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Octo-Mom Confirms She's Doing A TV Show

Octo-Mom Confirms She's Doing A TV Show

Nadya Suleman has confirmed that she’ll be doing a television show with her 14 children!

“Yes, it is official,” she tells Life & Style. “I’m going to be doing a show, but it’s not a reality show. What I’m doing with this TV show is basically creating documentaries about the lives of my children. It’s going to be an ongoing thing, and it will follow them from now until they are 18. It’s being done by Eyeworks; they’re in the UK. It will air in the UK and then we’ll see if the US is interested.”

Octo-Mom adds, “The producers will come here to film six times a year. They’ll come by and take some footage and then they’ll go. They won’t be invading my life or my children’s lives… It will give me the opportunity to have incredible home movies that, believe me, I don’t have the time to make myself. Having this documentary crew allows me to focus on raising my children and still have great movies of them.”

WOULD YOU WATCH Octo-Mom’s new TV show — YAY or NAY?

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  • Jo

    When will this crazed nut just GO AWAY?

  • Sarah May

    Good for you. If it means that you wont be taking goverment money and the money of a willing TV station. Even better. Think about it people. We can nag all we want about her going out spending the money she gets on getting make up and what not because its the GOVT. But now its like her own business and the rich ppl fueling her income. Sucks the kids get dragged into it, but at least she will have the money to take care of them better than what she has now.

  • stepho

    are you kidding me right!?! why on earth would any normal functioning person want to waste time watching this irresponsible, low-life, attention-whore. she should keep her flock of children in her house and concentrate on getting a REAL JOB so that WE dont pay for her children. i mean isnt she their mother and not us?!

    this annoying women and her hideous, disgusting lips needs to GTFO!!!

  • Stupid wretch

    Well, she got what she wanted and now she will be laughing all the way to the bank. Send her back to Mexico and let them take care of her.

  • joss

    what? didn’t she just say, she wanted all this media attention to go away? what a hypocrite… and now she’s doing a tv show. this is just one of her many ways of saying she wants money, doesn’t matter who, as long as she gets the money. i feel bad for the kids that they will be surrounded by this media frenzy and they don’t need this growing up

  • zzzz

    If this is what it takes for this psycho to pay for her own bills and quit milking our govt for money, I’m all for it. But they’d better truly cut her off!. As for the kids, I do find it disgusting to make babies and then make them pay for their own bills. Kids shouldn’t have to work for a living. That’s the parent’s job!

  • Samm

    NO…I won’t watch her. She’s out-of-her-mind crazy and as if those kids weren’t already condemned to a life of hell, they will for sure be now.

  • anon

    I guess they don’t hate her in England because she’s not abusing their welfare system, ony ours, and the whole world knows America is a land of suckers, who provide everything for free for losers.

  • You/Me

    Stupid wretch @ 04/15/2009 at 2:08 pm Well, she got what she wanted and now she will be laughing all the way to the bank. Send her back to Mexico and let them take care of her.
    You are a f*cking moron. She was born in California and her dad is a white man.

  • magda

    she has attention,interviews, photos in magazines, paparazzi around and now tv show. She must be so happy .

  • chelsey

    Shes going to have a camera crew around for 18 years!?!?!

    I can see her maybe doing like a 3 episode special, but a reality show for 18 years? This has gotta be a joke.

  • Marie

    Move over Kate Gosselin :)

  • phoebeee

    ARE YOU JOKING ME, she is just trying to get money! i will be 100% not watching this :L

  • KL

    She is crazy, like a fox. She knew exactly what she was doing and is totally exploiting her kids. FYI, her dad is Iraqi.

  • S

    Crazy idea. I feel sorry for her kids to grow up with cameras around until they’re 18 and they can’t say anything about it now. Can’t the Octo-mom just go away, please!

  • a total fan

    Nay, but thank goodness someone else is going to help foot the bill in raising this family.

  • Ed

    jeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ekkk

  • Jam Springer

    Why isn’t the doctor being held accountable for impregnating a women who already has more children than she can handle?
    I feel so sorry for Nadya’s mother. I wish the grandma (who you can be sure has sacrificed herself to Nadya’s first six children) could be taken to a safe location with three nanny’s so that she could just play and enjoy the little tykes that she has come to love. She’s probably never had any time to “just play” with them. No wonder she doesn’t want to see the new eight. . .she knows she will love them too and knows her worthless daughter will not lift a finger which is evidenced by Nadya’s long nails. They’re not only unsanitary, they’re dangerous. But of course I doubt that she does the poopy diapers.

  • Melissa

    good for her. these children will be very well taking care of. No need to worry about the children they will be just fine.

  • lala

    hum so is this how she doesn’t want to be famous? quite clever…NOT

  • SONNYriente

    Joss, exactly! She is a hypocrite. I feel sorry for her children.

  • Lillianne

    YAY for her.
    YAY for the State of California who won’t have to support her.
    I believe everyone gets what they deserve and she has hers coming.

  • emma

    anon @ 04/15/2009 at 2:13 pm

    oh trust me we hate her over here in England.


    18 years of the same program. boring!!!!
    number 1) most shows, even friends which was popular, only did 10/15 years
    number 2) why does the u.k have to suffer this freak?
    number 3) watch this octo-mum programme finish after barely 1 season. trust.


    emma @ 04/15/2009 at 3:00 pm anon @ 04/15/2009 at 2:13 pm

    oh trust me we hate her over here in England

    ITA, i am in england too,
    why do we have to suffer octo-freak? i wonder what channel it will be on? it won’t be the BBC surely? maybe SKY 3 lol!

  • sUE


  • Dulcie

    I will not only not watch the show, I will not watch any show on any network that broadcasts her or buy any product that sponsors the show.

    This woman is a freak.. mentally and physically a freak. Now, she’s whoring out her children because she can’t pay the bills.


  • Taxday

    No, I would not watch, not at all.

    I wouldn’t watch it if someone tied me to a chair, stuck me in front of the tv and turned on her show.

    She planned this out from day 1, that is why her mother stopped paying on the mortgage exactly 8 months before the babies were born. Then while she was still in the hospital, started making deals. Disgusting.

  • dundies

    Shes going to have a camera crew around for 18 years!?!?!

    I can see her maybe doing like a 3 episode special, but a reality show for 18 years? This has gotta be a joke.


    i know right. my mouth dropped when i read that. its shame that her children don’t have any say in this. i know i wouldn’t want a camera following me around, for THAT long

  • Lindz lynn

    as long as people in america don’t have to deal with her anymore i could careless

  • x

    dulcie and taxday, you’ll be stuck at home watching her show, 24/7, why on earth are you in this website commenting on her if you don’t like to watch her?????? or you don’t care about fu@king freak,…get a life!

  • imsosickofher

    I wish they would take the children away, find them loving homes and be done with this crazy bitch. I will not watch any show she’s on. I will probably even boycott any station that airs her show I’m that fucking tired of her lame ass and her over-puffed lips.
    Her children look wonderful and they need to be taken away from her and protected.
    I like how she acts like she’s the wisest most responsible mom in the world but then finds way of having others take responsibility for raising her children.

  • ?

    If you are sick of her, what the f@uck are you doing here?commenting on her?.Giving birth to 8 children is not something everybody does every day. If you don’t like her, get the fu@ck out of this site,don’t look at her pics and don’t comment on them, you bloody loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • imsosickofher

    #31, why are we here? I read JJ on a regular basis and he asked a question, would we watch her show. So of course we answered. No, I will not be watching her show 24/7. I will not even watch it once. It’s not that difficult to do. Ever since I realized what a bitch Kate of Jon and Kate + eight is I stopped watching that show as well. There are many, many better shows out there so we don’t have to make crazy people rich and help them exploit their children.

  • imsosickofher

    #33 This site is not about Nadya nutjob and I’m not here for her. Maybe you should go check out her website and maybe stay there. I wish I didn’t have to look at her pics, she looks nasty! I’m mentioned to Jared to stop posting about her but if he does I reserve the right to answer.

  • Lisa

    I hope nobody watches this show, she does not deserve that, what a nut job!

  • groovacious

    what a HYPOCRITE! girlfriend just said she wouldn’t do ANYTHING like this.

  • jc

    Not going to watch it. I find it incredible that she is benefiting financially and otherwise for being selfish and irresponsible by having so many children in her situation. What kind of msg does this send to others?? She is trying to cover her lie of not doing a realty show by using semantics and calling it something else…does she and her PR people really think the general public are so daft? I pray those kids will find their way no matter what and that the properly trained and licenced professionals will still watch her like a hawk to monitor the wellbeing of those children.

  • Roxanne

    She’s only in the media because for some sick reason THE MEDIA keeps putting her there. I don’t see why her irresponsible behavior would warrant being on the cover of rag mags and gossip blogs. I feel bad for these innocent children who would be drag through this. The only person she cares about is herself. Next month another lunatic is gonna come along and take her place then her 15 mins will be over, so let her enjoy it while it last….final world SHAMEFUL

  • lakers fan in boston

    what the fuck happened 2 i dont want the attention
    this bitch is fucking sad, she obviously has a mental problem so fuck her
    i hope it totally bombs tbh, this bitch is trash

  • jaye

    Duh! Jared. This woman wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the butt.

  • Frida

    Until they’re 18?! You’re fucking kidding me, right? Didn’t she just say that she wanted to disappear from the spotlight as soon as she could?! Well, that was a blatant lie. This woman is disgusting and just in it for the money. And ‘it’s not a reality show’?! ofcourse it’s a fucking reality show, or does she only live in her fantasies?!

  • ?

    34 and 35, what the hell are you doing answering to me so quick?, if you don’t care about her, what are you doing in this site 24/7? You obviously whatch every single comment people make here, every minute, actually I’m probably much older than you, I’m 60, I live in the uk and have a daughter married to an American, living in the USA, I have an excuse to spend my time here as I’m retired, but what about you? What are you doing with your life, apart from writing in this site?do you have a job? do you have a family? Or do you just spend your life criticising the way other people live their lives?

  • lynn

    imsickofher, if you are so sick of her, why are you looking at her pics and her news, my advice to you, move to another web or don’t look at her news.easy,mate! I actually think you are not so sick of her,yeah.

  • stephen

    people like you are making this woman famous,coming into this website and talking about her is what makes her a star,so….don’t mourn about other people coming here to have their say when it’s you the one who come first to comment on her.You are definitely not so sick of her,woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LolaSvelt

    She is so predictable. This cĂșnt said in the other interview that she didn’t want to be famous!

  • reno

    All of us are making her famous,so who to blame?we come here to comment on her life, it’s the hits what counts, and she obviously is getting a lot of hits on the web, otherwise,there wouldn’t be any offers to do a show. Good for her, she’s got all these kids and she needs the money to bring them up. who wouldn’t do it/ we all would do it if we had the chance.

  • really

    Stupid wretch @ 04/15/2009 at 2:08 pm Well, she got what she wanted and now she will be laughing all the way to the bank. Send her back to Mexico and let them take care of her.

    Why should we send our nutcases to Mexico. she is white trash and Mexico’s hard working people do not like these free loading, baby making machines anymore than we do.

  • frank

    NAY. The U.S. is not interested.

  • anita mike hunt back

    good for you you attention hog whore!

    use the money to pay for hospital bills!

    what a sorry and sad cry for attentions, using the babies to earn $$$

    I hopr that tv company will go belly up soon as they air that octowhore’s show.