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Gisele Bundchen: Costa Rica Return

Gisele Bundchen: Costa Rica Return

Gisele Bundchen looks happy and refreshed on Monday (April 13th) after returning to her Manhattan residence after her wedding/honeymoon in Costa Rica.

The 28-year-old Brazilian beauty was all smiles as she went for a stroll in the West Village. Husband Tom Brady was no where to be seen!

Things remain tense between Gisele and Bridget Moynahan, mother to Tom‘s 19-month-old son, John. A source told People, “Bridget isn’t angry about Gisele‘s quotes, she’s hurt. For Jack‘s sake, she wanted him to be comfortable with Gisele. Bridget tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. But that goodwill has taken a hit. She’s like, ‘Did she really say that?’ ”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and her Costa Rica return…

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  • bobbi

    Gorgeous Gi!

  • bobbi

    Gorgeous Gi!

  • s

    well, honestly bridget shouldn’t be that surprised. gisele’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. if i were bridget, i’d take anything the supermodel said with a grain of salt. i’m sure gisele didn’t mean any harm. she just ain’t that bright.

  • ewwww

    Isn’t she the most manly looking woman – tranvestite comes to mind – skinny, but very homely – even if she finally is smiling- or is that a smug smirk…… karma woman, it will come …..

  • k

    What did giesle say anyway?

  • get over it

    Bridget should be happy that Gisele isn’t treating her kid like a step child. I’m sure she didn’t say it with malice. She just doesn’t know how to express her thoughts eloquently. Give the girl a break. What karma are you talking about “ewww”? Last time I checked, it was Bridget who tried to trap Tom. Too bad it backfired on her ass. Guess what? She is making MILLIONS with that “manly face”. So its all good!

  • Kate

    umm she isnt pretty at all without makeup

  • Kate

    umm she isnt pretty at all without makeup

  • ness

    where the hell did jack come from i thought it was john

  • ness

    where the hell did jack come from i thought it was john

  • You/Me

    Um, Bridget feels her goodwill has taken a hit because Gisele publicly says she loves her husband’s child. My goodness, what a horrible thing to say…Bridget should be wailing at the Gods that such a bad thing could happen to her son. Pshhh, whatev. Bridget is just letting her woman scorned bitter ways show. Taking advantage of someone’s goodwill is getting pregnant on purpose with your ex boyfriend’s baby in a desperate attempt to keep him. Bridget is pathetic.
    And those saying Gisele looks like a man or is ugly…lmao…yeah, um, those looks put her in a financial stratosphere that none of you will ever know! :-)

  • crystal

    aww gi looks great,briget should get over it!!

  • Bunny

    I hope she gets pregnant and gains a ton of weight, then can’t lose it!

  • Jojo

    Awwww, poor Bridget is hurt! Poor scorned woman….I bet once she gets this month’s big fat child support check in the mail her hurt will suddenly disappear.

    She is a loser. No wonder Jack gets all kinds of photos taken when he is with Gisele versus him Mother. One is the World’s biggest supermodel and the other is a Dlister actress who is only famous for having a famous QB’s son out of wedlock. I am so sick of Bridget and her feel so sorry for me routine. It is ick!!!

  • A charm

    Poor Bridget, I’m totally on her side. I completely understand her. I’d be mad if some b!tch said that about MY son that I CARRIED INTO THIS WORLD. Gisele is a real b!tch. I get it why Lro left her azz. She’s not that pretty. If you want gorgeous, check out Adrianna Lima. Why is she so “famous” anyway? Yeah, gettin’ f*cked by Leo !

  • denise

    My God. The woman said she loves her husband’s child as her own. WTF is wrong with that? That is a good thing. I wish all step-mothers would love their step-children as their own.
    Bridget should be very happy, that her child has a step-mother that loves him. I see too many step-mothers who do not love their step-children and treat them badly, or ignore them all together.

  • jennifer

    You people have some effed up minds.

    That is the greatest thing, is to marry someone who loves your children as their own. That little boy is so fortunate to have so much love in his life.

    You people are twisted.

  • a realist

    I can’t believe that Bridget is angry that her sons step-mother loves him. Something is wrong with this story.

  • g!na

    Gisele is an ugly looking boy!

  • @15

    Gisele left Leo just like Tom left Bridget. Bridget should be happy that her son is loved by his step-mom who is famous for being a great model even if she doesn`t have the most feminine face. Gisele looks happy and gorgeous.

  • http://Giselebundchen cowboy fan

    All of the posters from the Boston Herald are having withdrawal symptons from going several days without posting negative comments about Bridget. They are all here making up for lost time!

  • Lívia

    she looks pretty ugly and old without make up

  • sshhii_baby

    A charm, you need to grow the fcuk up! Nobody is taking away the fact that you carried that child. The woman said she loves your kid and would treat the child as if her own. Doesn’t mean she is going to kill you and take your kid. Having a stepmother who isn’t brainwashing her husband and treating your kid as if he was just a mistake, is a blessing. You should be grateful that she isn’t whooping his as$ whenever no one is looking. Why do I have a feeling its something that you would do. LOL! Wouldn’t you sleep better at night, knowing that he is in good hands? Tom will have kids with his WIFE oneday. Bridget better be damn happy John got a loving stepmom. Scorned bitter woman get over it please!

  • YES!

    She looks like a man with a padded bra.
    I wonder if that means that Tom B. might like men secretly and found a compromise with Gisele.

  • YES!

    Why was Gisele messing with a guy who’s girlfriend was pregnant anyways?

    Guys have codes of respect with one another. Some women are such b!tches. Gisele should have stayed AWAY from a guy with a pregnant woman.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    looks happy?

  • get over it

    How the hell is Gisele a b!tch? Tom left Bridget before he hooked-up with Gisele. Bridget is bitter and jealous because he fell for and married the supermodel. If the man does not want to be with you. No matter what! Even if you try to trap him with a child, he will leave. Stop blaming the other woman for your misery.

  • Daisy

    Gisele looks like a tranny in those pictures. She looks beautiful when she’s got the makeup and hair people working on her but, day to day she looks awful!!

  • Liza

    Gisele is so unattractive. The only thing she has going for her is the tall, thin body. As far as the comments, Bridget needs to get over herself. I would rather my child’s stepparent love them to pieces then the alternative. I’m sure Gisele will have her own baby in the near future, so Bridget and her “friends”should zip it before her kid becomes a footnote in the Brady household.

  • Era189

    I love her. To me, she has such an unusual look, especially for a mainstream model, but she is just unbelievably gorgeous.

  • mediterranean

    IF my child had a stepmom who loved my child as her own, I would be just happy for my own child.

    Other way around, it wouldn’t be normal.

  • YES!

    If your child was being used as a PR prop by the Brazilian fame- digger who married the father, how would you feel?

    We all saw Gisele smiling at the paparazi while “modeling” fake motherhood.

    Get a Brazilian husband, Gisele. Stop chasing American stars.

  • ruth

    Well said # 32!

    Gisele had no right discussing this in public fullstop. I have no doubt that she loves her husband’s beautiful son but she should just refrain from all the PR photos and the insensitive comments. I note that Bridget has yet to comment even once in public and Mrs. Brady should copy her.

    Btw, I see that Gisele’s PR team are working overtime on this board, posting anti-Bridget remarks. It is so obvious that it is becoming almost a joke.

  • mediterranean

    Gisele doesn’t need to be a fame or gold digger. She is very well known model all over the world and very rich herself.

    It was Leo, then Tom who were chasing Gisele.

    Tom and Gisele look good and happy together. I wish them well….

    Bridget is the only one who needs fame and dig for it, surely not Gisele, not Tom and not Leo.

  • http://Giselebundchen Too Bad

    All of her fans cannot call her the “most beautiful girl in the world ” any more, not that she was. Results of the famous Vanity Fair poll gave Angelina Jolie 58% of the more than 40000 votes, and Tom Brady’s new wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, only 9% of the vote. Since her fans keep stating what an upscale magazine Vanity Fair is, this is official – she is not the most beautiful girl in the world.

  • Gisele= buttaface

    If her face was so beautiful, it seemed the photographer was trying to hide it. Steamy shower pic, pulling shirt over head pic, ect. Who else has pictures taken where only your face is obscure?

  • truth be told

    She is smirking because she is a manipulator, and Tom is so innocent, and good hearted, and stupid to see she gets away with it.

  • mediterranean

    She is not a classic beauty. And still is the ONLY super model of 2000s and this was said by former super models.

    Do you think if we call her the most beauiful woman of the world makes her much happier? She is married to one who adores her and she is happy with him and her stepson and her family with millions of dolars she has earned with that face and body which you consider ugly and manly. Isn’t it funny?

  • zoe

    i admit that gisele isnt the most gorgeous model like heidi but she has an amazing body and looks great on camera. she doesnt look tht bad here…like her outfit.

  • fashionaddict

    it seems more like the media spinning something out from nothing. Bridget is probably amused by all these sudden attention. Whether it’s good publicity or bad publicity, it’s still publicity.

  • Alma

    why defend this woman. Has everyone forgotten that Gisele and her Heel went to a country to which their are neither citizens nor legal residents, a country whose constitution abolished the Armed Forces, and felt compelled to hired their own armed security without notifying the local police. These dollard-paid goons weren´t there to protect the lives of the 26 guests including children, but the commercial values of the of some photographs. After all, this well-known overrated, overpaid slut, had inked a deal with a Brazilian publication (information given by Anne Nelson, Gisele´s IMG manager ,to the Associated Press) The exclusive rights to the photos of this very “PRIVATE PRIVATE” event. were rumored to cost around 1.5 mil. Ain´t that sweet. Talk about greed. Who pays for those magazine, with exclusive pictures ? well, let´s say that a large number of slum dwellers in Brazil and a parade of sippy-cuppers in the States. BTW Gisele does not misspeak, she is just thoughtless.

  • slambang


  • Bonitto

    #45 Alma you are a fcuking fool and go get your facts straight before you come posting here again, get off Gisele back and go look about your own life – that was Gisele wedding so she can do anything she want with it – you and the stinking paps need to go to hell and stop telling other people how to live their lives.

  • anon

    #43 must be Gisele! Why so riled? Alma makes sense. That security was there to protect exclusive pics. Who cares if bullets pass by? Who cares there were children present? They won’t remember.

  • Bonitto

    Hey anon, the security should have shot those stinking paps and they would have gotten what they deserve and i am not Gisele.

  • fugness

    ewww pull that scarf of your face pleaseeeee

  • Michael

    Gisele is simply gorgeous, live with it.

  • Anon

    You are the same poster who got banned from the Herald and a major contributor to G´s fansite. Hey, you looney you are the one who needs to get your facts straight. There is a police investigation, maybe you need someone who can read Spanish, because this incident is on the local newspapers. Your beloved broke the law. You must be a child not to know this. The right to bear arm, sort of speak, is an American privilige. If you come to Costa Rica, as a guest, and feel that you need armed personnel to protect you you must tell the local police. So far it seems that your beloved forgot to mention it. If your hired guard shoots at someone, please make sure that your life was at risk , not your bank account. Bonitto get a better boss. This wasn´t a wedding, it was a photoshoot. Galliano provided the dress in exchange for publicity and it turned out to be egg on his face. The coot had to dispatch a press release telling the world that that was his design and not and off the rack gown from Davis Bridals.
    You are welcome to dispute this all you want,

  • http://Giselebundchen Too Bad

    Bonitto is also known on the IMB board as an idiot using profanity to disagree and making statements that cannot be substantiated.

  • Michael

    John Galliano does not need publicity.