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Terminator Gets Terminated?

Terminator Gets Terminated?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is getting the axe after just two seasons, EW reports.

“It’s done,” a source reveals. “Everyone has pretty much known for a couple of weeks.” Adds a network insider: “Consider it canceled.”

“No decision has been made yet,” insists a network rep. “We will be announcing our fall schedule on May 18.”

This past Friday, Terminator pulled in 3.6 million viewers during its season (and possible series) finale.

Poor Summer Glau!

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  • gerard Vandenberg


  • sarah

    I’m gonna wait for the official word, but I have a bad feeling about this. :(

  • art8fashion

    I HOPE it is not cancelled. *sigh* The show was just coming together and now…..

    This would really be sad.

    TSCC probably not a cheap show to produce and this is it’s undoing. A terrible meaningless cheap reality show will be put in its place I bet.

    No Prison Break. It was time for that show to end. I can’t wait to see what Wentworth does next.

    No Terminator TSCC.

    No Fox network on my TV. Period


  • summer glau

    fox can go to hell if they cancel this

  • The Shiznack

    I thought the 1st season was ok and then I watched the 2nd season premiere and I just couldn’t be bothered with the show bcus i knew it was gonna get canned and I found that I wasn’t that excited about 2nd season


    the only fox show i watch is 24

  • Twi

    No……. Let next season be the last, if any. Give it a proper good bye. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emmaa

    Knew this was bound to happen sooner or later. Meh.

  • Jason

    One of the writer for the show posted on Twitter that this report is false.

  • athena

    This sucks…I’ve just started to watch the show now that I’m unemployed…now, they’re going to ax it!!!!

  • faith

    Post your thoughts, outrage, etc abt TV networks here on my community:



    This is a show I look forward to every week and the last episode was amazing. I am crossing my fingers that they bring it back, it is seriously one of the best shows on tele. bet

    I have to DVR it because I am never home on fridays, if they changed the day I bet it would help.

  • Akyoa

    noo please :(

  • Lanie Grace

    Lanie Grace
    I reported this story over two weeks ago on March 27 on my blog. I had visited WB on business and noticed that the sets were gone, as in torn down and not in storage. I also confirmed with a source close to the show that it had been cancelled, stating also it was common knowledge.

    I was crucified by dozens of the so called top bloggers. Seems I get the last laugh as Ausiello, one of the above mentioned is now reporting EXACTLY what I did two weeks ago as fact.

    This is the biggest I told you so in recent TV history. I wondeer what you guys over there a Terminator Wiki have to say now?

    ~Lanie Grace~

  • blahlalalovely

    I sure hope it doesnt get canceled, it was just getting really good. And, if they are going to cancel it they could atleast come back for a couple more episodes to tie up all the loose ends cause the last episode that aired on Friday was a cliff hanger and they just can’t cancel a series leaving it wide open, that just sucks!!

  • e

    That sucks, season 2 is still airing here, but I love it so much, I think that it’s awesome, and I don’t want it to end.

  • danz

    fug face maniston, just because you and other people didn’t watch it, does not make it trash. there have been many amazing shows that have gotten cancelled too early because people don’t give it a chance while other ridiculous, inane shows stay on the air for a very long time. i’m really sad about this cancellation and i will miss it for sure.

  • elvenangel

    well we know Lanie Grace is full of crap. If you were at the WB no wonder you didnt’ see Sets for Terminator. Its a Fox television show. Don’t believe the rumours. Fox would be shooting itself in the foot to rid itself of Terminator though they do have a terrible record with sci fi shows. Its their own fault for sticking them on Friday Nights its the worst slot in tv history for shows of its kind.

  • vanessa

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO hopefully the official word will come out soon and be the opposite!

  • lesha

    urggggg. they don’t count ratings from online viewing and i have always watched the show online cause of my schedule as do a lot of people. DO NOT CANCEL! its a good show. granted, i have no idea how where its going is going to tie into the new terminator movie but whatever. the finale was brilliant.

  • marie diamond

    If you haven’t already, there is a petition circulationg to save the show, please sign it and hopefully it will be picked up by another network, if FOX cancels it:

    Or you can email FOX at with your thoughts on the show!!!

  • Jck

    Yeah, Lanie Grace, I also loved your supposedly leaked finale story. Great , accurate reporting right there!

  • lakers fan in boston

    never watched one episode or in that case even tune it
    it just didnt look that interesting 2 me
    i always thought ppl watched it tho, im surprised this happened

  • Jef

    fave show since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it gets canceled after 2 seasons -_-
    I hate FOX seriously

  • http://foxondemand mathew yanik

    i love this show i got the first season on dvd there are plots unanswered now that weaver is on the connors side thats a good thing we must see if they can stop machines and if cameron and john actually be something

  • Lanie Grace


    WB produces and films TSCC. Fox only airs the show and has nothing to do with production. GET A CLUE

  • jck

    Why would they need any of the sets after the finale? You’re just desperately seeking attention with your blog. GET A RELIABLE SOURCE

  • howie

    if you are a fan of the terminator movies, you must be a fan of the sarah connor chronicles!!!!! any show where the women kick ass is a hit!!!!! fox dont make a mistake!!!! the last episode left me wanting more, and if it didnt for you then you are a liar!!!!it seems once a show is moved from its original time slot, it is doomed,let this not be the case! friday nights are becoming so dull,they are dull. its so tiresome to become involved with a show only to have some no-account numbers counting big headed exexcutive ruin the few pleasures we normal every day working men and women have!!!give us what we want! and we want SARAH CONNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    FOX has done this with every well done sc-fi show it does. These FOX execs just don’t get the fan base and what we want to see.

    This is one of the best written shows on TV. If this goes SCREW ‘EM!!!

  • MMA

    Who cares? It’s dumb.

  • john parsons

    send e mails to si fi channel to pick up the show fox loss si fie gain

  • Cameronphillips

    This is such a shame, the series had a slow start but as got better and better as its gone on. The 2nd series finale was absolutely mind blowing and of course its got summer in it, in fact the only way it could be improved, would be if summer was in it more :)

  • Tim Singleton

    I guess Perez Hilton hates this show, too, since everyone in the trade rags seem hellbent on its being cancelled despite its huge and growing fan base.

    Unless you have a bunch of teenagers screwing their brains out or a bunch of moronic losers placed in a perfectly unrealistic situation to see how they react, it is just not good television.

    Losers. Hopefully Fox will prove you wrong…again!


  • Gary

    This is a good show!!! It need at least one more season. Fox killed the show by putting it on Friday nights.

  • Kris

    @[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]:
    Screw you you prick, This was the best show on TV!! If FOX does get rid of this, I wont have any reason to even watch TV at all.

  • Otto

    Fox, you’re doing it again! Stop making the same mistakes! Look at the long term. The show brought in steady flow of ratings even when the time slots were moved…Hello, anyone Home? Do not cancel!

  • Lessthenzero

    That’s the end of my fox watching! They moved it to Friday which just killed it. Hmmm wonder why no one is watching…OH that’s right, it’s Friday and everyone is out partying! I arranged my work schedule around this show when it was on Monday night. I work Friday nights, and thankfully the only smart thing fox did was to put it on the internet so I could watch it on Saturday. I’m sorry but society is brain washed with mindless reality t.v. Biggest Loser? Like I wanna watch a bunch of fat people lose weight and get yelled at… WoW I’m so impressed. I just got an (A) in my college marketing and business management class, maybe I should go take over the douche bags position at fox network.

  • Louis

    It would be a mistake for Fox to cancel the Sarah Cinnir Chronicles. Just watch how successful Terminator Salvation will be. The movie will bring many more viewers to the TV series.