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Jamie Foxx To Miley Cyrus: I'm Sorry!

Jamie Foxx To Miley Cyrus: I'm Sorry!

Yesterday on The Late Show With David Letterman, Jamie Foxx apologized to teen sensation Miley Cyrus for the many inappropriate things he said about her on his Sirius radio show on Sunday.

“I so apologize … and this is sincere,” Jamie said. “I am a comedian, and you guys know that whatever I say, I don’t mean any of it. And sometimes, as comedians, as we do, we go a little bit too far. I have a radio show… We’re really the black Howard Stern. We go at everybody. There was a situation with Miley Cyrus, and I just want to say, I apologize for what I said. I didn’t mean it maliciously. You know I’m a comedian. You know my heart. Miley, I apologize, so I’ll call you. I got a daughter too, so I completely understand.”"

On Jamie‘s radio show, Foxxhole, he told Miley to catch a sexually transmitted disease and to “get a gum transplant … make a sex tape … do some heroin.” (And those were the nicer things he had to say.)

Jamie Foxx To Miley Cyrus: I’m Sorry!
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  • kris

    oh please.
    he didn’t need to apologize.

    Miley cyrus deserved that after dissing Radiohead.. what an immature spoiled brat..

    “radiohead didn’t talk to me” i’m going to ruin their career !
    yes miley.
    because we all know the world revolves around you.

  • Holly


    she is 16. She is allowed to be immature. He is older than that. He is the one who needs to grow up

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    team foxx.
    that shīt they said about miley was so FCUKING funny! it has already gone down in insult history.

  • dundies

    lol i gained respect for him, so its too bad he had to apologize

  • chels

    team foxx tooo… she deserved everything he said to her … i agree #1

  • count me in

    i’m team foxx too!

  • count me in

    the gum transplant was so hilarious!

  • Suzie

    Uh, Editing Jared? It was the TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO.

  • rii

    if you think mileys sarcasm about ruining radiohead was being serious, why cant people say the same about jamies attack on the 16 year old? not just jamie, but the whole foxxhole group. one of the people on there called miley a “little white b!tch”. everyone here knows for a f*ckin fact if billy ray called jamies teenage daughter a “little black b!tch” billy ray would be called racist and this whole thing would be huge. its good to know that jamie presented miley during the kids inaugural ball to celebrate the big step in history of having an african american as our president and is able to get away with sh!t like this. good to know.

    if you listen to mileys interview about the radiohead thing you can clearly tell she was joking, but people decide to believe she as a 16 year old, is capable of ruining radiohead. radiohead wont go down like that lol, radiohead is like one of the greatest bands out there and has been here for years. her comment was taken out of context and people hate miley for it. jamie says his comment was taken out of context and people are backing him up. its disgusting that jamie used the “im a comedian” excuse. we all know he meant it, so he shouldnt have apologized if it was really just a comedic act. howard stern would have never apologized. its either you meant it or you didnt.

  • Vickie

    rii so so right! What is wrong with you people come on I heard her on the radio about the whole Radiohead she was joking about ruining their career. Plus she is 16th what where you people says wrong at 16? E was wrong in so many levels. SICK

  • cutie pie

    First of all he didnt call her a little white bit*h, and he told her what to do he never called her racist names , so dont start that damn shyt! As many of you white people who have called us name s the n word and so on gtfoh.. TEAM FOXX ALL THE WAY!!

  • Ben

    It was Leno not Letterman

  • Emilio ray

    Too right he apologised. It’s disgusting a 41 year old man saying things like that about a 16 year old girl. I hope Mr Foxx will think next time before he makes a joke.

  • Flat Stomach

    Its good he should some humility and apologized but he is a comedian and he was only joking

  • sarah

    Why is this fool still around? He got his Oscar for being black, go away!!! Yeah, and real men pick on 16 year old girls. *rolls eyes.*

  • rii

    @cutie pie
    did you not read my post fully? i c you must be one of the people who take everything out of context right? i said one of the people in the foxxhole called her a little white b!tch. thats why i think the comedic act excuse is bullsh!t and that everyone from the foxxhole should apologize and take responsibility. i dont get why jamie is the only one who is getting the heat, everyone at the foxxhole should.
    and im not even white and have never used the N word. im vietnamese and people call me ch!nk all the time (ch!nk is actually the derogatory term for chinese people so i laugh even more at their ignorance) and make stereotypes like of course i would have glasses and im intelligent. its people like you who keep up the double standards of racism. you are black, ok who cares. doesnt mean a black person cant be racist. doesnt mean all white people are racist. you yourself are racist and disgusting.

  • AVA

    HE said she should get a gum transplant? Has he looked in the mirror at his own big horse mouthed fugly face?

  • simba

    hahaha! im just glad jamie fox chipped some of that ego off of Miley. And the gum transplant thing had me crackin up. SOmebody had to say it. Them gums are HUUUUGE!

  • heyhey

    Props to jamie foxx. that was so freaken funnnnny!! she deserves it, thinking she’s a lil miss pop princess. btw your only 16, stop trying to act like your in love. it’s hard to actually say that this justin guy is actually taking her serious. her fame and money has to be a apart of it somewhere… but w.e

  • lakers fan in boston

    i kinda thought it was a wrong thing for him 2 say, he kinda went 2 far
    but ive lost even more respect for him for pussying it out

  • Jhoey27

    This man is not worth a single drop of my time nor is his movies or songs worth a single cent from me. I have higher morals than waste my time with jamie fox, the low case explains how I feel about this man. No wonder I have never liked him from the very beginning, now it’s plain and clear why. Actually, jamie fox is a sorry excuse for a man, he is way below, I would rather pay to see Will smith’s movies.

  • Lana

    yes she is very annoying, I do’t like her, but I think is wrong to him say all this nasty things about a 16 years old girl. I don’t loke him either

  • Lana

    yes she is very annoying, I do’t like her, but I think is wrong to him say all this nasty things about a 16 years old girl. I don’t loke him either

  • Lana

    yes she is very annoying, I do’t like her, but I think is wrong to him say all this nasty things about a 16 years old girl. I don’t loke him either

  • Jan

    He was a jerk at the Country Music Awards also. Bring back Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at the CMA. I will never go see another movie Fox is in EVER!!!!

  • marisa


  • nat

    I found his comment to be out of place, she is just a girl as a grown man you should not mess with a girl. His comments were very huirtful, and malisoious.

  • Bella

    For all you saying this 16 year old deserved it:

    Would you like it if a 40 year old man was making fun of your teenage daughter’s looks on air? I don’t think so. Miley never dissed Radiohead nor did she make fun of their looks. So how is this getting what she deserves? Also, she’s never said she’s better than anyone else. Quit making crap up in your miniature brains.

  • Kim

    Jamie Foxx is a jerk! He is an adult and thought it was ok to say those things to a child?!? She is only 16 years old! That is awful and he should be very ashamed. Disgusting! I hope his remarks follow him and he will have to live with the things he said. He let his personality come out and hope he now is seen for the person he is. I hope that the press does not let him get away with this.

  • jazz

    He has the neerve to joke about Miley’s gums when he is one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen. Please. Look in the mirror before you comment on anybody’s appearance.

  • yaima

    jimmey fox need to leave miley along or he gonne has to deal with me 1 so nigro shit back off

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    miley’s the biggest mediawhore under 24. she makes sure her every move is in the public eye. she uses the paps as much as any other celebrity, and her father uses her even more. her entire family is fair game.

  • Tara

    OMG! he’s jealous of a little girl and the only way to make himself feel better is to put her down. I haven’t like Foxx for quite sometime, this just makes it more clear. I think he is very full of him self. He even had a special in honor of him self, how conceded is that! And despite what anyone thinks of Miley, she is only a 16 year old girl and he’s a grown ass man. There are lines that even comedians should know better than to cross. It just proves what I’ve known all along, he has no class. I’m not white, nor am I black, race is not an issue with me, but I do respect Miley and the fact that she could be on the same road as that Spears chick who got knocked up as a teen, or the other teen queens, drinkin and doin dumb ass stuff. Any controversy people scrape up on Miley are people trying to make a buck and not even bad stuff.
    It was very tasteless and immature for Foxx to pick on her, but kinda sad too because the only reason he was being so caddy is because she’s way more famous and has more fans. I’d pay to see her in concert, you couldn’t pay me to see him.

  • emily

    He should apologize. What he said was appalling and to condone the type of rude crass talk by the people on his show was uncalled for.

  • Grace

    i thought that what he said was hilarious… :)

  • Aussie Girl

    Jamie Foxx is a jerk and worst is that he has a teenage daughter.
    I agree with others, if BR Cyrus said anything about Foxx’s kids there would be an uproar about racism. J.Foxx-cheap publicity stunt!!!

  • jaye

    He did need to apologize. Miley is still a child; he’s an adult and should have taken more care in speaking about her.. He wouldn’t want someone talking about HIS child like that. Although he tried to play it off as a joke, it was not only not funny it was mean and rude.

  • emily

    Shame on him.

  • e

    oh come on people
    she’s not innocent.
    she took those pictures, she has an overage boyfriend
    and the single mosst annoying person on this planet
    i was sooo happy when i heard this
    somebody puts her in her place
    down their with all the disney losers
    why is she different from any other disney actor??
    why is she everywhere on this earth

    she’s everywhere and she thnks she’s the most talented person in hollywood
    she puts down a band that is 10000000000x times better than her. and
    he is not jelous maybe it was comedy?????
    why would and oscar winner be jelous of a disney whore who wont even see an oscar in her life????
    she’s a bitch and you all know it
    team foxx
    good for you fox
    you shouldnt have apologized
    and she is not more famous than him
    casue she is a fad
    she’ll go away after a ehile
    cause everyones getting pretty dmn mad at her

  • mike

    Well I think this whole situation will make him think twice in the future about what degrading commentry he thinks is funny. He should quit trynna be like howard stern..


  • ollie

    miley’s still a child ?

    why, how would anyone know with the way she dresses and the man she is with?

    For sure, she is an annoying child that is trying to grow up too fast and has parents that are idiots

  • linda

    i think miley didnt even mean to say that she wants to ruin radiohead..not that shes gonna. buh if you heard the interview..the guys on the radio kinda pressured her into saying what band didnt want to meet her..and shes young…so i guess she thought what harm can it be..
    i understand jamie foxx is tryin to be funny and all..buh shes a child..not even an adult yet..shes even about his daughter’s age. you cant go sayin that kinda stuff… there is a line you gotta draw. especially when it comes to kids.

  • rachel

    miley deserved it. she was so acting lk a diva. she’s not even THAT talented.

  • sam

    Foxx is and will always be a dic@, and his daughter is the same age as Miley , wonder if he would like white radio show personalities calling her a ‘ little black bitc@” and making fun of her looks when she accompanies him to all those award shows and red carpets, I wonder if he would just say ‘ O well” their just making jokes. And does this guy look in the mirror, he’s one weird looking dud, so if I were him I wouldn’t want to get into a looking contest with a dog besides someone as pretty as Miley.

  • simi88

    Shame on Jamie Foxx for the comments he made about Miley Cyrus. I was looking forward to his new movie but I am going to pass on seeing it and hope others will too.

  • simi88

    I’m surprised by people actually condoning his behaviour … what kind of people would actually think these comments are funny or justifiable????

  • rbea

    It was in Jay Leno show…………

    He was bad….. and very stupid!!!!

  • rossy40

    I’m most likely the last one here, but let me say this – An apology at this point from Jamie Fox (or anyone else insulting others prior to this or in future) is, in my opinion, redundant. Why say these things in the first place? And doesn’t he have a daughter close to Miley’s age?
    He should be ashamed of himself as a human being AND A father. Learn to live this mantra: “If you can’t say something nice about someone… Don’t say anything at all.”
    This world might be a better place if we could all live by this one simple saying. It really is a sad thing that more and more bigots (including posters on blogs) are crawling out of the woodwork and showing their ignorance and intolerance. Maybe those who appear anti-children (call kids “ugly”, “brats”, etc.) have it right… No more kids should be born – Let the human race dies out in a couple of generations, and the world we’re destroying can be left to animals and plant life. At least they won’t contaminate this world like we have.
    Something to think about, huh?
    I’m out of here.

  • Celia

    OH PLEASE!!! Just like the media to blow things out of proportion! It was a JOKE!! He’s a COMEDIAN! It’s what they do and I’m 100% sure what Jamie said is not the worse thing that’s been said about Miley Cyrus…the girl is obviously a GOOD role model…that’s why it was funny in the first place. Seriously people…GET A SENSE OF HUMOR!

  • ha

    his new movie with Rober Downey Jr looks hilarious. ..but it’s not a comedy. It’s supposed to be a drama. It was pure luck that he was cast as Ray Charles.