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Jennifer Aniston is All Baster Business

Jennifer Aniston is All Baster Business

Jennifer Aniston walks around New York City in a business suit and skirt as she continues filming The Baster on Monday (April 13).

The 40-year-old actress has been filming night and day in the Big Apple for the past couple weeks on her comedy with costar Jason Bateman.

While The Baster isn’t due out until 2010, you can catch Jennifer this September in a romantic drama called Brand New Day. The movie features a best-selling self-help author, played by Aaron Eckhart, who struggles with his wife’s passing when he falls in love with another woman, played by Aniston, who attends one of his seminars.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston filming in a business suit…

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jennifer aniston business 01
jennifer aniston business 02
jennifer aniston business 03
jennifer aniston business 04
jennifer aniston business 05
jennifer aniston business 06
jennifer aniston business 07
jennifer aniston business 08
jennifer aniston business 09
jennifer aniston business 10
jennifer aniston business 11
jennifer aniston business 12
jennifer aniston business 13
jennifer aniston business 14
jennifer aniston business 15
jennifer aniston business 16
jennifer aniston business 17
jennifer aniston business 18
jennifer aniston business 19
jennifer aniston business 20
jennifer aniston business 21
jennifer aniston business 22
jennifer aniston business 23

Credit: BauerGriffinOnline, Edward Opinaldo / Jackson Lee; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • loyal

    Please, Jennifer. A new hairdo by then?

  • anustin

    look at her lipz!trying to —————–

  • anustin

    loyal @ 04/13/2009 at 7:34 pm Please, Jennifer. A new hairdo by then?
    she’ll be lookin like dumbo for a new hair!she will always be like this!


    another loser movie for a loser actress. The only hit she has been in is “Marley and Me”. That was due to Owen and a cute dog. I am sick of this woman. Please enough!

  • crap

    so ugly! the face looks like 50 years old~

  • http://Goawaybeyonce dum


  • jeez

    if her next film makes $ ..I’ll eat my blackberry.
    M&M ..the cute dogs were the stars.
    W.C Fields said never do films w/dogs & children.

    she does have nice legs. But her face is off.

  • hag

    bi*ch looks FUG AS HE*L! look at those punching bags under her eyes! looking every bit her 40 years.

  • mimi

    She is certainly looking her age, the bags under her eyes and the wrinkles, may be she forgot to inject extra botox?

  • add


  • flower

    she looks ok. nothing special.

  • Patty

    Well it’s nice to see that the people who post here are consistent. They hate everyone, but particularly the women who are all ” fug” or “fugly” according to what they constantly post. And there is always at least one implying deep boredom. Yet they still read and post. Do you people have loved ones? Lives? Outside interests?

  • presh

    Be nice, she looks great. Not fug! I always like her outfits. GOOOOO JEN!

  • yikes

    she looks creepy in pic 21

  • foreveryoung

    signs of aging!

  • duh

    She only looks good when she’s all made up.

  • rachelgreen


  • jen


  • thomas

    poor woman! she needs sleep!

  • mimi

    She cannot have a another hairdo, what will she use to cover that chinny face.The hair is her face mask or else it will be the kkk hood again.

  • lmao

    she needs to get more botox!

  • dome

    effin b!tch

  • ballet

    she has a movie coming out this year? well, expect for paid boyfriend.

  • sheisso


  • DKNY

    Once a loser, always a loser!

  • notWORTHit

    is that her $50,000 hair?


    America has finally seen for themselves why Brad Pitt left this shallow airheaded bimbo who would do anything for fame. She came to the Oscars with that douchebag John Mayer to convince herself she was on the same level as Brangelina. Who actually believed John Mayer wanted a 40 year old tv hacktress? Jennifer should thank god everyday for the “bermuda triangle”. without it she would faded into TV LAND. Jennifer only claim to to fame is a hairdo and marriage to a moviestar. She will never ever be a movie star. How come everytime this tramp do a interview Brad always come up in the interview? Because that’s all she has. I can’t even remember who I dated 5 years ago. But this aging big chin wh@re act like she divorce Brad last week. I hate this ugly b!tch.

    Team Jolie-Pitt Forever!!!!

  • funny

    jay leno’s twin

  • arrgh

    oh please, enough of that triangle!


    Brad should be embarassed that he ever met Jennifer let alone married her. The most pathetic woman in Hollywood. I bet people in Hollywood actually feel sorry for him. I know I do. He has to be annoyed this ball-and -chain is forever talking about him. Even after six kids with another woman.

    This self-absorded ugly 40 year old bimbo states ” I will love Brad for the rest of my life”. Even though she didn’t love him when she was married to him. Now that he has found love and happiness with the beautiful Angelina Jolie she is in love with him? I am sure Jennifer lie awake at nights with regrets. Maybe I should have visited him while he was shooting TROY? Maybe I should have communicated more? Maybe I should have encouraged his interest in philantropy? Maybe I should have encouraged his passion for architecture? Maybe I should have passed on the movie (insert anyone of the many flops)? Maybe I should have told him how lucky I am to be his wife? Maybe I should have thanked him when I won my Golden Globe in 2003? Maybe I should have put my marriage first? Maybe I should have spent less time with Courtney Cox? Maybe I should have not worked while he was working? Maybe I should encouraged his passion for photography? Maybe I should have notice how unhappy he was? Maybe I should have offered to go to marriage counseling? Maybe I should have used his fame to get a film role?

    I hope the haters notice I didn’t mention anything about kids. I am probably one of the few people who believe. That marriage didn’t fall apart because of children. It failed because there was a lack of love, respect and a common interest.

  • imo

    She is not pretty.

  • rachelgiveitup

    Is this movie all about her walking somewhere? This woman does not have any shame. The Baster, really? How old is she again? What is up with her lips? Poor old lady, still trying to be a “moviestar”.

  • curious

    why can’t a man stand her? even if she pays them?


    How can a loser lose a loser? John and Jen are both losers. She crashed the Oscars to take away attention from the nominees and winners for her own shamless self promotion. Now she is back were she belongs. Alone. Pathetic old hag. Dumba$$ b!tch. You can not compete with Angelina so stop trying. Your are not pretty. You do not have a body of twenty year old. You are not talented. You are a wash up 40 year old bimbo who use to married to movie star BRAD PITT. Brad should have left you a long time ago. Ugly big chin big nose self absorbed bed hopping lying as tramp. Yes. I am venting my anger. Because she has blame Angelina far too long for all her troubles when she didn’t love her husband or want any of his children. This silly hoe knows Brad doesn’t not want her. So stop sending your messages through the media. “I will love Brad for the rest of my life”. Who the fcuk cares. Brad does not want you. He is embarressed for ever being with you. Your like a ball and chain he can’t escape. Angelina is brad “great love” and the mother of his children. Brad has been with Angelina for almost five years. Got her pregnant twice ( soon to be three times) and yet he has to deal with this crazy ex-wife. You are a ugly, talentless, shamless, manless, childless poor excuse of a woman. Will you now fade away like rest of the cast members from friends. See you in TV LAND.


  • Maggie

    My boyfriend finds her extremely hot. I think she is “cute” but she is hot to him.

  • bianca

    please stop the comparison. jen looks great and so is angie. jen looks happy being single and so is angie being with brad.
    i can’t see why fans and haters can be both happy for all of them?

  • hag

    well, if even the interviewer-during her promo asks about the :”hundred years old divorce” ( maniston’s own words) if she does NOT say “no comment” or deflect back to the movie she is promoting then even her HAGS will have to acknowledge her milking!!

  • ferdis

    Why this people are talking about Angie and her partner? If the thread is about JA, speak about HER. Even saying she is fug or not. Its about her. Dont need to talk Saint Jo in HER thread. But this all circus Jen-St Angie- Brad is so overrated. Morever this things of team Jolie and Team Aniston are sooooooooooooo ridiculous hahahahha. All three of them are medias whore…they made zillions with this story.
    And about the pictures, she looks ok. Looks her age.

  • ohyeah

    she is sexy but has she has no sex appeal

  • boring

    can she ever play a different role?

  • Maggie

    The same stupid comments repeated here. It’s like a time warp here.

  • ferdis

    and she should hook up with aaron eckheart.. he is handsome and has dimples. hehehhe

  • hag

    jennifer aniston is 40 years old and looks 40 years old.

  • 50/50

    She braved the Oscars and the 3 of them had finally meet – the triangle was over. Everybody thought she really had moved on. Few weeks after the Oscars, she couldn’t stop talking about how forever she will be inlove with Brad. The triangle was back on.

    Now tell me, how could this triangle die if Jen herself can’t move on?

  • cougar

    she should stop hooking up with young guys and start dating older guys.

  • Aussie Girl

    I am a Brangelina fan all the way, BUT even i am getting sick of the comparions. Jen is Brads EX, the only way everyone will be able to move on is if fans stop feeding the media BS>I personally hope JA finds a nice guy and settles down, so these three will stop being so connected, it is starting to really pi** me off!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sheobviouslylovetheattention

    Why is it that all of a sudden she became nice and is actually posing for the papz?

  • canon

    ^ she is flirting on that photographer.

  • hag

    hagiston knows talking about her “hundred year’s ago” divorce will be what the media knows her relevance is based on.

  • xXx

    Now tell me, how could this triangle die if Jen herself can’t move on?

    i can’t blame her. her x husband is looking so hot lately. lol.