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Heidi Klum's Family of Fun

Heidi Klum's Family of Fun

Heidi Klum (in J Brand 912 Thrasher jeans) spends some quality time with her mother Erna and children Leni, Johan, and Henry on Wednesday (April 15) in New York City.

The 35-year-old supermodel is less than four-months pregnant with her fourth child. Pregnancy rumors arose when her dress designs for an upcoming fashion event, showing room for a baby bump, leaked online.

Heidi recently modeled a very unique pair of Alexander McQueen thigh-high platform boots during a fashion shoot for German Vogue.

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  • Emma.

    This women is beyond gorgeous. And she seems like a really great mom.
    All her kids are freakin’ adorable. Cant wait for the fourth!

  • lakers fan in boston

    im still surprised that she’s pregnant tbh
    not a big fan of hers, her face is looking better than usual =]

  • La yari


  • lolla

    Johan is soooooo cute. too bad there’s not enough pics of him here :)

  • allie

    i can’t beileve she’s pregnant again!!

  • allie

    i can’t beileve she’s pregnant again!!

  • liz k

    No makeup and she looks fantastic!

  • Love bug

    Soooooooo nice to see a MARRIED COUPLE have children.

  • Billie

    I bet Joop feels like an idiot. Wasn’t it just late February or early March that the designer made comments about her weight!?! Something about Heidi not being model thin for runway!?!

    Congrats to Heidi and the family.

  • zzzz

    A+ family, I love seeing pix of them…

  • cutie pie

    Damn she is defintely breeding for the black race. What the hell???

  • Bree

    @cutie pie

    What the hell kind of comment is that?

    She is definitely “breeding” with a man she loves.

  • ashley

    her daughter will definitely be gorgeous

  • just me

    @cutie pie-let’s hope you NEVER breed!!! She is a beautiful married woman having a baby with the man she loves. This is what loving couples do,you racist idiot!!! Go back under your rock.

  • Bunny

    I hope the baby looks like Johan

  • rum & coke

    Cutie Pie at least she’s not breeding for you dirty ugly stupid puerto ricans! Just pray that JLO_whore doesn’t have any more ugly ass kids.

  • Foxy

    @cutie pie: You have GOT to be kidding me…

  • a realist

    Botox overload.

  • hal

    She’s a black baby breeder…bwahahahahahahaha

  • ebby

    Strange family. Who is she competing with.

  • Diana

    She doesn’t take care of those children anyway. She had a team of nanny’s and her mother who takes care of those children she is spitting out. Silly heifer.

  • jill

    Bunny @ 04/16/2009 at 8:08 pm

    I hope the baby looks like Johan
    The baby will look like the baby daddy.

  • what!

    She needs to get someone to tell her how to care for Black hair. She doesn’t have a clue. Maybe she needs some instruction from a Black hairdresser.

  • Amber

    Her husband does not think their children are Black.. How ignorant.

  • jill

    #24..Amber @ 04/16/2009 at 10:10 pm

    Her husband does not think their children are Black.. How ignorant.
    Seal is ridiculous. Let then grown up and try to hail a cab in NY, they will find out that they are Black.

  • James

    Why is this breeding machine and her clueless husband even famous> A has-been model married to a singer who no one would would know about had he not hooked up with the has-been model.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    seal – douche.
    heidi & seal make ugly children.

  • ChickyDee

    Her daughter’s nose his HUGE! Ew! But she is still cuter than heidi’s half-breed children. Gross!

  • ChickyDee


    “Her daughter’s nose *is* huge!”

  • ChickyDee

    And another thing, if heidi’s next half-breed spawn is a girl… disturbed do you think she will be having a pretty blonde white sister growing up and she looks like a mutant?

  • anon

    I really like their family and think that Heidi and Seal are good parents.
    They are out with the children a lot and the kids look well cared for and happy.

  • anon

    Oh, and I forgot to add that their kids look like normal kids! They are dressed in comfortable kids clothes and not dressed to be accessories to their parents.

  • jill

    @reply | Flag This
    # 30
    ChickyDee @ 04/16/2009 at 10:54 pm

    And another thing, if heidi’s next half-breed spawn is a girl… disturbed do you think she will be having a pretty blonde white sister growing up and she looks like a mutant?
    If she has a daughter, the child would look way better than her washed out pale sister Leni.

  • Monique

    Heidi wants to stay in the news, by spitting out babies like a pez machine. She has no real career, so this is how she stays in the news.

  • Monique

    #28…..ChickyDee @ 04/16/2009 at 10:41 pm

    Her daughter’s nose his HUGE! Ew! But she is still cuter than heidi’s half-breed children. Gross!
    *******************She’ll get a nose job like her mama Heidi did.

  • nicole

    leni has her father’s nose!

    look it up!

  • Zoe Moon

    Yikes, the bigots have come out of their holes.
    This is a beautiful family and Johan is my favorite. He is cutie!! Congrats Heidi and Seal! You two produced some goodlooking kids.


    The father knows what his children are. The youngest son bares a strong resemblance to his mother. And their son’s do bare look of 50 percent Euro Ancestry. I’ve seen few red heads who didn’t have substantial Euro ancestry. And I doubt that they would have a hard time getting a cab. Toddlers are rarely ethnically profiled. Besides, people of mostly or fully European heritage do not get a cab when they first hail it. Besides, many of the cabbies in America today are of color themselves. Many are Muslim. They are probably not that different in racial background from these kids, insofar as their distance from the Anglo standard.

  • knz

    Racist America..
    all of the kids are cute, but I would do something with the boys’ hair.
    Henry is definitely a little terror :)

  • haistapaska

    That bitch has gone crazy. Since when has it been cool to pop out mulatto babies? And why can’t we criticize this kind of behaviour? Klum is a role model for millions of teens. Seal may be a good father, but in real world (non-Hollywood) most interracial marriages won’t last long.

  • Hal

    Nobody’s kids are uglier than Jlo and Marc Anthony’s gross little spawns from hell. Their twins look like monsters and can you imagine Jlo giving birth to such vile ugly boy girl twins the same year Jolie and Pitt had their fabulous beautiful twins!!!

  • Solène

    All of you mean and racist people should just shut your mouth, Johan, Henry and Leni are unbelievably cute : they have adorable hair, a beautiful nose, and outstanding skin, the three of them. Their fourth baby will probably be equally beautiful.

  • Real Hal

    Somebody else is called Hal on here so will have to change my name so it doesn’t appear that I am bitching about children! Plus I haven’t seen JLos babies yet I don’t think!

    I LOVE this family they are so gorgeous and Heidi and Seal look like they are very much in love! Think her and Jen Garner are the best Moms in Hollywood by a long shot!


  • The Dude

    10 bucks says the brother refers to the older sister as “white bitch” at some point before he is 18.

    Where did the older daughter come from? Did she cheat on Seal’s ass?
    “Ummm….yeah, that white kid thing happens sometimes with you black guys. You must have a white ancestor in there somewhere.”

    Which, actually is true of 83% of all black people in the U.S. – they are biracial and don’t even know it! HAH!

  • UMM

    The white child is from a rich Italian guy Heidi used to fuck: Flavio Biatore (59). He works in the F1 scene. So Heidi was basically an hi-class escort. After Biatore Heidi found Seal, and started fucking him while bregnant to Flavio. Classy lady.

  • chupas

    wo the only pretty is the girl, the others looks like a macacos

  • a.j.

    Man! There are some really mean and UGLY people on here. Heidi is a lovely woman and she and Seal have a beautiful family.

  • Black princess

    I love the fact that she’s having these beautiful Black children. She’ll always be my hero. Go Heidi Go Heidi Go Heidi. And she never seems to gain any weight.

  • Obama fan

    oh please look at Zahara and Shiloh. They love eachother despite the skin color. Kids can care less about that shyt. I hope this baby is a girl so that she’ll have a big sister. Love you heidi

  • Coralie

    Im not american, but I can’t understand the racist comments…These hypocrit people who idolize Angelina Jolie who has a black girl go bash a with woman, Heidi, for having black kids…What the f*ck?