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Jessica Simpson Basks In Beso

Jessica Simpson Basks In Beso

Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Tony Romo, go out to dinner with sister Ashlee and dad Joe at Beso on Saturday (April 11) in West Hollywood, CA.

The 28-year-old singer recently parted ways with the label Sony Nashville. “Jessica is and has always been an Epic artist. She was on loan to Sony Nashville for her country album. She continues to be on Epic’s label,” her rep told Us Weekly.

While her country debut Do You Know opened at Number One, it sold less than 200,000 copies. Jessica‘s bio and information are no longer available on Columbia Nashville or Sony Nashville’s web sites.

30+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson basking in Beso…

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jessica simpson basks in beso 01
jessica simpson basks in beso 02
jessica simpson basks in beso 03
jessica simpson basks in beso 04
jessica simpson basks in beso 05
jessica simpson basks in beso 06
jessica simpson basks in beso 07
jessica simpson basks in beso 08
jessica simpson basks in beso 09
jessica simpson basks in beso 10
jessica simpson basks in beso 11
jessica simpson basks in beso 12
jessica simpson basks in beso 13
jessica simpson basks in beso 14
jessica simpson basks in beso 15
jessica simpson basks in beso 16
jessica simpson basks in beso 17
jessica simpson basks in beso 18
jessica simpson basks in beso 19
jessica simpson basks in beso 20
jessica simpson basks in beso 21
jessica simpson basks in beso 22
jessica simpson basks in beso 23
jessica simpson basks in beso 24
jessica simpson basks in beso 25
jessica simpson basks in beso 26
jessica simpson basks in beso 27
jessica simpson basks in beso 28
jessica simpson basks in beso 29
jessica simpson basks in beso 30
jessica simpson basks in beso 31
jessica simpson basks in beso 32

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57 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Basks In Beso”

  1. 1
    hadis Says:


  2. 2
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Why is this hag still famous? The same question applies to Asshóle, too.

  3. 3
    Mocksure Says:

    Is Eva Longoria that hard up for business??

  4. 4
    Mocksure Says:

    By ******* you must mean sister Trashley

  5. 5
    JOKEr Says:

    ashley and her sis looks so bretty and hot

    i love both of them

  6. 6
    laurie Says:

    She looks great!!!

  7. 7
    itstrueagain Says:

    On what picture does she look great? She looks haggard to me. And she certainly does not look happy.

  8. 8
    viva la vida Says:

    she has a beautiful watch! Does anyone know which brand it is? Thanks

  9. 9
    bindy Says:

    wow ashlee’s really starting to out do her..ashlee looks great! Hope she never changes her hair colour back, the red suits her!!!!

  10. 10

    she looks rough

  11. 11
    haSbeen Says:

    Maybe its time for her to pop out those babies for Tony

  12. 12
    Sandy Says:

    Yikes! I guess Jessucka is settling into her only career as tabloid joke.

  13. 13
    tina Says:

    wow, her mom is plastered I guess that’s where Jessica gets her alcoholism from. She’s also had way too much plastic surgery, that face is frightful

  14. 14
    Yasmin Says:

    Wow, her mom is drunk and walking around with her boobs hanging out, like mother like daughter. Gross

  15. 15
    Bati Says:

    It must be a joke……I don’t belive.

  16. 16
    lmao Says:

    she look so trashy.

  17. 17
    sophie Says:

    Yasmin its well known that Jessica and her mom drunk too much, I wonder why the tabloids always skip over that. She was drunk onstage during all of her recent tour.

  18. 18
    anonymous Says:

    Jessica definately looks drunk in all these pictures.

  19. 19
    go away Says:

    Love how she wears a bright orange dress with a loud print just to be sure the paparazzi would be able to spot her after she called them. The sister has always been better looking than Jessica, the tranny clown.

  20. 20
    Mary Says:

    Come on Jessica, don’t be so serious!

  21. 21
    shoes4life Says:

    I tell you what Romo better bring his A-game this season or his ass will be toast in Dallas! Him trying to be a celebrity and play quarterback is not working the Dallas Cowboy fans are at their whits end with him and his antics. He need to leave looseca in California during the football season because the eyes are really going to be on him now that Terrell Owens is not on the team anymore.

    Get all the whoring with looseca out now Romo or get ready to have your ass handed to you this coming up season!

  22. 22
    PALVASHA Says:


  23. 23
    mju8 Says:

    She’s like a big tropical disaster of epic proportions

  24. 24
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    …………………….are friends for sale in america, folks?
    that’s why eating at beso?

  25. 25
    lips Says:

    Looks like Jessica’s had her lips plumped again……why does she keep doing that? She can’t even close her lips, almost looks like octomom’s! Also starting to resemble the dumped girl from Bachelor, Melissa……

  26. 26
    bobbi Says:

    Speaking of lips…what is w. her lips? I am not a fan of Simpson but these pics caught my eye due to the orange.

    I can’t help but notice her bottom lip in the constant stage of a pout. I am sure this is not how she used to look.

    I see someone typed about her getting her lips “done”. Gosh, what a horrible job if that is the case.

  27. 27
    asia Says:

    She looks great!

  28. 28
    D Says:

    She just looks so vacant in these pictures. She is either on drugs, drunk, or truly braindead. Maybe all three.

  29. 29
    shelby Says:

    she needs to lay off the plumping…looks as big as her asss. Her mom sure did get heavy, no wonder the perv dad left her. They all look a bit tanked.

  30. 30
    anonymous Says:

    Watch the friggin video people & you will see why there eyes are the way they are. Swarm of paps blinding you. Give it a rest. There not drunk. They can’t friggin see. Some of you people need a life.
    Pistures are a moment in time & I would bet there are several pics out there that could be used that would show different but because this is the drama or story line the tab choose to print because it sells magazines these are the pics you will see. How absolutley dumb are some of you people?

  31. 31
    tas Says:

    I agree with #7 that Jess does not look very happy. Then again, why should she? Her country music label dropped her, she made a fool of herself on tour by forgetting lyrics, crying, and talking about Tony incessantly, and now are rumors Tony has been cheating on her. Plus no ring on her finger yet!! I predict a serious meltdown if she and Tony don’t make it. She has nothing else going. Her little sis is happily married and has a baby. Jess blew it by divorcing Nick, and I think she knows it. Oh well, Karma, as they say, is a B!

  32. 32
    she's drunk Says:

    There are 30+ pictures and Jessica looks drunk in every single one. Tony and the sister look sober. It’s not the lights that are making Jessica look plastered. It is the excessive amount of alcohol that Jessica ingested that’s making her look plastered.

  33. 33
    RUN TONY RUN Says:

    RUN TONY RUN! Overweight, alcoholic, narcissistic trainwrecks with giant fake orange lips are not marriage material.

  34. 34
    Erin Says:

    The living embodiment of “Tropic Thunder”. And not in a good way.

  35. 35
    neema Says:

    hilarious orange lipstick!

    still a bimbo

  36. 36
    ME2 Says:


  37. 37
    Sushi Says:

    GO AWAY!!

  38. 38
    alLAboutCarrie Says:

    remember the days when jessica was so pretty and innocent?? back when nick had the “best days of her life?”…what happened to her face? she looks so ugly i cant quite figure it out yet but her face is so ugly…she’s so trashy. tony must like his women ******
    she is a has been and her 10 year career has already expired country music industry has given her the boot…they didnt want her she doesnt belong because they only want “real girls who can sing” and that are professional and have promising careers….jessica is a loser. she did nick a favor by leaving. marry tony have his babies and disapear because opening her legs is all shes good for….no talent media attention ***** beyotch

  39. 39
    angelina Says:

    shes so ugly. she looks very haggard and she doesnt have that nice girl look anymore she has that im a dirty girl and i do dirty things look…not a girl you would take home to mama more like the girl you would take to a hotel…yah know??…she looks so used ick..i just wonder what tony is thinking he knows he could have any girl right? not because hes handsome yuck, but because hes a quarter back for the dallas cowboys and he picks this washed up used chick?…hmm tony tony, she must put out a lot…the preacher’s daughters are always the sleaziest!!

  40. 40
    Saidy Says:

    I love it how Jessica has all these people with their panties a twist. And all she has to do was have a family dinner with her boyfriend and people go balistic. hahahaha. Only Jess.

  41. 41
    Saidy Says:

    Another thing, take a good look at the pix of her with her hair down and orange lipstick. Now take a look at the pix of her hair up and no lipstick.

    Obviously, its the lipstick making her lips appear to be bigger because in the shots of her without it, her lips look normal. But you already know that, just trying to find something to ***** about, right? :)~

  42. 42
    denise Says:

    The mother oughta be ashamed of herself, getting drunk like that, out with her children.

  43. 43
    trustme Says:

    Trust me, those aren’t just regular lips – she’s had that plumping done before and even talked about how they didn’t do a good job, and here she’s done it again.

    Her purses are cute, though.

  44. 44
    nic Says:

    could she be any more drunk there? i heard she was in the bathroom pouting about how mean tony has been to her. maybe thats why she looks so unhappy there.

  45. 45
    pollyanna Says:

    She looks beautiful! It is a rare person that can pull of yellow and orange. She wears them both very well here. Lovely. I love long dangly ear rings; fun and cute.

    Do relax your mouth though Jess. Trying to make your lips look big by flexing the mouth looks goofey and will lead to wrinkles! Relax your face, your lips are fine. Many people have lip issues, they can’t hide the lip flexing. Let’s play spot the lip flexors! Lindsey, Jen, Miley, … Jess, …

  46. 46
    denise Says:

    Jessica is a selfish, cold b*tch. No wonder she can’t keep a man. She is not walking with her mom holding her up like Ashlee is doing. She see’s her mother needs help.

    Ashlee is a concerned helpful daughter.

  47. 47
    Shhhh! Says:

    Jessica is young, pretty, and rich at around 75 million net worth. She doe snot however ahve acountrymusic career. She does nothave that ring from Tony yet and she really messed up with countrymusic fans by comingon too strong, too contrived, and forgetting words, etc. Opening for Rascal Flats as a good gig. She blew it!

  48. 48
    Shhhh! Says:

    Jessica is young, pretty, and rich at around 75 million net worth. She doe snot however ahve acountrymusic career. She does nothave that ring from Tony yet and she really messed up with countrymusic fans by comingon too strong, too contrived, and forgetting words, etc. Opening for Rascal Flats as a good gig. She blew it!

  49. 49
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i think that she doesnt look half bad
    better than she usually looks
    the dress looks kinda stupid but it makes her look good because of her skin tone
    its really her lips that look weird, like if she’s injected them
    but she does look pretty good =]

  50. 50
    ali Says:


  51. 51
    SFgirl Says:

    Orange lipstick and Blue toenails ..?!

  52. 52
    woof Says:

    She looks great in that color – very pretty.

  53. 53
    Liz Says:

    Most of you folks wonder why Jess is such a commodity for the paps? You are one of the major reasons. You visit the sites of any blogger that has Jessica’s name in the title. What does that make you?

    Congrats Jess on your swimsuit collection being worn by Miss USA contestants this year. Take that you haters.

  54. 54
    so Says:

    So what if the Miss USA contestants are wearing the swimsuits. All that means is the Simpsons bought advertising in the form of a product placement. They really shouldn’t be congratulated for doing something as basic as advertising.

    Actually, they need to be consoled about wasting their ad budget. Viewership for pagaents has been on the decline for years now, so nobody is going to see the product placement the Simpsons bought. Pagaents always lose their time slots.

  55. 55
    yuck Says:

    More crap with her name on it? Sight unseen, her name on anything is a deal killer for me. I would never buy anything with her name on it.

  56. 56
    anonymous Says:

    anonymous @ 10:55 a.m.

    They are seriously off. They choose not to see the video because you can see that they are not drunk; rather, they are blinded by the flashes of lights going off as the paps take pictures of them. Get a life people! Seriously!!!!!!!

  57. 57
    MMA Says:

    She looks terrible…those lip injections just ruined her whole appearance.

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