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Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols: Bicycle Buds

Jake Gyllenhaal &  Austin Nichols: Bicycle Buds

Jake Gyllenhaal and his BFF, actor Austin Nichols, wear matching silver helmets and spandex as they take their bicycles for a ride on Monday morning (April 13) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The twosome went bike-riding together on just about a month ago — Thursday (March 5) in Brentwood, Calif.

Just last week, Jake and longtime girlfriend Reese Witherspoon went on a date at Italian restaurant Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi.

10+ pictures inside of bicycle buds Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols

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jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 01
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 02
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 03
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 04
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 05
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 06
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 07
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 08
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 09
jake gyllenhaal austin nichols bicycles 10

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  • simone

    They need one of those bikes for two. These guys are so cute. They give BFF a new definition. :)

  • Anna


  • Tony

    Please Jared,
    don’t try to spoil this by mentioning the beard.

  • LUV

    “They give BFF a new definition”



  • madmax

    they are adorable together.

  • Kel

    Jake if you’re reading this: If you are bearding with Reese, stop it!She’s not good for you!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m sure this will be a ride…………………………………..TO NOWHERE & NOTHING, folks!!

  • irisgirl

    Please, Jared, stop referring to Austin as Jake’s BFF. It is well-known, from many Jake interviews and photos, that Jake’s very best friend, going back to childhood, is a chef named Chris who lives in New York.

    I know that sounds picky, but ardent Jake fans will appreciate the accuracy.

    Thanks! And your blog is great, otherwise!


    if jake is gay, he should just come out and say so, and if this austin is his boyfriend, they make a cute just jared style couple! lolololololol!

  • Amy Grindhouse

    Loving those bike shorts Jake!

  • Jeff


  • bridget

    My friend Erin and I bike together almost every day. Does this mean we are a lesbian couple? Just checking… I have been married for 7 years, but from what I understand from the above comments..if I bike with my friend,it means we are in a sexual relationship??

  • Jaustin jaustin jaustin

    They are so great together. Never get of enough of them together
    They are the hottest couple in Hollywood.

  • BP

    I agree with Tony, why do you have to drag the date with the beard into this.

    J&A both look great, and nice to see a real smile on Jake’s face for a change.

  • Bianca

    Jake is a decent guy who doesn’t let the fact Austin is a loser and a drunk stop him from going out for a bike ride once in a while. Austin thought it would help his career to have a few famous friends. Jake doesn’t mind being friends with a D-list actor. Just not BFF. Ironically, it’s this D-list actor who minds people thinking he is gay! LOL!!! Austin keeps his distance most of the time! Guess he needs publicity right about now.

  • Wanda

    “Jake doesn’t mind being friends with a D-list actor. Just not BFF. ”
    Someone is forcing Jake to be Austin’s friend since “The Day After Tomorrow” ?

  • slambang

    Jake is sooooooooooooooooo HOTT!!!!!!

  • amy

    wow, reese witherspoon was right…he seems to have a big “nose” :P

  • lullala

    #12 your are right, but it seems that many posters have too much dreamed about Brokeback Mountain …
    it’s very sad when a man or a woman want desperately believe in something in spite of reality…
    If I’m gay I want everything is gay!

    So they like to talk about beards…fake…phoney…Austin…closet…

    ….lately someone is starting to say:Wait a moment!J &R relationship it last…Damn!… He may be bisexual!
    I dont know if is it more sad than pathetic…certainly boring…

  • rionemesis

    and i was already hot with this weather xD, Jake is simply yummy!

  • aska

    mmmmmmm hmm. i wonder if there was any post cycling pork sword dueling.

  • Hello!

    I think Jake is bisexual. It has nothing to do with Brokeback Mountain. I think he and Reese are in a relationship, but this relationship is more fauxmance than romance, promoting their image and films. I’m pretty certain it won’t last for too long.

  • aska

    well yea, reese thinks he’s “fabulous”, that’s like the ultimate gay compliment.

  • Halli

    Jaustin lives on! I love these two together, they seem tight.

  • fauxmance

    “I think he and Reese are in a relationship”
    Just business relationship.
    They are trying and faking, but never look like a real couple.
    Jake’s fans who know him well can tell the difference.

  • Halli

    Reese Witherspoon has a reputation for being very calculated.

    Jake also wants desperately to be launched into that leading man status for a good 20 years or so that will solidify his career in Hollywood.

    I think the Reese/Jake fauxmance won’t last forever, She’s stated so many times how much she admires Angelina Jolie when it comes to her professional life (Reese Witherspoon really wanted to be in Mr. and Mrs. Smith – to per personal choices of being a UN ambassador). So Reese is now some bullshit ambassador for Avon. Whatever. I can see through her game.

    This is coming from a straight girl.

  • Caren

    Thats why I love Jake he knows all about the silly gossip and really does not give a f***,.

    ps He was actually coming out of Reese’s gated community

  • hollywood pr

    Jake does care because he works in Hollywood.
    That’s why he’s bearding – pretending to date Reese Witherspoon.

  • jake fan

    So nice to see Jake and Austin together again!

  • Caren

    And “hollywood pr” you know that how?.

  • wHortensia

    I think Bianca has it about right. Jake is a really nice guy and would like to help his friend Austin with some publicity. Biking together doesn’t make two guys gay, for Chris sake. BUT there are some unaswered questions about his relationship to Reese. Namely: 1. She is now 33 and probably doesn’t want any more children. A new baby would upset her present kids a lot. And in two more years her time for having kids will be past. So what is Jake hanging out with her for? If he is straight one presume he wants kids. Why waste his time on a woman who won’t give them to him? Now if he isn’t straight, then it would all make sense. Just sayin’.

  • Tilly

    Women can have children until well into the 40′s wHortensia, do some research stupid.

  • wHortensia

    Well woman CAN, but most don’t want children that late in life. And I doubt Reese wants to present her present kids with a “new” family. I’m hardly stupid, dear, just sensible.

  • Tilly

    Most women these days have children later in life and yes you are stupid.

  • wHortensia

    Judy Garland’s third and last child came when she was 33. Please name me important movie stars who have had children past the age of 35. Put up or shut up. Stupid are people who don’t have facts at hand.

  • Timothy

    wHortenis and Blaire you are both wrong.

    Jake and Austin have been friends ever since they filmed Day After Tomorrow together. So why are you assuming their friendship isn’t genuine? Get a life

  • lori

    Caren, how do you know Jake was actually coming out of Reese gated community, do you live there too?

  • lori

    Caren, how do you know that is Reese’s gated community? Do you live there too?

  • Jaustin fan

    Jake never looks that happy with Reese. (fake) Austin makes him happy. (real thing). HW let him be who he is.

  • wHortensia

    I never said that Jake’s friendship with Austin was not genuine. In fact I said I thought it WAS genuine. That he helps Austin get some publicity from time to time because they ARE friends.

  • wHortensia

    Reese lives at 340 So. Gunston Drive in Brentwood and the street is closed off by a gate that you can see in one of the pictures. I think the poster who said they were coming out of that gate is probably correct.

  • Oi

    wHortensia, are you kidding with this? Madonna, Halle Berry, J. Lo., Gwen Stefani, Nicole Kidman. You gonna tell me they aren’t big celebs? All had babies after 35. All are every bit as successful, or more successful, than Reese. Plenty of women, famous and not, are having children later in life. Reese has a good decade, or more, of being able to have children in front of her.

  • Caren

    Google street map is brilliant.

  • Mapquest

    Reese lives in Brentwood one day and Santa Monica the next. Funny how that works to fit every time to fit the crap being written.

  • presh

    Austin has a nice little tushy!

  • Amelia

    It’s great to see Jake with his boyfriend instead of with that fake beard he is always with. But, since the pics were taken by Flynet, the Official Pap Agency for the Reese & Jake Showmance, Jake’s PR probably staged the photo op to show that Jake can 1)still has friends, the beard hasn’t driven them all away, 2)he can be seen with a guy, so he must not be gay anymore. He should just come out already.

  • +++

    Reese lives in Brentwood.

  • Jef

    Dear God, Jake looks so good it’s insane

  • aaaaaaa

    Aw, they make such cute couple, Toothy Tile and the BF, minus the Beard..she was taking the day off.

  • paola

    God bless Jake! His butt is amazing! And Austin is not bad too!
    Of course, these guys make me feel good much more than Reese.
    Please, Jared, go on with kind of pics. It´s a bed of roses :)