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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums

Rachel Bilson and her fiance Hayden Christensen (both wearing rain boots) meet up with Hayden‘s mom at a parking lot in Uxbridge, Ontario on Thursday (April 9).

Rachel was seen giving Hayden‘s mom a few gifts including a fun pair of rain boots (Hayden helped his mom take off the price tag). Hayden‘s mom must have liked the boots — she gave Rachel a kiss on the cheek. Looks like her daughter-in-law’s a keeper!

Back in November, the couple was spotted checking in on the progress of the new farmhouse they are having built in Uxbridge.

15+ pictures inside of boot bums Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

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249 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums”

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  1. 26
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    You never know when it’s going to snow, folks!!

  2. 27
    celebhores Says:

    sheltered guys like him feel obligated to commit to whoever they r with. if sienna didnt break it off, bet he would proposed to her.
    some guys, instead of walking away, will commit, they dont want to hurt someone. they tend to fall in love too easy to.

  3. 28
    mely Says:

    Cute candids

  4. 29
    what the hell! Says:

    @RAYNA-22-its called tipping the paps off and letting them know where you are. they have had over three weeks of nothing and now this. i mean no one has been seeking them out have they?.

  5. 30
    celebhores Says:

    lol, yeah. what career?

    rb took him away from racing, away from work, away from friends.

    what a keeper

  6. 31
    celebhores Says:

    what paps hang out in a parking lot in uxbridge?…exactly

  7. 32
    jaeger Says:

    Another slow news days again huh Jared?!
    You may as well be posting something about “Mark Hamill & Gabriel Carteris”: a has-been SW character & a washed up/never-been Beverly Hills 90210 supporting sidekick instead!

  8. 33
    Tara Says:

    Hey, I have those boots, lol. I understand getting photographed in LA, but Uxbridge?

  9. 34
    Weeeeeeee Says:

    boy she’s short~~~ she looks super tiny next to Hayden and his mom.

  10. 35
    Weeeeeeee Says:

    pretty convenient putting on boots in a parking lot instead of indoors and in private :)

  11. 36
    Justmyopinion Says:

    @#16 Gasolina
    Yes his mommy has lost so much, she is way too skinny for her age.
    She might b depressed because of what her husband did to 2.
    Hayden loves his mommy and he is always happy when she’saround.
    But the woman could be another female relative cos she looks damn thin to be hayden’s mother.

    Too sad that now he is dating RB, he won’t get any peace not even in uxbridge. RB is dangerous for his inner peace. He will be eaten by the famewhore.
    Now he won’t be considered as B list actor because of his connection with RB, cos she ‘s a joke.
    HC’s lack of confidence will make his pick up the d list actress aka RB cos she is available.
    Does his little sis advise him? They might b all blind in his family.

    Maybe they will break up and HC will find someone worthy who won’t sell their relationship to the paps. He deserves so much better like a self-made woman, not a heiress famous just because of grand-pa and Daddy.

    He is clever so how comes he ends with RB.
    I don’t say she is mean, but she is not clever. she is a dumb cutie. She is not even gorgeous.She is a just cutie among millions.

    Shame, we HC’ fans barely recognize him, he has changed for the worst. He is not true to himself and to his words.

    Wake up guy!U deserve much better.

  12. 37
    celebhores Says:

    i couldnt agree more JMO

  13. 38
    whizbang Says:

    @ #24 – Ugh…in a parking lot of all places to exchange gifts…can we get more getto?…

    What a “discerning” thought/s. Makes me no wonder actually when the seemingly mastermind of it all is not only visually/vertically challenged but obviously a mentally challenged as well.

  14. 39
    Ange Says:

    They look really happy

  15. 40
    katie Says:

    Love it!!!

  16. 41
    celebhores Says:

    Happy becuz his mom is there.

    look at old pics of just them, they dont smile nor look at each other. sometimes rb stares at him though

  17. 42
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#18 – celebhores
    I doubt Jen’s sources are official, she always had her way to get the latest pics. Probably JJ would have not even brought these if he wouldn’t have a slow time around the holidays?

    @#19 – celebhores
    “he will eventually want someone he can have intellectual convo with,”

    WHICH intellect on his side are you talking about? No offense, but when will you (and some others) finally understand that HC has to be just as dumb as his girlfriend/fiancé/whatever is in order to be with her? This boy has no intellect, that was just another side of his fake image. He’s completely naive, just look at his silly smile again in these latest pics.
    And what kind of people start to exchange presents/boots in all public on a street?! How weird is that? And then they are even photographed doing so! Gosh, he has fallen so low…

    @#29 – what the hell!
    I totally agree. This shouts out loud of being yet another tipped off “candid” situation, it’s crystal clear.

    Happy Easter holidays to everyone around here, and a “Thank you” to some people who mentioned me in a friendly way, those will know whom I mean. And VOR, I’m curious, when will you tell me? I just ask now, as it doesn’t seem as if your hero will be around for much longer, you know? ;-) (At least not with a real reason to have a thread about. And the sooner this farce ends, the better, IMO.)

  18. 43
    jane Says:

    Everyone here is so retarded! We were talking here about the lives of two people who never met personally, and they are laughing and happy in Canada! Why you say they are fake and losers? To insinuate that you hate them? This whole world already knows, is not necessary to repeat it everywhere! Not to mention that does not enter this site! :D

  19. 44
    Jamie Says:

    Dosent he look like Samantha Ronson there?lol

  20. 45
    Justmyopinion Says:

    Keep coming back girl whatever some others think. We all have the right to state our opinion. I do understand ur disppointment.
    HC had a lot of potential and he is now doing what Anna Kournikova has done with her career.
    Why dont u create another account on IMDB. U have the right to b there.

    Yeah u r right, his mommy is the only real woman in his life.
    RB is just convenient. She is there, available begging 4 attention. All she can do is to try to win HC’s family attention cos obviously HC is not deep in Love with her.
    I feel sad for her cos everyone deserves to be loved and respected. When a guy is really in love he want the world to know it or least he is affectionate with the loved one. HC doesnt give a s#it!

  21. 46
    blairite Says:

    It looks like that Hay-deign & Rash-chel now “shares” the same official photographers & paparazzi friends as their random pap shots just looks the same – “baloney”. Utterly doubtless as it is!

  22. 47
    Justmyopinion Says:

    It’s not about hate. Indeed how could we hate people we’ve never met/known personnally.
    We’re are just gossiping about actors that we do like or not. That’s all.
    It’ s sad to see that millions make u blind, and don’t make u talented either.

    If we comment here it’ s cos we like chatting with others even we disagree. Is that a crime girl?

  23. 48
    celebhores Says:

    i agree again JMO! =)

    I think since he met her, he has changed. a woman can hve a strong influence on a guy, especially one who is being pushy into starting a family. can u imagine the stress on him? but i think he feels he has an obligation to her. i have seen guys give in, despite not liking the girl.
    if ur raised on respect, and respect towards women, i can see it hard for him to break up, instead he sucks it up, deals with it. besides she gives him plenty of attention (personally i think too much attention).

    but he is choosing to be with her, i had more faith in him, but not anymore.
    if he values privacy, simple, humble life where his family can have peace, why the hell sttle for someone like her?

  24. 49
    ry Says:

    thanks jared. love her

  25. 50
    Smilehexe Says:

    @#36 – Justmyopinion
    I agree that I highly doubt that this is his mother. Looks far too young for Alie, the way she dresses and holds her body, and yes, too thin as well.
    I’m way over pitying HC for being with a famewh*re like RB – as it was his own decision and still is. He could change it every day, but has obviously no intention to do so. And I agree to the person who said he only is with co-stars. That’s more than obvious by now, and if it wasn’t RB it would be another dumb starlet for sure.

    Oh, and RB’s horrible taste in colors with sunglasses must have rubbed off on him, those white ones are just as ugly as the other colored pair he wore recently when he was seen with Tove (weren’t they red or something?). Horrible taste, in simply everybody and everything he chooses to be with/to wear/listen to/movies to star in/whatever.

    @#43 – jane
    You are here as well. No matter if you talk positive or negative, you are still sitting in the glass house with the rest of us, so please stop throwing stones. ;-)

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