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Mariah Carey Is Eager For Easter

Mariah Carey Is Eager For Easter

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon leave together after attending an Easter celebration on Sunday (April 12) in San Diego.

While some blogs were reporting that the 39-year-old singer visited a fertility clinic and was pregnant, she shot back via Twitter: “I don’t know what was worse, the bleak angles and bright peach dress just to be festive(we had fun!) Or the b.s. commentary/blogs.”

“B.S story and some pics I couldve definitely lived w/out(Nick looked cute tho: ) Just so the fans who care know..those pics were taken outside Nick’s Aunts house after a really nice day,just “for the record” And also..that dress and hair were not “red carpet” attire!”

10+ pictures inside of Mariah Carey being eager for Easter…

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mariah carey eager easter 01
mariah carey eager easter 02
mariah carey eager easter 03
mariah carey eager easter 04
mariah carey eager easter 05
mariah carey eager easter 06
mariah carey eager easter 07
mariah carey eager easter 08
mariah carey eager easter 09
mariah carey eager easter 10
mariah carey eager easter 11
mariah carey eager easter 12
mariah carey eager easter 13
mariah carey eager easter 14

Photos: GSIMedia
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  • june

    she looks a hot mess!!!

    when will she start dressing her age

  • jani

    omg what is she wearing? i hate those glasses and everything about that loook

  • Me!

    She could be so pretty if she’d dress appropriately for her body and age!

  • shoes4life

    She must have had someone make a dress out of his aunt’s bedspread because that dress is atrocious.

    If they attended Easter services I hope she didn’t wear that mess. Mariah you are 38 it is time to grow up along with your clothing.


    she isn’t a actress @_@

  • Kylie000


  • FerrariGirl

    Why does everyone expect her to look perfect all the time? There are days I look horrible but my clothes are so comfy (jeans tee flannel) that I dont care what I look like. Give her a break maybe the fabric felt so comfy that she just wanted to wear it. I want to see her new puppy.

  • slambang

    Good Lord. She looks like a stuffed sausage. Learn to dress, Mooriah!

  • LolaSvelt

    Trashy. She may have had a few roles (one being the shítty Glitter and the others where she plays a waitress and the other which was critically praised at this year’s Sundance film festival, respectively. Both are out this year), but her main profession is a SINGER.

  • Abby

    Yuck!!! she always looks like trailer trash.

  • Jess

    I can’t believe that she’s almost 40, and still dressing like she’s in her 20s.

    How can she possibly think that she looks good in that getup?!

  • http://justjared tina

    Her face is big and she is tall and fat.

  • mirta

    Soooooo trashy.

    ew. :(

  • LOST fan

    Hot stuff! It’s great to see a female celebrity with curves. SO tired of the skeletons jutting their bones out, thinking they look sexy. Someone could get hurt, you know.

  • Nativenyker

    It doesnt matter what she puts on, she always looks bad. Girl just cant get it together long enough to do it right.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • bintk

    She’s too much!

  • Frida

    She needs to start buying clothes her size….

  • what

    Puta! Her figure is horrendous! Lay off the burritos, Mariah!

  • charles

    trying too hard!!!
    not a very classy woman.

  • sara

    She is not fat, but she needs to start dressing age appropriate. This does not mean old because there are a lot of women in their late 30s that dress really well for their age. Sometimes shorter and tighter things make you look cheap and she seems like a classy lady.

  • classless mimi

    she’s gross, put the boobs away! you look like a cheap hooker..

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    mariah’s fcuking delusional – bish lives in a barbie dream world. hahaha.. she’s almost as crazy as britney.

  • brenda


  • jackson

    Uh, she’s not fat? She looks heavy in her face and gut…and in my world, that’s fat. She is soo gross. She must shop at forever 21 and wet seal everyday….with all the teeny boppers

  • joss

    she needs to start dressing her age…she’s no longer a teen or a twenty year old…

  • bejeebus

    pig in a blanket

  • Bald Outing

    she’s finally dressing closer to her age and everyone is going to diss her. she will never win!

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • Fergie Fan !


  • Zack

    To find out what the name of Mariah’s pumps click on the link.

  • jaye

    Good Grief! The hideous dress AND hair. She needs to get rid of the hooker shoes too. Girl needs to start dressing like a woman of her age. Stylish; less tart-like.

  • Miss Karma

    It seems Mariah can never live past the 90s where she enjoyed much of her success as an artist. She is desperately clinging to the era from that peak of her career and unfortunately dragging the fashion with her to the present., although i don’t deny that she was fashion forward back then.

    Nick looks like a changed man eversince he married Mimi, most of the time he looks like a dog with its tail in between it legs. His mariage to a popstar legend has overshadowed his own relevant status in showbiz and now he has to smile and make nice as if he’s merely Mariah’s umbrella holder/ door opener. I hope he is happy…


    She dresses like she is 19 years old. Grow up!


    Why does Nick have the same stupid look all the time?? With his mouth wide open??? Is that suppose to be his funny look? Well.. i think he looks retarded! Even someone who is has mental prob. wont open their mouth that wide. looks like a fish!

  • maria

    One not-so-hot dress and everyone bitches and moans. She’s 39 and looks incredible, stop hating! Another thing- who spends Easter Sunday taking pics of celebrities just trying to have a nice day with their families? Get a degree and then maybe a real job.

  • Sarah

    She is obviously pregnant.

  • lakers fan in boston

    it kinda looks like she gained weight, her face looks puffy as shit and her arms look bigger than usual
    it could be the dress, but since im not a fan of hers ill just go with my 1st theory =]
    absolutely hideous mimoo!
    how nick even finds her attractive idk

  • NYB

    She can wear what she wants when she wants.
    She has more money than most people in the world will EVER have.
    She can afford to look bad.

  • Carrie

    Tommy Mattola must be so relieved to be rid of her…you can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. There has never been anything “classy” about her unlike his young Mexican wife, Thalia. But, to each his own…

  • No mariah fan

    So her husband not only let her leave the house looking like that, but also wore a matching tie??? Yeah that marriage is going to last.

  • http://PaulDCandelaria.Com PhantomDog

    She’s fuller, not really fat but even so it’s a horrible outfit. Still an irritating “diva” who thinks the world should give thanks for her dump.

  • Niki

    What’s up with all the hate? Why can’t people just leave her alone. She can wear whatever she wants and she looks better than most. She lives her life and is happy.

    And so what if she’s pregnant? That would be just great for them. Congratulate the girl and her husband and let them live their lives and be happy.

  • spurs


    whoriah is so ugly

  • Anthony

    LOL. She is a ridiculous clown, isn’t she?

  • suzanne

    Bloated, fat, enlarged, inflated, puffy, bursting, distended, tumescent, bulging ………… she ALWAYS looks so awful. Perhaps if she didn’t stick out her (small) tits so much it wouldn’t look so bad … she must be a (bra) back size 40+….!

  • p


  • eisha

    yall just hatin on dat lady find ya self a new hobby

  • sucre

    I dont care if shes 80lbs or 190, but putting on normal clothes would be nice.
    Jeee, I could dress you waay better with second hand stuff…

  • sc

    She look’s like a big, fat cow… OMG!!!

  • iloveMC

    Really now people,, SCREW OFF! Mariah didnt choose the best dress, in fact its hideouss, and she admitted it wasnt red carpet material..but tight dresses are sexy on her, she can definatley pull it off, ESPECCIALLY AT HER AGE!! If you didnt know her age you’d think she’s one of the hottest person alive!iIVE HER A BREAK! She’s a regular person and everyone has their messy unapprpriate days. BTW her sunglassses are AMAZING:)