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Cassie Shaves Half Her Head

Cassie Shaves Half Her Head

Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura shows off her new hairstyle — a half-shaved head — at Promeade in New York City on Friday night (April 10).

“Sometimes in life, you need a change,” the 22-year-old singer blogged. “Something that displays the ‘I don’t give a f—’ attitude that was always present, but never showcased. Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of. And something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR.”

Cassie continued, “Yeah, I did it. They ask why?? LOL B/C I WOKE UP AND FELT LIKE IT!!!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Cassie’s new hairstyle — HOT or NOT?

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  • Intuit

    She still looks good

  • masise

    why , she was so pretty ,!!! but its her perogative

  • masise

    why , she was so pretty ,!!! but its her perogative

  • aubrey madeline

    wow what a stupid haircut

  • kiki

    IEUW that is SOOOOO ugly..

  • Monica

    ugh, she has got to be crazy to be doing stuff like this. LOL! This totally made my day. The minute I saw it I started ROTFLOL! LOL!

  • http://deleted alessia

    I love how twitters makes an easy story these days. ‘celebs’ who want to followed and want to keep their presence constant through twitter.

    all just jared has to do is lurk around twitter, job easy done!

    that said shaving your head is a hot move!

  • Ignacia

    pretty crazy !

  • nellie

    she’s so gorgeous she can pull off anything. i think she looks pretty bomb, actually.
    that being said, i wish she’d just shave it all off. having half of her hair long just looks stupid.

  • cutie

    I don’t like it but she’s still beautiful.

  • emilie

    well,shes pretty enough to pull it off
    …but now she kinda reminds me of amber rose lol

  • vannie

    Ok i get that she is trying to set a new trend and be a ROCK STAR and everything but i honestly think it looks STUPID! She is so pretty and has got gorgeous hair, why cut half of your hair off!!!? Why not just shave the whole thing if you’re gonna do that, you’ve got a nice face. But going just half way, i dont get it. It looks dumb…

  • lyla

    people! it’s hair, it grows back, i think it looks ROCkSTAR, i respect her more now

  • jess

    She’s amazingly still pretty though.

  • me

    her career must be at breaking point!!!! she must be struggling bad to get some attention!!! jeeees!!! what these talentless celebs will do for attention!!! she’d make an excellent friend for heidi montag!!!

  • Anna

    It looks amazing, prettier than before. It’s her own head and hair, so let her do what she wants to do, without hating.

  • m.t

    Ew EW EW

  • fiona henderson

    She has great features – better to shave her whole head.
    Try It – instant freedom from all the hair time!

  • Jill

    She looks like a damn fool.

  • Heinzi_Der_Held

    well, guess it’s still kinda cool – but anyways, odd^^

  • jrfan

    Gotta get attention somehow…I don’t think it looks bad at all but not many people could pull it off.

  • Lana

    she needs atention very badly

  • eteleete

    I love her attitude…she doesnt look back either…i would probably just shave the whole lot but whatevet…looks good.

  • Patricia

    this chick is crazy!

  • Countess von zinzendorf

    I don’t know who she is but she looks like Jennifer Lopez.

  • saudia

    what an idiot.. why not just shave your entire head, geez . .she just looks ridiculous

  • kiss

    That look was already rocked by the frontwoman of Bow Wow Wow almost thirty years ago, and she was 15.

  • riz

    when britney shaves her head, it’s a psychological meltdown. when this tool does it, it’s “ROCKSTAR” ??

    puhleez. give me a break.

  • riz

    when britney shaves her head, it’s a psychological meltdown. when this tool does it, it’s “ROCKSTAR” ??

    puhleez. give me a break.

  • dee

    ok…theres “i dont give a fuck” attitude and then theres plain “im a complete dumbass” attitude…i mean what the hell was she thinking?!did she really think this was gonna be good for her image?

    stupid haircut!

  • annie

    How semi- Britney of her..

  • lala

    this is the kind of things people do for attention and she must be really desperate

  • Shinobe

    нахрен это сделала
    её что вши загрызли
    где е

  • Shinobe

    Её что вши загрызли
    где её мозг
    совсем жесть

  • R`Ashleyy(:

    lolololololol , what was she thinking ?
    i think she still looks very hOt (:
    c`monnnn , its cassie

  • Keira

    ALICE DELLAL did it FIRST!!! She can pretend that it was really original, but Alice Dellal did it two years ago and was thought of as a fool.

    It looks cool on her, but it isn’t as original as people are going to make it out to be…

  • Max

    It’s Cassie,Bitch!

  • Caroline

    That just looks really RANK!!!!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    hahahahah.. that clown will do anything for attention obviously. music flops so she might as well pull a half-britney.
    you’re not a rocker Assie!

  • chris

    OMG!! SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE JLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Damn…if she wanted to be rebellious and show off her,”I don’t give a f***” attitude, she could of just got a tattoo or something.

  • natasha

    she looks like a fool but i guess i would go crazy too if i was diddy’s concubine

  • Hip

    so NOT !!!

  • Natalie

    She must be high on crack or something
    when she got this hair cut!!!!!!!!!!

  • essie

    when it starts to grow out i think she should chop off all her hair into a cute shortdo.. she has the face for it…

  • jdub

    ahhhh pretty girl but an “i dont give a f***” attitude is going out and getting a weird tattoo or something. not shaving half of ur hair off.

  • zzzz

    Um, okayyy, I get it that you want to be a “rock star”, Cassie, but shaving half of your head doesn’t prove anything other than desperation.

  • ?

    What a silly billy!

  • ?

    What a silly billy!

  • haha

    So this is how she tries to show something “deeper”???! She must be as deep as a puddle! BTW…who is this moron, anyway?