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Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Dodger Date!

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Dodger Date!

Joe Jonas shows off his 5 o’clock shadow with girlfriend Camilla Belle as they have a baseball Dodger date at Opening Day at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium on Monday (April 13).

The other Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Nick and Frankie (the bonus Jonas) were also on-hand for a day at the ballpark! The Jonas Brothers sat in the Dugout Club, front row over the visitors dugout. The Dodgers ended the day on a high note as they beat the San Francisco Giants, 11-1. Looks like the Dodgers are on their way to another great season!

The JoBros also posed with Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt and donned DodgersWIN (Women’s Initiatives Network), caps. Women’s Initiative Network was started by Jamie.

10+ pictures inside of the Jonas Brothers‘ Dodger date…

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joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 01
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 02
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 03
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 04
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 05
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 06
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 07
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 08
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 09
joe jonas camilla belle dodgers date 10

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  • Maritza

    Well, thats depressing. You gotta be happy for him though. He can’t stay single forever to satisfy the fans. They need to have somewhat of a ‘normal life’.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    which one is joe.. and which is camel? haha..

  • Ivana

    Camilla Belle is truly stunning. You know you’re a knockout even w/out any makeup (or very minimal) and a baseball cap covered head-a dealbreaker for many women with long hair. Say what you will about her private life (and honestly…who gives a crap about the Jonas’ xpt for horny tweens?) but you can’t deny that Camilla is a striking looking woman.

  • Irene

    5 o’ clock shadow xD lol

    They’re cute together D: (:?

  • Julia

    Aww. I think that’s very sweet and they look cute together. :)

  • alliegator.(:

    i wish joe would realize this girl is making him loose fans.
    and i love joe and the boys with all my heart,
    but it’s the truth.

    on a positive note, they’re all looking great.

    hey lawless and jt! (;

  • stephanie

    ahh so cute (:
    I WAS THERE! take
    i got to take pictures with all them.
    even Camilla (:
    i actually like her now.
    she wasn’t acting like such a diva that time :D


  • sammie

    They look soo CUTE
    im happy for him : ]

  • OH MY

    They thought it was Joe and Camilla, but it was actually just Joe and one of the other Jonas brothers.

  • jess

    Kind of weird that Joe was the only one to bring a girl…

  • carlii

    i hate her! she needs some1 of her age! not joe! she is just using joe!
    auuugh! joeee open ur eyes!

  • Becky

    Cool!! All the bros are looking HOT!! Camilla doesn’t look like she wants to be there. Just my opinion.

  • Savannah

    They’re very cute together, It took a little bit to get used to them. But I think they make a great couple.

  • dundies

    camilla looks great as usual, but wth has joe been looking like a blowup doll lately?

  • Faith

    He’s probably staying with her so long because she looks like him.

  • tram

    thats weird on oceanup they said Joe ignore the fan and wouldn’t take a picture with them

  • susan

    i wish her would dump her already!!!

  • susan


  • ashley

    don’t get me wrong shes gorgeous, but she’s definitely not right for him. he’s infatuated with her and she’s just messing with his head, because she can, while getting major publicity in the process.

    i give it 3 months, then joe will be heart broken.. write a song another song about a “video girl” and say he won’t let that happen again.. then he will date the next video girl and the whole hypocrite joe cycle will repeat.

  • tram

    yea i agree with everyone who dislike camilla lol i hate her but Joe can find a girl that isn’t a video girl i know there is one girl out there right for him

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • Fergie Fan !

    Joe is HOT !

  • ohsnap

    Camilla has a lot of time to spend following Joe around…ew, girl, get a JOB and a life of your OWN! Oh…who am I kidding I would stop everything to do the same. ;)

  • Kate

    ahhh wat is soo amazing about her, she gets to f*ck robert pattinson and joe wow?

  • DC

    I bet they weren’t even Dodger fans before they moved to LA. Go Giants!

  • k

    They are great together. I’m sick of you immature girls hating on Joe and Camilla.

    Grow up. Period.

  • cath

    NO JOE PLEASE BE SINGLE! gahh i love the jonases

  • Lovejoewithallmyheart!

    Oh my goodness i love joe so much and it hurts me to see hin with camilla because shes just using him! Everyone knows! Even he knows it but hes blinded by love… Honey please open your eyes. Cuz us fans lve you so much and we dont want to see you get hurt. Please just be careful joseph :’(

  • Memmah

    OMG i agree with everyone who thinks camilla and joe should break up… Joe is so sexy but i absolutely HATE camillia! (psst, what happened to ‘video girls’?!) p.s., joe, shave that thing off! you are sexyer without it!

  • m

    i was at the game today and when they showed them on the big screen everyone went booooooo
    haha but it was nice to see them sign autographs for the kids

  • A charm

    Why do they (the JBros) always do everything together? Can’t they be alone doing their own stuff ?! gosh. I don’t like Camilla (I only liked her in Jurassic Park 2 LOL) but Joe’s HOT. I actually think his facial hair makes him even sexier :D

  • melanie

    Uhg..I just threw up in my mouth…I CANT STAND the JONASSS Brothers! Can’t wait until they fade off into the sunset…or sunrise, whatever..they SUCK!

  • allie

    I don’t like her AT ALL. she’s just using him and he NEEDS to see that. She goes out with a different guy like everyday. First it was Rob Pattinson (which she DOES have a HUGE Crush on) and then it was fernando and I’m pretty sure she was trying to hook up with her Push co-star Chris evans. What a STRUMPET

  • nysro

    Wasnt the younger of the 3 douches just photgraphed wearing NY Yankees garb?

  • mju8

    so where does fernando verdasco fit in all this?

  • marilina

    I think that camilla isn’t joe’s girlfriend…they are friends…

  • marilina

    but…I hate her I don’t know why…

  • marilina

    but…I hate her….I don’t know why…

    <3<3 jonas brothers

  • ashley

    Of course everyone booed them…the other guys at the game probably are jealous. But if it was a hot girl, then they’d be cheering. Nick looks sexy and I think Joe looks better with his facial hair!

  • Joejonaslover786

    NOOOOO!!Y Joe??wHY??ugh, i’m so jealous right now, it’s not fair..I’m just gonna forget about her :P

    The guys look soooo awesome..wish I could be there with them ;) lol

  • luv u joe

    no r nt luking cute together at all…. camilla is jux using joe n everybody knw it.. plzzz joe open ur eyes…. i hate camilla bt i love joe he is soo cute……. taylor is thousand time better dan camilla…….. joe i lov u

  • lourdesdak

    I absolutely hate CAmilla….Camilla and JOE should break up…

    I LOVE THE JB with all of my heart!!!


  • CHloe

    I think it’s so cute that Joe’s in love. I’m happy for him. I just hope Camilla knows how lucky she is. With or without stubble- Joe is the hottest thing on earth!!

  • chrys

    he’s way too young for her. come on.

  • Deena

    I am not a fan of either one (Camille/Joe) however, why would she hang out with him for acknowledgement, when she could have had R.P. to do that and she chose not to be with him, whe wants Joe. And he could use the experience.

  • e

    why does he wear those sunglasses
    he wore one that one day they were walking together to
    their nice together
    i just wish his brother would get out of miley cyrus’s clutches

  • I’m tired of miley haters

    joe and camilla together again?! but camilla’s going with fernando verdasco! they should break up!

  • brenda

    This A$$hole should lose the clown glasses.

  • H

    You girls are pathetic. You don’t even know her…how is it possible to hate someone you don’t know and never spoken to? Because of the way the media portrays people? What am I saying here? I’m trying to reason with 12 year old brats.

  • chels

    i agree with number 6

    he is losing fans because of that girl that is using him and besides, why deny if they are together all the time… gosh!