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Orlando Bloom is Police Officer Protective

Orlando Bloom is Police Officer Protective

Police officer Orlando Bloom holsters his gun and puts on his badge on the set of his new movie, Main Street, on Tuesday morning (April 14) in Durham, North Carolina.

76-year-old costar Ellen Burstyn was also spotted on set.

Former teen heartthrob Andrew McCarthy (St. Elmo’s Fire, Lipstick Jungle) also stars in Main Street as a Lothario business manager.

10+ pictures inside of police officer Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom police officer 01
orlando bloom police officer 02
orlando bloom police officer 03
orlando bloom police officer 04
orlando bloom police officer 05
orlando bloom police officer 06
orlando bloom police officer 07
orlando bloom police officer 08
orlando bloom police officer 09
orlando bloom police officer 10
orlando bloom police officer 11
orlando bloom police officer 12

Credit: Jae Donnelly; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Nativenyker

    DAMN! He is fine in a uniform!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Sighs4l

    Thank you GOD!! Finally!!! Looking good ob!

  • ryo

    Orlando Bloom. I love you with short hair.


  • t.

    Yes, the short hair is much better. He’s looking good.

  • Amy Grindhouse

    Love the hair, he could do with loosing the moustache though.

  • http://hey hey

    i live there and i havent seen him around and no one i know has seen him around. Maybe soon tho.

  • LolaSvelt

    He needs to give up acting. Planks of wood posess more life than him.

  • job

    Good to see OB (alone) again!!!

  • jujubee


    Absolutely. He always looks so much happier and at ease without she-who-will-not-be-named.

  • Frida


  • oh yeah

    Best looking cop on the beat!
    But is it some kind of rule that law enforcement officers have a hairy upper lip? Or is he just fighting ‘the pretty’.
    I don’t care. He looks awesome!!

  • wow

    Broad shoulders
    Slim hips
    A bit of swagger
    And just look how that shirt fiits his chest.
    *is ded*

  • Cooh

    this man is so lucky
    he played an elf,pirrate,prince,worrior,normal guy,boxer and now he gets to play a policeman
    hoot orly

  • dede


  • @13

    You forgot Rock Star!
    It’s amazing how a haircut can make him look like a completely different person.
    He looks fantastic!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    sad, he’ll never be as big as he was during the lord of the rings.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Love him he looks great I am happy to see him working and looking younger every time we see him I don’t know how he does it.
    To the sane Orlando fans please ignore the loons all they want is attention because they are getting bored being on a board where there is no one to disagree let’s enjoy the beautiful pictures of sexy Orlando .

  • nICOLE B

    looks interesting, can’t wait to see it.

  • Fine Looking!

    Damn but the man looks good in a uniform. (I prefer no ‘stache either but maybe it’s required for the part.)

  • princess

    Ben Mckenzie looks much better in uniform than Orlando Bloom. Robert Pattinson is ten times better looking than Bloom, who doesn’t have to fight the pretty, because he is ugly!

  • jim

    he is ugly

  • @20

    well, maybe when you grow up you will have better taste.
    McKenzie is cute, but not even close to Orlando’s level of hotness. And Pattinson looks older than Orlando, even though he is almost ten years younger. Plus he has bad teeth.
    I guess that you are entitled to your opinion, but if you don’t like Orlando, why are you here?
    I guess that I will go on any of Robert’s therads to say how ugly I think he is, hmmm?

  • Orlandolover

    He looks great with short hair!

    Please keep it short! :)

  • tammy

    Orlando has nothing on Leonardo Dicaprio.

  • @24

    Leo is not aging well at all
    he is getting jowls

  • wow is right!

    He looks HOTT!!
    That uniform fits him perfectly.
    Gorgeous cop!

  • derty tee shert


    Both lots of fans are as crazy as each other bwhahaha so fuqing funny- the shippers scare me because they live in a harlequin/disney romance (ie one that doesnt exist) but on the other hand the haters can’t stop making excuses for why Orlando “surely he cant be mixing STD’s with her” Bloom is continuing seeing his booty call every 6 weeks-

    Thanks for the fun you bunch of fuquing barstard jaq offs. You really are both as fuquing mad as each other- and Orlando is prob laughing as he fuqs at both sides of you lot.

  • http://justjared what the hell

    The Delphi loons are here they can’t help it can they? Damn they have no life.They are mentioning other actors to insult Orlando now PATHETIC .

    Don’t be fooled those are not Leo’s or Robert’s fans those are the Delphi idiots as I said tying to put down Orlando using other actors.
    And to think they say the are Orlando’s fans.
    I don’t get it are they really that pathetic they can’t be happy about him working on a new movie and having other projects in the can just because they don’t like his girlfriend ?What kind of fans are those people ?

  • @27

    And you’re just mad because he HAS a booty call, and you don’t.
    I guess that’s why you are so frustrated and bitter.
    Poor, lonesome loon.

  • @28

    The delphi loons are also the ones I am calling you thick piece of mental shit- I hate you- shippers and I hate the haters- delphi- are you blind?

    You all make me laugh! Thats why I come here thicko’s.

    Oh and I DO have a booty call, in fact I have 2- thats what men are for. Only good for one thing baby!

  • @31

    I have to agree, I think both sides are mad too- I think they are the only fans he has left now- the batshit crazy shippers and haters, its really sad, but well it happens-

    Delphi is a funnymad place, but then again so is OLOVE, and bestorlando- one side is looking for all the fakeness and the otherside is looking for a “love story” that isnt there.

    It is funny and that is also why I come here and those places.


    I am crazy please help me.

    Love blue person

  • DMK

    They will be married, she will wear red and he will wear a tuxedo, I will cry when I see their beauty that shines too bright- i will be their guest/gusset of honor- I will be their childs godparents- I will be living with them and sleeping with them in the same bed as they use me for whtever will they shall, I will catch herpes and will probably get oral cancer from the HPV virus that I shall catch from them both, I will have no ill feelings and will continue to be their slave.

    I know they will bury me in a box in a beautiful shrine and cry at my passing, she will sob and wish for mE to be their to lick her parts like only I can and he shall miss my sucking like a dyson.


  • @31,32

    The shippers are stupid, the haters are stupid and shippers and haters are the only fans OB has. Got it.
    But you know all about his main boards, everything people say and even give an opinion about “fakeness” and a “love story that isn’t there”…so who are you calling what?

  • s.d.

    Josh Hartnet is much better looking than Orlando, on his worst day!

  • sidi

    Good to see orlando looking relaxed and alone…

  • Still cute

    I used to think Josh was cute – but he can look mighty rough, like a bonafide bum at times. When he decides to, he still cleans up very nicely however. Same with Orlando. IMO Orlando looks really dashing in the cop costume. (Course I admit I’ve always had a thing for men in uniform!)

  • Alee

    He looks HOT <3
    the short hair & moustache reminds me of Brandon Flowers *-*

  • YES!

    He looks fantastic in that uniform!
    Just look at those broad shoulders!
    Now I can’t wait for this movie!

  • Key

    Handsome Orlando Bloom, policeman.

  • Wendal the gr8

    So this is how it goes…

    Delphi “Loons”- full of conspiracy theories- they sound silly- in the latest pics he seemed “fine” with Kerr, not overly wonderful but fine nonetheless, yet all they see is miserable- yet he is not miserable.

    Shipper “loons”- full of OTT lovely dovey shyte- none of it applicable seeing as though they seem to be just a couple who are not serious- just having a good time ie- sex, sex and more sex- still Orlando knows what kind of girl she is- she is a good time girl.

    I dont know how anyone can come to anything more than what is there- they are together, yes having huge gaps between seeing each other- even thothey could be together- but when its a “bit of fun” relationship that they pimp out for PR- wheres the harm?

    Crazed the lot of ya.

  • mysticlady

    He is NOT with her!!! you are all so blind!! He is with Viggo or another man!! I know Miranda looks like a boy, but come on! Stupid pieces of floating sh1t that wont flush!

  • alegria

    Forgodsake! They were real in the beginning, not now..blah..blah.. ted knows it isnt real so that means everyone knows its not real.. blahh.blah.. Orlando uses a false coq so he doesnt get her pregnant..blah..blahh.. twitter sightings of them both are faked when they are doing their photo set ups with the paps.. blah blah.. pics seem faked.. blah in pap show on same day why- why WHY????? blah blah, miranda holds a fleshlight so he doesnt get her pregnant- blah blah.

  • @42

    How can you be sure that there have been huge gaps on time, when they could have seen each other? Because there weren’t pictures? We didn’t get pics of him at LAX, Durham or either NY airport, but I bet he took a plane to get to get across the country. Does no pics mean that he walked? No.
    In an interview for the bra launch, Miranda said that she had just returned to NY the night before. Where was she? On location, or in Durham? You can’t say, can you?
    Back on topic…..
    He looks really good in that uniform. He even walks like a cop. A very handsome cop.

  • bob’s your uncle

    Erm, just want to say he looks fine in that uniform. That is all. *closes door and runs away*

  • Marieme

    How freakin’ cute is he?! :D

  • mayfrayn


  • @44

    no wonder you are so lonely on your site
    you’ve gone batsh!t
    or should I say ‘batsh!t-ier’

  • @43

    Orlando had told on australian national tv that miranda has his heart…

    Maybe that will shut down all those haters conspiracies and doubts, but surely miranda isn’t that bigtime of a model like those in the top 5 of or even forbes list.

  • @45

    And your point is? Mine is the fact that no SERIOUS LOVING couple would pimp out their relationship the way they do- – therefore they are having fun and getting mutual PR out of it- so what?, I couldnt give a damn if he has seen her recently or not, that isnt my point,nor does it prove they are in wuv-you definately cant say that can you? but nevermind.