with that!..I never bothered reading every single comment because frankly I don’t have that kind of time on my hands but girls like you is what makes guys cringe and leave you after they realize just how insecure you really are! BTW..HC is not that attractive..jmo..I’m Canadian and proud of it, and I’m glad they’re moving here, there’s nothing wrong with Uxbridge, it’s a very nice place as well as Toronto or the celebrities wouldn’t be here all the time, as this just so happens to be Hollywood North! and they love it here. Did it ever occur to you that they probably had to go somewhere and figured they’d meet there and then do what they had to do and leave. How old are you girls anyway? You all act like 2 year olds, grow up!..HB is no doubt not getting any roles since he’s not that great of an actor to begin with! You don’t know these people personally, so I don’t understand how you can sit there and judge her. Why do you care who HC is with, it’s not like he’ll ever get with any of you! They both are happy and in love with each other and that’s what counts! End of story!!

  204. 204
    @#204 Says:

    HB? Do you mean Hayden Bilson?

  205. 205
    Not Says:

    @206 LOL Good one!

    He will soon be Mr. Rachel Bilson anyway, not because she will be working and he won’t, but because she will still be having her picture taken with the children while shopping and that’s the most time she’ll ever get on camera– but it’s more than he’ll get. He will never work in anything much again: zero talent, bad attitude, ruins every film he’s in since SG. HB is a bad joke.

  206. 206
    celebhores Says:

    jenn took down these pics. wonder why

  207. 207
    celebhores Says:

    oh and this story is a “feature ” story on JJ. boy rb must have paid a fortune!!

    cant wait to see hc bday pics

  208. 208
    atlqueen Says:

    You confuse me sometimes…..

    @some people in here
    What’s the deal with everyone in here. I’m still trying to figure out why you all think Hayden’s career is going downhill. He did ONE movie that went to DVD. Please explain to me why that is so bad. Everyone has done it. Either the movie tanked or it just went to DVD. Even Will Smith did it in the height of his career. He’s got a movie coming out with your homegirl (Natalie Portman). If that movie goes bad it’s because of all the other 158 actors in it (also directing or producing) including him. It’s got so many people in it I doubt HC will even stand out. So be careful when you mention NYILU. Takers has an Emmy award winning actor in it not to mention Chris Brown and T.I. I know those two aren’t going down the best road right now but before all that you have to admit, they were pretty hot before they wrapped( I don’t mean sexy or anything). And Paul may not be the best actor but D@MN that man is gorgeous. Teen girls flock to gorgeous men. It’s the reason his movie was #1 this week. He’s doing Quantum Leap (or whatever that ish is called) and those three don’t include the rumors cause that’s all they are RUMORS. Now I think it’s clear that Hayden is definitely doing okay in the biz. Enough with the bull about his career. It isn’t doing the greatest but my God it isn’t tanking. When we see him working with a bunch of nobdies in a badly made movie then by all means take that route. I won’t say ish. But right now the guy likes having a life which is why he only does two movies a year. He has not changed that. That’s just you guys looking for more than he ever gave. Don’t hate me I’m just stating what’s right in your face. If you want more and better I suggest you stalk someone else and their fiancee.
    I wasn’t going to say anything about them changing shoes in the parking lot but…… I wouldn’t do it. I don’t know them or the kind of people that they are so…… They just may be THAT comfortable. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was staged though. I thought paps normally responded to a newborn baby or someone going completely downhill like LL or the former crazed Brittany. Not boring crap like this. Then again I just might be the naive one, who REALLY knows but them.

  209. 209
    ccrapshack Says:


    That was “classic”. And no matter what happens, the activist/haters will ceaslessly lives on.

  210. 210
    voice of reason Says:

    @ Gasol sometimes I wonder if you are all there, you read way to much into things(sometimes totally incorrect), and take things explained to you and either erase them from your mind, or don’t wish to talk about it. Sorry I did forget you are a Natalie fan and know everything about her–NOT, but spend more time here, and again I must remind you I don’t dislike Natalie, just have nothing to say about her. I really don’t see your need or others to bring her up here-I assume Natalie must have threads to–take your devotion over to it I’m sure people would love to see photo’s of her. Yes it has been longer than 2 years discussing things with you seems to be an eternity, wish I could go back and not defend you when we first met.

    BTW I’m flattered to have you think that Rachel must pay someone half a world away to post PR for her. Geez I thought her PR people were located in LA. Gasol seeing as you think I do, can you tell me how much money I should be getting, cause my bank account is not showing any profit from typing here.

    Jessica-thank you for dismissing me, perhaps now I can do the same to your posts until you can actually think and type at the same time.

    David-that report was a good laugh, almost as good(can’t remember who posted it) as the one about the paps at Rachels house with Hayden in the yellow convertable that has never been papped-but yet 20 cars with camera’s park outside.

    ATL–Celebhores just changes the story to suit the mood.

    @202 and general comment to most. The only side of Hayden you are now seeing, is the same one that was always there before people put him in god like status, Hayden has pretty much stayed with the thought of what type of girl he likes with the exception of not dating co-stars, a comment that was made when he was 19, guess what, people change thoughts and opinions about lots of things as they get older and wiser. The haters/doubters once respected Hayden, every word was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth the idol was perfect–but then opinion changed when they finally decided to themselves Hayden is not perfect, he does not share every moment of his life, nor does he discuss everything in his life or give a detailed excuse why something was more important to him than to answer questions at a convention. It shattered the belief they had built for so long, so now they must have revenge by posting here and having a shame on you attitude to Hayden and to the other, because it must be RACHEL’s fault that the former idol is just a human being-they just did not realize it.

    Truth hurts and if you don’t believe or agree with what I have typed, sit down and please think about your reasons for being here before you reply, because I hope that if you think that strongly about it you would admit you have wasted enough time on both HC/RB and just move on-because if by some remote chance HC reads all the threads here I would assume that he would not be upset that people here swear to never support him again and he would probably be happy about that, especially since the way some have treated his Fiancee-like it or not she is wearing the ring, and the whole “doing it for PR” is getting way to old.

  211. 211
    lisab Says:

    ever since he started hanging out with this girl he looks so tired and older. i just got my story copyrighted and going to get it published. hopfully this will get me in the same circle as hayden and i will meet him^^ he’s so cute >.<

  212. 212
    lisab Says:

    real observer – what i find real sad is that you spend your life on a computer talking trash about celebs you don’t even know. you think you can read people like a book but really you’re just a poor pathetic excuse for a human being, who has NOTHING great going on in REAL life. you must be the type to have a misirble 9-5 job and you come on here with your preovened meals and talk trash on the computer. why don’t you do something MEANINGFUL in your life and quit downing other people who are RICH and FAMOUS and don’t live their lives check by check. (like you).

  213. 213
    voice of reason Says:

    @ 213 lisab at least one other can see through the dark hate your post made me laugh-THANK YOU. Good luck with the book what’s it about?

  214. 214
    TA Says:

    She’s back….

    Have fun, ladies and gents!

  215. 215
    voice of reason Says:

    @Ta thanks you must be dedicated probably more photo’s to follow but guess what she is still wearing the ring.

  216. 216
    celebhores Says:

    glad she is in la
    we will see pics of the together this weekend. she wont miss that opp.

    she looks horrible.

    she does know how to pimp herself to the media though. if it wernt for hc, she would have faded away yrs. ago!!

  217. 217
    shadowy Says:

    @ 198- Dead Bone was changed to Taker’s and this movie sounds like it will go straight to DVD…

    Not likely to happen when Paul Walker’s (who seems to be the main lead in Bone Deep/Takers, the rest are all just supporting sidekicks) latest movie made a smashing & undisputable records at the box-office that also prove to be the main point that it already received a green light for another sequel after only weekend run.
    Most likely to say a “good karma” for a not so good of an actor but low-profile one who honestly keep on doing his job – without needing massive media manipulation by his studio and his agency.

  218. 218
    real observer Says:

    Neither hayden no rachel can act, how do they still get work? both miserable at what they do so they cling to each other
    i don’t see love there at all, just convenience
    too young people too scared to take chances with some one they love bc both are bad at what they do and insecure

    he is relieved that he finally got someone to date him

  219. 219
    celebhores Says:

    thats what quite a few people think; hc was rejected by some other co stars but rb didnt reject him.

    lke u said…..convenience. settling for.

    stars say they date co stars becuz they understand the business. i find that rather insulting. i mean how hard is it to understand your partner must travel alot, be gone for long periods of time. may have to kiss someone else…..? if ur a celeb wouldnt you rather have a normal person, who loves you, understands the business, can come see you when youre filming far away, is down to earth and not have an overinflated ego? or have a fellow celeb with a huge ego, working far away so you cant see them whenever, not be as humble and down to earth and quite possibly will leave you for the next leading co star that comes along??
    celebs who get with regular people have longer lasting relationships than those who date/marry fellow celebs. i mean celebs who date each other change spouses as much as their underwear. you can bet when a new movie fires up, that perso will dump their current “love” for their new costar.

    so how can hc and other celebs say such bs

  220. 220
    aberfitch Says:

    @ 212 : ever since he started hanging out with this girl he looks so tired and older…

    A big props for that little ole “leech”… errrrr… more like a (in random details/order) :
    - TV supporting (non) actress /
    - (convenient/seasonal) gff /
    - I-am-a-designer(really)-YO! /
    - (hype) cooking show host /
    - (unofficial) fiancée /
    - and/or whatever depending on the call of the incoming circumstances LOL

  221. 221
    Nina Says:

    I personally think, he looks now like a man(hot kind) ever since he started dating RB. Before, he looked like a kid. Just my opinion. Another thing, there is no thing like convenient relationship. It takes a lot of determination and compromises to make it work. I know what i am talking about, from my own experience.

  222. 222
    real observer Says:

    i would guess he is with her in la since he got an early present from his mom for his birthday
    not that i care

  223. 223
    real observer Says:

    2 inseparable losers united by bad reviews for their work

  224. 224
    celebhores Says:


    just as i said. he spends every waking moment with this leech. no longer with family or friends but maybe a moment.

    he isnt the type to be friends with if he forgets about you when a girl comes into the picture.

    i wonder how he can stand her for so long. still puzzles me.
    i guess he sits around all day while she cleans, cooks….oh wait, i guess he got a new mom!!

  225. 225
    it figures Says:

    Of course she’s now in LA shopping and getting her hair done, just had to call the photographers to memorialize the moment. She is the biggest mediaho in cinema history, trying to make up for the fact that no one will hire untalented and fugly actrines in hard economic times. All she can do is pimp out her relationship in order to get attention. You can bet if she wasn’t engaged to Trashden Selloutsen no papparazzi would come when she called them. She can’t exist without photographers taking pictures every time she leaves the house. Has to come up for air and pics in LA every 3 weeks at least.

    Get ready for the craptastic wedding planning/shopping!

  226. 226
    celebhores Says:

    he spends a few weeks in canada, has no work but spends so much time in a cave in la


  227. 227
    real observer Says:

    he is a moron bc he is with a stupid ditz all the time, no wonder no one ever wanted him before, they figured out he was a moron, so now he is holding on to rb who can’t tell the difference bc she is a moron herself

  228. 228
    toni Says:

    Boot bums? Was that a typo because JJ always calls her a something babe. Maybe even he is getting tired of them. Hayden’s mom should have took those boots and kicked them in the bums. That would have been a great story. JJ could have just said still shopping, still unemployed, and still together. End of story.

  229. 229
    funkey Says:

    We don’t know he is settling or this woman, and there is also no proof they spend every waking second together I see the opposite I think he spends as much time away from her if possible. Be it he is in LA or still in Canada is up to him he is not getting the work other actors his age get this last movie has nothing in it but, some jail house rock junkies and if that is the very BEST he can get I feel sorry for him.

    As for RB her employment will be minimal if at best she can’t act that is a given, modeling is so so and she is only good for some tanner which I did try it and it didn’t work it smelled fine, but, had a strange feel when it went on, My kid liked it but, I didn’t I prefered the Nivea and almay ones instead. I think HC has other issues on his plate, he is looking horrible as if he aged 20 years he might need to save for botoix soon and not allow the little woman to spend her time in Pottery Barn and Rodeo Drive.

  230. 230
    celebhores Says:

    rb should stay out of movies, unless its something like national lampoon, american pie type movies that doesnt require acting skills.
    or she could go back to some teen tv show.

    you will see, when hc gets back to work, she will be there. i promise!

  231. 231
    celebhores Says:


    i respect your opnion and agree on some things. thanks for being respectful and not bashing other people and their opinions on here =)

  232. 232
    what the hell! Says:

    has no-one seen the post about the pair of them on jared?.the new one.

  233. 233
    Tisdragonfly Says:

    as a fan of HC’s I can honestly say this he is becoming yesterday’s news compared to other hothrobes, people I know are getting disintrested in his love life, because they are disappointed as fans so am I , and this couple is a snooze in a half not to mention a disappointment Like i said as a fan who has tried to be ok with this pairing I am so becoming disintrested, its totally boring. It looks so fake , and kind of what I have been hearing is the word stupid alot, they just look fake can’t help it if i think so, HC looked more convincing on the set with Natalie then in real life, here, I wish rachel would have stayed with adam, it looked like they was really happy, or worked it out it feels and looks just wrong to me, being a fan of the oc wrong pairing. Hope they work it out but have a bad feeling it will be another hollywood break up, adventually after the marriage and a few kids. Both careers will be lost what a shame.

  234. 234
    lexie Says:

    @ gasol fan #160

    Where do you get your information about tanning moisturizers by Jergens? Who said it has accelerators in it? What kind of accelerators? Who said it wasn’t safe? You must have a source so post it.

  235. 235
    Angel Says:

    I honestly don’t see them lasting much longer in my opinion. Hayden is a great guy but he needs to focus on his career more. Before she came around he was doing great. This is just another case of puppy love again and I honesty feel bad for him if he does marry her

  236. 236
    MMA Says:

    Why would she move to Canada? She’s a california girl at heart!

  237. 237
    chelsea Says:

    @G page 6

    There’s no point in being coy and not talking about what is on your mind just because several repeat posters tell you not to talk. It’s a damn gossip board. Go ahead and ask what’s on your mind. Someone here might know the answer to your question.

    There is nothing that cannot be mentioned. You are not libel for answering a question. Someone asked if Hayden’s parents are divorced. First off Hayden’s dad David had an affair and his family were informed of it by the hurt lover. Second, Hayden’s parents separated. The jury’s still out on whether they divorced or not but it’s been said in many circles in our part of the world Hayden’s parents are no longer together and that Alie has her own place.

    I tend not to believe what I read. Good thing I depend on people who I know who do know these things here in Toronto. Some of you are worlds away from Ontario and think you know the facts but Christ you don’t.

    And do you know why people don’t want you to talk about that affair? Because there was a lot of cruelty behind it which doesn’t make David Christensen look too good. People don’t want you to ask a question that will show Hayden’s family in true light.

    Some of you people ought not be afraid to ask the questions you want about Hayden his family or even Rachel. Ask them generously. Someone might answer your questions. That’s why these photos are here of Hayden, Rachel and Alie Christensen. It’s to stir the public up to entice attention to Hayden and to get people talking about one thing or another.

    People who tell you not to go there already know the truth. And they don’t want you to know it.

    You want to know something about Hayden, his family or Rachel there is nothing wrong with asking just as there is nothing wrong with Just Jared airing all these photos of private moments. Right Just Jared? That is your intentions?

  238. 238
    cry Says:

    i hate rb so much… how could he like her? she’s not even pretty! i hope they end soon…

  239. 239
    shannon~luvs~alaska Says:


    I know you replied a long time ago but thanks for your post. It makes sense. And I sure do get tired of people saying, “don’t go there.” Like they are the one’s who are privileged to have information. I think it is sad that Hayden and Rachel showed off for the paps in this photo because they let Alie Christensen get papped here. That was cruel. And she had been through an awful thing with her screwed up husband. So they should have been more sensitive to her and not allowed this. I know some people say that Hayden and Rachel don’t call anyone to photograph them. But that is nonsense. Hayden may not call anyone. But Rachel does. Hayden’s just wrong for allowing it. I’ll never understand why he’s going along with such a person. It really sucks that he doesn’t appear to be smart enough to be on to her game.

    Anyhow about Hayden’s dad I was reading the Lana or Shadow Pomona (or Pamona not sure) blogs. She’s still writing and going off about David Christensen scaring her and hurting her and all that. She’s saying she’s going to an attorney. I wonder why? She said too she wants him to apologize to her. Hey shadow girl I don’t think that guy is a good enough person to do that. Anyhow I thought she might read some of this stuff I don’t know. But I don’t think Hayden’s dad is very nice at all and he probably just won’t say sorry for anything. I had heard Hayden does not have a good relationship with him.

    And now Hayden’s getting married? Why? There is no way he is getting married because he loves Rachel. He’s going to make a serious mistake. I think he’s marrying her just because of what his dad did to his mother. I think he’s just telling us he’s getting married. I still won’t believe it. If he’s stupid enough to marry someone who is an obvious sucker and hen pecked by a woman like Rachel then he’s not very smart.

    Anyhow I said enough. Here’s that link I was reading today about that Lana Hunt woman. She’s still affected by David Christensen. I think she wants to move on but I think Hayden’s dad scares her. I can’t imagine Hayden scaring anyone so it’s hard for me to picture that about his dad. But then again no one could believe what we found out about his family when we did. And now look what happened to Tove. He’s almost just like his dad I guess. Let’s hope Hayden’s better.

  240. 240
    aimee Says:


    I agree with you about this photo. It was wrong for the paps to be there and get a shot of Ali like that. If Rachel had anything to do with that and Hayden knew about it then that’s a real shame. I don’t see how Hayden isn’t aware of the things Rachel does. That’s why I usually give her the benefit of the doubt. I just don’t think Hayden would be that callous with his own mother and to allow that. Still if it is true then it is completely wrong.

    As for the other thing you wrote about on Lana Hunt she seems to be in a world of hurt. I sympathize for her now now that I have read how much she really fell for him. I think any woman who had her life might have fallen like that. It’s not excusable but understandable. I think a lot of people already read those blogs. Hayden’s dad already looks like a bum. I bet Hayden is so very embarrassed by his dad and what Tove did. I bet he cringes over it. No wonder he stays out of the public. He doesn’t want any of the wrong kind of attention. I think that’s why he wants to only show his face when he’s either with Rachel or when he’s doing something movie related.

    Just Jared you guys make your popularity off of celebrity photos. That is you guys pay the paparazzi to go all your dirty work. There is a line that can be crossed though. Like invasion of privacy. That pic up there crossed it. You guys had to go and include Hayden’s mother in it so that everyone could talk about her too and bring all these things out. Guess you guys got what you wanted. So I hope you guys don’t sit and complain about what we say when you post these kinds of photos. And if Rachel has anything to do with it then of course I would be completely upset by that. That’s so cold and really shows how callous someone would be to get some attention.

    Still I’ve not seen so much to prove that she’s done anything like that. I’m a kind of person that has to have proof. Maybe I’m different. Thanks Shannon

  241. 241
    shannon~luvs~alaska Says:


    Your welcome Aimee. I think all of these photos suck anyway. It’s like they can’t give us anything good. So all they can do is pose for the paparazzi and put on a show for us. It’s sad. The worst thing about some of these photos is when they involve someone like Hayden’s mother or his sister and her baby. It’s downright wrong.

    I happen to thing Rachel does put the paps up to it. Hayden has to know. And his family too. They are attention seekers too or else they wouldn’t allow all these shenanigans.

  242. 242
    hotpotatojoe Says:


    Hey Shannon, I’m on your side. I think. But anyone who comes here and comments- wants to see all these pics anyway. So why bicker about the pic of Hayden’s mom? And why blame it on Rachel? That’s not necessary is it? Think about it.


    As for Lana Hunt, hmm. I hope she hurts for the rest of her life. I’ve read her blogs too. Sounds like a weak vulnerable girl. She was raped and molested as a kid boo hoo and probably was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she fell for Hayden’s pop. And if Hayden’s dad took advantage of her poor little vulnerable weak life then he probably got more reward from it than anything. Better luck to him. I hope he got a good piece of her. A guy can’t be that pathetic. And hope she drowns in her nightmares. I’m pretty sure that Hayden and his mom would want that.

    You guys pick way too much on Hayden anyway. Him and his siblings. They can do no wrong. And they always win. So stop trying to put your two cents in here like it’s going to mean something anyway.

  243. 243
    aimee Says:


    Ha! Hey Joepotato head. You are an idiot! Anyone who sympathizes with men who rape, molest and hurt people has serious probs. You are an idgit. And who ever said anyone was perfect? I like Hayden. But he’s not perfect. And neither is his brother or sisters. Nobody is. Everyone has a right to judge what we hear and see. You just like to hear yourself talk. And I’m laughing at you.

    Who are you anyway? You are a Rachel fan. I bet you changed your name and came over here to hear yourself talk. Idiot.

  244. 244
    hotpotatojoe Says:


    An aimee you are a fangirl of haydens. All you girls are. Rachel is a beautiful girl. You can say whatever you want about her intentions but it’s just your guess and not solid fact. You can say what you want about her looks but truth is guys like the girl. She is a hot babe. I don’t think Christensen is the guy for her but that’s her loss and there isn’t one thing any of you can say or do that will change the facts they are together.

    If you think he’s wasted his career-could be he has. Maybe he doesn’t want to waste his life. And if he’s smart he will realize how smart and beautiful Rachel is and treat her right or she can leave him any time and find the guy who will. But let the two of them alone.

    Hayden’s not uncool but he’s not working and the work he puts out doesn’t produce anything to remember. I think he needs to work on that before his career dwindles and fades.

  245. 245
    kazaia Says:


    I absolutely agree with you. Hayden’s just not been the same since he met Rachel. I’m not putting Rachel down at all. It’s just a fact that Hayden is not putting effort into his movies. I don’t see how even Vanishing on 7th street is going to do well at all. Hayden’s just not picking the right movies for himself. When will he wake up? He had the right stuff in Life as a House and Shattered Glass. Where are the movies like those? You are right Angel he’s just not able to focus on his career. If he does ever finally get himself married I wish he’d just find his focus on his career. I do hope though that his newest movie goes well for him. He really needs to get something good for him going again.

    @hotpotatojoe I think you are strange. You have some very warped ideas about things. Who in their right mind hopes someone suffers and especially when it’s someone who’s been molested and raped in their life? You are either a miserable man who has misconceptions about women or you are just playing a game here.

    @anyone against Rachel. You guys obviously don’t know the girl. You can’t really base much of an opinion on just some photos. All you have are these photos which don’t really say much for two people who might be watching how they are in public. I think there is an awful display of jealousy here and for no good reason. Pretty immature. If there was something justifiable for all of your hatred of Rachel I might agree. But its all idiotic what some of you say about her.

    And none of you really have no idea of Hayden’s dad’s character so you really shouldn’t be talking like you do know. If Lana writes about him that’s another thing because she did know him.

    @MMA #236 How could you know the heart of Rachel Bilson to say, “Why would she move to Canada? She’s a california girl at heart!” There’s no way you can know her heart. Don’t assume.

    Many of you talk about those things you really don’t know anything about. It does kind of make you feel important and involved to talk this way. Like I said before it sounds immature mostly.

  246. 246
    jillsnow Says:


    A very well put comment. Thanks for sharing it. It’s been so rare to see intelligence here at this kind of forum. LOL. Good words.

  247. 247
    jaredsbabe Says:


    Let me say something. First off all we have are photos and everything we read or see on TV. That’s it. It’s all we have to go on. And it’s ok to give an opinion of someone like Rachel and Hayden’s dad. If i read a book by someone I can critique it if I want to. I can say all I think about the story and the characters and even the author of it.

    I think Rachel is a paparazzi *****. I used to think Hayden was all sweet and cute and awesome. But he’s not private like he told everyone. He’s with a girl who parades around. he lied to everybody about liking her in the first place. He lied. So I have a right to my opinion. But I’m not going to be all mean and nasty about it and say that Rachel will be a bad wife and mom. I’m not that lame.

    I’m not stupid enough to wish anybody to suffer neither. Only an a$$hole would do that. Why can’t we say our opinion about Rachel? Maybe the some obsessed fan is here and is getting carried away and being crazy. But that doesn’t mean just because some of us don’t think to high of Rachel that we are obsessed fan girls.

    And shadow put her blogs out there cause she wanted people to read them. She wrote that. And if I get an opinion about a book I have read then I can get an opinion about that girl’s blogs and Hayden’s dad. and I happen to think his dad is a dweeb for what he did to his wife and family. And he must be some sort of loser to do what he did to that girl. She’s freaking still writing about him. I don’t think I’d ever want to get involved with one of those Christensen guys. They just are starting to look ewww you know? Not Hayden. But I just don’t think very good about his fiance. She’s even worse you know?

    You guys can judge me all you want for having an opinion against Rachel or anything else. But like you guys I have a right to my opinion too .

  248. 248
    jaredsbabe Says:

    Oh yeah I forgot to say thanks Just Jared for giving us all these photos. I wouldn’t know anything about anything in Hollywood if it wasn’t for all the info that gets leaked out here when you guys post your pics of Rachel and Hayden. and it’s never dull neither.

  249. 249
    Cool_D Says:

    The white sunglasses don’t suit Hayden. Those are some busy looking boots. Not sure Alie would wear them.

    And just because you have a right to an opinion doesn’t mean you will express your opinion intelligently. So if you can do that without sounding like an ass then go for it.

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