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Sophia Bush is Rachel Pally Pretty

Sophia Bush is Rachel Pally Pretty

Sophia Bush attends a luncheon in honor of designer Rachel Pally (hosted by Dita Von Teese) at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Thursday (April 9).

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress wore the same Dior gladiator heels that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in the Sex and the City movie.

After the luncheon, Sophia was seen picking up a few items at the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Pally pretty Sophia Bush

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sophia bush rachel pally 01
sophia bush rachel pally 02
sophia bush rachel pally 03
sophia bush rachel pally 04
sophia bush rachel pally 05
sophia bush rachel pally 06
sophia bush rachel pally 07
sophia bush rachel pally 08
sophia bush rachel pally 09
sophia bush rachel pally 10
sophia bush rachel pally 11
sophia bush rachel pally 12

Photos: Chris Weeks/Wireimage, VAH/Fame Pictures
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  • anon


  • Nick

    She’s so gorgeous!!

  • Violet Blue

    She looks pretty.

  • Jenny



  • Kayla

    Sophia’s outfit, her necklace, and her make-up is stunning. She is such a beautiful girl.

  • Cooh

    she’s wonderful

  • bella

    Love her…. she is just an absolute beauty.

  • Perfect!

    Sophia is absolutely gorgeous! I love her necklace.

  • mary

    absolutely flawless.
    i love her <3

  • Jane

    She looks amazing! She’s totally gorgeous.

  • diva

    First luvin the outfit simply chic! second she’s looks pretty in the pics so natural!

  • joey



    gorgeous, but what happened to her in this pic. seems like that make up kit tries to cover a haggard face. maybe she’s having sex all night or what not :)

  • Manon

    I love (l)

  • mM

    nothing haggard about her. upset that you’re not capable of getting any, unlucky #13?
    sophia is all gorgeousness!

  • léa

    Omg !
    I love her clothes :p
    She’s wonderful & amazing !

  • gerard Vandenberg

    but she “smells” indeed, folks.

  • elle

    can’t stand her on OTH but she looks lovely

  • Randi

    She looks stunning. Stunning Sophia Bush hehe! She looks so put together. The hair and the make up along with the dress and jewelry is flawless.

    I love when she’s posted on Jared! :)

  • nutjob

    dude this chick has the creepiest smile ever!! its flipping me out!

    dita…you are amazing!!

  • Tracy

    You really are a nutjob. Sophia Bush has one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. Its one of those smiles that draws you in and every time she does, her gorgeous dimples always pop up making her smile even more beautiful.

    Sophia looks stunning in the new pictures. Her whole look is very chic and sexy.

  • Tracy

    Are sophia and James still going out? Or did they break up? Anyone know?

  • Tracy

    Alright I’m poster #21 and not #22.
    As for Sophia and James, there are are othe sites you can try to find information about them. I’m sick of seeing people always questioning this on JJ when the article itself has nothing to do with it. People need to stop trying to stir up drama.

  • Anna

    Gorgeous. Every time I see photos of her she is more beautiful. Sophia is genuine, the real deal. Thanks for posting Jared!

  • Karen

    Just wondering is she and James are going out? Are they?

  • Pat

    These images are so pretty. I love the lighting. Sophia is just so pretty. That outfit is amazing too. I hope her movies come out soon. The trailers look so good.

  • oth ! (l) (:

    she’s flawles ! love her <33

  • Tracy

    Tracy, why do you care if people want to know if she is still going out with James or not, that’s not a bad thing, just fans of the show?

  • Jenna

    i noticed that Sophia and Kristen Bell were sitting next to each other at the luncheon. Do you have any photos of them together? I love their friendship. Sophia looks so beautiful as usual.

  • Sara

    ^^ Actually she wasn’t wrong in saying that. Trust me because all it does is create trouble seeing as how people start talking about it and then arguing because they think they know more than the other person. It shouldn’t be like that but it is. The subject should just be dropped. Period.

    Any ways, Sophia looks AMAZING as usual. I love everything she’s wearing. She’s beautiful.

  • sophia

    sophia looks like a shemale, her wanker is probably huuugggeeee….

  • Tracy

    why should the subject be dropped. That is so strange? IT’s just a simple questions about being in love. It’s a good thing, not a bad thing. The haters are going to hate no matter what is written. But if she and James are in love, that is a beautiful thing, not a bad thing.

  • Kris


    Don’t be saying sh*t like that just because you’re ugly and Sophia Bush is drop-dead gorgeous. It doesn’t take a genius to see that you’re a jealous hag.

    Tracy #32,
    I agree with the others and say that the subject should be dropped. Yes, Love is a beautiful thing and so are Sophia and James, together or not. The reason it should be dropped though is because I guarantee you that you will never get a definite answer on here. You’re going to have half of the people here claiming that they broke up and that they’re over and then the other half are going to be saying that they’re still together and there sure of it. So I’m just saving you the head-ache because to ask that question is literally pointless. Believe me.

  • jenna

    The Bush family should be ashamed of themselves for raising such a cheap whore

  • Mara

    ^^And you should be ashamed that you’re such a fuckeddd up bitchhh Jenna.

    Enough Said.

  • Ali

    Sophia is just terrific. I want her life. All the ladies looks so pretty at the event. I’d love to have a successful job and be able to shop.
    Stunning, intelligent and kind. I love this outfit it so classic but hip and a little sexy. The luncheon looks like it was so much fun. I’d love to attend something like that..

  • Jamie

    Must be a FF hater. So dumb. Maybe it is the loser Mrs. Phelps. rotfl

  • Sophia Rocks

    lollllll. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be Mrs.Phelps either. That girl seriously has a stick up her She’s so lucky she can hide out at othforums behind her stupid little posts. Everyone’s on to her even if all of them might not say anything. I’m sure had it been anywhere else, someone would’ve eaten that b*tch alive. Haters are f*kcin losers….especially when its obvious when the hater is the same idiot over and over again.

  • Colleen

    ^ ^ ^ LMAO
    I know she got called out a few days for being such a douche.
    Sophia rocks.
    Sophia is so beautiful, that is all.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]


  • sandra

    You guys do know that Sophia has A LOT of haters. It’s not just one person.

    Anywho she looks gorgeous and the outfit is killer. I can I’m impressed.

  • Colleen

    A lot of losers you mean from FF and othforums.

  • Candy

    Actually Sophia has A LOT of fans. And I mean A LOT. But everyone knows that every celebrity has fans AND haters. It comes with the territory. But I’ve also seen more than enough times that haters like to make up multiple user names and emails adresses and they come across as a “large” group when its usually just a handful of pricks.

  • Colleen

    I think I love you Candy. lol

  • jenna

    No I’ve seen probably as many Sophia haters as I have Sophia fans. They’re everwhere. A lot of them dont even post as those forums that you listed….everyone at school literally HATES her guts.

    I don’t care what shes like in real life. I think shes pretty and supercool.

  • Mandy

    Sophia is the best girlfriend ever. She has so many life long friends and that speaks volumes.I find the peeps who want to bash her are CM fans or the peeps who believe Joy and James should REALLY be together. It is all so dumb. You can like others without having such hate in your hearts. Sophia is the best, her warmth shines through in everything she does.

  • Christina

    At my school everyone loves Sophia. Even at other schools they adore her. Our school plays sports at other schools and OTH is favorite topic. I can tell by you post you really don’t like her. Trying to insult her while pretending to like her.

  • sara

    The theme here is if u dont like Sophia’s fashion, her acting skill or think she is the best thing since slice bread then you must be from FF or othfans or jus a f*ckin prick. I dont know anyone who likes Sophia or her movies. She is alright on OTH even though Brooke is not my fave character. Acting wise dont care too much about her work so far. Fashionwise she gets it wrong so many times that I dont expect much anymore. Although she has those rare moments she is age appropriate and stunning. She is age appropriate this time but the look is just not stunning maybe its the shoes. However her makeup looks great and love the necklace I also think SJP wore those shoes better on STC movie than Sophia. I really dont like the shoes.

  • Mori

    Mandy I totally agree with your post,it’s such a shame some people live for hating others.

  • sara

    BTW some people need to get off their high horse. Who cares if people dont like Sophia. Stop insulting people who dont like her. Heck I like Brad and Angelina and they get bashed all the time. I dont waste my time replying to every negative message about them or attacking any comment about them. Heck people are entitled to their opinion and I dont mind that it is not the same as mine. If people love them, fine. If people dont, who cares. From what I have noticed, any time their is a Sophia post by JJ, anyone who doesnt guss about how wonderful Sophia is, gets attacked.