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Sienna Miller Has A Pretty Ponytail

Sienna Miller Has A Pretty Ponytail

Sienna Miller is pictured leaving the Groucho club at 2am, having a good time with her friend on Tuesday (April 14) in London.

The 27-year-old British actress will be landing in Broadway in October, making her American stage debut in After Miss Julie.

“I’m scared obviously but really excited,” Sienna told Reuters. “Patrick Marber is, I think, one of the most fantastic writers.”

“If you want to be an actress you think about opening on Broadway,” Sienna said, who begins rehearsals on August 20 and starts preview performances on September 18.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller having a pretty ponytail…

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sienna miller pretty ponytail 01
sienna miller pretty ponytail 02
sienna miller pretty ponytail 03
sienna miller pretty ponytail 04
sienna miller pretty ponytail 05
sienna miller pretty ponytail 06
sienna miller pretty ponytail 07
sienna miller pretty ponytail 08
sienna miller pretty ponytail 09
sienna miller pretty ponytail 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Jette

    she is very pretty.

  • baby

    Second comment, hell yeah!

  • baby


  • Donna

    Nice moustache!

  • Queenbee

    Hasn’t she said about 1,o00 times in recent articles how she has taken up gardening and golf and playing tha piano and that she doesn’t have time to go out and party anymore? Oh, that’s right, she lies so much she probably has a hard time remembering the truth.

  • Delta


    Bump. I heard somewhere Hugo Boss is going to use her to promote their new line of aftershave.

  • DJ

    You know, JJ, enough is enough. Why do you keep putting this boring Z-lister on this website? No one even cares about her now. She’s about as exciting as Speidy

  • ann

    What a s*l*u*t !!! Hope her show fails!!!

  • skte
  • mju8

    Jared why do you always associate the word pretty with this used up slag?

  • Toby

    Yeah, she’s a real actress, she’s won a MAJOR AWARD!!

  • Toby

    Yeah, she’s a real actress, she’s won a MAJOR AWARD!!

  • Toby

    Yeah, she’s a real actress, she’s won a MAJOR AWARD!!

  • Toby

    sorry about the dupes

  • natalie smith

    …yeah..she lies!!! the next thing she ll say is she goes to church every sunday!! ..just another statement to have circulate….I think we ve had enough of her really….boring

  • charlotte

    LOVE IT!!

  • Vivien

    She’s nothing but a sl*t.

  • Dusty

    Is that her new boyfriend in #4?

  • Dinger

    Next headline (and I’m sure it will be soon.)

    “Sienna Miller is Moustache Marvelous”

  • sunseeker

    Yes, what happened to the gardening, planting flowers and looking after her animals, did not last long. She talks such a lot of rubbish. I am suprised her PR’s are not shutting her up.

  • Nativenyker

    More mayhem on the Great White Way!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • sunseeker

    By the way that is not a friend that is her PR Ciara Parkes, now we know why she acts like a kid, her PR is not much better.

  • Kylie000

    Gosh that haircut is awful !!!!

  • Rubycheeks

    Isn’t that her PR agent Ciara Parkes? Doesn’t she have any friends left to party with?

  • jazz

    There is a rumor going on that her next movie is the remake of Magnum PI!

  • jazz

    And yeah that is Ciara Parks. She is the one who calls the paps so they can come and photograph SIenna. Another famewhore-she even dresses up like Sienna.

  • A

    how do you spell ex-boyfriend, Si?
    yeah, BG is da real man.
    but keep drinking, and don’t worry, his three little daughters will never forget you.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    it’s that horrible smell, FOR GOD’s SAKE!!

  • A

    BG: When I first met Sienna, those were like the days of “juice” when everything was bountiful.
    BG: The future was a thing that gleamed, the present was so very very good…
    SM: That was beautiful. Let’s have some more.
    BG: We had a lot going for us. We’d found the secret glue that held all things together. In a perfect place, where the noise did not intrude, our world was so very complete.
    BG: What if that was it?
    SM: That was what?
    BG: The last shot.
    SM: I wouldn’t care…
    BG: I wasn’t trying to wreck Sienna’s life. I was trying to make mine better.
    God: When you can stop, you don’t want to. When you want to stop, you can’t.

  • c

    If the paps are always STALKING SM (so much so that the public was treated to 5 airport photo-ops in a row and police escorts), then how did she manage to go from the USA to UK without being seen by “hordes’ of paps and adoring fans? So it is safe to conclude that when SM doesn’t want to be seen or heard, then she knows exactly how to evade the paps. She left the USA and there was no hoopla.
    We are only seeing SM leaving the GC because she called the paps and gave them a time and place. The question, why did she tip off the paps so that they can see that she was in UK? Is she going to tip off the paps so that they capture the married man leaving/arriving LAX next (ie-to let everyone know that they were together over the weekend)?

    I underestimated SM, I commend her for having enough common sense to not stage any photos with the married man over EASTER or tipping off the paps so that they capture either of them leaving/arriving at LAX (like she did over Thanksgiving).

    Why is she wearing that cross yet again?

  • Dulcie

    Strange how Roundabout Theatre hasn’t posted a thing about this on it’s website. No announcement, no tickets sales, no cast, not even a starting date…very wierd. Also strange that they had a gala a few weeks ago, she didn’t attend. she’d go to the free babeque at Walmart if there was going to be press, but she wasn’t at the gala hmmmmmmm.

    A: I googled your script and it was spot on lol

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    I cant stand her. she is a liar and ugly

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    I am happy Jude dumped Sieena because she is not honest…

  • erick

    my brother saw sienna once in LA and he is totally infatuated with her, he says she is gorgeous, even more in person

  • scott

    got sick to my stomach after viewing these photos of nasty sienna.

    what does she have to smile for?

    nasty s l u t

  • A
  • A
  • lakers fan in boston

    lol at the crackhead in pic 4
    sienna looks amazing =]
    cute outfit and that ponytail looks so cute on her
    i just kinda dont like her face, it seems smoking as ruined it

  • anne

    she’s soo pretty

  • Toby

    and soooooo slutty.

  • cathy

    I like the ponytail

  • melG payed so much money for ex wife. and if BG must pay for divorce. It will be huge money pay for RG. because somuch humiliate, and hurted BG with sienna people never seen before. and sienna sued and payed much money not apologied RG. and RG have four children, supported many years BG. sienna knows now she had homewrecked, and meet him. so sienna can get few money from BG maybe.only she can gets is BG’s body whom drunken sailor.

  • Karen

    Oh she’s gorgeous!!!!

  • candy

    ughh…she looks like something out of the movie Alien…that pointy nose and pointy hairstyle….

    no matter what…she’s still a s l u t

  • Jane

    She has got the cover of July’s Vogue, how wonderful, but I think the suit looks a bit better on Kate Bosworth.

  • c

    SM PR team is now making excuses as to why she is always popping up in LA, so now they are claiming that she was in LA to do a photo-shoot for Vogue (and not to see the married man).

    Putting SM on the cover of Vogue will not mend her career/image.
    Just look at the “success” she had when she promoted TMOP with 5 airport photo-ops, a trip to the hospital to see JH, and a trip to LV to pick up that award. Like most of her PR stunts, the Vogue cover will backfire because a)she will use the interview as another attempt to blame someone for her bad behavior/poor choices, b) she is simply known as the woman who is “sleeping with the oil heir who has a lot kids”, c) the public sees her for free on a daily and weekly basis, and d) her exagerated sense of entitlement and urge to upstage RG and her 4 kids will lead her to stage another photo-op with the married man. She should just come to terms that her career is over and it was destroyed by her own hands.

  • Saveus!

    This whore AGAIN? Her teeth are yellow. I bet she swallows.

  • london

    oh c you are so pathetic, you think her career is over? you are the one who seems to have no career and no life

  • c

    london(aka Yay)

    Since you have returned with yet another personal attack based on your BRUISED EGO, that means that your mom didn’t read “The LIttle Engine That Could” to you? Sienna Miller is that you?

    All kidding aside, thanks for taking my advice and using ONE NAME to post your personal attacks. When media blogs glorify SM bad behavior the end result are preteens/teens like London(Yay), who overlook SM misdeeds because he/she thinks that being “pretty” and wearing “pretty” clothes makes SM a good person. Anyone who sees through this thought pattern is percevied as a threat, hence why lodon/yay is obsessed with “sticking it to me” (despite the fact that he/she is demonstrating why SM and her fans are her worst enemies).

    Since you have made it your life’s mission to stalk other posters who don’t love SM as much as you do, by your very own logic that means that you are PATHETIC, HAVE NO LIFE and NO CAREER. Pathetic is the person (london/yay) who resorts to name calling and insults because they don’t know how to formulate a logical argument to counteract the points that other posters raise. Pathetic is the person who thinks that the ability to string together name calling and insults makes them witty/clever. Pathetic is the person who follows other posters from thread to thread.

    Splitting, a common trait found in people with bordeline personality disorder. As you have demonstrated with your latest baby tantrum, those who “admire ” SM are good (ie-have a career and life, despite the fact that they spend every waking moment of life stalking other posters on message boards), while those who won’t condone SM behavior or who have enough common sense to realize that her career is over are evil (ie-pathetic, have no life or career).

    You didn’t get the memo about SM career being over? Apparantly, SM even has trouble playing a vairationo of herself. LIke I told you before, being “pretty and young” means nothing if their is no substance behind it. She ruined her career by speaking ill of her fellow peers, playing the victim, and prancing around with another sister’s husband.

  • Spareusmorelike!

    #45 – Vogue is not confirmed, it is rumored. I find it hard that Vogue would want to put her on the cover again, bearing in mind all the criticisms they had of this woman last time (horrible hair, fillings, toothy smile, etc)! And why would they want to put someone who has dubious style and has not had a hit film in forever on their cover, especially someone who is so hated at the moment? I would imagine it would be akin to putting Heather Mills on the cover! Yes, there would be publicity, but not the right kind!