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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Tin Mill Merry

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Tin Mill Merry

Newly engaged couple Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson were spotted having dinner together at Tin Mill Restaurant in Uxbridge, Ontatio on on Sunday (April 12).

JJ reader Marcella writes it, “They held hands across the table and exchanged deep romantic glances at each other almost the entire time they were there. Whenever Hayden would say something, Rachel would giggle and shyly bow her head. Needless to say they are very happy!”

On Thursday, the couple was seen in Uxbridge with Hayden‘s mom .

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  • alex

    these are like age old pics!!!

    OK..wait…lets do one thing…lets not comment and discuss this.. :P

    and lets see if Jared still continues with “RAYDEN” pics

    BTW…Rachel is the hotness man!!!

  • juliana from Brazil

    I love her!

  • alex

    I love her too twice

  • Russian girl

    O my! They are sooo Adorable! Cutest couple)))

  • stacy

    This article makes me LMFAO. Not that I don’t believe they had lunch and held hands, etc, but this individual who reported the sighting sounds so much like those “spies” or “witnesses” or “onlookers” who are always referenced in Star magazine. LOL

  • trish

    Then the aliens landed outside the restaurant and Queen Elizabeth got off to pick something up to eat. Oh, please. Don’t they know better then to print crap without pictures?

  • Weeeeeeee

    Yawn!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Karena

    That’s a lovely picture of them though. I think they’re super cute together!

  • pauline

    God, your printing fan sightings now, why are you trying so hard to convince us they are a couple, it’s a little bit creepy your interest in her.

  • sotrue

    She’s so pretty

  • veronica

    Awww, I haven’t paid attention to either one of them in forever. So, I didn’t know they were even together. Cute, though.

  • irias

    They looks so cute

  • kim

    Great couple

  • jane

    Now the haters will say that is a lie …

  • lili

    Cute :)

  • james

    hayden looks so cute in that pic!

  • james

    hayden looks so cute in that pic!

  • kroq

    I’m almost entirely sure Jared writes these Hayden/Rachel posts just to rile the haters.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Funny how this is? Not denying they are together. Looked on Rachel Bilson’s German website and she was photographed in LA @ Chroma hair salon on 4/13/09. She was just out to dinner in Canada the night before and back in LA the next day out and about? It is a supposed fan siting it sounds like.

  • funkey

    Most people spend easter with family and better chance even if he isn’t big on the religious part she has family who I’m sure celebrate. DON’T think they were there, more trailer trash talk from a fan trying to create which wasn’t there. And funny thing is she was spotted in LA several days ago and pictures to boot..

    Here’s one for you JJ maybe they had dinner with Elvis while they were there, who also promised to sing at the wedding.

  • real observer

    just look at their pics over the years they have dated, there is nothing normal, pleasant or real about this couple
    hc had more affection expressed toward every girl he has been with prior to rb even those he did not date, like there is more affection between him and Natalie Portman on every picture than between him and rb, it is like a let down and he knows it, just tolerates and manipulates her, no real love

  • lakers fan in boston

    love her lol!
    she’s looking really cute in that pic
    like the dress as well
    love u rachel!

  • real observer

    she is a ditz with not much in the looks department and no brain, what is there to love?

  • trish

    I used to like JJ, but now seeing how he’ll use some stupid “fan sighting” and an old picture just to rile up people, I’m now really disgusted. He must have looked to see what story had the most comments on it and put some stupid “new” story out there just for reaction. This reeks of manipulation.


    Rachel Bilson is not a quality actress. She’s just cute, but a horrible actress. How many cute actress are out there. Hayden “Jumped” the gun to quickly on being engaged with her. He deserves a smart and talented hottie, not Rachel Bilson. Big mistake Hayden. Only time you’ll realize she’s really not for you.

  • oh brother

    The pictures are very old, from the Lacoste commercial. Fans will say anything and God Only Knows where this supposed ‘fan sighting’ originated from. It probably came from RB’s PR manager, who works overtime to try to get her some notice. Pity she doesn’t get paid by the hour. Also JJ runs this garbage just to generate hits. He knows RB/HC are detested by a lot of people and he can guarantee hundreds of hits just by running a picture of these idiots.


  • Kaya

    I like them together and all. But this sounds kind of fake. Like cheesy romance novel fake. I bet someone made this up and sent it in. And because Rachel generates hits, he posted it. Someone is probably laughing their ass off right now. That is not cool, lol.

  • atlqueen

    It’s not just the haters……..
    I’m sort of getting bored with the sighting and no pics (actually just bored with them all together). I’m not believing a single bit of that just for the simple fact that I can’t even imagine it. It just sounds a little on the corny side. I just don’t see RB being shy about anything and HC actually showing public affection. Now I can imagine them sitting down with family and/or friends cracking up and drinking beer. I don’t know why I just can. I just don’t sense them being too much of the lubby dubby kind. More like really good friends. Anyone else? Lol!

  • Kaya


    Exactly. I can’t see this going down either. They’ve always reminded me of the really good friends type. Not the lovey dovey Angelina/Brad type. And like I said this is like a cheesy romance novel. Or a scene from a soap opera. Yet Jared puts it down anyway? He’s just looking for posts. he had to have known that this sounded like a fake out.

  • LuckyL

    He’s so hot. This b*tch is so lucky.

  • megz

    That stupid man, being seen in public with that air headed half wit. She’s a sorry excuse for an actress, not to mention human being, and he’s been suckered in by her black hole. Stand back folks so you don’t get sucked in yourself! There is OBVIOUSLY no love in this relationship. Have any of you seen any of the latest pics of them together? He’s miserable! And as for her, she has the paps on her SPEED DIAL!!!!! And she probably bought that ugly ring for herself so everyone would THINK they’re engaged. What more would you expect from someone with brain damage? He wouldn’t propose to her! He’d have to hire more than one babysitter when they have kids! One for the kids and one for her.
    And I have to say, I do not have a lot of sympathy for him. If he was smart, he’d walk away. No, correction: he’d RUN away, as fast as his long legs could carry him. Stupid, stupid, STUPID MAN!!!!!!!!! And ugly vulture! She needs a face lift and a boob job. No man wants to be with a girl with saggy boobs and a flabby ass. When I see an ACTUAL picture of them holding hands and smiling, then I’ll believe it. That pic up there is not of two people who enjoy each others company.

  • NY GAL

    I agree, I think that this pic is old too! Look at HC’s shirt. It looks like the same one he is wearing in the Lacoste ad. His hair looks the same as well. And who brings a dog into a restaurant! What’s the matter Jared, did you forget to pay your paps? LOL


    It just makes me want to gag when I seem them together. Why Hayden? Why?

  • Observer

    Can we say slow news day to have to make up this shit going on the board. It’s obvious that this isn’t the fact but, a faux spotting. Funny how they always seem to appear the same time that Spencer and Heidi come out. Guess they have a looser alert going on.

  • nmt

    Yeah, I agree too. It is an old pic. But a good one, of Hayden that is! His Lacoste commercial pics are gorgeous!! I just read on that Hayden is making a new movie with Kevin Spacey in Toronto in May. Anyone know anything more about this? Jen took the “rainboot” pics down of HC, RB and his mom. What’s up with that? They are just pictures!

  • Observer

    Don’t believe all you read there is nothing on variety about this movie good chance like all Hayden’s movie it’s not happening.

  • nmt

    Just hoping that maybe it was true. I don’t live too far from Toronto and wanted to drive over to the movie set to observe. Hayden has no projects coming up at all? And I don’t mean the getting married thing, cause that makes me want to puke.

  • NY GAL

    @36 nmt, I hope the movie in Toronto that you found on is true. I would love to check it out as well. Maybe VOR would know? She seems to be on top of things!

  • voice of reason

    Ny Gal I don’t know anything, Bagman to me does not add up, First Kevin is in London at the old vic, George I would think, just my opinion is a director that Hayden would not want to work with because of his part in the whole “they did it for real thing” and telling everyone that they should ask Sienna.

    Don’t think Hayden took kindly to that.

    As for this post JJ put up and old photo-some here seem to think it real tsk tsk-it was a report without pictures and although I guess they may have had dinner together the night before flying out-each together or alone, I seem to remember another report deal with the tin mill 18 months ago in regard to both looking at each other like high school sweethearts. So just to show I do think and don’t believe everything I’m calling this story BS.

    Gasol here you are again, should you not be defending Natalie-she could use the help the Jolie fans are ANGRY, even worse than you. They are Rabid-but I guess you can find the sites-you do it so well.

  • Jen

    they are in love and it’s sweet but I still think the ideal girl for Hayden is Natalie…Anakin and Padme…oh and RB is losing her sense of style, she doesn’t look chic in all her recent posts, she used to be so chic.

  • S

    New pics of their farmhouse.

  • try

    Celebrity Markt –

  • S

    Or type and search for bilson or christensen ( werden bald farmer).

  • monreal

    @ They held hands across the table and exchanged deep romantic glances at each other almost the entire time they were there. Whenever Hayden would say something, Rachel would giggle and shyly bow her head……?!

    Whoa those are “seizure inducing” & I thought that I was reading post about the Speidis but non?! Tsk… even J-Money is now officially run out of story about these hermaprodite cou(p)let and push for that “delusions of grandeur” intended only for those Disney characters tweenies. Just another bite for a classic & scheming gossiping.

  • random [:

    you guys are losers. you dont know them you cant judge them. thanks for the news jj.

  • rachels fanblogg

    she is beautiful love her!

  • celebhores

    why did jj put this up instead of the real story of her at chroma?

  • pinky

    @44, I find it completely disgusting that Hayden’s home and his family is never and I mean NEVER papped unless that useless little fame wh*ring troll is in town. She makes me sick.

  • Kaya

    @ 44

    That’s scary. And it’s not cool. I like them and all, as I’ve said before. But he will never have any real privacy as long as he’s with her. Because I know she had to have something to do with that. Just like the other ones. I just don’t see why she just can’t sit back and chill. It seems like when she goes a few weeks without attention, she craves it again, and stuff like that happens.

  • Gasol_fan16

    We never saw the house until now. Yes. The little fame wh*re of course now brought the papparazzi out to the private property. Of course Rachel is not all to blame. Hayden has allowed this to happen as well and he looks even more like a liar. For once claiming her was so private and his likes to keep his love life private. He is a rather private person and wanted to keep it that way. This man has proven he is a strait out liar or he forgot what being private means. Then, Alie going along with this too is turning out to be a farce. Hayden and Rachel are turning out to be the next Heidi and Spencer Pratt. Only Heidi and Spencer were never big and worked on the Hill’s t-v show and media wh*red and still do. This is something they both love to do. Hayden was or had the potiental to be huge in movies and now with him being with Rachel he, is in mostly gossip blog’s. This is why we got some haters. Not that I care. If, Hayden want’s to lower himself with Rachel. Let him. That’s on him.

    Oh the cooking show gossip is nonsense! You either have to be a sous chef, regular chef, run a restaurant or have had experience in catering. For Rachel to have her own cooking show is nonsense! Unless, she knows some Canadian director’s or her daddy. Even so she would have to suck a lot a c*ck to land her cooking show. :lol:

    @ Vor, No comment. Your the one bringing up Natalie. For you being the one that can’t stand Natalie you sure bring her up a lot! LOL! I know how long flight’s take okay? Remember 9/11 for instance? Getting through security at the airport takes a lot more time now. But, you can wish to think what you want. God! Are you related somehow to Rachel and Hayden? You sound like you know and have so much insight in their lives. You don’t! You don’t even live in the US or Canada for that matter. Your just a obsessed fan who only comment’s on their blog’s only and no other celebrity.

    @ Random Sh*t,
    Remember something. If, your going to judge and throw the stones. Be prepaired for others to be thrown back your way. People are entitiled to their opinions and get real. The fact the Hayden and Rachel have made their relationship now an open book and are constantly in gossip threads. They have set them own selves up for major ridicule. Words for thought. ;)