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Kate Gosselin: Americana The Beautiful

Kate Gosselin: Americana The Beautiful

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin attends a signing for her books “Eight Little Faces” and “Multiple Bles8ings” at Barnes & Noble at the Americana on Tuesday (April 14) in Glendale, Calif.

There were 400+ people at the book signing!

The fifth season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 has already started filming. The Gosselin family returns to TLC on May 25 but a green special will be airing April 19.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin at her book signing…

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kate gosselin americana 01
kate gosselin americana 02
kate gosselin americana 03
kate gosselin americana 04
kate gosselin americana 05
kate gosselin americana 06
kate gosselin americana 07
kate gosselin americana 08
kate gosselin americana 09
kate gosselin americana 10
kate gosselin americana 11
kate gosselin americana 12
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kate gosselin americana 15

Photos: David Livingston/Getty
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  • saudia

    she looks great .. her style has really evolved .. PR much? but love the family and the show <3

  • Jane

    i love this show. the kids are so adorable. kate is really mean and disrespectful to jon though.

  • joe

    I love you Kate, but jeez that hairstyle has got to go.

  • mary

    oh gooood. i’m glad they decided to come back.
    i hope they’re on for a loooooong time.

  • ali

    kate looks amazing!!! i love the show!

  • pafan

    I adore Kate. She seems to be such a great mom, and all the time she just keeps getting more beautiful. Way to go, girl.

  • STFU

    I love the show but Kate, please get those bangs out of your face! New hair style maybe?

  • tbnNYC

    FOLLOW ASHTON ON TWITTER!!!!!!!! QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    his name is aplusk

  • Nonny

    with each passing day this show gets more and more scripted. These poor kids aren’t going to know what to do when the cameras go away. And I’m not talking about the 8 Gosselin children.

  • sweetie

    She looks great! ;-)

  • ?

    My God, she still has that disastrous hair-style. How can she possibly think that it looks good?

  • heather

    Her hair is horrible, she is a money and fame whore at the expense of her children. Her husband cheats on her.

  • yak yak yak

    hate the show. Kids out of control and mom so disrespectful to her husband!

    Money mongers
    Books too???
    Please !

  • zzzz

    I can’t stand this woman. Every time I try to watch this show, she is either being condescending and nasty with her doormat of a husband, or they are talking about Aidan or Madeline, who must be the favorites. I don’t even know any of the other kid’s names.

  • yak yak yak

    oh…and her hair looks like my Roosters tail!

  • Sheri

    I agree with the others ~ how on earth can she think this horrid hairstyle looks good??!! Good Lord … please get it cut or grow it out one way or the other! And she is so controlling, bossy and cold on the show ~ she has gotten so much worse in the way she treats Jon. If she doesn’t shape up these two are headed for divorce court … and I wouldn’t blame him one bit.

  • LuckyL

    A disguised nightmare

  • tarin

    whoring your children out really pays off these days

  • Lana

    talk about pimping your littles ones

  • greenskin029

    i love jon and kate. and i love the children.
    i really hope they do a new season.

  • jdub

    i love jon&kate plus 8. Love lovee Aaden and Lia

  • meg4fancast

    her hair is terrible. but my goodness she looks good. jon and k8 fans will be happy to know that Fancast has it! guilty pleasure awesomeness :)

  • ice

    14: wrong. her favorite is Hannah, the child who is always clinging onto her. She doesnt like the boys nor Maddy, who is a wild child

  • V Factory Socal

    can’t wait until the air the new episodes!! love them:)

  • mary

    OMG! R u kidding me? For those of you who are caught in the “i love” world, get a life. This woman is so ungrateful, so selfish and most of all so mean to her husband. Kharma Baby…Can’t stand the bittch…or the show!

  • g!na

    omg, her hair on the top is so short and looks like a rooster tail sticking up! lmao! she is so pimping her family out to make money & be a celebrity!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    one thing: WE MUST SELL THE CAR NOW, folks!!

  • ellie can certainly change one’s look ALOTS….
    But she looks very great now.

  • Lexi

    She has such a beautiful face, but that hair HAS TO GO!!! It’s absolutely awful…truly dreadful.

  • terry

    The original octo-mom.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    I think she looks great and I can’t watch the show anymore without thinking about how mean she is.

  • Zoe

    400 sheep turning up to support this woman and buy her books so they can contribute to further exploitation of these innocent kids. Sick.

  • mary

    people who have bad things to say..
    why do you have to say it..?

  • Liza

    Can’t stand her! She was begging for donations while she had a nanny, chef and housekeeper. She treats her husband like crap and has banned her sister in law, who appeared on the show, because TLC wanted to pay her. There is a reason we never see any family on the show. Kate is out for self and the kids and anyone else be damned.

  • Baloo

    She is a rude, disrespectful bitch to her husband, and a freaky mom to her kids. She flips out if they get one spot on their clothes and is so bitchy she’s isolated all her family and friends. Only reason Jon stays with her is the $$. He’s outta there after their 15 minutes are up–if he’s smart. Her poor kids will need therapy for years from her selfishness. She does have a pretty face but her hair looks like a friggin peacock!

  • melissa asherman

    Love her, Love the kids, Love Jon, Love the show… it’s all awesome. Amazing parents!

  • liz k

    To Liza @ 04/15/2009 at 1:56 am:

    If she were really out for her kids, she wouldn’t be doing this show! She’d be protecting their privacy and wouldn’t be exploiting them, or making them work for their living at such a young age. Imagine, these kids were NEVER capable of consenting to this. I hope at least one them grow up to sue their Mom for exploitation….or at least for a hefty chunk of backpay.

  • Paula

    Nothing pays in America like whoring out your children for a buck, huh Kate?

    How can this woman be such a good mother? She’s never home…

  • emp

    I love Jon and Kate Plus 8! Get over it people-leave them be! I also love that she wears Ann Taylor Loft ALL THE TIME! WOO HOO!

  • laurie

    she looks good and knows it, she has changed so much and not for the better she is not a nice person and has gotten so full of her self it’s sickening. you can see in Jon’s face how unhappy and angry he is. he said on the last episode he didn’t want to do the show anymore and she did guess she won surprise surprise……

  • jane

    She looks like wannabee suburban hot mom… Instead she looks like TRAILER TRASH

  • Chris

    That hair style has to go!

  • Marie

    She’s a bitch.
    Love the kids, though.
    Especially Alexis <3

  • jc

    Money can change more than looks. I wonder when they will as Oprah says “pay it forward”. She had a windowed, single dad of one on her show this week who started a foundation in his late wife’s name and because he lives in a small house with his baby girl he now GENEROUSLY donates the money and gifts people have sent him to help others. He is not making millions from a realty show and book deals. I dont begrudge them – and no Im not jealous I like my life – I just wish Jon and Kate would start using their good fortune and making a real difference by giving back.

  • sucre

    I love the show. All her screaming just makes it better ;)
    The kids are so beautiful (Ive seen other many-kids shows, and must say the two have made the cutest kids ever!)
    Im so happy they are making a new season, cant wait.

  • lola

    Do not like her, and because of that don’t watch the show.

  • sharah

    I can now longer watch this show, with the obvious product or sales placements so that free things go to Jon and Kate. I think TLC knows exactly what they have in front of the cameras and TLC milks it. In the interest of the children is not a concern of TLC or J & K. When the ratings go down, TLC will be out of there and will not look back. J & K make a ton of money for just living their life and having Kate twirl her earrings.

  • qwerty

    I’m surprised that they are actually coming back. I mean did you hear Jon at the end of the last season? He sounded like he hated the show but I think Kate is just pushing it because she loves being in the limelight. I feel bad for the kids because things like meltdowns and family things shouldn’t be broadcasted on national TV for the whole world to see, especially when the kids are so little. I really hope that they stop soon because the kids are just getting brainwashed.

  • Kandra

    She looks just like the Grinch from the Dr. Duess movie. Gross.

  • Michelle

    She’s a beautiful person and I love her show!!! Her kids are so adorable!!!