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Violet Affleck: Easter Egg Hunt!

Violet Affleck: Easter Egg Hunt!

Jennifer Garner takes her daughter Violet, 3, for an Easter egg hunt at a friend’s house on Sunday (April 12) in Brentwood, Calif.

Later in the day, the 36-year-old actress was seen giving a goodbye kiss to husband Ben Affleck, who headed to LAX airport to catch a departing flight.

Jennifer was recently cast in the comedy Butter. According to THR, the film follows a young orphan who, after being adopted by a Midwestern family, discovers she has an uncanny talent for butter-carving. She eventually finds herself up against the ambitious wife of the retired reigning champion in a town’s annual butter-sculpting contest. Sounds… interesting!

20+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck‘s Easter Sunday…

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violet affleck easter egg hunt 01
violet affleck easter egg hunt 02
violet affleck easter egg hunt 03
violet affleck easter egg hunt 04
violet affleck easter egg hunt 05
violet affleck easter egg hunt 06
violet affleck easter egg hunt 07
violet affleck easter egg hunt 08
violet affleck easter egg hunt 09
violet affleck easter egg hunt 10
violet affleck easter egg hunt 11
violet affleck easter egg hunt 12
violet affleck easter egg hunt 13
violet affleck easter egg hunt 14
violet affleck easter egg hunt 15
violet affleck easter egg hunt 16
violet affleck easter egg hunt 17
violet affleck easter egg hunt 18
violet affleck easter egg hunt 19
violet affleck easter egg hunt 20

Photos: Right/Fame Pictures , Limelightpics
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  • emilia

    This is straight up invasion of privacy! I mean come on, let a family enjoy a holiday on their own and make their own memories! not ones that the paparazzi makes for them! rude.

  • plum

    god! a photo with violet affleck doesn’t smile! how is possible?

  • A charm

    Violet’s cute…..Jen seems to be a great mama

  • lakers fan in boston

    one of the few times that i actually complement jennifer
    she actually looks pretty nice compared 2 her usual self
    lol how cute of violet, aww i still remember by easter hunting days =p
    happy easter!

  • Cutie

    What a cutie-Happy Easter Violet! Jen seems like a great Mom.

  • YES!

    What a horsey peasant.

    Jen can work well at your farm and can lift heavy weight equipment.

  • YES!

    and I am sorry, but this kid is not pretty.
    Jen should stop bleaching her hair- she is a little hirl.

  • kathy

    Jen is so pretty..and normal..I think violet is sad daddy’s leaving..

  • ryan



  • partyparty

    #6 and #7, that isn’t a comment, just rude words.

  • arantxa

    Aw ! (L)

  • ben/jen fan

    Too cute of Ben and Jen.

    For a minute the pics look like a house that they were thinking about buying.

  • nvlj

    I think they are gorgeous family. But it is incredibly rude of the pap to be there taking photos. Let people enjoy their easter.

  • TEDS

    #7 Violet hair is not bleached, you halfwit. It has always been the same. Just an excuse for a pathetic moron like you to make a horrible comment about a little girl!! Shame on You!!!!

  • TEDS

    Jen & Ben are in front of a friends home, saying goodbyes etc-Why is a pap there, when they are just trying to have Easter with the little girls. I really hate the paps sometimes!!!!!!!!

  • socute

    aww… violet looks normal and a healthy toddler.
    jen and ben are doing a great job raising their daughter.

  • Bunny

    Violet looks like a young Jessica Simpson.
    Jennifer Garner seems like a great mom.
    Where’ Seraphina?
    Ben needs to start spending holidays with his family.

  • nicole

    # 7

    don’t be silly. she is not bleaching Violet’s hair.

    you must not have kids or just plain dumbo

  • YES!

    Considering all the beauties Ben used to date, he married the ugliest of them all.

  • YES!

    # 17 Saying Jen should not bleach Violet’s hair is actually protecting that little girl from irresponsible parenting.

    I have magazines from when Violet was one years old and one and a half, and her hair was dark brown- just like her parents’ color.

  • shamrock

    Sweetness! Love seeing the familia together and especially Jen and Ben sharing kissies. Beautiful weather in S Cal for Easter!

    Look forward to seeing their upcoming films/projects soon!


  • LT

    love them, they seem so down to Earth amongst the Hollywood rubble…they do not Bleach Violet’s hair – dimwit! Jen of all people would never do that, moronic comment!

  • catty

    People we need to think about what we are doing here. Jared is supporting people who stalk children — he is paying them and publishing their pictures against the will of the parents. I don’t know why there aren’t laws against this. We should all work together and boycott these pages to send a message to the owners of crap tabloids like this website has become.

  • Jennifer

    #23..If you don’t like what Jared posts, then STAY THE HELL AWAY. This is a free country, nobody is making you come on this blog.

    And that goes for all you other phonies who come on this blog complaining.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    HOW LOOOOOOW, using your own kid for GOSSIP!!
    (hollywood is in crise too, folks)

  • man in the moon

    To all the dumbs.h.i.t.s who say Violet’s hair is bleached you are stupid. Both Jen and Ben were blonde as kids. Her hair will turn dark when she is older. That is already been discussed. What rock were you living under at the time? Try to keep up idiots.

  • man in the moon

    If you want to see what Ben Affleck looked like as Violet’s age go to his page at People Magazine and you will see a baby picture of him. Please put that comment to rest at least. It is getting old and I for one am sick and tired of reading it on threads. So stupid I declare.

  • Kansi

    Why are is everyone complaining about the lack of privacy of this couple, they don’t want privacy or they would have said their goodbyes in the house not in front of the paparazzi. Ben and Jen both know the paparazzi are in front of this house taking Violets picture and theirs, they don’t mind they want these pictures out there. .

  • man in the moon

    Kanis,you must be a paparazzo or maybe someone you know is and so you chose to defend them. God forbid Ben left without kissing his wife goodbye and his plane went down. That would be very hard to take for his wife. I saw more pics from this day and they were visiting friends when the car a car picked Ben for his ride to airport. His bags were in their car. Jen & Violet went home in the family car they came in.

  • Adoring fan

    I clicked on here to say how much I love this family and how cute Violet is and lo and behold some of the same hateful comments are still be posted. Some of you are are so miserable you think everybody else should be also. So sad.

  • faith

    share your easter memories here:

    it’s daily pop culture musing! no membership required :D

  • faith

    hey fellow jj readers, share your easter memories here:

    it’s daily pop culture musing! no membership required :D

  • Violet

    “Hey, Suri! This is how your supposed to dress. Leggings under your dress for little girls and tennis shoes. There so comfy! You should try them! Oh, and my mom hates your mom”.

  • Violet

    “Oh, and another thing. I am SO SORRY you have to go to Scientology school! I’ll be eating a Twinkie thinking of you. Can you make me a tin foil hat”?

  • car-men

    The kid kinda looks like that blond girl from the new ANTM . Dont remember her name, but she has these really deep eyes and she did the best commercial last week.

  • Suri

    “Hey Violet! What is a twinkie? We don’t have that here in my school. Your tennis shoes and leggings looks really comfy, i bet it feels warm. Too bad i’m not allowed to wear it since i’m supposed to only wear short dresses and expensive ballet flats to make me look like a woman. And oh, what is a mom? Do i also have it?”

  • sandy

    ^I’ve seen Suri wearing leggings under her dress. It wasn’t even that long ago. Click on Katie’s archive and you’ll see.
    What an idiot.

  • wed mother

    I’m sick and tired of the papz intruding at people’s homes, on private moments. They’re not out in public.

    Papz are disgusting spies and stalkers. And we’re not exactly blameless either, because we look at the pictures.

  • Ben/jen fan

    Not a photo op, the paps are stalking them and taking pictures from afar. Same with Gwen P. party for her son this weekend. You can tell that the pictures were taken from a tree or from a balcony of another persons home. The paps will go to great lenghs to get pics.

    And yes, we help by looking at the pictures and making comments.

    BTW, Violets hair. I guess those making the comments failed biology class when they studied DNA. Very common for a child to be born with blond hair, it turns light brown, then blond in the summer, and back. Further the angle of the camera and sun can show a different color each time a picture is taken.

  • amy

    maybe violet was sad because dad was leaving!!

  • emma

    Violet @ 04/13/2009 at 5:35 am
    # 36 Suri @ 04/13/2009 at 8:26 am

    how childish can you get. Who are you to judge 2 and 3 year old children. Stop acting like a 3 year old and grow up.

  • Dana

    How terrible of the paps to be STALKING these people day and night. They camp outside the poor kids preschool daily and now they can’t go to a friends house for a freaking Easter Egg Hunt. Disgusting!

  • fan

    These baskets cost 75cents in target

  • marebear

    VIOLET is sooo cute…and I’m sure she is a natural blond! I would love to see this girl dressed a bit nicer – not fancy- just a little neater.

    I’m all for play clothes but your kid doesn’t have to go around looking like a homeless person :(

  • nice

    LOL at the Affleck and Garner fans saying that they are being “stalked.” What have these two done that’s so interesting that they have to be “stalked” by the paps? They’re just not that famous. Please, these idiots have gotten a pass for pimping out their kid for years now. Ugh, but it’s a double standard for other celebs–disgusting.

  • g!na

    where is their other child? did she disappear? lmao! I don’t think they hid violet like this ever? Violet is everywhere! unfortunately! lol.

  • ashland

    someone comb this kid’s hair! she dresses like a homeless kid like jen!

  • michelle

    stalked? are you guys kidding? have you ever been to beverly hills when they have celebrity parties? i’ve seen many of these in bev hills and the paps are usually across the street with their huge lenses…across the street from security, hired valets, roadblocks for the guests cars to come up etc. it’s not like some midwestern suburban home…this is l.a.’s part of the culture. and if you think for an instance that ben/jen are surprised by this, they’re not. it’s part of their culture and industry. if no one ever followed jen garner, her career, if it hasn’t already, would’ve tipped off the cliff. btw, why does ben ALWAYS travel…i get it, it works for their family…but sheesh…stay with your familia more than a few days before you take off to another movie, political campaign, saving the world in africa. if it works for them, i guess…but still too bad for her.

  • sassygirl

    You are right adoringfan! i agree with you! those people are so haters…. these people are not appreciative instead they are judgemental people! They are losers…. hayzzzzz!! why they are some people like these, it’s sp stupid! For godsake guys! grow up!

  • Adoring Fan

    hey sassy girl..SHUT Up & GROW UP. noone cares what you think