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Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again -- Baby #7?

Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again -- Baby #7?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting baby #7, if Star magazine is to be believed.

“Yes, Angie is pregnant,” a family insider reportedly spills. “They’d been trying for another baby for months, but it was still a total shock when she found out… She’s thrilled. She said she knew she was pregnant before the test confirmed it!”

Angie is reportedly two-and-a-half months along, but zero months along is more than likely.

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  • bridget

    Gross either way.

  • pc

    this is garbage info IMO…just like the magazine

  • emma

    i do not beleive this rumor

  • OB

    Bullsh*t from one of the worst gutter-rag tabs.

  • jeez

    she very well could be.

  • LolaSvelt

    Zero months? More like -100.

  • paul

    well, Star was the 1st saying she was preg. with twins.

  • starcrap

    they said last time that they are separating and now she’s pregnant?
    oh god! your a dumbwit if you would buy this recycled crap!

  • ola

    CRAZY BITCH!!!!!! How she can have the timme for having sex???

  • keepdreaming

    it makes me laugh to see their source as “family insider”
    yeah, right!

  • briseis

    Jared, we had been asking you to post the Vanity Fair article re Angie being voted most beautiful woman, and you post this tab crap? Why, is this what your new bosses told you to post? Methinks I need a long hiatus from Jared, like my friends MF and trt.

  • please

    jared, i know you miss having hundreds of comments in one thread, but posting garbage just to get a lot of comment is way stupid.

  • Andy

    JJ don’t you ever learn that Star makes up a lot of stuff.

  • lmao

    boo! jamie foxx trashing miley cyrus in a radio interview is way more interesting than this crap!

  • In all fairness

    Do nannies get paid per child?
    Recession-proof job working for them, though…

  • Life_is_the_Pitss

    and i got ocean front property here in iowa

  • faith

    if it’s true, I’m happy for her. maybe it will be a boy this time :)

    discuss unmarried, un-nuclearic families on my cmmty:

    membership not required :D

  • gabi

    totally invented! you don’t have nothing to publish that this stupid rumour?

  • Shar

    Right!! Like she’s dumb enough to get pregnant after:

    1. having a C-section in less than a year, with twins might I add.

    2. She signs up and is in the middle of doing an action movie(SALT), risking her $15 million + backends money she will be making off this film.

    I guess Aniston on the cover wasn’t selling, no?!

  • squared

    are you out of news jared?

  • pc

    hmmm…tough decision for JJ. Vanity Fair article or Star trash? I suppose he decided to go with the trash. wonder why?

  • estelle

    MUAHHHHHAAA! ROTFLOL….even the tabs are against the trolls,
    Star magazine, you are ruin the trolls prediction on the breakup….she’s pregnant? so they must having s e x? oh my goodness..hahahaha and also being trying for months….so they must have done it many many times…oh no!!!!….that’s not good for the trolls at all…..hahahaha, Star- you have to get with the program here….LOL.

  • stupid

    aww… jared miss jolie. how sweet – not!

  • miley cyrus supporter

    wats this about mileys secret brother! have they found christopher?

  • haha

    star is contradicting it’s lame stories.

  • Lillianne

    So I guess the bitter war going on between Angelina and Brad that Star reported a few weeks ago must not be true. Hard to believe anything when it’s in Star.

  • benny

    Well Jared didn’t put the Vanity Fair Magazine Where Jolie was voted the Most Beautiful woman in the world.But he put the dirt Star Rag magazine for a thread.

  • duh

    jared is enjoying the reactions. keep it coming!

  • estelle

    Ladies…please can you see why Jared posting this thread?….he just wants trolls to see that their ” bible of gossip tab” are not reliable and if they believe everything these tabs are saying, then they might as well believe in this. So no more of Break-up talk????? no more of those tick tock idioteeeeeeee….hahahaha…brilliant move Jared…brilliant.

  • mimi

    Some stupid people would actually believe this crap. This will send maniston’s fans into jealous frenzy. I can just imagine them furiously tapping away on their laptops like some possessed beats spewing their envy and jealousy at Angie for getting pregie again while their idol is still childless. They believe every crap in the tabloids and paps. This will definitely send fugface over the edge, she is already having health problems. — hahahaha

  • justkidding

    i thought they’re heading to splitsville? and now she’s preggers?
    brad probably missed angelina and f*cked her like there’s no tomorrow!

  • estelle

    benny @ 04/15/2009 at 12:14 pm – the voting was on Vanity Fair’s website….not for the magazine cover and why whould Jared promote someone else website?…

  • yaya

    star mag tells the biggest lies.

  • sigh

    Very dissapointing Jared.

  • benny

    How would Jamie Fox feel if someone called his daughter the things he called Miley.I don’t care what anyone says no one needs to talk about a young girl like the Fox did.How would he feel if Miley’s Dad went on radio and called his daughter a Black bee.Then all crap would hit the fan.

  • unc00l

    well… atleast that means they’re still together.

  • Steph

    No way!! How does she even have time??

    Check out my site:

  • sissysissy

    Can STAR editors be more stupid?

  • sos

    Jennifer Aniston having health problems from all the cigarettes she smokes and Liquor she drinks and then male hormones.But she
    deserves everything she gets.

  • oh no

    Jared,don’t post this rags.They are annoying.

  • estelle

    Benny- Eventhough Jamie Fox did issue an apology to Miley this mornig, ITA with you he was out of line and he has to remember that she’s only 17 years old, an accomplish and well like young girl.

  • cyrusarefamewh0res

    cyrus is a sl*t in the making. her parents had no reactions when her sl*tty photos came out, not only once but many times. they even let her pose with just a sheet on a cover magazine and they don’t care if their daughter’s boyfriend is corrupting a minor!

  • sos

    So what if Angelina is Pregnant we all know Brad will be Happy.
    Anyway these Tabloids all make up lies.Myself and some people here could write tabloid lies.

  • estelle

    unc00l @ 04/15/2009 at 12:21 pm well… atleast that means they’re still together.
    LOL…..I was thinking the same thing…hahaha. I’m waiting for the tick tock trolls to come by….hahahaha.

  • Rose

    Star Magazine is so ridiculous. A couple of weeks ago, Brad and Angelina were over and he was fooling around with the imaginary hot nanny, now they are having a baby. Working for Star Magazine must be like working for a soap opera, people just sitting around thinking up crazy stories that suck people in. I would never pay money for any of these tabloids because they create drama that isn’t there for a profit.

  • sos

    #45 You think everyone is a whore but Jennifer Aniston.
    You are just jealous.

  • benny

    #44 Thanks estelle i did not know about the apology.
    But i have noticed Miley is treated like Angelina.

  • raquel

    #45. You’re an IDIOT!!! Look in the mirror before you call someone a S***!!

    Jamie Foxx is an A****** for saying what he said.

  • raquel

    #47. You can wait for them, but I’m out of here. People with horse dropping for brains I can do without. LOL

  • priceless

    jamie foxx: who is miley cyrus? is she the one with gums all over? man! she should have a gum surgery!

    oh my god! so freakin’ hilarious!