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Zac Efron is a Late Show Lad

Zac Efron is a Late Show Lad

Zac Efron continues to mature and push forward his career as he stops by the Late Show With David Letterman on Monday (April 13).

The 21-year-old rising star has been doing the media rounds, also stopping by The View.

Zac has been promoting his new movie, 17 Again, which opens this Friday.

Russell Crowe also stopped by The Late Show in his bright red hoodie!

In case you missed it, check out Zac‘s shirtless GQ cover!

30+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Russell Crowe, the late show lads…

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zac efron late show lad 01
zac efron late show lad 02
zac efron late show lad 03
zac efron late show lad 04
zac efron late show lad 05
zac efron late show lad 06
zac efron late show lad 07
zac efron late show lad 08
zac efron late show lad 09
zac efron late show lad 10
zac efron late show lad 11
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zac efron late show lad 13
zac efron late show lad 14
zac efron late show lad 15
zac efron late show lad 16
zac efron late show lad 17
zac efron late show lad 18
zac efron late show lad 19
zac efron late show lad 20
zac efron late show lad 21
zac efron late show lad 22
zac efron late show lad 23
zac efron late show lad 24
zac efron late show lad 25
zac efron late show lad 26
zac efron late show lad 27
zac efron late show lad 28
zac efron late show lad 29
zac efron late show lad 30

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  • cate

    Good on you mate, your hot!

  • lai

    i wish him all the best!!!!!

  • Tina

    Look at his skinny little legs. This guy’s so unattractive.

  • ak

    He did a great job with the David Letterman interview. He came across as articulate, sweet and funny. Don’t let one particular article or detractors take away from the good head-on-his-shoulders and grounded attitude that he has displayed in countless other interviews like the one with Letterman.

    He’s had a lot of pressure placed on him in promoting 17 Again – from attending international premieres without any of his costars and performing/presenting at the Oscars to hosting SNL and a completing whole slew of TV, magazine and newspaper interviews. He’s not perfect and won’t always please everyone. But I think he’s done remarkably well under all this pressure. Keep up the good work, Zac.

  • Yily

    zac looks great. he looks very mature. i like his personality, very down to earth and not snobby like most other hollywood actors. zac will have a great acting career in hollywood.

    i don’t like his gf though. :)

  • mju8

    zac – he so purdy

  • Natasha

    he’s beginning to look like a girl…and full of himself.

  • Brie

    ily zanessa

  • Abby

    Looking amazing. He really is starting to grow up (which is a good thing is my eyes). People just need to let the poor guy be and get him grow up. I think he’s doing a great job at it. Keep up the great work Zac.

  • Megs

    I saw 17 again today, it must of been released in Australia before the US. It was really good, I’ve never seen the high school musical films, there not really for me. But I really enjoyed Zac in this film.

  • zac is a rat

    If the pressue is to much for Zac then they should have at least had Matthew Perry with him on some of the promo’s as Zac is’nt the only one in the movie and it’s jst come across that the other actors are not good or important enough to attend premiers with him. His PR people and the press are giving to much of a big head.

    He’s not gonna make it overnight in th adult movies as it’s been said it takes time I think that part of the problem is becuase HSM happened so quick and thrust him into the limelight that he expects the same to happen when he trys older roles and to try and come across as a man he is only just 21 he’s got a long way to go before that happens

  • Sofia

    it’s me or he finally cut his hair??
    anyway, zac, ur doing a great job, i wish u all the best!=)

  • LoveLeeR

    too much make up, and i don’t like the pant…
    but can´t wait to watch 17again!

  • athena

    Zac was great on Letterman…He seems to get better with each interview…that’s a leading man for you…I can’t wait to see 17Again this Friday!!!

  • cappie

    Screamingly GAY FACE!

  • HsM_GiU



  • Renesmee

    I saw 17 again yesterday, its out in England. Anyway it is really good, worth watching.

  • zanessalover

    can any one tell me where is vanessa ?????? look at here she look hooooooooooooot >>>>>>>>>>




    well is a good movie i saw 17 again the other day with my friend.

  • j

    It seems like he is wearing a little less make up today, which is nice. And gosh, he is always looking sexy.

  • :]

    so classic. i love that suittt and him of coursee:]

  • Boji

    He’s looking real good. I like what he’s wearing.

  • zacfan

    I wish people would just give this boy a change and not judge by one Mag Cover he still has a great acting career ahead of him and people hating will never stop that unless he dose somthing really would make that whole net go in a uprour, just give this boy a change and to be honest ever since he has broke away from disney people hate and still thing he is troy and should always be troy :)

  • bara

    Loved the show and he was great. Also loved his interview and Mag cover. He’s growing up….get over it people.
    Also no Vanessa?? She must have read the article too and is gone.

  • shoes4life

    This young man seems to be maturing into his looks. If he stay on the right track he could be the next Brad Pitt. I do think he needs to bulk up just a bit but it could be he is still growing out of his teen body. We’ll see what he looks like in 4 years.

  • Malia

    He did very well on Letterman. Good for him.

    Only three more days till the movie will be out in the US. Hope it does great.

  • Elena Clayton

    Truly a blessing! Thank you Just Jared.


  • bintk
  • Ann

    Looking good Zac. Someday you will make it as a actor. It will come with time and as you mature.

  • Nativenyker


    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Whowhatwhen


  • yets

    i cant wait for 17 again .

  • terry

    In some of the pictures there is a blond women getting out of the SUV. Is that Zac’s mom? Not the blond in jeans, that is his publicist. The other blond women.


    jeez he looks like hes spent 12 hours in the bathroom. Plucked eyebrows, straightened hair, fake tan etc etc. how unappealing. Id take Robert Pattinson with his bed head any day !!!!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    efron as johnny quest (an eleven-year-old boy).. hahahaha.. he sure knows how to pick more “adult roles”. haha..

  • Bittersweetrc

    Gets on my nerves so bad. I can’t wait until this teeny bopper is all washed up.

  • p-aki

    bit gay to be honest;;

  • youve got mail


  • Jen

    I like Zac, he seems nice and hes cute.. I also love how he dresses, always so put together, nice suit! Ive only seen him on hairspray and I thought it was really good so definitely checking out 17 again, looks funny :). Wish him the best of luck ;)

  • chels

    ooooh zac, you are so dreamy!

  • not hot at all

    LOL. totally agree

    NOELLE @ 04/14/2009 at 10:20 am jeez he looks like hes spent 12 hours in the bathroom. Plucked eyebrows, straightened hair, fake tan etc etc. how unappealing. Id take Robert Pattinson with his bed head any day !!!!

  • Bar and Leo dicap break up…

    Bar and Noam( her new boyfriend),3

  • ak

    #39 I hate to break it to you. All male celebrities have to wear makeup when they’re in front of a camera, even Robert Pattinson. It’s to prevent shine and cover up imperfections that will reflect and become magnified on TV, film or print. That is why makeup artists are an important part of the entertainment industry.

  • mickey

    He is such a girl. Man up, dude.

  • athena

    Uh, was Russell Crowe being a rude actor and taking interrupting Zac’s moment? Just wondering….actually, in the pictures looks like it was two separate areas of the Letterman show…but, just wondering, if anyone was there, please clear this up for me…thanks.

  • Marie

    I can’t wait for tonight the La Premiere of 17again I am going with my best friends. Can’t wait to see Zac.

  • nycity babe

    Another great performance by Zac. Congratulations to him!

    Good to see he and his dad and Dylan were able to have a great time out and about NY city.

  • Alice

    Meh, not my type, but I can see why adolescent girls find him attractive. He’s too skinny for my liking.

    Also, is Zac pigeon footed? His toes are always pointing inward a lot of the time when he is walking & sitting. I can’t tell if it is just his skinniness or he is actually pigeon toed.

  • hrhkat

    He trys so hard to act straight. Trying to act all serious and non chalant, but you just know he is flaming. Vanessa is a beard, and his hair is way to flat ironed…He probably buys body building magazines and says he reads the articles to stay fit, but everyone knows its just to look at the shirtless guys. He needs to do something like robert pattinson and be in a movie where he is gay/bi, so it looks like he is comfortable in his sexuality…all these “OMG MAN! SHES SO HOT” kinda movies are lame and scream emotional issues…he was a theater kid, no theater kid is straight, period.