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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Farm Family

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Farm Family

Proud parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban take their daughter Sunday, 9 months, for a drive up to visit the animals at an Alpacas farm close to their Sutton Forrest home near Syndey, Australia on Wednesday (April 15).

The trio was accompanied by Nic‘s parents Antony and Janelle.

On Sunday, the entire family participated in an Easter egg hunt at Nic‘s sister’s home.

10+ pictures inside of farm family Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

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nicole kidman farm keith urban 01
nicole kidman farm keith urban 02
nicole kidman farm keith urban 03
nicole kidman farm keith urban 04
nicole kidman farm keith urban 05
nicole kidman farm keith urban 06
nicole kidman farm keith urban 07
nicole kidman farm keith urban 08
nicole kidman farm keith urban 09
nicole kidman farm keith urban 10

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  • sos

    their baby looks like a boy!

  • Shawna

    #1 – What a stupid comment! How does a baby look like a boy? Because she has no hair? She is only 9 months old! You can barely even see her in the picture.

  • woolie wharf man

    These pics are truly terrible!! And Kidman and Urban, really who gives a damn anyhow. Just Jared usually posts good, interesting photos what’s happened?

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice to see Nicole and her family so happy. It’s a shame though, that she is forever gushing about Sunday and not her adopted children. In fact, you hardly see Connor and Isabella with either parent, least of all with Nicole.

  • emma

    sos @ 04/15/2009 at 3:25 am
    their baby looks like a boy!

    get a life and pick on someone your own size and age. There is no need to take the mickey out of a helpless 9 month old baby that has done nothing to harm you

  • liz k

    I am no fan of Nicole Kidman. I think she is plastic and talentless. But just because I don’t like her doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s totally WRONG for anyone to be hunting her and her family down with cameras. Lay off, paps, and let celebrities (who happen to be people, too) have some alone time. Seriously. These photos are desperate and a disgusting intrusion of privacy.

  • pearline

    She’s so happy with Sunday and I agree with #4, where are their adopted children? Do they live with Tom or with Kidman?

  • suzanne

    These pictures are awful! It’s clearly a “hiding in the bushes with a massive telephone lens”. I don’t think these should be shown, and the pap that took them should not STALK !!!

  • anna

    liz k…kidman talentless?? hope you was joking…
    go and see movies like the hours or dogville before say stupidities…
    nicole kidman IS A GREAT ACTRESS.

  • taco

    ok plastic…but talentless??!! ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    Anyway, why are you so schocked? Yes, these pics are intrusive, similar to STALKING…But like EVERY SINGLE PIC TAKEN BY PAPS FOR EVERY SINGLE CELEBRITY.

    Paprazzi’s work is intrusive and now 1000 way similar to a stalking…

  • kiko

    connor and isabella live with cruise in LA and they can’t see their mother because Nicole is a suppressive person, for scientology a suppressive person is a someone who can’t have any contact with a member of the church.
    it’s obvious connor & bella were induced to cut every contact with her mother.

  • rose

    for all the people said that they can;t see keith’s family

    keiths mom and dad in those pics for sure

  • selma

    jj those are not nicole’s Parents they are keith’s mom and his father
    bob urban

  • daisy

    Those are horrible pictures. Why would you bother to post pictures of them behind trees? And that is Keith’s parents, Bob & Marienne there. Though i think they would be extremely happy the paps have no clue who they are. The paps need to leave Nic & Keith & their family to their holiday.

  • daisy

    The Easter egg hunt that is written about here was supposedly at Nic & Keith’s new place. Not that I see any Easter egg hunt.

  • selma

    for all those people here saying that sunday looks like a boy

    a clear photos of sunday face she is adorable and super cute

    red hair,blue eyes so white like mom but she is keith’s mini me

    thats horrible pictures for all of them ,jj those are keiths parents , The Easter egg hunt was in nic,keith’s new home not at Nic’s sister’s home

    I’m very happy for them,but i want the paps could repect nicole’s private life

  • maria

    sunday doesn´t look like a boy, she´s only 9 months what are u talking about?? ???????????and she´s the cutest baby ever!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Farming in southern california?

  • ali

    gerard Vandenberg @ 04/15/2009 at 9:00 am Farming in southern california?

    Farming in Sutton Forrest home near Syndey, Australia!!!! u idiot!! and they live in Tennessee not california!!!

  • dana

    When is the last time ANYONE saw Keith Urban carry his own child?? I find that a bit odd!!

  • Nativenyker

    What a cute little fat baby!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Susie q

    Connor and Isabella live in LA and go the Scientology Center for their schooling. I’m sure that’s where they live as well. They are probably not even allowed to see Nicole since she left Scientology. I’m sure that’s a big “no-no” and would taint their Scientology “pureness” . Remember, their dad, Tom, is the head Xenu god or whatever.

  • anon2

    I know the picture were taken over a few minutes of time, but it does seem a bit odd we have yet to see him hold Sunday. If he can hold his wife’s handbag then he can hold his daughter and I’m sure it’s not because Nicole won’t let him because there are photos of Sunday carried by Grandpa Kidman and being looked after by Grandma Urban whilst watching tennis. Of course it may be something as simple as baby Sunday keeps pulling his earrings!!!

  • emilia


  • mary

    so cool!! This is a happy family

  • violet

    Cute, great family!

  • clar

    Adorable!!! Sunday is so sweet.

  • eagle

    A great and happy family!!!

  • dabu

    Thanks JJ – lovely happy family enjoying a private day at the zoo/park along with the paps.

  • http://love45 arlene

    me parece muy extraño como se comporta keith como padre de sunday rose es muy frio distante con la niña eso me da mala vibra .keith no tiene pinta de ser muy alegre padre y esposo como escribio en el cd ,se ve muy cansado y distante de nicole y la niña que horrible padre es keith.que decepcion de keith urban ,nicole si se ve alegre de ser madre de su hija biologico por primera vez.

  • Michaelangelo

    Don’t be paranoid morons, #11 and #22. They have joint custody. Nicole Kidman simply travels too much to uproot her kids everywhere.

  • daisy

    For the people who ask why we never see Keiht holding th ebaby that is just an unbelievable question for you to even ask. We have hardly ever had pictures of Sunday at all. The last month we have had the most & those are very spread out. Of course he holds his own child. If the paps weren’t so dang intrusive we wouldn’t even have these pictures. They go many places with her where there are never any pictures taken. The Australian paps have been the worst towards them.

  • stacy

    I just watched the Biography Channel and they did Nicole’s life. In one segment she was very emphatic about protecting her children’ s privacy it was made before Sunday’s birth. She seems to be very private and trying to keep all 3 children out of the lime light. I admire this family very much.

  • mayra sanchez

    yo creia que nicole,era mejor persona pero ella actua como si sus otros dos hijos no existieran

  • dianel

    That kid looks down syndrom

  • sweet thing

    you are truly an idiot to say such a thing!

  • to #11 ,#22.

    Tom Cruise told The Sun “British newspaper” that ,“his divorce from Nicole Kidman has not affected his relationship with their adopted children, he insists, adding: ‘Nic and I are very committed and successful in sharing the parenting.’”
    “We’ve agreed to hide Isabella and Connor ’til they’re both eighteen.”

    from wenn report

  • daisy

    To say that about Sunday, Diane, is just pure cruelty on your part because you think that having a child with Down syndrome or any other handicap is an insult to Keith & Nicole. Sorry to tell you but it is not. First of all Sunday is not Down Syndrome & children with handicaps are human beings & loving the same as any other child. Even if she was handicapped in some way I am sure they woudl love her no matter what.

    You just succeeded in making yourself look more handicapped then any person with a disability ever could be!

  • daisy

    BTW/daianel, Down Syndrome ihas an “e” at the end.

  • Peeping Toms

    and the sites that BUY their pics to secure advertising.

    HELLO JARED. Ahem, get a REAL job!

  • dianel

    Hey daisy how much is mr and mrs nicole kidman paying you for being their watch dog

  • MMA

    What idiot would crawl through the woods to get terrible pictures of them? That’s just pathetic. hahahaha.

  • Judy

    Did everybody forget how Tom treated Nicole when he suddenly left her for his co-star from vanilla sky? If Tom didn’t care about Nicole’s miscarriage why would everybody think Tom would think about Nicole’s feelings a a mother and let her have a relationship with them. Especially since Nicole married a better man Keith Urban, Tom is afraid his and Nicole’s kids may love Keith more and may call him Dad. Just like he has Connor and Isabel calling Katie Mom. Is that fair to Nicole? I’m sure Katie is a great step-mom that’s because Tom has kept the kids away from their real mom Nicole.

  • casey

    i want to know who are keith urbans family are

  • gml

    What a thing to say, I am sure you would not want someone to say this about one of your children.