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Paris Hilton Launches Official Twitter

Paris Hilton Launches Official Twitter

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt enjoy an evening out together in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Monday (April 13).

The 28-year-old hotel heiress just blogged about her official Twitter. She wrote, “Hey Everyone! Greetings from Europe, just checking in. On a romantic trip with my boyfriend, its [sic] so beautiful her [sic]. We fly to London tomorrow, so excited, I ca’t [sic] wait! I’ve been asked a lot recently abut Twitter and supposably [sic] there are A LOT of fakes. So just to let everyone no [sic], My real name on Twitter is BabyGirlParis. Have a great day. xoxo Paris.”

Minutes ago, Paris tweeted, “I am in Amsterdam with my man… having a blast!” 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Helene Wiesenhaan/WireImage; Photos: Gerben Pul/WENN, VAH/Fame Pictures
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  • chels

    so many sics… suposably?

  • bonzo

    she’s so embarrassing

  • badgirl101

    I wouldn’t call anyone that dates Paris Hilton a Man that’s stretching it.
    She is a useless piece of skin

  • Nativenyker

    Oh lord. Parasite Hilton in Amsterdam. There goes my faith in the Dutch.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • mary

    Does she get that no one likes her? uh, obviously not. Doesn’t she have a romantic trip with every boyfriend? Every guy she’s dated she’s claimed she’s going to marry. She’s Sooooo retarded.

  • Silver

    what does [sic] mean?

  • simphiwe

    Doug Doug Doug
    u can do so much better!
    if u think Paris is gonna do anything for your career
    u r too late dude

    no one cares about her anymore

  • Deezol

    now i can follow paris and nikki reed after seeing her chain letter trailer.

  • Parkan

    Illiteracy, people! Sad.

  • weF

    [sic] means that the previous word was spelled wrong. Since he is quoting Paris he has to leave in all of her mistakes but putting the sic there basically means he knows she’s a dumb a** who can’t spell and he’s pointing that out so he doesn’t seem illiterate like her.

    Ugh, that woman is stupid. I can understand saying “no” in stead of “know” and all of the mistakes like that (although i hate when people do that). But im pretty sure she doesn’t know how to spell supposably

  • Always.

    this guy is a player. NO DOUBT!

    Lauren conrad?
    Amanda bynes?
    Paris hilton?
    who next? his mum?

    Doug needs to get a life.
    & why is he dating this saddo?
    paris hilton the shame you must feel!
    but i like her mum & sister & her brothers
    just her who ticks london off.


  • jj

    HOW SAD.

  • PAUL


    ***FYI*** she is NOT a hotel heiress! She was striped of that when her grandfather died and left her nothing cuz he was ashamed of her.


  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    Paris should wake up from her fairytale and not judge the strength of her her relationship on the extravagant trips abroad, wait! When people go on vacation one sees the their true colors, so Doug or Paris will come round that they can’t stand each other or Paris would be bored already with the same piece of meat. By the time she comes back to America she’ll be on Twitter posting about the break-up and how they parted amicably in view of utmost respect for each other and remain the best of friends etc. and other usual Hollywood phrases concocted by her rep.


    That dude looks like he thinks he’s hard, he needs to get his ass kicked to give him a reality check.

  • Silver

    thankx weF
    in britain when they say sic they normally means cool, or wicked or something.
    so i wasnt really sure , wheather Paris was saying that the trip was really cool.
    wow she cannot spell

  • lene

    Oh, i can’t stand her. She should have let Benji get away. ;)
    Oh well.. atleast now he’s avalible for another lucky girl in the world :)
    He’s to good for Paris anyways….

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont even no what 2 say anymore about this chick
    she’s just beyond anything rude i can say
    i think ima stop, it’s useless complaining about this useless waste of a human
    and that guy is one of the biggest famewhores, i mean if she was attractive i would so ok u like her, but she’s not

  • Killroy

    At best she looks and acts brain damaged.. now with the unflattering hair bands more resembling fancy bandages she looks like her lobodomy failed too.

  • bbw lover

    I bet stephen colbert will say paris is a twit or that she twatted her way to stardom, zing!

  • Marieme

    Why the hell does he dress like that? How embarrassing. He’s a total no-class douche. Great choice, Paris.

  • mju8

    Of course this is the REAL paris hilton twitter. no one would pretend to be that dumb!

  • Useful_idiot

    Her twitter thing is protected! damn, I wanted to laugh at her retartedness.

  • stella

    Not only is the girl embarrassing and a horrible speller…but she is a 28 year old with the Twitter name “BabyGirlParis” AHAHAHAHA!!! Also, has anyone else noticed that EVERY guy she has dated, after about 3 weeks she says “He is my best friend, we are so in love, I want to get married and have kids soon”




  • Laura

    She can’t even spell? She-can’t-even-spell. How sad is that? I mean, how much education has she had, really? Did she have any? Ever? I usually don’t like to talk about people on these things, but come on! This warrants some talking about. I can’t believe that people actually look up to her. Hmm. Yes. Look up to a woman who is dating a guy from a reality show and at that, is probably only with her because she gets photographed. Oh yeah, girl, he’s your man. Mm-hmm. Great. Let’s see where this “relationship” will be in say… one month? Maybe, a month and a day?

  • Aurora

    First, Paris was in Amsterdam to honor the 40 year that hairdresser Rob Peetoom is working. And he is family! There was a party and he invited her to start the opening!
    I think paris is doing nothing wrong. Track your sources. Give her a break. I think it was nice to have her here.

  • sandbitch

    If Hilton wasn’t born into money, she’d be on the Rock of Love Bus (as a cleaner).

  • Charlie

    oh really?? “supposably?”….so irritating.

  • marmalade

    Absolutely, Positively.. No Ass..

  • Niek

    I’m from the netherlands! :D
    I live in Amsterdam hahaha

  • MMA

    Like this relationship is going to last. hahaha.

  • Arnie

    Apparently she has even posted on twitter pictures of her as a little girl where she has blue eyes ( she has natural brown eyes). She tries to make a movie of her life

  • Mary Olive Doyle

    Be nice
    It isn’t any fun living under a microscope.

  • Mary Olive Doyle

    You people need to get a life
    Leave the poor girl alone microscopic living sucks. You r all jealous

  • Mary Olive Doyle

    You people need to get a life
    Leave the poor girl alone microscopic living sucks. You r all jealous

  • http://ei cristina

    paris I’m from Spain and for my you are a niña rika konsentida, puta mal kriada y perra konsentida :D

    fook your simple life and you ritch life!!!


    muaaaaaaaaks ;)

  • http://ei cristina

    aparte siempre vistes maL, muy maL!

  • Flopsie

    I dont understand why people come on here to slag Paris… okay she cant spell … so what… does that make her a bad! She has got the looks, the fun, the money and a bagful of charm… dont think she is bothered whether you like her or not.

    Flopsie wascaly wabbit

  • Flopsie

    @Laura: So why is your guy going out with you then…. because you can spell!!! I wouldn’t have thought it would be easy for anyone of her international status to have a normal, easy relationship, personally I think he is nice looking, ddn’t see the show so cannot comment on his personality or charm, but she can have just about anyone she wants, so he must have something.


  • XtremeBoy

    U r My Life….





  • crystal

    in all fairness if you dont like paris hilton why spend your time commenting on her.that makes you all pathetic not her.


    nereden başlamamı istersin paris hilton…bence en iyi başlangıç konuya en iyi şekilde idrak ettiğiniz yerden başlamak..dün SEUL de yapılan G-20 zirvesinde biraraya gelen BAŞKAN OBAMA -tayyip görüşmelerinde bana sus işareti yapmış..objekiflere yansıyan bu..bunun anlamı şö hiltonu yani seni bir daha bu ülkeye benim yanıma gönderiyoruz sen hiç konuşma tekrar bu oyunu orada DİZAYN edeceklermi bakacağız diye işaret etmiş..sonra diğer bir objektifte ise İTALYA başbakanı BERLUCONİ–RUSYA lideri MEDVEDET yanında çay içerlerken tayyip le DALGA gemişler ..bu yukarıdaki anlattıklarımı DOĞRULAR..bunlar BELGEDİR güzelim..ben belgelerle KONUŞURUM..
    gelelim ikinci meseleye..BEN SANA BENİ BUARAYA ADRESSİMDEN alacaksan GEL DEMEDİM Mİ..bu işaretleri ben anlasam dahi sen bunları çok çabuk idrak edip böyle bir şeyi çabuklaştırman gerekiyordu…bu ne demektir seninle BERABERLİĞİMİZ biraz geç olacak anlamındadır..OYSA BEN HEMEN SENİ İSTİYORUM..zaten buarada hem hükümete hemde vatandaşlara zor katlanıyorum..çünkü BU ÜLKE ÇOK DALAVERECİ..SÜREKLİ kewndisine ilgi ve alaka istiyor hem bu söz konus kızlar hemde siyasetçiler..yani DALKAVUK bir ülke..ondan bundan geçinen bir ülke..sana geçen mesaj atarkende bu mesajları türkçe bilen arkadaşlarından 3-5 tanesine okut dedim..hepsi farklı söyleyeceklerdir dedim..bu iş İNSAN GURUBLARIYLA da ilgili..BENİM EVLENMEMİ SÜREKLİ ENGELLEYİP böyle bir şeyi KIZLAR gibi istememektedirler..çok ZOR ŞARTLARDAN GELİYORUM BEN..ben çok ZEKİ aynı zamanda ÇOKTA GÜÇLÜYÜM..bunu sende BİLİYORSUN..sadece istediğim mutlu BİR aile HAYATI..buda seninle MÜMKÜN OLABİLİR..kararı kendin vereceksin..sağın -solun ağzına bakarsan tabiki bu işler geç olur..kendin güzel karar vermelisin ŞU AN ZATEN İZMİRDESİNDİR muhakkak..söylediklerimi unutma..yine bunu TERCÜME ETTİRİRKEN aynısı yapman gerek..GERÇEKLERİ böyle anlarsın..ŞU SÖZ KONUSU KIZLARADAN DA BIKTIM..benimle de işleri yok..onların birbirleriyle ilişkileri var artık..benim kendi AİLEMDE zor durumda biliyorsun..DEVLET BU SEFER onlara yöneldi…halbuki ASIL SUÇLU OLANLARI biliyor bu işlerde ama kılını kıpırdartmıyor..yani kızlara dokunamıyor..bunu sayın OBAMAya da anlat..her yeri ayarlamışlar..polisleri hakim savcıları insanları yani anlayacağın kafalarında AİLEMİ harcamak var..bunlara OBAMA engel olsun..ÇOK ÖENMLİ bir konu bunlar..bizim cumhurbaşkanına iki defa mesaj attım ama ağırlığını koyamıyor..o da alet oluyor..SEN İRTİBATI GENE HALAMLARLA KURABİLİRSİN..almanya -hamburg ..münevver çilleli..onlar sana doğruları anlatır..I LOVE YOU HİLTON..
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    karacasu– AYDIN TÜRKİYE
    cabi karacasu AYDIN-TÜRKİYE