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Shia LaBeouf Screams For Ice Cream

Shia LaBeouf Screams For Ice Cream

Still sporting an injured hand, Shia LaBeouf treats himself to an some ice cream from Bennett’s Ice Cream Shop inside the Farmer’s Market at The Grove in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 9).

The day before, the 22-year-old actor was seen riding his bike to Starbucks and picking up a hot beverage. Shia later hit up a a vintage clothes store and a restaurant before being picked up by a friend. He loaded his fold-away bike into the back of a small white van before being driven home.

Shia has been biking and skateboarding around town because his driver’s license was suspended for one year following his car crash/DUI bust.

15+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf on his ice cream run…

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shia labeouf ice cream 01
shia labeouf ice cream 02
shia labeouf ice cream 03
shia labeouf ice cream 04
shia labeouf ice cream 05
shia labeouf ice cream 06
shia labeouf ice cream 07
shia labeouf ice cream 08
shia labeouf ice cream 09
shia labeouf ice cream 10
shia labeouf ice cream 11
shia labeouf ice cream 12
shia labeouf ice cream 13
shia labeouf ice cream 14
shia labeouf ice cream 15

Credit: Matei/Radcliffe, Richard Beetham; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • halo

    lovelovelove him

  • tatum

    I love him. Great actor and is hot!!!

  • Over30shialover

    still with the DUI bust? The DUI charges were dropped!! He was never charged with the DUI: he was charged with suspicion and then those charges were dropped! His license was lost due to refusing the breath analyzer on the scene (you know the scene where his hand broke the fall of his flipping F150 quad cab due to an asswipe blowing through a solid red light at speed and ramming him broadside?) but the BAC taken at the hospital came back under the limit.

    He didn’t cause the accident and was under the limit and was the only real victim..


    Get well soon Shia!!

  • dundies

    mmm looking so good. shia’s looks yummy too lol

  • stepho

    oh heyyyy Shia.

  • jdub

    looovee him. boyfriend needs to hook up with megan fox asap.

  • Shiais1Fuglydude!!!

    This guy needs to put a bag back over that nasty face of his. Or he should try to get a electolisist done so that he does not grow that fugly thing back on his face. Why the F**K is it every time these paps get some photos of Shia most of them are with that fugly thing on his face. SHia needs to hide, like forever because of that beard!!!! I am so sick of this guy and his fugly face!!!!! Time to get sick after looking at that beard!!!

  • meme

    he looooooooooks so haaaaaaaaaawt!!!!!!!

  • carrey

    Shiais1Fuglydude STFU!! Shia is hot! And hes a great actor. I personally go by acting ability! looks are second.

    Dont you have some zac post to obsess over.

  • Shiaizdabomb

    haha shia, itz good 2 c him out again…handsum az eva, no matta wad hiz hataz think of him!

  • Nativenyker

    I just know he’d melt slowly in your mouth. Yum-ness.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    summer of shia.

  • stepho

    @ carrey. youre amazing!

    so who’s dying for transformers 2 to come out!?

  • agi

    yesssss yess yess yes….
    shia is back…glad to see him back!

    love him so much!

  • Shiaizdabomb


  • mr. d

    Much better looking than fugly ass Robert Pattison. I’m so tired of seeing RP’s deranged mug everywhere. He is nasty looking! Shia LaDouche is much more attractive.

  • Sayuri

    Coisa mais LINDA! Amo o Shia. =DD

  • LALY

    He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack… missed him

  • Soyara

    LINDO como sempre! (L)

  • A charm

    Oh Gosh, why do I love Shia so much?? He oozes hotness at ite best. Yummy =)

  • ifeelsick

    I agree about how Shia is much better looking than that mouse dude robert p. but Shia needs to shave. I am glad to see more photos of him, it seems that shia has been “hibernating”. Now we need to see that beard of shia’s thinned a bit! It is a wee bit thick I think!!! Yuck!

  • uglysexy

    He’s almost Adrian Brody level annoying….he needs to continue to break out of his goody two shoes spielberg created carapace and do something real….spielberg is almost as bad for young actors as lucas and disney

  • gerard Vandenberg

    HOMO-SEXUALS are familiar with sucking.
    THAT’S THE REASON, folks!!

  • ryanefron

    have you ever noticed how defensive people get when i really really like an actor? its like you can only like one and hate all the rest.
    so excuse me for saying im a zac efron and shia labeouf fan. they are both awesome and extremly hot.
    hope your hand gets better soon! :]

  • bc89

    does anybody know what bike company makes that bike? its sad that he is always alone.

  • *******


  • Mrs. love

    he’s so HOT… He’s the hotness.

  • sunshine

    J.J. it has been a while since you posted some Shia goodies. If it was not for the google blog search I would have not found this. Google blog search has some interesting stuff about shia.
    1. Shiatalk, that is a really good site to find info about Shia
    2. some very interesting blogs about Shia Labeouf too:

  • becca

    love shia to pieces

  • —–

    Shia is your typical celebrity. No I am not talking about this photo I am just saying in general!!!! Shia Lapoof face is not at all what he says he is in these interviews, I think!!!

  • Over30shialover

    Good Lord almighty.. that website stilllivingthehumblelife..that person is liable to kill La Beouf one day. what a disturbing and sad website! That is actually really disturbing to see blog after blog of Shia obsessed diarrhea poured out like she knows him or is one degree of separation from him. WTF? No wonder Shia moved. Man oh man.. get help 35 year old lady dependent on living with 23 year olds and with the maturity level of a 14 year old. Your blog could be used to show just cause for forced mental help..seriously. Quickly go seek help.. there are meds out there that might help you. And Shia get a restraining order dude or you might become the next Rebecca Schaeffer story on THS on E. Maybe that is just my take on it.. but goodness!! Scary shit!

  • bella

    he’s the best actor ever!! <3

  • to-#31 “Over30shialover

    #31 you better be careful as to what you write about someone that you do not even know. Your statements are very libelous agaisnt whom ever wrote that silly blog. My husband works at a law firm and is studying to be a lawyer and he read what you wrote and saying that someone is a murderer is wrongfully accusing someone of something that you do not even know and you can get into a lot of legal trouble for that because it is highly illegal especially saying that someone is a murderer, dear that is crossing the line big time. I am only telling you this because my husband has read of cases like this before (where as people accuse someone of something so awful as you did) and I do not want to see you get into all kinds of legal trouble saying serious stuff (like you just have posted) that you don’t know, be very careful and mindful to what you write. Here is the definition of “libel’ for you so that you can see what I am talking about:
    Libel means print slanderous statements against someone.
    I even check out this blog and personally it stated opinions and apperantly when I checked out again that blog was gone. So please be careful as to what you say and what you call people. Libel is a very serious offense, so be very careful. Just a FYI! :)

  • shiaishot

    3 words:

    SO F-ING SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Over30shialover

    I apologize..I was so shocked by the pages and pages of blogging on that site from that person. Maybe I am new to internet blogging but I found that so personally disturbing and felt so strongly that that person needed help. It seemed to me personally to be unhealthy. It is just my impression.. I am in no way a professional. I apologize. I am a married mother of two pushing 40 and I can’t imagine someone in their 30′s obsessing over a 22 year old kid like that.

    I apologize to the person who wrote the blog if it hurt your feelings.. but I was a fan of Rebecca’s and that blog struck a cord and made me remember that whole sad incident.

    My mistake.

  • to-#35 “Over30shialover

    To #35 – hey, no worries. My older sister is a pscychologist and when I read your post (post #35) on here I called her to see what her perspective about this blog and I told her about what I remembered what was written in that blog that you were referring to. She said that the person who wrote that blog may be suffering from O.C.D. and has a lack of trust due to some traumatic experience(s) in her life. She does not think at all that this sounds like that crazy loon who hurt that poor Rebecca Shaffer back in the 80′s. She also added that there is no hint of this blogger ever wanting to harm Shia or anyone for that matter, she thinks that this blogger is just venting and sounds as if she wears her emotions on her sleeves and vents via blogging. Everyone has their own way of dealing with pain, just as long as this blogger is not doing any harm to anyone or herself and there was no hint of that. It shows your true character on how you came here to do a public apology to that blogger, not many people are humble like yourself. I hope that if this blogger ever comes on this Just Jared site that she will see your apology as well. Libel is a big offense and I understand that you are new to this blog thing. I am going to warn you there are a lot worse blogs/bloggers out there unfortunately on the net. :( Anyway dear, I hope that you have a good evening and that is really big of you to apologize like that, not many people are like you in todays world! :)

  • GeeGa

    This post is strictly to #35 (I guess you could say that this is a responce to her)-
    Hi to you #35. I am 39 years old and I have never been married and I have never had kids. I have had no time for love because of my busy schedule. I do find Johnny Depp and Shia Labeouf to be some hot men. I even have a photo of them on my desk and the gals at the office give me a hard time every day about that, all in fun mind you. So please don’t be so quick to judge people who are 30+ with no kids and no hubby. Remember you can walk into a Chrysler dealership and buy a new car. You can get an agent from Century 21 to help you buy a home. But you can not buy a hubby, it just happens. SO maybe this poor blogger who is “35 years of age” can not find a man for whatever reason, we can not be the judge of that. Some ladies are lucky and some are not. The only thing that we should be concerned about is our own lives. I am not trying to insult you but just to tell you some ladies are not as lucky to be married with kids like you are. Count your blessings and please do not rub your riches in others faces, please! I hope that you see my post as kind advice and not in anyway a form of attack on you. May peace be in your heart!!!!!

  • S.S.

    ^(37) great point! Shayna Labeouf (Shia’s mom, did I spell her name right?) had Shia when she was in her late thirties and I read that Jeffery (shia’s father) is a bit younger than her. So hang in there maybe a man is right around the corner for ya hunny if you want one that is.

  • Have yall really read that blog?

    Not only does that woman hate Shia, she blames everything that’s wrong in her life on Shia.

    She also wrote in one entry that she hoped God would give her cancer so she could be with him in heaven.

    This chick is really disturbed and she’s wrote that herself, I don’t think she has a grip on reality. In her mind Shia is stalking her blog on the internet and plotting against her,

  • Shia needs to stop sending his spys to email me and learn how to be a real man by having a heart, IN MY OPINION! Posted by keepingitlight at 9:57 AM …

    See, she thinks he’s ‘spying’ on her

  • Professor_Fate_86

    #39 and #40. I for one read that blog every day and she said nothing about being in heaven with Shia Labeouf. She said that she wanted to have cancer and be in heaven but said nothing about him only that she wanted to be in heaven with Jesus. Look I have to agree with poster #33 you better watch what you say because that poster is right is right, accusing someone of something that they did not write is very libelous so keep your fu”c’king mouth shut. Oh and BTW I really think that you are or know of Shia Labeouf himself, grow up who ever the f—ck you are and get a life and leave this girl alone!! Shia Labeouf is a punk as””s kid anyway, why this girl wasted her time and blogging about him who knows. And I bet this girl is not really 35 my guess is that she is 12, wanting to be 35, that is just what I get from that. Whatever the case is, if shia is posters #39 and #40 it shows how much of a scumbag that you are to come on here and belittle some kid with issues. What do you think you are fu//cking perfect??? Probably cause when people come on here to belittle others it shows how stupid and shallow a person really can be, think about it. Just leave the b”itc’h alone and grow up and move on!

  • Professor_Fate_86

    Oh yeah, stop coming on Just Jared to quote some kids blog, shia or whoever the fu…ck you are, it is just making you look like an a;;ss and hell for all that we know is that you are making s”hit up. Every one has issues and coming on a f”cking paparzi site to make fun of someones issues shows how f”ucking hateful that you are, think about it…or can you even think about that, wait if this is Shia he may be too high to think about anyone else but himself. Whatever, move the f”uck on you goddamn bully and leave this blogger alone, f’u'ck.

  • Professor_Fate_86

    Here is what that blogger wrote about that cancer thing (damn I have a fu”cking good memory):
    “”"I have been begging God for cancer for years now for the simple reason that I have NEVER been wanted by my family”"”
    33 is right, see how fu””cking libelous what you wrote #39? I have to agree with 33, Libel is a serious offense. I saw nothing that was Libelous in her blog because she wrote that it was her opinion furthermore, she said nothing about harming anyone, I would know I read that blog ever day. so keep your libelous remarks to your self!
    Okay peoplezzzzz I am done I have said what I have had to say about this bulls”hit topic, laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ****

    I agree with P.F86 that the person who is mocking this blogger is Shia Labeouf, I just think that Shia would be that nasty and empty hearted.

  • to belittle is to be little

    Geesh I cannot believe my eyes I cannot comprehend why poster #39 and #40 are saying that the blogger wrote some outlandish things. I know for a 100 percent fact that the blogger that is mentioned is my best friend and I have seen what she wrote and she never mentioned about being in heaven with Shia or anyone for that matter. She just cannot wait to be in heaven so she can be with the Almighty one. She even said that she is really fed up about being neglected by her blood family. I really think that people should not say libelous statements when they really do not know them personally. It is sad that my friend has gone through with the lack of trust arena with her family and guys. I know from taking psychology classes that my friend suffers from OCD and the way she handles hurtful situations and the guys she has been with or had experiences that make her feel low. It is due to lack of self esteem and self confidence.Nothing more or less
    On a side note, if this is Shia writing these hurtful comments to my best friend I am exceedingly disappointed in him and have lost almost all respect in him. it makes a strong person not to hurt others feelings.He should not belittle people like that because everyone has their own issues to deal with and no one is perfect. Psychologically speaking everyone has some “skeletons” in their closets due to experiences in their life. Just leave her alone and let this nonsense stop here!

  • Well, she shouldn’t put her whole life story on a blog where anyone can read it.

    Anyone with access to the internet knows that she’s a 35 year old virgin, her mother’s an alcoholic who disowned her, her father won’t let her come home so she’s now homeless, and every man she meets she compares them to Shia like he’s her ex-boyfriend that they will never live up to.

  • Professor_Fate_86

    First get your fu;;cking facts straight, she never compared any dude to Shia like he, Shia, was her ex. Just grow up and leave her alone. I still think this could be Shia himself. Well if it is Shia you are no better you go on and on in fuc”cking interviews about how your mother was burned out hippie and your father used drugs and how you do not live like a monk (some call that a male slut). I give this b^itch (the blogger) one thing she does not sleep around like many girls do. Atleast the bitch has morals. And again if this is Shia, stop acting like a rich a”sshole and mocking her because she was homeless. There was a time where you did not live so privilege, why don’t you get off of your high horse and stop picking on this b^itch. It only makes you look like a dumb a”’ss bully. I would not be suprised, if it is Shia. Who ever this is, get a f;;;ucking life and move on, lordy lordy, leave this b”’itch alone, f”uck.

  • Professor_Fate_86

    one last thing, i still think that this blogger is not 35, but whatever the case is move on, who gives a fu”ck if she is 105, really. grow the f’u'ck up and move on and stop attack this girl/old lady however old this bi”tch is.

  • keepingitlight

    I use to write that blog (stilllivingahumblelife) and I must admit, I’m a little ashamed of it.

    I deleted all my entries because really why was I so obssesed with Shia.

    To be totally honest I’m not sure if I hate or love Shia. Some days I think he’s the sweetest thing, other days I think he’s an ass’hole to the core.

    I also shouldn’t have pput all my business in the blog (like my slutty roommate and losing my job)

    So I’m going to Refresh (for real this time).

  • Professor_Fate_86

    More and more I think that this is Shia Labeouf. Okay here is how stupid you sound IF this is shia:
    “Hi my name is Shia and I moved away because I am so afraid of the paps taking photos of me. I beat off every day because no girl wants a serious relationship with me. The only girl who cares about me is my mama. But she has too. I should have been given up for adoption because I gave my poor mommy an ulcer. I got tattoos so that I can look bad, fucking bad that is. I love to make fun of people online especailly people who have problems, that is because I hate myself deep inside so much. I only wanted to become a fucking celebrity so that hopefuly my daddy will love me and pay more attention to me. When I was young I was not sure if I really liked being Jewish I think I wanted to be a black dude. I love smoking weed every night because I hate myself so much and who I really am even though I do not show it in interviews. I get blitzed as often as possible. Oh and last summer I was so desprite to get a girl to take to my room and bang that I asked almost every girl who is gothe looking out at a bar. But deep inside I really want my ex China back with me but she dumped me cause I was a tad bit agressive in the abusive way. Well not to worry I am a big bad ass celebrity now and I am sure I will get some girl who looks like my mama to stick around my nasty abusive ways, when I am blitzs though. Anyway, let me go so I can think of ways to bust on this blogger and how she hates or wait loves me here on Just Jared so I can look so fucking cool and some bitch will want me and I can really get laid. Also I need that high off of teasing the weak, yeah this blogger girl is weak cause she has not been laid or so she says. I hate good girls I really do, they need to be teased forever, that is my job. Hold on I need another ciggerette this is getting good. So just come back later and see what I say to bully this woman who has nothing to do with me, you bitches will fall head over heals. Later dudes let me get blitzed first!
    -Shia ”
    See how stupid you sound, if this is Shia Labeouf. Who ever it is your an as’shole, and get a f”cking life!!!