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Gerard Butler: I Heart You!

Gerard Butler: I Heart You!

Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl get cute with hearts in this new poster for their upcoming rom-com The Ugly Truth, out in July.

Plot details: A romantically challenged morning-show producer (Heigl) is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her male chauvinist correspondent (Butler) to prove his theories on relationships and allow her to find love. His clever ploys, however lead to an unexpected result.

Check out pics of Gerry and Kat filming here and here.

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gerard butler heart crotch 02
gerard butler heart crotch 03
gerard butler heart crotch 04

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  • victoria

    can’t wait to see it !!!!!!!!

  • no thanks

    Another stupid romcom. I’ll wait until it hits cable and there is absolutely nothing else on tv to watch.

    Love you Gerry but you need to stick with the drama/action genre.

  • gigi

    Unexpected result?? Riiiight

  • Ann

    Love Gerard, love Katherine – I think I’m going to love this movie too!

  • peen

    Gerard is holding his “heart” over his crotch !

  • cathy

    I think this will be too cute and I can’t wait to see it. Gerry is great in whatever he is in!!!

  • Bunny

    Funny. Look at the pic. She’s holding her heart near her brain and he’s holding his near his…..

  • Same old, Same old

    The poster reminds me of the Mr and Mrs. Smith poster.. Funny…

    I never go to the theater to see Rom Coms. I always wait for them on DVD.. I like to go to the movies to see Dramas. Action, and Sci Fi Stuff.
    Fair or not they all seem to be the same story on a different day. I like Gerard but other then 300 I have not seen a film of his that I can say WOW about. Katherine; Jennifer, Kate, Katie, Cameron, Reese, Sandra, (pretty much the same.. You could but any of them in a film switch with any of the others and the film would be the same) Nothing really special about any of them. Very generic. Very Average.

    I wish these women would do something to stand out more. They are all in the running for the same old roles.

    Kind of boring.. Now Gerard is in competition with Matthew M. Same old roles.

  • remember the truth

    OHHHHHHHH give me a break with that poster!
    The woman has the heart on her head, and the guy has the heart on his croch!
    Funny how WOMEN all demand respect and scream bloody murder when they’re being disrespected but it’s A-OK to stomp all over guys?

    I also find it so black & white IGNORANT for such a stupid poster to do nothing but INFORCE the idea that all men are like that — and all women are about the brains and no sex.

    Last time I checked, most pornstars are WOMEN. Most of the controversial sluts in the entertainment bizz are WOMEN. Most of the time it takes TWO to tango. So who the fuck are men hoeing around with if there arn’t any women interested in sex?

    Women, just as much as guys, love to F*#%!.
    Any women who doesn’t isn’t a real women to begin with.
    Love yourself, love your body, love the beast within, ppl.
    It’s a beautiful thing to be a human being.

  • n.o.l.a

    Didn’t Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd make this movie already? is this the ONLY type of movie women want to watch? The poster looks similar to Sandra Bullocks movie with an equally stupid plot.

  • nyob

    LOL. May not be true for all men, but it sure is true for this one. His heart and his brain are in his pants.

  • nyob

    BTW – love the dress. Very pretty.

  • Swansong

    Gerard Butler is booooooring! Why is JJ posting pics from last year? Someone mentioned his honker of a nose, did we ever actually think this guy was attractive??

  • gemini21

    I want absolutely watch this film!! I love romcom!

  • M

    Hey “faker” Swannie is at it again LOL. I don’t know why you don’t just post as @Gerry_Butler

  • In all fairness

    Ashley and Jack made this. Matthew and Kate did this. She’s even done this (didn’t she play a “seemingly-reluctant-to-fall-in-love-with-this-type-of-guy” producer or something-to-the-like for E! in Knocked Up?). EVEVRYONE has done this.

    She’s probably filming this same kind of movie with Ashton right now.

    I bring this up bcuz didn’t she complain about Grey’s writers and their limited writing skills stunting her blossoming into a deep, brooding actress? But she’s playing the same role in the same movie, so…

  • Swansong

    #16 Katherine Heigl is a mediocre actress at best. She and Gerard Buttplug will make a wonderful couple.
    Gerry will no doubt have that stupid “so in love’ look on his face ie he will look constipated and about to fart.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    that’s a nice coincidence: I HATE YOU TWO EITHER!!

  • Swansong

    Have you noticed those meaty thighs? His pants look like they’r about to burst! LOSE SOME WEIGHT YOU FAT BASTARD!!

  • Anita

    The posts by Swansong are amazing. FYI…Swansong used to love and be obsessed with Gerard Butler and post her undying love for him at all of the fansites. She obviously turned on him, perhaps when she realized he would never be hers and when photos of him with all sorts of women became more frequent. I suspect Swansong is a very fat, old and lonely woman with disturbing fantasies and delusions which once fueled by lust for this man have now turned to hate. I’d say that judging by the obsessed fans of Gerard Butler’s who along with Swansong fit this profile he really should get a few bodyguards which as of now he doesn’t seem to have.

  • dundies

    UM this plot sounds *****VERY****** similar to “someone like you” with ashley judd & the wolverine guy

  • dundies

    Didn’t Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd make this movie already? is this the ONLY type of movie women want to watch? The poster looks similar to Sandra Bullocks movie with an equally stupid plot.

    lol i should have just responded to this comment. ^^^^someone like you is the name of that movie. i have it lol



  • Liz

    Blah. The plot is similar to Someone Like You.

  • Hey Anita

    It’s a phoney Swansong posting the nasty comments. The real Swannie is as devoted as ever. It’s a dastardly case of screen identity theft!

  • tiana1

    I love Gerry and I always will!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    is the unexpected result that they fall in love?! i mean cuz thats totally unexpected tbh =p
    lol @ 9, i totally agree, not all guys and women r the same
    cute posters tho, i dont really like her but she has a sexy dress =]

  • Keara

    i’m so exctied to see this :)

  • my oh my

    This movie sounds an awful lot like “Someone Like You”. It starred Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman, a good film, worth checking out.

  • Liam

    Katherine Heigl is gorgeous.

  • surprise

    The unexpected result is that, despite seeming to be the ultimate ladies man, he turns out to be gay.

  • surprise

    The unexpected result is that, despite seeming to be the ultimate ladies man, he turns out to be gay.

  • jerseycow

    re: swansong #17. good one.
    if it wasn’t for his accent would we still watch his movies?
    north americans are pushovers for british/irish/scot/aussie/nz accents. …in actual fact!!!!
    just asking.

  • mscn

    No surprise…
    The man himself said one day:” I’m not gay, I’m not straight, I am what I am…
    What’s your point?
    We love him no matter what!!

  • brazilian woman

    I´m so tired of people like you…Always bitter, always mean, like a snake full of poison all the time. Insignificant people …looking for attention with only bad things to say . You must be so frustrated, so unhappy…Poor ones….

  • Sandy

    Gerard Butler has it all: talent, charm,. charisma, intelligence, great looks. He brings each and every one of his characters to life and believability. He is so convincing that the characters seem to live after the movie. I can’t believe all of the jealously that is felt for this man.
    What ever happened to praise where praise is due? Don’t hate him just because he is gorgeous and every woman loves him. You see,
    besides all of the obvious attributes, he also has a kind spirit. Go Gerry. Keep bringing us anything you want to grace us with. If he is in it, I’ll buy a ticket, or two, or three. Then I’ll buy the DVD. Yes, he IS that good.

  • Swansong

    #35 If you want to know how I really feel about Gerry Butler, visit any of the Gerry Butler fansites and read my posts. The person making negative comments under the name Swansong is not me.

  • Tina

    Gerard Butler is a gross teenfucker. I can’t believe he still has fans.

  • Oooo

    Tina, do tell!

  • Studio voice

    Early screenings are buzzing with positive reviews. This is going to be a huge hit for Butler! His positive rating was over 94%. Her rating was also high (can’t remember), but Butler hit it out of the park and apparently his comedic timing is dead on. For those of you not in the know, having any rating over 83% from screenings is EXCELLENT. Hitting a 94% is almost unheard of. Between this and his new action flick coming out in the fall with the guys who directed and wrote crank, this is going to be a huge year at the box office for this guy. With that it’s so interesting to see his fanbase change. His regulars seem to be turning, but he is getting alot more less intense fans. He is trading quality fans for quanitity of fans. Not his doing really, it’s the natural progression of success in this business.

  • StinkyLouise

    For this morning’s reading pleasure: The phillyblogger has posted a wrap-up of Gerry’s stay in Philly. Hilarious! It will make your day.
    The website is

  • huh

    Morning Louise and all… Too bad the fangurls won’t believe anything that the blogger has said. As always…

    BTW, some new photos have surfaced from the threesome last week that JJ didn’t post. Apparently he was actually out and about with the blonde woman and they accidentally bumped into the brunette. When they saw the paps GB put on his best act, kissing and hugging the brunette goodbye (did anyone notice he didn’t say goodbye to the blonde in the TMZ video), all too willingly telling the paps that the brunette was an old assistant thus distracting the paps’ attention from the blonde one. I bet as soon as he got the paps off his tail he hooked up with the blonde one again on the next corner.

  • StinkyLouise

    But, but, but …….Gerry ONLY dates exotic brunettes.EVERYBODY says so.LOLO!
    As for the blogger, I think this is one last hurrah for him. He’s going to squeeze out as many hits as possible from the incensed fangurls, rushing to defend Gerry’s virginity.LOLO!

  • huh

    Right, how could I forget… He’d never date a blonde, LOL. And surely the blonde Philly woman with the groceries completely misunderstood his intentions, LOL.

    Too bad this was the last blog entry from Philly, I’m sure the blogger has many more juicy stories that not even he dared to tell because he now knows the wrath of the fangurls, LOL.

  • StinkyLouise

    Did you read the comments? HughE just posted. Interesting read.
    That said, the entire blog is second or third-hand “stories”,and seems to have a somewhat vindictive and nasty undertone. It’s a fun read but as for it’s credibility,well…………..

  • huh

    Well, after what happened following the club story I’m not surprised the entry is kind of vindictive. And yes, surely it’s second or third hand stories, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not true. Probably embellished. And certainly everyone has a different perception of the things that happened. But I mean, if your close friends tell you stories, you usually believe them to be true and not call them lies just because you didn’t experience them first hand. Of course anything can be said on the internet but that also rings true for your everday life. Friends tell you things, people at work tell you things. Just because something is said on the net doesn’t mean it’s automatically a lie. You just can’t know for sure as there are also trolls and other jerks. I’m sure in between all the BS that is posted there are also lots of true things that just nobody believes, LOL.

  • StinkyLouise

    Oh I definitely agree. But with the backpedaling and inconsistencies
    in his two previous blogs I’m leaning more towards the “embellished” version of events. LOLO!
    I also think HughE should get his eyes checked. He mentions that the woman with whom he left the Justin T. fashion show is the same one in these new NYC photos. Ummm……don’t think so.

  • huh

    Yes, as I said, I think there has been lots of speculation (“embellishment”) in the previous entries that have been changed and replaced by “updated” versions after he had consulted friends who gave him some more (accurate???) information.

    The woman in NYC last weekend was not the woman from the fashion show. Just like the woman in the club wasn’t Kristi as it turned out. I wonder is she was really ever in Philly, LOL. Seems the people who reported him to be with a local girl were right. Although if you can believe the blog she also was’t exclusive. Maybe she found out the day at the restaurant when he had the “intense” conversation with a woman, LOL.

  • StinkyLouise

    I always wondered if someone was getting “dumped” during the alleged restaurant convo!LOLO.
    I think Kristi and the local girl are both history. Maybe the blonde in NYC is now blowing on his bagpipes?
    Did you see the bit about Cheryl Burke and some of the DWTS crew in town? Gerry was conveniently out of Philly at the time.He probably got an advance warning she was coming.

  • huh

    Yes, it was hilarious that Cheryl Burke came to town when he was just out of town. Was that the week of the NYC fashion shows?

    I assume the blonde in NYC is another FWB for the time he is being there, LOL.