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Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner: Parking Lot Hot

Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner: Parking Lot Hot

The cast of New Moon, aka the Twilight sequel, officially begins filming with high school parking lot scenes in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday (April 9).

Who was spotted on set? All pictured below and inside: Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Justin Chon, Michael Welch and Christian Serratos.

It was just announced that 40-year-old British actor Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon) play Aro, the leader of the deadly Volturi vampire coven.

20+ pictures inside of parking lot hotties Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

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robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 01
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 02
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 03
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 04
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 05
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 06
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 07
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 08
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 09
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 10
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 11
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 12
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 13
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 14
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 15
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 16
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 17
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 18
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 19
robert pattinson taylor lautner parking lot 20

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# 1

Michael Sheen is superb. That was a good move.

# 2

saw this a while ago.

anyways, Taylor aka Jacob, is soo hott!

I can’t wait for New Moon..!!!!!!


# 3

:s the only book i liked in the series was the first one. i cant even finish eclipse lol

# 4

Aweosme pics :)

# 5

omg i cant wait to see new moon!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh taylor is so hotttt!!

# 6

i love looking at these pictures.

rob looks soo hot and super cute.
kristen actually looks happy for once!!!

bring on more of the pictures :) :) :)

# 7

Rob is gorgeous as always. Something about the Edward Cullen get up that makes him even more so.

# 8

Its so great to see kristen stewart and robert pattinson smiling, looking like they’re having fun. They look beautiful, all of them!

# 9

i can’t wait to see the movie x)

can’t wait for Michael Sheen

he is such a perfect edward cullen..its crazy

Cant Wait Omg
So Excited !!!

<3 Taylor/Edward x

mmmm robbbyy!! he is hot!!
mm love taylor too!
i cant wait to see new moon

Cant Wait For Newmoon !!!!

Robert Pattinson was at a party that me and my sis sang at in Vancouver… so cool! He actually saw us sing!!!

everyone and everything looks great! can’t wait to see the movie!

Have seen this pics already. ><’
This pics made me really happy!
Can’t wait to see the movie! *-*
Wish November could come faster!

omg i cant wait for new moon
team jacob<3xxx

Pattinson looks incredible. Gorgeous. Lautner looks ridiculous as per usual.

I love Robert Pattinson ♥

Rob Pattinson looks like the Hollywood star he is. The others bore me.

There had better be a lot of Pattinson in New Moon. The jacob sub plot bores the pants off me in the book. Pattinson looks awesome in the new vampire makeup.

Pattinon and Sheen together. Cant wait. Stuff the boring werewolves. I could lick Pattinson all over.

Pattinson’s smile lights up the world.

tulsa dupuis @ 04/12/2009 at 3:59 pm

i think mike is looking good…very pretty eyes and smile

Pattinson rocks. A class act. I love his singing voice. Luv him to play Jeff Buckley.

buckeyegurl @ 04/12/2009 at 4:01 pm

I love Rob and I’m not even close to being a teenager. He’s just gorgeous. I’m also excited they cast Michael Sheen, he is a great actor and will be a fantastic Aro.

Great shots of Rob. He’s adorable. Sigh.

I love you Rob

I adore Rob Pattinson and cant wait to see all his films. How To Be and Little Ashes look awesome films

Rob’s smile is wonderful. He makes me happy

[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 04/12/2009 at 4:18 pm

taylor lautner’s wearing the worst wig in movie history.

yeahh michael sheen !!!!!!
hehe :D cOOL i can’t wait fOr the mOvie ♥

Cant stand the cocky Lautner. Pattinson is a delight.

umbrella man is reppin a University of Oregon hat…AWESOME!!!

[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 04/12/2009 at 4:21 pm

little girls don’t like rob pattinson.. they like edward cullen (the character). if rob didn’t get the job to play ed not a single person would know his name – all the little vamp fan-girls would be sucking off someone else. hahaha..

i cant remember. where is there a high school parking lot scene with Edward and jacob???

OMG rob is sooo cute =) more like hotttt <3

OMG rob is sooo cute =) more like hotttt <3

I’m a grown woman of 30 and lust after Pattinson big time. He’s amazing

Cant wait to see Pattinson in Little Ashes

I am so excited for this movie to come out! If I HAD to pick a fav of the 4 books, New Moon would be it, I can’t wait to see how they turn it tnot a movie! I am especially looking forward to Rob’s performance in this movie, his character goes through some pretty heavy stuff, and it will be interesting to see how Rob handles it. He did such a phenomenal job in Twilight I am sure he won’t disappoint me!! In my opinion his performance MADE that movie what it is….he truely embodied Edward and without him, that movie would not be as fantastic as it is!! LOVE YOU ROB!!!!

Pattinson is the heart and soul of this franchise. Its nothing without him.

Twifanatic Amanda @ 04/12/2009 at 4:44 pm


Robert Pattinson is soul of the whole twilight franchise and hes definetely really amazing

I’m 27 and i think Rob is hot !! Taylor is a cutie too but he is way too young to fancy ! Rob looks older or something lol :)

edward cullen is perfect,but rob pattinson sucks, hes faice is like a drugger and alcohlic person!!! taylor is so talenttt!! and hot! pd: sorry my english is horrible!

Carmen, was Rob alone at a party? Maybe you saw other cast members?

justin’s hair :)

Rob is the best! I love his smile and his acting. Who needs Taylor? :p

Rob is just adorable! Taylor however looks weird, that wig is just soo bad!


I Love Taylor/Jacob <3
Yes I Do Agree The Wig Mite Be A Little Bit Bad :S

Love Rob/Edward Well Fiittt =P
Cant Wait For NewMoon

Love Rob/Edward Well Fiittt =P
n I Cant Wait For NewMoon
Love Taylor/Jacob <3
Yes I Do Agree The Wig Mite Be A Little Bit Bad :S

well I’m 50 yrs. old and I love Rob, call me sick if you want I have a daughter 21, a son 19 and I am able to separate the difference this guy has some big time charisma!!!!!!!!!!! and I think he should date a girl that would appreciate him & not focus on that Kristen girl that does not appreciate him and plays games with his heart. She wants both guys in her life the b.f. and Rob, she is selfish and immature.

I think Kristen looks gorgeous!!!! :D

Yes! I was waiting for JJ or JJJ to feature the pics! Thank you!

rob rob rob rob rob rob!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!!……. can’t wait to see it!!!….

Michael Sheen will be great as Aro! Can’t wait for New Moon (especially to see Rob)

I do not get the Rob Pattinson thing.
He’s unattractive and lacks a personality.
Which makes him ideal for playing Edward Cullen, of course, who is also without a personality.

I really don’t think Rob Pattinson deserves all this hype.
I don’t think he carries this series.
I think he’s about as boring as they come.
I realize I’m in the minority but I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

Suuupper late Jared! But thanks anyway!!!!

Who needs Twilight? @ 04/12/2009 at 8:59 pm

LOL seriously little girls Robert Pattinson ISN’T Edward,that perfect guy is FICTIONAL.This series is a sucess because the main character is hot and the fanbase is just women without “the perfect man”.Very sad.

where in vancouver???????????????????

omg i just want a glimpse of them! i live so close to vancouver!

I’m looking at these pictures of Rob, and I got to tell ya, I’m not seeing the beauty that everybody else is extoling. What is so great about this guy? You mean to tell me he is better looking than Shia LeBeof, Ryan Gosling, Leo Dicaprio, Gerand Bulter, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Renyolds, among others. Ladies, you’re being sold on the image of Edward, not Rob. I’d venture to say that If Pattinson was a checker at Walmart, most women wouldn’t even look twice at him. He appears deranged, unkempt and he has a terrible body! Taik about a facade. Rob is ugly, and I”m a chick, so I know what I’m talking about!


Okay…who is playing Aro?! First it’s that kid from Sweeney Todd and now it’s some old guy. This makes no sense. And Taylor’s wig is HIDEOUS!

rob is better looking than these two Shia LeBeof, Ryan Gosling,
Leo Dicaprio is better looking but he is older than rob
Gerand Bulter has great body but not better looking thank rog
Justin Timberlake is better looking than rob
Ryan Renyolds has great body but rob is better looking

i like rob not because I think he is good looking. there are better looking actors than him. I like him because he makes fun of himself. he doesn’t get why some girls are obsess with him/edward. even he doesn’t think he is good looking but he is enjoying himself now because he knows all of this craziness will go away someday.

Kristen looks gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!

andreav387 @ 04/13/2009 at 12:46 am

I’m so glad that they upgraded the Jacob Black wig lol. The one in Twilight made Taylor look so horrrrible. At least this one looks more natural and it’s away from his face.

Can’t wait till November!!

he looks hotter when they r done
but he is sitll hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kritsten looks so pretty in this pictures
and taylors hair looks weird

We’re looking for the further shooting development… more power!

Great pix! I have no interest in the Jacob storyline, and I find Taylor very cocky & arrogant, but can’t wait to see Rob again. I went to Twlight to see Rob after seeing a picture of him – didn’t know anything about the book initially. Love the actor & the character.



Personally, I don’t get why people call Edward Cullen “the perfect boyfriend” because obviously and seriously he’s far from it. He’s obsessed, controlling to almost abusive territory and he even admits that he wants to bite, drain dry and kill his so called one true love. I don’t know what other people’s definition of the word “perfect” is but those things DON’T fall underneath MY definition, that’s for sure. But, I do find the character fascinating not because he’s suppose to be “hot” or “perfect” but because he is obviously the fartherest thing from that. He’s got layers in his personality. What makes this guy tick? Why does he do and believe the things he does. I don’t think the books delve into that anywhere near enough for my taste. They don’t focus on the truly interesting storytellers which are the vampires. They focus on Bella who, JMO, is the blandest, most irritating one dimensional character ever conceived of. She’s suppose to be where the reader is to relate and “step into her shoes” to feel like they are experiencing the story themselves but it just doesn’t work. Bella comes off as a no personality idiot. It was also too long-winded with the same exact thing over and over too much. It wasn’t just over describing with detail. It was repeating the same stupid crap over and over again for 200 pages. I personally hope they keep going in the direction that they seem to be going concerning the films and pretty much get away from the books. Reimagine it for film. Because in the book, Bella’s still a moron for not figuring out what Edward was trying to do when he left AFTER her disastrous 18th bday party. She had the warnings from him after the James attack, at the hospital, and she even did the exact same thing to her own father before going to Phoenix in the first book. She should have seen right through Edward. But, if she had, there wouldn’t have been a plot for the book so apparently it had to be done (being VERY sarcastic). If Bella really is suppose to be an intelligent character, wow, it sure never shows in ANY of the books. I hope they change that for the films. Now thinking about it while typing this post, I’m starting to really dislike Meyer. Nothing against the people who do like her and her work by any means. Not flaming here. Just discovering something about myself. This thread sparked the “rant” that lead to it. No hard feelings are intended to anyone. :)


Dear Sara (78).. who is Jacob? He’s an abusive ass. He abused of Bella a lot.

I can’t wait for Edward on NM. I will watch it only for him and Alice. Jacob annoyed to death. Taylor is a ridiculous baby.

who cares @ 04/13/2009 at 3:33 pm

Man, that wig makes Jake look like a soccer mom. Ugh.

Taylor looks a bit sullen, doesn’t he?


Not disputing you on that fact. Not going to either because you are absolutely right about Jacob as well. I wasn’t saying that Edward was bad per say but he isn’t perfect either nor should he be. He’s NOT the perfect boyfriend. There’s nothing and no one on this planet, in reality or in fiction, that is. Edward’s a lot more interesting when he’s not being seen through the rose-colored glasses. The point I’m making is that Jacob is seen through reality while Edward is seen through this distorted filter and it’s an injustice to his character. In other words, it’s not a story about love but a story about obsession which is far from love. Bella and Edward don’t love one another. If they did, they would see each other for who and what they really are. They would take the good right along with the bad and they would know each other and how the other ticks better than what is conveyed. Bella wouldn’t have bought and swallowed Edward’s lies when he left. She wouldn’t have let him leave like that. She would have seen right through it all and called him on it. She would have known him and how he reacts to things far better than that. Edward wouldn’t have done it in the first [lace. He would have fought for it instead of basically running away scared. If she truly was his life, than he would have stuck with it through thick and thin. I guess I have a problem with how the story is being labeled and viewed instead of what it really is. No offense or flaming intended. :)

oh gosh!!!! taylor is perfect ! *–* ow yeah !

Shantel Karina @ 04/14/2009 at 11:05 am

Taylor is so sexcii!!! i love him <3
My future Husband :)

**** YOU THE FANS. WHO HATES ROBERT. Robert is the nicest person you ever meet and he is funny and nice guy and gives you huges and stuff but you denis him and say bad stuff him how rude who else about the alooks. robert is much hotter than le dicaprio.. robert is can be the leo person. don’t you guys feel bad for him already. will i do becouz you can’t find someone alike robert pattinson. he is beautifully actor. and he guys say bad stuff him. and he give free autographic and free stuff. and sign he shirts and books. if you hate him then why are you alooking at him.. he makes people laugh and feel better and you fans give him shut and saying bad stuff about him i have you ever so stupied ok.. he takes shower and why people are hugging then… and he proposals to people as joke. you should be happy for him not hate.. he is not alike others actors dazzle to fans or signs them and leave. SO BE NICE AND STUPIED GIVING ROBERT HARD TIME AND LET HIM DO WHATEVER YOU WANTS. YOU GUYS ARE JUST JEALOUS. HE IS WERID OK AND HYPPER BUT YOU GUYS HATE HATE SOME ONE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW OR MEANT. JUST MEAN AND SELFISH…….BE YOUSELF FOR ONCE AND GIVE GUY CHANCE. HE IS WORKING HARD IN THE MOVIE WHO P LAYS EDWARD. DON’T MAKE YOU GUYS FEEL BETTER AND YOU ALL THE FAND GIVING HIM CRAP AND LOVING THE CHARACTER MORE THAN ROBERT. YOU CAN’T FIND ANOTHER DOWN TO EARTH GUY AND GENTLMAN AND SWEET BUT YOU GUYS HAVE TO RUINS HIS LIFE.. PLZ LEAVE THE POOR GUY ALONE SOME PRIVATIS ALONE. I ALREADY FEEL BAD FOR HIM. HE CARES BUT THE ALOOKS THINK ABOUT THE PERSONALITY HE HIS. BUT GOD GIVE HIM THE BEAUTIFULLY LIFE. STOP DENISING ROBERT BECOUZ IT IS NO EFFORT TO DO THAT.

ok so taylor was lookin extra sexy as usual waaaaay better than rob you guys just like his character-edward-not him i read the books they could have gotten a better edward im not hatin im just sayin any ways i <3 taylor

wow, feel the love. I never knew all the hype about this series initially. However, catching Twilight “on demand” a few weeks ago (about 20 times that weekend), hooked me. I I went out and bought the book, Twighlight, and read it that night in about 4 hours. And the next 3 nights I read the rest of the series. I think I’m on my 10th time reading the series. Being 35 and a mother of 3, I would have never thought I would enjoy these books, as well as the movie. Of course I bought that too, and the soundtrack was great. I am hoping NM will continue the innocence that struck me in the first movie. I’m definately Team Edward. And by the way, I also believe that Rob is most definately (need I say it) a HOTTIE. He’s funny (love that), real (and better stay that way), intelligent and talented in more ways than one. Love ya Rob and wish you all the best.

OK Tylor what what is now lock yes an ten ten ten Bravoooooooo Bye e Robert BELLO eres hermoso

I can’t wait to see the fruits of your labor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I can’t wait to see the wonderful Fruits of your great LABOR!!!!

Scarlet rose @ 04/17/2009 at 1:47 pm

omg! i saw this movie a while back and i got it on dvd the 1st day it came out! cant wait for new moon so i can seen more of Jacob!- (Taylor Launtner) he is so hot!!
<3 <3 <3

I PErSONALY HATE TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then again he is hot…….I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaaah love Taylor XD
Can’t wait for New Moon!!

I love Twilight… Robert Pattinson is very beautiful and I love he and Taylor Lautner is very hot…

Why does Taylor look like a complete woman?

i so love rob. he is soo cute, kristen too.
i think that they would make a really cute couple!


Edward is hott.! Robert on the other hand could use a new look, then the dirty **** hes got goin on. And Taylor (Jacob) is lookin real sexyyy for New Moon. Cant wait to see it.! :)

wow!! this scene is a tease to Edward! yeah//hehe
a teaser to me too!

mmmmm.. Taylor Lautner… now that boy is the definition of FINE!!! WOO! d.a.m.n. and I used to think the Jonas Brothers were hot.. what was I thinking?!?! OW-OW!!

roberttt pattinson sos hermosooooooo…
i love crepusculo, luna nueva amanecer y eclipse! (L)

ya they all look so good but they all SMOKE and that is soooo werid bit taylor aka jacoub dosent hes like the only one but other than that i agree they all look happy

Christina @ 05/16/2009 at 1:50 pm

twilight the movie sucked and new moon should be better than twilight

so true kerry!!!!!!!

Taylor is soooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! hot i usta like edward but when i saw jacob with out long hair i fell in love with him i so want to meet him.<3

i cant wait 2 meet patison he is a great actor and kristen is the best

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nonono i love you TAYLOR LAUTher te amoooo BOYS SEXY the earhs


Aulia-chan @ 12/16/2009 at 10:43 pm

LOVE the pic!:))
and cant wait to watch “new moon”
taylor aka jacob is so cute!

robert i don’t like u but my cousin does taylor i like u but my cousin does!!!!!!!!!!!

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