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Jason Sudeikis Eats Zac Efron's Foot!!!

Jason Sudeikis Eats Zac Efron's Foot!!!

Zac Efron gets his left foot eaten by his on-screen brother, SNL regular Jason Sudeikis, in this new sketch from April 11′s Saturday Night Live.

Ewwww, Jason ate THIS!!!

Before munching on Zac‘s toes, Jason sprays them with Pledge (the household cleaning product), tickles them with a troll doll eraser trip and drizzles them with baby oil. Check out the clip below!

WOULD YOU eat Zefron’s foot???

Jason Sudeikis Eats Zac Efron’s Foot!!!

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zac foot foot snl jason sudeikis 01
zac foot foot snl jason sudeikis 02
zac foot foot snl jason sudeikis 03
zac foot foot snl jason sudeikis 04
zac foot foot snl jason sudeikis 05
zac foot foot snl jason sudeikis 06
zac foot foot snl jason sudeikis 07
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  • Marco

    OMG, Id worship them!! he and his feet are HOT!!!!

  • sheila

    this was the best skit

  • zanessa4everrr!

    i loved all the skits. they were all frickin hilarious!

  • Diana

    Omg i was laughing my ass off!! Zac looked like he was about to cry!! hilarious!

  • yaya

    oh man that skit had me crackin up

  • zanessa fan 12

    i am so proud of zac. it is so funny. i could not stop laughing. hilarious


  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    wasn’t snl supposed to be funny?!? hahahaha.. that was one of the worst snl skits ever.

  • g

    funny and gross!

  • Malia

    Zac was great in all the skits even though some of them were kind of weird. I don’t like that “bitch please blogger” segment. NOT funny at all.

  • JGP

    mmmmm delicious
    i’d worship his feet too

  • gerard Vandenberg

    We really need more PROOF we’re dealing here with professional homosexuals, NAIVE AMERICA?

  • saudia

    lmao Zac rocked SNL last night the sketches were effin hilarious .. haha loves it

  • Chelsey b.

    hahahahaha! this is great!

  • gene

    is he wearing a wig or is this his new haircut?

  • roosta

    wtf was that?

  • Malia

    Efron wasn’t the problem. He was a pro in every skit he did—as the German exchange student tattling on Gilly and Kathy Lee Gifford’s singing son, Cody. The writers just didn’t put him in any amazing skits. I think they missed some great opportunities.


  • lizzie

    He was much better than I thought he would be. I hate to say this but there is some promise beyond being a pretty boy.

  • SUp

    He did very well. Some of the skits were so so but he pulled it all off nicely. This one in particular was hilarious.

  • cain

    ewwwww, anyone?

  • Sinaline

    of course if would ……. NOT :D
    loved him on SNL.. he did a great job..

  • go sox

    I thought he did great too, considering the material he was given!! He made it work, and his facial expressions were priceless, especially in the pizza rolls commercial. I knew he’d do well, but he definitely exceeded my expectations!!

  • HsM_GiU

    ahahah coooL!!

    But Has Zac cut his hair?! O_o

  • A charm

    eww that’s gross! I’d never do this! and even if it’s my bf so don’t even ask me about Zac XD

  • pop86

    I thought Zac was great. He was up for anything and was good trooper. I like the Pizza Roll skit and the bar skit with him and Andy Samberg.

    The problem was the writers. The writing on SNL has been weak for a number of years(like ten). Even with Alec Baldwin and Justin Timberlake, the material have not matched their ability. Watch the repeat of the show with Tracy Morgan as host, there’s no one laugh or giggle anywhere in that show.

  • HMMM


  • HMMM

    I meant Snl WAS funnier than it usual is.

  • carrey

    Worst SNL ever!

    plus eww I hope they shaved his foot. remember they are hairy!

  • Tiptoes

    Zac did very well! And i understand all the skits were done live. i am impressed considering the costume changes…

    congrats Zac !

    and yey for the SNL after pics -Zac and Van look good ! Who else would Zac bring for the after party – who else but his one and only girl – GF Vanessa.

  • elenee

    i believe he did a great job last night :D

  • irina

    is he wearing a wig?
    I mean, he looks great as always, but did he cut his hair?

  • aubrey mackenzie

    Ok that was beyond stupid SNL is the worst show ever

  • LuckyL

    Zac’s looking good.

  • mrsefron.



    best SNL ever .

    haha, well close to the best, The ones with Justin Timberlake are SO FUNNY TOO .

    hahaa, yeah this def opened a lot more doors for Zac.

  • Tiptoes

    From Orlando Sentinel – ratings for SNL is up

    Moses led ABC to victory Saturday night.

    But Zac Efron — as “Saturday Night Live” host — outscored Moses and everything in prime time.

    NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” posted a 5.1 household rating in preliminary ratings. In the most amusing sketch, Efron played Troy Bolton in “High School Musical 4.” Troy told graduating students at his alma mater how rough life would be for them, because people at college don’t break into song. Walt Disney (Darrell Hammond) materialized — he had thawed out — and warned Troy, “Disney characters aren’t supposed to grow up. Just ask Mickey Mouse and Lindsay Lohan.”

  • rosielee9

    Have to admit that was my favourite sketch it was brilliant and Zac did agreat job all round.

  • harry

    ewww… why would i eat his feet. it’s like eating poopoo..

  • bean

    I thought he did pretty well considering it’s his first time.This segment and the pizza roll was hilarious, “I am your mother!” LOL. And the rest was a major bucket full of suck! I just can’t wait for JT’s appearance, I’m sure it’s going to funny.

  • Karen


    You mentioned after pics of Zac and Vanessa? Where can I find these?

    I tried to post a link on the Vanessa thread of an article/interview from the Chicago SunTimes that is really sweet. You have to cut and paste but if anyone can post that with a regular link that would be great. I just can’t seem to get it right today! LOL

  • Karen
  • Karen

    OH, I can’t believe it! It worked, it worked, it worked! LOL

  • bonzo

    how many times can you make the same lame old sexual innuendo and think it’s funny? grow up

  • Jordan

    Oh, I would so do that to Zac — how totally lukcy is Jason Sudeikis!!!

  • go sox

    Good job, Karen, and that was a really nice interview! Thanks! ;o)

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol that was pretty funny
    mostly that guy, gayfron didnt really do anything so i cant say

  • kan9

    Oh my god his pecs looked so hot in this scene…

    I would stick anything of zac’s in my mouth… :)

  • Tiptoes

    Karen, you did it…

    Here is the article: Efron is the second male teen idol these days — the one who doesn’t wear fangs and star in vampire movies. Fan girls with crinkled magazine pages for him to sign wait in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for him to materialize. Efron does do a lap, but with his real-life leading lady on his left.

    Yes, it’s Efron and his main squeeze Vanessa Hudgens all lovey-dovey walking hand-in-hand through the lobby. They wait until they’re on the elevator to kiss. Zanessa’s as cute as two Smurfs with perfectly windblown hair (even when they’re indoors), designer faded jeans and matching baseball caps and sunglasses.

    So much for the rumors that they’re not together anymore. Efron is happy to clear up other tabloid stories about him.

  • Tiptoes

    karen – SNL after party at JJJ

    Looks like Zac’s Dad and brother were there too! (no pics of them though)

  • ryan



  • tree

    Is the Beverly Hills Hotel where the cast went that one day to do the 17 Again Interviews?