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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums

Rachel Bilson and her fiance Hayden Christensen (both wearing rain boots) meet up with Hayden‘s mom at a parking lot in Uxbridge, Ontario on Thursday (April 9).

Rachel was seen giving Hayden‘s mom a few gifts including a fun pair of rain boots (Hayden helped his mom take off the price tag). Hayden‘s mom must have liked the boots — she gave Rachel a kiss on the cheek. Looks like her daughter-in-law’s a keeper!

Back in November, the couple was spotted checking in on the progress of the new farmhouse they are having built in Uxbridge.

15+ pictures inside of boot bums Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

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249 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums”

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  1. 226
    celebhores Says:

    he spends a few weeks in canada, has no work but spends so much time in a cave in la


  2. 227
    real observer Says:

    he is a moron bc he is with a stupid ditz all the time, no wonder no one ever wanted him before, they figured out he was a moron, so now he is holding on to rb who can’t tell the difference bc she is a moron herself

  3. 228
    toni Says:

    Boot bums? Was that a typo because JJ always calls her a something babe. Maybe even he is getting tired of them. Hayden’s mom should have took those boots and kicked them in the bums. That would have been a great story. JJ could have just said still shopping, still unemployed, and still together. End of story.

  4. 229
    funkey Says:

    We don’t know he is settling or this woman, and there is also no proof they spend every waking second together I see the opposite I think he spends as much time away from her if possible. Be it he is in LA or still in Canada is up to him he is not getting the work other actors his age get this last movie has nothing in it but, some jail house rock junkies and if that is the very BEST he can get I feel sorry for him.

    As for RB her employment will be minimal if at best she can’t act that is a given, modeling is so so and she is only good for some tanner which I did try it and it didn’t work it smelled fine, but, had a strange feel when it went on, My kid liked it but, I didn’t I prefered the Nivea and almay ones instead. I think HC has other issues on his plate, he is looking horrible as if he aged 20 years he might need to save for botoix soon and not allow the little woman to spend her time in Pottery Barn and Rodeo Drive.

  5. 230
    celebhores Says:

    rb should stay out of movies, unless its something like national lampoon, american pie type movies that doesnt require acting skills.
    or she could go back to some teen tv show.

    you will see, when hc gets back to work, she will be there. i promise!

  6. 231
    celebhores Says:


    i respect your opnion and agree on some things. thanks for being respectful and not bashing other people and their opinions on here =)

  7. 232
    what the hell! Says:

    has no-one seen the post about the pair of them on jared?.the new one.

  8. 233
    Tisdragonfly Says:

    as a fan of HC’s I can honestly say this he is becoming yesterday’s news compared to other hothrobes, people I know are getting disintrested in his love life, because they are disappointed as fans so am I , and this couple is a snooze in a half not to mention a disappointment Like i said as a fan who has tried to be ok with this pairing I am so becoming disintrested, its totally boring. It looks so fake , and kind of what I have been hearing is the word stupid alot, they just look fake can’t help it if i think so, HC looked more convincing on the set with Natalie then in real life, here, I wish rachel would have stayed with adam, it looked like they was really happy, or worked it out it feels and looks just wrong to me, being a fan of the oc wrong pairing. Hope they work it out but have a bad feeling it will be another hollywood break up, adventually after the marriage and a few kids. Both careers will be lost what a shame.

  9. 234
    lexie Says:

    @ gasol fan #160

    Where do you get your information about tanning moisturizers by Jergens? Who said it has accelerators in it? What kind of accelerators? Who said it wasn’t safe? You must have a source so post it.

  10. 235
    Angel Says:

    I honestly don’t see them lasting much longer in my opinion. Hayden is a great guy but he needs to focus on his career more. Before she came around he was doing great. This is just another case of puppy love again and I honesty feel bad for him if he does marry her

  11. 236
    MMA Says:

    Why would she move to Canada? She’s a california girl at heart!

  12. 237
    chelsea Says:

    @G page 6

    There’s no point in being coy and not talking about what is on your mind just because several repeat posters tell you not to talk. It’s a damn gossip board. Go ahead and ask what’s on your mind. Someone here might know the answer to your question.

    There is nothing that cannot be mentioned. You are not libel for answering a question. Someone asked if Hayden’s parents are divorced. First off Hayden’s dad David had an affair and his family were informed of it by the hurt lover. Second, Hayden’s parents separated. The jury’s still out on whether they divorced or not but it’s been said in many circles in our part of the world Hayden’s parents are no longer together and that Alie has her own place.

    I tend not to believe what I read. Good thing I depend on people who I know who do know these things here in Toronto. Some of you are worlds away from Ontario and think you know the facts but Christ you don’t.

    And do you know why people don’t want you to talk about that affair? Because there was a lot of cruelty behind it which doesn’t make David Christensen look too good. People don’t want you to ask a question that will show Hayden’s family in true light.

    Some of you people ought not be afraid to ask the questions you want about Hayden his family or even Rachel. Ask them generously. Someone might answer your questions. That’s why these photos are here of Hayden, Rachel and Alie Christensen. It’s to stir the public up to entice attention to Hayden and to get people talking about one thing or another.

    People who tell you not to go there already know the truth. And they don’t want you to know it.

    You want to know something about Hayden, his family or Rachel there is nothing wrong with asking just as there is nothing wrong with Just Jared airing all these photos of private moments. Right Just Jared? That is your intentions?

  13. 238
    cry Says:

    i hate rb so much… how could he like her? she’s not even pretty! i hope they end soon…

  14. 239
    shannon~luvs~alaska Says:


    I know you replied a long time ago but thanks for your post. It makes sense. And I sure do get tired of people saying, “don’t go there.” Like they are the one’s who are privileged to have information. I think it is sad that Hayden and Rachel showed off for the paps in this photo because they let Alie Christensen get papped here. That was cruel. And she had been through an awful thing with her screwed up husband. So they should have been more sensitive to her and not allowed this. I know some people say that Hayden and Rachel don’t call anyone to photograph them. But that is nonsense. Hayden may not call anyone. But Rachel does. Hayden’s just wrong for allowing it. I’ll never understand why he’s going along with such a person. It really sucks that he doesn’t appear to be smart enough to be on to her game.

    Anyhow about Hayden’s dad I was reading the Lana or Shadow Pomona (or Pamona not sure) blogs. She’s still writing and going off about David Christensen scaring her and hurting her and all that. She’s saying she’s going to an attorney. I wonder why? She said too she wants him to apologize to her. Hey shadow girl I don’t think that guy is a good enough person to do that. Anyhow I thought she might read some of this stuff I don’t know. But I don’t think Hayden’s dad is very nice at all and he probably just won’t say sorry for anything. I had heard Hayden does not have a good relationship with him.

    And now Hayden’s getting married? Why? There is no way he is getting married because he loves Rachel. He’s going to make a serious mistake. I think he’s marrying her just because of what his dad did to his mother. I think he’s just telling us he’s getting married. I still won’t believe it. If he’s stupid enough to marry someone who is an obvious sucker and hen pecked by a woman like Rachel then he’s not very smart.

    Anyhow I said enough. Here’s that link I was reading today about that Lana Hunt woman. She’s still affected by David Christensen. I think she wants to move on but I think Hayden’s dad scares her. I can’t imagine Hayden scaring anyone so it’s hard for me to picture that about his dad. But then again no one could believe what we found out about his family when we did. And now look what happened to Tove. He’s almost just like his dad I guess. Let’s hope Hayden’s better.

  15. 240
    aimee Says:


    I agree with you about this photo. It was wrong for the paps to be there and get a shot of Ali like that. If Rachel had anything to do with that and Hayden knew about it then that’s a real shame. I don’t see how Hayden isn’t aware of the things Rachel does. That’s why I usually give her the benefit of the doubt. I just don’t think Hayden would be that callous with his own mother and to allow that. Still if it is true then it is completely wrong.

    As for the other thing you wrote about on Lana Hunt she seems to be in a world of hurt. I sympathize for her now now that I have read how much she really fell for him. I think any woman who had her life might have fallen like that. It’s not excusable but understandable. I think a lot of people already read those blogs. Hayden’s dad already looks like a bum. I bet Hayden is so very embarrassed by his dad and what Tove did. I bet he cringes over it. No wonder he stays out of the public. He doesn’t want any of the wrong kind of attention. I think that’s why he wants to only show his face when he’s either with Rachel or when he’s doing something movie related.

    Just Jared you guys make your popularity off of celebrity photos. That is you guys pay the paparazzi to go all your dirty work. There is a line that can be crossed though. Like invasion of privacy. That pic up there crossed it. You guys had to go and include Hayden’s mother in it so that everyone could talk about her too and bring all these things out. Guess you guys got what you wanted. So I hope you guys don’t sit and complain about what we say when you post these kinds of photos. And if Rachel has anything to do with it then of course I would be completely upset by that. That’s so cold and really shows how callous someone would be to get some attention.

    Still I’ve not seen so much to prove that she’s done anything like that. I’m a kind of person that has to have proof. Maybe I’m different. Thanks Shannon

  16. 241
    shannon~luvs~alaska Says:


    Your welcome Aimee. I think all of these photos suck anyway. It’s like they can’t give us anything good. So all they can do is pose for the paparazzi and put on a show for us. It’s sad. The worst thing about some of these photos is when they involve someone like Hayden’s mother or his sister and her baby. It’s downright wrong.

    I happen to thing Rachel does put the paps up to it. Hayden has to know. And his family too. They are attention seekers too or else they wouldn’t allow all these shenanigans.

  17. 242
    hotpotatojoe Says:


    Hey Shannon, I’m on your side. I think. But anyone who comes here and comments- wants to see all these pics anyway. So why bicker about the pic of Hayden’s mom? And why blame it on Rachel? That’s not necessary is it? Think about it.


    As for Lana Hunt, hmm. I hope she hurts for the rest of her life. I’ve read her blogs too. Sounds like a weak vulnerable girl. She was raped and molested as a kid boo hoo and probably was in the wrong place at the wrong time when she fell for Hayden’s pop. And if Hayden’s dad took advantage of her poor little vulnerable weak life then he probably got more reward from it than anything. Better luck to him. I hope he got a good piece of her. A guy can’t be that pathetic. And hope she drowns in her nightmares. I’m pretty sure that Hayden and his mom would want that.

    You guys pick way too much on Hayden anyway. Him and his siblings. They can do no wrong. And they always win. So stop trying to put your two cents in here like it’s going to mean something anyway.

  18. 243
    aimee Says:


    Ha! Hey Joepotato head. You are an idiot! Anyone who sympathizes with men who rape, molest and hurt people has serious probs. You are an idgit. And who ever said anyone was perfect? I like Hayden. But he’s not perfect. And neither is his brother or sisters. Nobody is. Everyone has a right to judge what we hear and see. You just like to hear yourself talk. And I’m laughing at you.

    Who are you anyway? You are a Rachel fan. I bet you changed your name and came over here to hear yourself talk. Idiot.

  19. 244
    hotpotatojoe Says:


    An aimee you are a fangirl of haydens. All you girls are. Rachel is a beautiful girl. You can say whatever you want about her intentions but it’s just your guess and not solid fact. You can say what you want about her looks but truth is guys like the girl. She is a hot babe. I don’t think Christensen is the guy for her but that’s her loss and there isn’t one thing any of you can say or do that will change the facts they are together.

    If you think he’s wasted his career-could be he has. Maybe he doesn’t want to waste his life. And if he’s smart he will realize how smart and beautiful Rachel is and treat her right or she can leave him any time and find the guy who will. But let the two of them alone.

    Hayden’s not uncool but he’s not working and the work he puts out doesn’t produce anything to remember. I think he needs to work on that before his career dwindles and fades.

  20. 245
    kazaia Says:


    I absolutely agree with you. Hayden’s just not been the same since he met Rachel. I’m not putting Rachel down at all. It’s just a fact that Hayden is not putting effort into his movies. I don’t see how even Vanishing on 7th street is going to do well at all. Hayden’s just not picking the right movies for himself. When will he wake up? He had the right stuff in Life as a House and Shattered Glass. Where are the movies like those? You are right Angel he’s just not able to focus on his career. If he does ever finally get himself married I wish he’d just find his focus on his career. I do hope though that his newest movie goes well for him. He really needs to get something good for him going again.

    @hotpotatojoe I think you are strange. You have some very warped ideas about things. Who in their right mind hopes someone suffers and especially when it’s someone who’s been molested and raped in their life? You are either a miserable man who has misconceptions about women or you are just playing a game here.

    @anyone against Rachel. You guys obviously don’t know the girl. You can’t really base much of an opinion on just some photos. All you have are these photos which don’t really say much for two people who might be watching how they are in public. I think there is an awful display of jealousy here and for no good reason. Pretty immature. If there was something justifiable for all of your hatred of Rachel I might agree. But its all idiotic what some of you say about her.

    And none of you really have no idea of Hayden’s dad’s character so you really shouldn’t be talking like you do know. If Lana writes about him that’s another thing because she did know him.

    @MMA #236 How could you know the heart of Rachel Bilson to say, “Why would she move to Canada? She’s a california girl at heart!” There’s no way you can know her heart. Don’t assume.

    Many of you talk about those things you really don’t know anything about. It does kind of make you feel important and involved to talk this way. Like I said before it sounds immature mostly.

  21. 246
    jillsnow Says:


    A very well put comment. Thanks for sharing it. It’s been so rare to see intelligence here at this kind of forum. LOL. Good words.

  22. 247
    jaredsbabe Says:


    Let me say something. First off all we have are photos and everything we read or see on TV. That’s it. It’s all we have to go on. And it’s ok to give an opinion of someone like Rachel and Hayden’s dad. If i read a book by someone I can critique it if I want to. I can say all I think about the story and the characters and even the author of it.

    I think Rachel is a paparazzi *****. I used to think Hayden was all sweet and cute and awesome. But he’s not private like he told everyone. He’s with a girl who parades around. he lied to everybody about liking her in the first place. He lied. So I have a right to my opinion. But I’m not going to be all mean and nasty about it and say that Rachel will be a bad wife and mom. I’m not that lame.

    I’m not stupid enough to wish anybody to suffer neither. Only an a$$hole would do that. Why can’t we say our opinion about Rachel? Maybe the some obsessed fan is here and is getting carried away and being crazy. But that doesn’t mean just because some of us don’t think to high of Rachel that we are obsessed fan girls.

    And shadow put her blogs out there cause she wanted people to read them. She wrote that. And if I get an opinion about a book I have read then I can get an opinion about that girl’s blogs and Hayden’s dad. and I happen to think his dad is a dweeb for what he did to his wife and family. And he must be some sort of loser to do what he did to that girl. She’s freaking still writing about him. I don’t think I’d ever want to get involved with one of those Christensen guys. They just are starting to look ewww you know? Not Hayden. But I just don’t think very good about his fiance. She’s even worse you know?

    You guys can judge me all you want for having an opinion against Rachel or anything else. But like you guys I have a right to my opinion too .

  23. 248
    jaredsbabe Says:

    Oh yeah I forgot to say thanks Just Jared for giving us all these photos. I wouldn’t know anything about anything in Hollywood if it wasn’t for all the info that gets leaked out here when you guys post your pics of Rachel and Hayden. and it’s never dull neither.

  24. 249
    Cool_D Says:

    The white sunglasses don’t suit Hayden. Those are some busy looking boots. Not sure Alie would wear them.

    And just because you have a right to an opinion doesn’t mean you will express your opinion intelligently. So if you can do that without sounding like an ass then go for it.

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