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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Boot Bums

Rachel Bilson and her fiance Hayden Christensen (both wearing rain boots) meet up with Hayden‘s mom at a parking lot in Uxbridge, Ontario on Thursday (April 9).

Rachel was seen giving Hayden‘s mom a few gifts including a fun pair of rain boots (Hayden helped his mom take off the price tag). Hayden‘s mom must have liked the boots — she gave Rachel a kiss on the cheek. Looks like her daughter-in-law’s a keeper!

Back in November, the couple was spotted checking in on the progress of the new farmhouse they are having built in Uxbridge.

15+ pictures inside of boot bums Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 13
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 14
rachel bilson hayden christensen boots 15

Credit: Todd G; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson

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  • just visiting

    Eh…I look at it from a different point of view. I think that the actors/actresses who go on these CONSTANT publicity stunts do it only because they aren’t getting good roles and their career is going downhill. Therefore, they have to rely on paparazzi to keep their names in the news. An example of these certain celebrities would be those two above in the picture. ; )

  • sam

    They look great together

  • just visiting

    BTW, my post was in response to Lauren @ 98. : )

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Lauren,
    WTF are you talking about. Go through the JJ archives and you will see how many times Rachel and Hayden have been papped and Rachel even more so. This is more then normal media papping. I think the two have got lazy and now rely on being talked about in gossip blogs then, getting movie work. Of course Rachel is not talented in acting at all. She has brought Hayden to her level. Sad waste of what used to be or had the potienal to be a very good actor!

  • toni

    My first thought when I saw these pictures was tacky. Who exchanges gifts in a parking lot? On the bright side at least everyone is smiling even if Rachel’s is fake.

  • Tracey

    @ 98

    Are you serious? You don’t use your relationship and your family for PR, unless your relationship is one that’s supposed to be played out it the press. Relationships are sacred, and I always thought Hayden was that type of guy. So unless this is a PR relationship, it’s really disgusting. Like someone said, when she’s not leaking something, she’s being papped when she’s there. If you’re so private, let things be that way, private. Stop playing out the entire relationship for PR purposes unless that’s what it’s for. This isn’t a “job” it’s supposed to be a relationship.

    @ Gasol

    Just because Hayden doesn’t seem to mind, doesn’t mean she should take advantage like that and that it’s right.

  • Crystal

    @ 101

    Agreed. I always find it funny when people think that there’s actually so much interest in these two, that the paparazzi will go all the way to a tiny town Canada to get a golden photo op such as this. And call it random, lol. Clearly the relationship is being used to keep one or both in the spotlight because neither is generating heat. That’s amore! LOL.

  • ali


    is not random, is JJared buy photos

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol at jared on the keeper comment
    she looks so so cute!!cutest celebrity in my book
    outfit wasnt anything special but she still looks pretty
    love her red boots lol, makes her look extra cute
    love u rachel!!

  • ali

    lol at jared on the keeper comment
    she looks so so cute!!cutest celebrity in my book
    outfit wasnt anything special but she still looks pretty
    love her red boots lol, makes her look extra cute
    love u rachel!!
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  • @100

    TOTALLY agree

  • mell


    Love Rachel Love Rachel Love Rachel Love Rachel love Rachel :)

  • real observer

    liar, liar, liar, liar

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Tracy,
    Your right. I’m in now way defending Hayden anymore. Rachel is of course taking advantage of him now and now let’s get the rest of the family involved. Tsk. Tsk. If, Hayden want’s to be used Tracy then, that is up to him. Sorry to say. I feel you and know what your saying.

  • royal

    You don’t have to be a pap to take a picture of a celeb and sell it to a photo agency. And everyone has a camera with them these days, especially in a vacation community like Uxbridge.

  • mell


    Love Rachel Love Rachel Love Rachel Love Rachel :)

  • LOL


    It’s a pap. He’s the one always taking pictures of them when they’re there, Todd G. He took pics of them at the farm the last two or three times. So much for your “random person with a camera in a vacation community selling it to a photo agency” theory huh? Todd G works for Splash news. He takes pics of a lot of stars, you can look it up for yourself. He must have been on vacation and happened to have a camera with him, for the third time, lol.

  • tiffani

    # 115, I do believe that was a burn. And it’s funny as hell, lmao. Nice try with the excuse though. Vacationer in a vacation community just happening to catch that moment and selling it to a photo agency? Because everyone has camera nowadays? Gold! Maybe you should have checked who the pics were credited to before you said something.

  • Angela

    Esses atores vivem c apaixonando!! No Brasil, muitos estão casados até hj, e se conheceram nas gravações. Quem naum c apaixonaria por Hayden? Acho q o dois formam um belo casal! Acho Rachel uma graça.

  • Tracey


    Todd G is a paparazzo………

  • sidony

    @#105: My first thought when I saw these pictures was tacky. Who exchanges gifts in a parking lot?

    Sure its not the 1st time! The last one when Douchel leaked her “supposed” engagement to just some stranger/co-passenger at the airplane, which happens to have a hotline to Page 6. Sure thing too that anything & everything involving about Douchel would all be summed up as “tacky as hell”!

  • monreal

    And after all this time, they still looked like an “asexual” coup-let! Hurrahs for the BFF’s forever and ever amen LOL!

  • voice of reason

    Wow(mostly) 120 posts by the same people all over again, You could just save yourself some time and cut and paste your comments, the whole she is a fa***hore, she calls the Paps, she is dragging him down,I don’t like either of them, they are both stupid, Mum will protect son etc I’m sure those of you that type this stuff know who you are.

    What is really funny is that you waste your time doing it-but it is always a laugh when some come on here and type things about “knowing” what 2 people are really like, or what they should do in their lives or what one has done to the other etc I had no idea I was surrounded by expert relationship councillors.

    For those that doubt it-that is Mrs C(I think I may still be able to call her that) but to be fair even I had to look close, as Gasol mentioned she has lost some weight but the hair does sort of give it away.

    As for the Birthday presents just my thought but the brown jumper looks as if it was also bought for Hayden’s mum(Rachel is holding it up against her) and no way would it fit Hayden. I have no idea why they did the whole here are your prezzie thing in a carpark I could speculate and say they just bought them hence the tag still on the boots and the box is not wrapped, maybe the 3 of them had lunch together and they waited to give Alie the gifts afterwards-rather than expecting Alie to change shoes in a resturant/cafe but that’s just my thought.

    @smiliehex I think in one of your post here you used the ‘Hero” in a reply/comment to me please correct me if it was not you, Hayden has never nor ever will be my hero-just a guy I like watching and hoping that he will in the future be given a chance to prove what I believe he can do. As for your question I will let you know, and explain but I don’t feel the need right now, as I’m sure we still have a long way to go.

    Happy Easter to all-drive safe.

  • atlqueen

    Why do you guys buy into these two? They are clearly uffing with your heads? It’s so sad to see you guys do this to yourselves. It’s just crazy! But it’s funny cause JJ is laughing all the way to the bank. He may have bought these pics but he did it for a reason. You keep him paid! See, even JJ is selling his soul. Why not hate him?
    And I don’t see the use in either of them using a ‘relationship’ to get more roles. It doesn’t work at all. Just look at Lindsey Lohan. She’s not even considered an actress anymore. She’s just a famous person who doesn’t get paid for it. HC still does two movies a year as he’s always done since he started (please remember that) and RB is a beginner so I have nothing to say about her until I see more. Everyone knows that you don’t need real genuine talent to be in this biz. A cute face and memorizing & pronouncing words will do. Especially, if you like to do your own stunts like HC. Teeny boppers and movie watchers like me keep him alive. That’s all he needs to stay in the game. I think he’s one of those kind that doesn’t need an Emmy, Golden Globe Actor’s Guild MTV or any kind award to live like a lot of actors do. He’ll be fine if he doesn’t act anymore anyway it seems.
    Oh and I believe they spend so much time together because are best friends as well as lovers. In that case it’s actually sort of good that they can be together so much. You know because it’s important to be your spouse’s friend, too you know. You married people should already know that.
    Again I ask, why indirectly support someone you can’t stand? It’s just pointless.
    I’ve said ENTIRELY too much. Lol! I have to go watch repeats of House now. Bye everyone! *Blows a Kiss*

  • celebhores

    do u think hc knows she hires paps to take pics in his lilttle town of him and his family?

  • G

    @ 99, Gasol

    What happened in Hayden’s Mom(Allie’s) marriage? Don’t hear anything, here in America. Are he’s parents getting divorced? Affair?

  • NY GAL

    Finally a new pic of Hayden! Love his smile, he should do it more often! He looks kind of pale, though. More than usual. Celebhores, I was wondering about the same thing! I would think that Uxbridge would be off limits, especially the farm?

  • voice of reason

    @ 126 G best not to go there, as much as Gasol/Smiliehex and I love to banter with each other, we have all made a promise not to discuss your question on an open board. To imply and mention a sentence in passing that’s cool.(for instance I have said I think I can call her Mrs C still)

    If either of us was to reply in detail out in the open we would not have kept a promise it would be gloves off and the bullgate will open. I would like to believe that is one thing all 3 can agree with. If you really want to know ask someone in PM and keep it there.

  • Smilehexe

    Okay, I’m out again. Just set a long comment which is “awaiting moderation” – as seen too often before. Bye everyone.

  • Nina

    I dont care if she is calling the paps or not, i love seeing pics of Hayden. He looks very happy. And dont tell me make up stories like, look, he is not looking to her, they will break up soon, etc. just to ease your mind. They are getting old.

  • Justmyopinion

    @Smilehexe #129
    Hey smile, i am sorry to hear that. Maybe some who disagree with u did report you. It’s not fair.U have my email address, email me whenever u want and keep coming back here.

    I guess it’s better not to talk about Mrs C’ spersonal life. I hope I didnt break the rule.
    Did u report Smilehexe? If u did, It’s not cool. But I guess u haven’t.

  • alex

    Rachel is cute..
    Hayden loves her…the way he is looking at her while his mother is giving her a peck..he surely adores her.,and why not??..she is cute, pretty, looks sexy when required, and is a very warm person. She has a great sense of humor( saw that in her interviews esp. with raig Ferguson) she is not atypical of those like Paris, Lindsey, Kardashians etc etc…
    All of you who think know so well about what is going on in Hayden’s mind are simply wrong. I understand you hate her….okay she is not the best actress in Hollywood..I agree. But that does not mean u will call her names and disgrace her…she whom u dont know personally!!
    This is ridiculous and disgusting. How can you people have so much hate for an unknown person!!…THINK!!!..whats wrong with you guys..just give her a break….what she does whom she’s with..whether she is working or not…if she and Hayden are going to break-off or stay together..what has that got to do with you?????

    P.S…last night this topic was posted wayyyy below…and now again its on page one!!!!..

    Hey Jared,…I’m curious…Do you really get paid for the threads and comments???…If yes..then man you owe a LOT to Bilson…and yes..not forgetting Smilehexe, the”real” observer and celebhore…ahhh ain’t they the sweetnesss…

  • alex

    @atlqueen #124…. absolutely correct. Could not agree more. Its as simple as that. They love each other. May not be the top league actors but still earn more in a week than most of the “axis haters” will ever earn in a year.
    About tipping the paps,,, happens..every celebrity does that..offcourse paps do not have a CIA satellite that they always know where a celebrity is. But the get tipped by the agents and managers of these celebrities. This was agreed by Naomi Watts in an interview with Craig Kilborn. Even Megan Fox agrees that it was her manager who pinned the “next Angelina” story for her.

    So axis of evil….take a chill pill and relax. You commenting on and on on her or saying hateful stuff wont do you any good or do her any bad.
    So stop forcing your mind to come up with trying-hard-to-be-sarcastic-remarks on her and Hayden and get a life!!

  • voice of reason

    @131 JMO- the comment was not posted about Mrs C by Viper it was from G(@126) so I can only assume you stuffed up or to add interest both Viper and G are one in the same and you are playing backup, or maybe all 3.

    Smiliehex have no idea why the whole “awaiting moderation” thing happens to both you and Gasol. 18 months/1 year maybe I could understand Gasol to be honest did not think she could post a sentence without swearing, but there seemed to be no problem at JJ with it.
    I cannot for the life of me remember any swear word that you did smilie, and if you did I should have marked it down as a very rare experience.
    I also thought that at JJ there were no rules layed down, so maybe it’s a phrase that has been used or maybe they only allow X amount of posts in X amount of time. I have no idea what you typed your the only one who knows, funny though that you could still type afterwards-maybe contact JJ and ask why?

  • Justmyopinion

    #VOR #131
    I didn’t know that Gasol and Viper were the same person.I
    Actually I thought your other name is Viper . I thought that u did report Smilie cos u always fight here….but I see than u clever than that.

    I think we should only report people when they use really offensive words and not because we disagree with them. Smilie isn’t a rude person and u r not either.

    I just have screen name no other one here.

  • stacy

    Isn’t it funny that these two have 135 comments so far, like they’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Guys, I realize that it’s upsetting to some of you that they are together, but I think you spend way too much of your time worrying about it, you know? I love Hayden and all, but he (and his girlfriend) are really not THAT interesting.

  • shaCHEER11

    come on, some of you guys are being kinda harsh. youre saying that she is holding him back from his “career”, well hes the one that has to find the work to put his career in motion. some are saying it wont last because she gets “around”, the only other person i know that she was in a relatioship with was adam brody and that last almost 4 years, so she can do the committment thing. even though i think she was way happier with adam and i liked him better, i think Hayden and Rachel can work if they try.

  • celebhores

    in regards to theses pics, i conclude:

    1. they were ordere by RB. what paps are randomly hanging around uxbridge?…a parking lot? looks staged, i mean who does gift exchange in a parking lot especially someone who is private?
    there r lots of hot celebs in toronto right now, why waste time on these two? Rb needs attention, she cant stay out of the spotlight too long.

    2. i find it disresectful and of bad taste for her to pull a stunt like this.bringing his family into this. i wonder if hc even knows. for all we know she told him she got the ring from fashionweek but insinuates to us its from hc. (i know its a long shot, but possible)

    3. we will see more by hc bday. she wil make sure pics r taken of them together.

    4. remember she wore a gold band not long ago, she saw she drummed up hype, so now flaunts a rock.

    5. hc is a moron

    6. is that hc mom? maybe. compare her ring to other pics. i know hejsa looks so much like her

    7. rb gets what she wants….this means she will do whatever it takes. even making good with the family.

    8. hc is opening a box with a sweater. meaning he wont see his mom or whoever on his bday. meaning he now dumps his family and friends(i bet he wont go riding like he used to) for this beotch.

    9. hc is a moron

    10. rb sinking to new low & bringing his quiet, private family into the limelight of gossip. if it wernt for rb, hc and his family would have peace. he must really be blind to put her b4 family

  • monreal

    Oooh… really… well… zzzzzz… ok times up… so next? What another hater? Jeeez still “cant” really beat them up so far & as usual here LOL

  • cheap publicity hos

    “what is up with all the haters?”
    You obviously think only your opinion is valid.
    Some people who aren’t stupid like you and don’t buy PR bulls*it.

  • voice of reason

    @135 JMO(I’m thinking not the real one-or maybe trying to hard to cover up from your silly mistake) I hope for you Gasol does not come in here and read your message I would start running if I was you.

    Or you could try to make things right by just saying sorry, admit you got caught out and take your “friends” someplace else, because you have just annoyed both sides. BTW “we” should report people who only use offensive words—who are we? cause it sure as heck ain’t me.

    Can’t wait to read the next 30 posts–till later all, I have a movie to watch.

  • gay

    I keep hearing that Hayden is gay and that girl is his beard.

  • ha ha ha

    @ 138 You must be a teenager to come up with reasons like this to rationalize why pictures are taken of these two, lol!

    They both disappeared after voting in early November, she reappeared for a week or so before Christmas, then disappeared again until Jan. 31st this year when she and Hayden were photographed in LA by her car. There was a picture of them in November in Canada on a lift watching some construction being built. That is alot longer than 3 weeks to be gone, this is not the first time she and Hayden have been gone, its about the 4th or 5th time.

    The fact that they are opening gifts in a parking lot is no one’s business but theirs as to why, and it is not so unusual, if you want to be sure the size is right, or you went out to eat and this is when you see the person. Why would they “stage” photos of mom with her backside bent over to put all over the internet? Thats why these pictures do look random to me, who would want to embaress their mom like that? Maybe they did call the paps, who cares? It was 4 years ago when Hayden “went riding” for his birthday, and you have no idea what he will do on his birthday! He is engaged now, I’m sure he would rather be with Rachel, it does not mean he can’t be with other family/friends as well, if he chooses to. And to think he doesn’t know what a diamond ring on Rachel’s left finger means is absolutely hilarious! They are engaged because he gave her the ring, they don’t have to confirm the obvious! He is not brain dead!

    You really ought to find something else to occupy your mind with, obsessing over these two like this is moronic! You won’t change anything by constantly posting nonsense about them, I hope you get over the fact they are together soon.

  • voice of reason

    Sorry just read Celebhores comments this should be fun I’m going to answer them point by point–yeah I am bored but this could be more fun than the movie on TV:
    1. Because RB did not call them or are you trying to tell me that paps could sell a carpark shot(all 8) for more money than other celebs in Toronto, although I think you stuffed up and should have said Vancover cause Twilight stuff is all over the place.

    2. You are right so much of a long shot–not even worth the comment to reply.

    3. I hope so more things for the haters to type about, thus more photo’s to look at, but if it does not happen I will remind you.

    4. RB also wore the gold band with Adam and if you followed the threads more close you would know that both sides have sort of agreed the ring is a mute point and something she just wears on both hands and ever since Hayden was asked about(and knew what they were talking about) she has not worn it since-guess Hayden put his foot down.

    5. I see lots of moron’s around here-you are heading into the top 5. Thankfully for you some idiots posted before you and took the lead.

    6. Yes for the last time it’s Mrs C, maybe you have never seen her picture quite that way-she has lost weight but the hair is a dead giveaway, when you go back and look at other shots.

    7. BF/GF always try to make good with family, especially if both know how important family are to each other maybe you are from a different planet?

    8. Go back check the photo’s HC opens a box with the boots in them/RB pulls out the sweater and places the sweater back in the blue bag.

    9. You already said that must be running out of things.

    10. HC’s family with exception of father(who is there sometimes but not normally photographed) have always attended events and had pictures taken, where have you been celebhore for the last 7 years-your point about RB invading privacy is very mute, although it was red carpet events the family does not seem to have a problem-why do you?

    Looking forward to reading your pathetic backlash

  • kt

    I think these photos are staged because they all look stupid trying on bad looking rain boots in a parking lot. I think Rachel and Hayden are making fun of the photographer who was following them around. All three of them look like idiots with their bad looking rain boots on in a parking lot.

  • voice of reason

    @143 Ha Ha Ha I actually was happy that I was sitting down when I read your post finally someone else other than the very few can post with logic-THANK YOU.

  • some fans are morons

    “voice of reason”,
    You are a moron, too stupid for Hollywood publicity games.

  • ha ha ha

    @ 146 Your welcome.

  • voice of reason

    @147 please if you are going to say something don’t hide behind a cover name makes you look both a moron and stupid.

  • schullen

    @#138 – they were ordere by RB. what paps are randomly hanging around uxbridge?…a parking lot? looks staged,..
    - More/Most likely. They’re probably missing (mis)acting infront on a real film shooting as they’re not getting any these days that’s why they’ve converted their pap opps into a stage play augmented w/ an addtl. support aka family member for some sort of realistic touch. Keep on trying so damn hard LOL