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Justin Timberlake + Kate Moss + Marc Jacobs = Vogue

Justin Timberlake + Kate Moss + Marc Jacobs = Vogue

Fashion icons Justin Timberlake, Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs look positively stunning in the “Inspiring Beauty” spread from the May 2009 issue of Vogue

In the first week of May, Justin will be co-hosting the Metropolitan Museum of Costume Institute Gala with Kate and Vogue‘s editor-in chief Anna Wintour. The theme this year is “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion” and the exhibition will spotlight 70 desginers’ masterworks of haute couture and ready-to-wear and well as important fashion photography.

Honorary chair at May 4′s Costume Institute Gala Benefit is Marc Jacobs, with co-chairs Kate, Justin and Anna.

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Credit: surrrealseven/TFS; Photos: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue
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  • Tim

    lookes awul.
    Justin is a douce.

  • A

    Isn’t this for Vogue?

  • Jordane

    Wow! I love Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss as fashion icons. This is really stunning.

  • Linda

    Justin is NOT a fashion icon, he’s a pop star and fashion is integrated into that job title at times, which also allows him to put his name to products eg. t-shirts, mugs, William Rast clothes etc…

  • whoa!

    JT doesn’t look right in the picture….
    but, i love all three of them!!

  • cj

    Justin’s in the fashion biz now. This is the same guy who once wore a bleached denim suit and thought he was hot sh*t, remember that? And now he’s a fashion icon. Wow.

  • http://justjared tanii

    Erm, Jared that spread is actually for US Vogue May 2009. Not Vanity Fair.

  • athena

    Wow, great picture…cj #6, Justin does have a denim line with a friend of his for some years now….Although, this does not make him a fashion icon, he does appeal to the masses….

  • mrs.jrm

    Justin looks like the douchebag that he is…

  • Halli


    I’m sick of mainstream media types always praising the same types of people over and over again. Marc Jacobs/ Kate Moss = cliche. Justin Timberlake is overexposed.

    Its like music/movie awards… only giving out the awards to the same types of people over and over again.

    This is like an artistic bubble that only the chosen few can be awarded and given publicity. I’m so sick of it.

  • Ouch!

    Fashion icons?!?! Not really…

  • fresh

    Justin Timberlake annoys me so much. I can’t stand seeing his face. I don’t get the hype that surrounds him at all.

  • raquel

    #1 & #9. What’s the matter? You jealous?

    Justin is NOT fashion icon, sorry. I do like him and his music, but NOT the fashion icon bit. Love the picture though.

  • Sarah


  • evie

    Justin as a fashion icon! please. Why do the media think the public will buy anything. Kate and Marc yes, Justin no.

  • julia

    great combination!
    I like it.

  • What???

    Justin Douchebag-overexposed, no talent, fashion icon??????

  • dina

    justin is a jerk

  • Marti

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!Beautiful Kate,Justin and Marc!!!

  • Maze

    #8 Athena says … “he appeals to the masses …..” YEAH, if you’re sixteen and under !

  • Kate

    HOW ON EARTH is Justin Timberlake a fashion icon? Give me a break….are people that desperate for a fresh face? I know plenty of guys who wear faded jeans and nice leather jackets…that doesn’t make them forward thinking.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i had no idea that justin was a fashion icon
    i mean he must be 1 of THE best if he’s with kate moss and MARC JACOBS!!
    kate actually doesnt look that bad in this photo, im pretty sure if we had a closer shot she wouldnt look good

  • marissa

    kate looks better than biel thats for sure. i love the combination of the three. artistic, rebel, and sexy

  • p

    eew. timberlake should be out of that photo.


    I am so sick of this chick. I just don’t get it. She is not pretty and is a bad role model. She is a coke whore!

  • robina

    kate moss should retire.
    she looks OLD & SICK!!!


    I am so sick of seeing this coke whore! She is not that pretty and is not a good role model. Please put her at to pasture!

  • anna

    justin timberlake is the biggest disaster to hit the music industry, including britney, rihanna,chris brown…. and all the others similar clones. And now they are spreading to the others domain like some disastrous disease with no cure.

  • mina

    This is just plain ol’ DULL. I have no problem with any of these people but come on, who did the styling for this? Who approved it is really the question. Over all US Vogue is one big ZZZzzzZZZ. (imho)

  • Faith

    can you explain why justin timberlake should be considered a fashion icon?

  • presh

    Haha, fashion icon…I think not.

  • keks

    WOW lots of bitter haters here.
    well anywaysI love the picture. Justin and Kate look great.

  • ferdis

    they should have uses the photoshop to eraser Justin. He doesnt fit in this pic. About Kate…come on…she is crazy, drunk, whatever but she IS a fashion icon . Even so short ( 1.67 i think..) and not that beatiful. She can do so much more than all theses “healthy models”. I know…i dont have a explanation to that neither.

  • Feral Catsie

    UGH. These celebs who go on to model for fashion labels are annoying. They think that just because they can sing and be in a music video that they can get their poses right. Justin Timberlake is stupid. He doesn’t know how to pose. He looks stiff and needs to work it out. WORK IT OUT GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mickey

    I think there is a huge typo in the intro. You included Justin Timberlame as a fashion icon. He is gutter tripe, so he can’t be a fashion icon.

  • Reluctant

    i dig JT a lot, but he just doesn’t fit in with Kate and MJ…

  • LolaSvelt

    Kate Moss – fashion icon? YES! Marc Jacobs – fashion icon? EH! JT – Fashion icon? LOLOLOLOL!

  • Kylie000

    wow Marc looks good<333. This photo would have been better without Justin I truly can’t stand this douche.

  • Ryan

    haters su** my coc* haters u’re all jelouse b-cause jt is famous and u re not

  • ian

    Justin TImberlake may not be a fashion icon, but he definitely is a style icon

  • Paten

    Marc Jacobs looks pretty handsome and moss while she is just stunning here. Sorry JT you don’t fit in, how about a cover of mad cartoon mag.

  • Sherry

    Marc Jacobs is awesome, he looks great as usual :D
    I don’t think Justin is a fashion icon though!

  • Karol

    The truth that the picture is beautiful, the characters that appear very familiar fashion, how Kate and Marc, along with Justin giving a different touch, she gives a nice touch more delicate.

  • Hannah

    #25 & #27: you’re so mean and rude!!!



  • MMA

    Marc Jacobs is adorable :)