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Lindsay Lohan Creates eHarmony Profile

Lindsay Lohan Creates eHarmony Profile

Lindsay Lohan has taken a comedic approach to address all of the gossip surrounding the break-up between herself and Samantha Ronson — she created a spoof profile with online relationship service (via FunnyOrDie).

The 22-year-old described herself, saying, “Hi, My name is Lindsay and I’m searching for love. I’m recently single… I think. And I’m looking for someone who I can spend the rest of my life with, or at least someone I can spend the rest of my probation with.”

Lindsay continued, “A little bit about me, I’m an actress, a singer, an entrepreneur and I single-handedly kept 90% of all gossip websites in business.”

Clever, Lindsay, clever!!!

Lindsay Lohan Creates eHarmony Profile
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  • Mia

    this is not bad…

  • nora

    I realize that she’s trying to be funny here, but she just has that “gross” factor about her. And knowing about her latest binges, it just seems stupid and dumb. that’s just my opinion. I think instead of doing “funnyordie” videos, she should be getting the help she needs and staying out of the publics eye.

  • m.t

    wooooooow she loook hot and cute
    i love it she is sooo Funny and i love her sooo much gooo lindsay
    Nora shut the Fuck up plz

  • m.t

    i love it and she look sooooo Gooood

  • nreagan

    this is amazing! love it!

  • emma

    she is also a drug a holic.

  • Bald Outing

    it’s nice to know she has a sense of humor about all this…

  • loco

    sad sad sad sad attempt
    instead of trying to redeem whatever career you had using FunnyOrDie, why not actually do substantial work and let that speak for itself.
    All she ever does are tidbit photospreads that do little but make her seem more ridiculous than before. And now she wants to use Funny or Die…. Funny or Die isn’t even that funny, as evidenced through the Zac’s atrocious attempt.

    Whateves man, all hollywood is, is a joke anyways

  • m.t

    all of people said that lindsay is sooo alone and Sad…..
    but is NOT….
    In related news, it is also being reported that LiLo was partying her blues away by drinking vodka all night long over the weekend, but according to E! News she stayed sober by “drinking something called Neuro Bliss” which is a non-alcoholic drink that is said to provide a sense of well-being.

  • Zaina_x

    i love that hahaa, she was reading though lol

  • solo

    brilliant :)

  • m.t

    But another source close to Lohan says the starlet is actually stronger than she’s being made out to be. “She’s being painted as this victim, but she’s not,” that source says. “She’s a strong girl.”

  • m.t

    i love her Red hair

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I cannot believe somebody really likes it to read something about her?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    wow.. unlike efron’s now infamously unfunny funny *and died* video.. this is actually pretty cool.
    people are giving linds credit for making fun of herself – i only give people cred for making fun of themselves when they don’t have to. lindsay has no choice. hahaha.. it’s make fun of herself or NoThinG.

  • mmm

    Proof that her real life is a joke. Sad.

  • Pattyanne

    Lol~! That’s great! If one can still find humor in life, then all is NOT lost….good one Lindsey….i laffed quite a bit at your tongue in cheek

  • Nativenyker

    Its a brilliant spoof!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Darlan

    i likeeee!!!

    its a cool alternative” :D

    go lilo”"”


  • kata Libria

    This would’ve been funnier and a bit more convincing if they edited out the shots of her reading off of the monitor.

  • ffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    this is unfunny. she looks haggard and emaciated, and that was just awkward to watch

  • mimilala

    She just seems sad…regardless of this attempt at making fun of her situation…

  • e

    She is a bit nuts but you cant blame her, she never had a real father figure and her mother seems to care more about making big $$ than the mental state for her daughter. I like her cause i think shes really got talent as an actress, I cant say the same about girls like paris hilton who are hungry for attention but have nothing to give.

  • mickey

    She should be an honorary Kardashian. She seeks fame for fame’s sake and yet wants to be taken seriously. She is a lost cause.

  • nobody

    you are really cute when you are being a good girl .. !!

  • aubrey mackenzie


  • candace

    No joke – this commercial has made me a new fan of Lindsay’s

  • Blah girls!

    that is hilarious!

  • WentsWorthit

    It would be funny if everything she said wasn’t true. She wasted her talent and potencial and nobody else.


    She’s very pretty. I hope she sticks with the red hair its beautiful. The bleach blonde is terrible.

  • Cindy

    Seems whatever she does some sad losers will hate her for it.
    If you can’t laugh at this you probably have no life.
    I understand if you were bullied by her or something….but you don’t even no her for god’s sakes.

  • jessica

    love this LOL.

    on a sidenote, check out Rachel Zoe’s Facebook:

  • selena

    Not funny. Just for attention. Sad. Sad.

  • m.t

    goooo lindsay love u

  • really

    wow! that was great. She could not have written it herself. Very funny and she did a good job of delivering it.

  • whoa!

    what? eHarmony? okay….

  • kilinc

    this so funny
    I Love this girl.
    She is very smart,beatiful and succesful.

  • Felicity

    She looks really great, love her hair! And she’s so funny. I’d never thought that she could make such jokes about her current life. Truly very clever! Now I even like her a little bit better.

  • rodrigo

    i enjoyed that video a lot. great!!!

  • Michelle

    Love her video, even though she’s still gross.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as much as i hate this coked up bitch
    that was hilarious lol
    it’s good 2 no that she knows about her problems tho =p
    she should make a career of making fun of herself since she cant get any other jobs

  • lilly

    love it.go lindsay

  • Whowhatwhen


  • So the lesson is…

    When everyone is laughing at you, make fun of yourself and the world will love you again…..someone tell Mel Gibson and Michael Jackson to go On Funny or Die pronto!!! This Genuis. Not contrived at all.

  • candis

    That’s my girl.. right in all their(haters) faces Linds!! Especially that ugly, fat f#ck Perez Hilton..

  • bindy

    shes so fuckin awesome :)

  • keri

    haha clever
    at least it’s funnier than Z Efron’s video if u ask me

  • edikcitow

    awww i love you lindsay lohan
    ni importa khe zeaz una alkoholikaa o ke te droguez
    ni pedooo!!

    te amoo
    ya zaka tu dizkatzoo nooow??

    i me vale madres lindsay ez la mejoor!!!


  • MiHay

    She forgot to mention the STD’s and drama that follow her,in her ad.

  • mayer

    i love this girl ><