Vanessa Hudgens is Self Magazine Sexy

Vanessa Hudgens is Self Magazine Sexy

Bikini-clad Vanessa Hudgens ain’t in High School anymore–she’s graduated to an Oscar appearance, a new movie role (Bandslam) and she’s got 25 things to share that you don’t know about her.

Here’s just five of the 25 things in the May 2009 issue of Self Magazine.

On one of her fave celebs: “I’m in love with Angelina Jolie. Everything she does, I adore.”

On her favorite animal: “I love snakes. I think they’re sexy. Not in the wild, of course, but pet snakes.”

On where she wants to take her acting career: “I’d like to do an action film where I could kick someone’s ass. I want to be strong and empowered. I want to shock everybody.”

On the craziest she’s ever eaten: “A fruit bat — specialty in the Seychelles islands. They cooked it in red wine. It was really, really dark, grainy meat. It was quite frightening.”

On what her dad passed down to her: “I have really strong legs. I inherited them from my dad, who has tree stumps for legs, basically. I’ve got big calves that look good. When I wear heels, it looks like I’ve worked out my legs a lot, which is why I love them. I also have a big, big big toe. I call it my goat toe. I can climb anything.”

Vanessa‘s on-and-off-screen boyfriend, Zac Efron, is on the May 2009 cover of GQ.

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  • carrey

    An overrated actress hoping her career will continue when it wont.

  • tatum

    Shes overrated. Her career is done!

  • carrey

    Shes overrated. Her career is done! She cant act.

  • bara

    Strong legs?? That’s what she thinks of when she talks about her dad… charming and thought provoking.
    She may have graduated away from Disney but she still sounds like a stupid little girl with her answers.

  • Malia

    She’s beautiful.

    A really NICE cover. She does have great legs.

  • jo

    Vanessa you’re beautiful!! hot

  • Malia

    Hope we hear more news on “Sucker Punch” and “Dead @ 17″ soon. And her “fight training.” :)

  • ryan

    vanessa is the prettiest and sweetest girl in the whole world.

    i love vanessa.~~~

  • Vanessa Hudgens fan

    Vanessa looks so beautiful.

  • bailey

    Those are some of the weirdest 5 facts about someone ever!

  • Lauren

    Love herrrr! Shes amazing!

  • LolaSvelt

    She’s not the most articulate person. At least Zac Efron wants to be a serious actor. Bandslam? What is that crap and why did Lisa Kudrow sign on to it? Sneakernight? Who the hell makes a song about shoes?!

    She’ll be stuck in the same crowd doing the same crap until her 15 minutes are up. An Oscar appearance? Wow…She only got it because of Zac Efron. He’s the bankable one, not her.

    Oh and she’s photoshopped to the max, just like everyone else who has graced the cover of Self Magazine.

  • ashlee

    i think they were gong for fun/silly facts. that’s why the magazine came up with those questions.

  • Sam

    She looks really pretty and sounds like she’s a lot of fun.

  • bailey

    I so agree the only reason shes still around is bc of zac where would she be without him on her arm? doing disney flicks until those 15 mins are up.

  • ele

    She’s amazing!
    Hot Baby V!
    I love her… Come on! You are great Nessaa!

  • Júlia e lara

    “I’m in love with Angelina Jolie. Everything she does, I adore.”
    now i really hate you :D

  • bob

    Yeah, typical dumb sounding Vanessa Hudgens answers. She may be pretty but I bet her head rattles when she shakes it.

    So because of her jealousy he had to invite her to come to NY to shut her up??? Yuppers that sounds mature. Wonder how she feels about his answer to the marriage question, knowing he may never want to get married.

  • athena

    In spite that fact that I’m opposed to her being on the cover…she looks great and I’m sure this will be a benefit to the publication as well as an inspiration to the younger audiences…She looks beautiful as always…

  • chels

    she is gorgeous and has a lot of potential… GORGEOUS


  • roni

    She is so strange and over rated. What kind of stupid answers are those? I guess without a script in front of her and a smart boyfriend to cover for her, she’s basically an idiot.

  • athena

    Oh, and how quaint it is that she would appear on a May cover of a magazine as Zac is appearing on the May issue of GQ…c’mon publications….at least if you’re going to do that…give me a job!!! LOL….

  • mimi

    She ate a fruit bat……thanks for sharing that jarring answer. Does anyone else think she is just plain dopey?

  • pam

    Such moronic answers. Please make her go away..

  • athena

    #18 Bob, c’mon, she’s 20, how much profound stuff can a 20 year old from California that’s grown up doing Disney movies have to say? Not that she’s dumb, but I can’t imagine she has many profound political views…she’ll develop….it will be interesting to see her do action films…I think she’s found her niche…I would love to see her go in that direction…she will most likely pull it off..


    i love vanessa beautiful.

  • Trina

    I see Vanessa’s extraordinary beauty is bringing out all the jealous girls who want “someone else” to date Zac.

    Get over it and go back to your delusional fantasy world and your delusional fan site. We fans know who the few of you are and that you are posting over and over with different names.

    You can’t fool us Vanessa fans. Nope. We’ve been around way too long.

  • athena

    #7 Hey Malia, she’s going to be in Dead 17? I thought Megan Fox was doing that film…well, doesn’t mean that Vanessa can’t be in it…wow, that would be cool to see those two in a movie together…only because they’re both new to the filming circuit with major films behind them.

  • selma

    i luv her so much
    she so beautiful
    i think her carreer would be good with sucker punch and dead @ 17
    hope bandslam would be her last teenie project
    good luck vanessa
    you rock

  • kami

    vanessa is a very sweet, fun loving girl. and very pretty. wish i looked that hot in a bikini.

  • Zack E

    I got a good price on High School Musical movies

  • awurbii

    people if you don’t like her, skip the post. i’m starting to think people can’t read.

    on the subject of her career. none of us know how she is going to go in the future. because we can’t tell the future. what?? are all of you people psychic?? its ridiculous when you try and label and degrade somebody else’s life. focus on your own and deal with your problems and stop being pathetic.

    because she’s not swearing she’s not mature. that’s ridiculous. she’s not a child. she sound’s fine. most of you can’t get over high school musical so you’re running your mouths about how childish she is.

    every magazine cover is photoshopped but i don’t think hers is to a large extent. the haven’t tried to make breasts look bigger or her legs smaller. she looks the way she normally does. its great that she’s not overdone.

    #17 HOW THE HELL IS SHE FAT. ARE YOU BLIND??? it’s people like you that are the reason people think their fat when their slim. she has a healthy body. get your eyes checked.

    you people criticise her on everything she does. the no point in listening to you. you don’t give credit it where credits due. everything she does is wrong in your eyes. there’s no point in her wasting her time trying to please you put to much pressure on them and want them to be the way you want them to be or its wrong. i hope she doesn’t waste her time trying to please you guys and finds herself. (exactly what zac’s doing know and has always done if you haven’t noticed)

    vanessa looks great. awesome cover. bandslam will be an ok fun film. i think she will need to really focus on the way she displays herself and her movie choices but she’ll be fine.

  • bailey

    wow trina you sound like an obseesed freak! why would ppl take the time to sign in under diff names.look at all the bad comments its appears that most of us agree she is only famous cuz of zac. And that does not mean i wanna date him just that I see no talent in her whatsoever.

  • jo

    i think she’s really pretty, not fat, not skinny but just right


    I have a new-found respect for this girl. She has her head on straight, knows what she wants and seems prepared to work hard for it. Good luck to you Vannessa, as you enter adulthood. All the best………the sky’s the limit for you.

  • whoa!

    she looks really young on the cover like 12! but, she’s still cute!

  • ayen

    Thanks JJ!! Can’t wait to grab my own copy. Glad to know that they actually put down 25 NEW things about her. I was getting tired of interviewers always asking about her being home schooled when she’s been asked that question gazillion times. Thank you SELF for being original and actually doing your homework!!!!

  • Tata

    She looks great!!! the answers are maybe a little bit weird, but so are the questions, and she does not lie or try to figure out smth to please readers, she just tells the truth, not smth polished and glamour! it’s too early to talk about her acting skills, cause she didnt have a real chance to show it yet… you know, HSM is great, but the only thing Vanessa had to do was just be cute and sing well, which she did great! but her future roles will show us the reality, and now it’s tooo way early to critisize her for being a bad actress or smth like that! and be honest, guys, by telling this you do judge her personality and social status, not acting skills! Vanessa, I hope everything will be ok, just stay positive!

  • casey

    Wow, some people act like they know her the way they’re talking about her… seriously, what has she done besides high school musical? I think they are cute together, but I agree, she’d be nothing without zac

  • Horst Bulau, former skijumper

    The Disney Corporate team create these shallow moronic chaicatures of women for you to consume. This chick is so stupid she has trouble tieing her shoes in the morning. Is this what you want your daughters to emulate?

  • mary

    she look very Pretty :)

  • bailey

    Totally agree Horst Bulau she is an idiot

  • casey

    Cant wait we never have to see her in a movie again!

  • casey

    I completely agree with you bailey! touche’

  • cocov

    um isn’t the girl who took nude photos of herself and they leaked on the net? no respect for this girl.

  • cocov

    um isn’t she the girl who took “nood” photos of herself and leaked them all over the net? no respect for this wanna-be-actress

  • vancrazed

    Loved it…I don’t get why she can’t talk about snakes and you tube videos with out getting ridiculed, but her boyfriend can talk about condoms and sex shops. They are both a fun couple. Both of them need to show a light hearted side of themselves every once in a while. I’m pretty sure Zac wouldn’t choose to date a dope, seeing that he is a pretty intelligent guy. Van will show that side of her when the time is right…this wasn’t intended for that purpose.
    And for those of you who say she is photoshopped to the max…the girl has not addition to her boobs, is sitting down, showing a natural line of her curves. The thing i love most about vanessa is that she accents her body and takes care of herself, yet sends a message to young girls that they don’t have to be stickly thin.
    I love you Van. Right now, you are being true to who you have always said you are. keep it up. Your fans, love who you really are. And we love getting to know the fun loving side of you.

  • togo

    What in the hell are people expecting from her? You want a dissertation on the history of film or how to fix the economy?

    The article is 25 things you didn’t know about her in a fitness magazine. People are really expecting deep political thoughts and emotional answers about her family to appear in what is supposed to be a fun fluff piece?

    Eh, just reaffirms my belief that no matter what she does this woman can’t do anything right. She’s damned either way. It’s pretty cool that she’s decided to ignore the screams from the haters and just go with being herself rather than trying to please some of the sexist masses. I guarantee if Zac or Corbin or some other 20-something hunk had given answers like the haters bashing her for being a moron would be expounding about how cute and adorable the answers are and what an interesting life the person has had traveling the world or some ridiculousness like that.

  • peggy

    Horst Bulua:

    You jealous twit-you’re what I don’t want my daughter emulating-a jealous, mean spirited excuse for a human being.

    She’s beautiful, rich and in demand. And you are?

  • awurbii